Mom Beat Neighbor Busted For Child Porn


A mother of two children was arrested after she entered the apartment of a neighbor and punched him in the face because she was incensed that he returned to the Massachusetts residence after being arrested for possession of child pornography.

pelletier092512Nicole Pelletier, a Navy veteran, was busted Monday evening after allegedly attacking Gary Spring, 61, inside his condominium in Danvers, a town 20 miles north of Boston. Pelletier, a licensed clinical social worker, was charged with assault and battery and breaking and entering.

According to a court filing, the 41-year-old Pelletier entered Spring’s apartment through the unlocked front door around midnight and confronted him as he was getting out of bed. “Before he could react she struck him in the face with her hand,” police noted. Spring, a former Merrimack College professor, lives directly below Pelletier and her children, a 13-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy.

Upon arriving at the condo complex, a cop spotted Pelletier walking down the stairs “crying and visibly upset.” She had blood on her hands and right arm. “I went into his apartment and hit him,” Pelletier reportedly confessed. Spring, who suffered a bloody nose, declined medical treatment.

Pelletier, pictured above, herself called 911 to report the assault, telling a police operator that she wanted to kill Spring, cops reported.

Pelletier confronted Spring hours after he was released on $30,000 bond from federal custody. Spring was arrested by FBI agents following a two-month probe that began after Merrimack College officials detected child porn images on a laptop provided to Spring.

A law enforcement review of the computer yielded more than 300 illicit images stored on the machine. During subsequent interviews with agents, Spring admitted to possessing large amounts of child pornography and said that he “freaked out” and began destroying evidence after first being contacted by a detective. Spring’s apartment and office were searched by FBI agents on September 19, the day of his arrest (which received local media coverage).

“Spring stated that he took two thumb drives, totaling 6 gigabytes, which were full of child pornography and threw them in the trash at his home,” according to an FBI affidavit, which noted that Spring (seen at left) “admitted being sexually aroused by child pornography, and masturbating to images of child pornography.”

spring092514After spending last weekend in jail, Spring posted bond Monday and was released from custody that night. Federal prosecutors in Boston sought Spring’s pretrial detention, but his release was ordered by a magistrate judge.

As a condition of his release, Spring was placed on home detention, which allowed him to only leave his Danvers condo for court appearances, medical or legal appointments, religious services, and “job search as approved by Pretrial Services.” His travel was restricted to New England and Skidmore College (court records do not detail Spring’s connection to the New York school). Spring was recently fired from Merrimack College.

While Judge David Hennessy additionally ordered Spring to have “no contact with children under the age of 18 unless accompanied and supervised by an adult,”the defendant is allowed to live in the same condo complex where children reside. He is also barred from coming within 100 feet of parks, schools, playgrounds, arcades, and other places where minors congregate.

Police Offer To Return Harvested Pot Plants If Rightful Owner Just Gives Them A Call


seizedpotAfter harvesting a small crop of marijuana plants found growing in a field, beneficent Pennsylvania police have offered to return the pot once its rightful owner contacts them.

Officers in York County reported finding the plants in Dover Township near Colonial Road. “If they are yours and you can prove ownership…please call to claim them,” investigators offered.

Police can be reached at (717) 292-3647. As of 4:20 PM Wednesday, the pot has yet to be claimed from the Northern York County Regional Police, according to Lt. David Lash.

Man Under Investigation for Fathering 16 Children


A 24-year-old Japanese businessman identified as Mitsutoki Shigeta is being investigated by Interpol for systematically fathering 16 surrogate children — and expressing a desire for many more.


UntitledThe operation emerged after the police raided a home in Bangkok and found nine babies with nine nannies. DNA samples sent by Shigeta prove that he is the father of the nine children, plus seven more. According to Thai police, Shigeta hired a total of 11 surrogate mothers to carry his children, among them four sets of twins. The children found in the raid lived in unfurnished rooms filled with baby bottles, play pens, nappies and bouncy chairs, and are currently under the care of social services.

“What I can tell you so far is that I’ve never seen a case like this,” said Major General Apichart Suribunya, Thailand’s Interpol director.

Lieutenant General Kokiat Wongvorachart, lead investigator in the case, expressed that the police are looking into two motives: human trafficking and the exploitation of children. Other sources, however, indicated that Shigeta had particular intentions.

“He said that he wanted to win elections and could use his big family for voting,” said Mariam Kukunashvili, founder of the New Life fertility clinic, which provided Shigeta with two original surrogate mothers. “As soon as they got pregnant, he requested more. He said he wanted 10 to 15 babies a year, and that he wanted to continue the baby-making process until he’s dead.”

Ratpratan Tulatorn, Shigeta’s former lawyer, stated that his client had done nothing wrong. “These are legal babies. They all have birth certificates. There are assets purchased under these babies’ names. There are savings accounts for these babies, and investments. If he were to sell these babies, why would he give them these benefits?”

One of the surrogate mothers, a Thai woman by the name of Wassana, explained that she saw an ad by a foreign couple offering $10,000 to help conceive a child. Wassana, a resident of the slums and deep in debt, saw it as an opportunity to keep an eviction at bay. However, she soon discovered that there was no foreign couple, only Mitsutoki Shigeta — a man she met only twice. “He didn’t say anything to me,” said Wassana. “He never introduced himself. He only smiled and nodded. His lawyer did the talking.”

Teen Accused Of Raping 5-Year-Old Cousin Before Strangling Her To Death, Hanging Her In Closet


Dallas police say the teen who is accused of killing his 5-year-old cousin admitted to raping her.

Angel-Sanches-ZentenoAngel Sanches-Zenteno, 17, has now been charged with aggravated sexual assault in addition to capital murder of Katherina Gonzalez.

Gonzalez was strangled to death, police say. Her body was found Sept. 1 hanging by a shirt in the closet of a vacant Lake Highlands apartment.

Sanches-Zenteno told police he was with the girl, but said another man who he identified only as “Carlos” was responsible for her death. He claimed Carlos forced him into a closet for more than a half hour while the girl was killed.

He had initially told police that he “did not rape” Katherina, according to police documents. He told another investigator that he did sexually assault the girl for “less than a minute,” but did so because the other man was holding him at gunpoint and told him to.

“At this time, the alleged second suspect has not yet been located,” police said in an arrest warrant affidavit.

Police took DNA samples from Sanches-Zenteno and sent them away to a lab for analysis. The lab matched his DNA to some found in the girl’s underwear.

‘Prayer Baby’ drowns in church’s baptism tank


A mother in Decatur, Ala., says her prayers were answered when, after years of trying, she had a baby boy nearly two years ago. But tragedy struck when Brayden King was left in the care of his teen sister at church on Friday: She lost track of him for a short while, and he was found dead in 33 inches of water in the church’s baptismal tank, reports Reuters. Brayden was 22 months old.

“I’ve been preaching 30 years, this is the first time in my ministry I’ve been speechless,” the pastor of the Pentecostal House of Prayer tells “I know (God) is too wise to make mistakes, but in my humanity, I can’t lie. I’ve had to get on my knees.” He plans to do baptisms at another church for the time being, adds theChristian Post. “I don’t know how long it will take to heal.” An autopsy will likely be performed in the next few days.