Granny the Ripper — the Oldest Serial Killer Is Found with Bags of Body Parts


Tamara Samsonova, a 67-year-old pensioner and a former hotel worker, was arrested for allegedly executing the so-called “Granny Ripper” murders.

Samsonova’s last job involved caring for an elderly woman, 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova. After Ulanova’s headless body was found on Dimitrova Street in St Petersburg, Russia, the police went after Samsonova. More than a simple suspect, authorities uncovered CCTV footage, which allegedly showed Samsonova carrying a black plastic bag filled with the body parts.

Once Samsonova was brought in by police, she admitted to beheading and chopping up at least ten victims during a 20-year killing spree.

If the confession didn’t suffice, police also found a knife and blood spots in the bathroom of her home as well as a very telling diary. In it, Samsonova detailed the grisly murders that she allegedly carried out in different parts of St. Petersburg. She’d written about her secret life as a serial killer in several languages: Russian, English and German. Police say she also had a sizeable collection of black magic and astrology books.

Russian officers are now busily comparing Samsonova’s diary entries with unsolved murder cases that fit the signature style of the Granny Ripper murders: dismembered victims with body parts left in black plastic bags all around the city.

In fact, a headless, armless and legless man’s body was found 12 years ago on the same street where the headless body of Ulanova, the elderly woman who Samsonova took care of, was found. Police have found further evidence that Granny the Ripper had known this man — a business card for the dead male victim was found inside Samsonova’s home. Also, in her diary, Samsonova mentions the man’s tattoos, as if she were familiar with his body. And that’s not where it all ends–not even close!

According to Russian police, “This woman is [also] incriminated in the murder of her tenant, a 44 year old native of Norilsk, who was renting a room in her apartment, on September 6 2003 during a sudden argument. After that she dismembered his body and took it outside.”

Samsonova admitted to the murder of yet another former tenant whose dismembered body was found in plastic bags. And one more victim could very well be her own husband. She reported him missing in 2005, and he was never found. There’s now strong reason to fear that she also killed him, though she has not yet confessed it.

In addition to her confessions, which police say lacked detail, Samsonova told some very strange lies while in custody. She claimed she was a former actress and a graduate of the Vaganov ballet academy, but later admitted to working in a hotel years ago.

Samsonova has become a strange sort of celebrity lately. Russian tabloids call her Baba Yaga, after a horrifying supernatural old woman in Slavic folklore.

In a disturbing police video (see above) following her arrest, Samsonova eerily blows a kiss to the camera.

An 81-year-old local man was arrested after police said he was spotted “humping” a bush in the buff.


55b905ae1d00002f0014327b An 81-year-old local man was arrested after police said he was spotted “humping” a bush in the buff.

Wallace Berg, of Russell Road, was charged with second-degree breach of peace and public indecency. He was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

Police said they received a call from a neighbor complaining that Berg was walking around his backyard with no clothes on. They said the neighbor took some video of Berg’s actions, which he later showed them.

After witnessing the bush incident, police said the neighbor told them he confronted Berg who, “stopped the indecent behavior, covered himself with a grill cover, apologized to him and then went into the house.”

Police said Berg had been standing in plain view of anyone who happened to be in the area at the time.

Women Describe Their Boyfriends’ Penises To Police Sketch Artist


Penises are hard to describe. There’s so much topography, so much shape-shifting.

In a viral Distractify video, these women do their best to help a police sketch artist draw their boyfriends’ private parts.

Some of their descriptions, well, defy description. This one, for instance: “It’s like a can of beans.”

Or this: “A full GMO banana, not an organic one that’s smaller.”

Four Teens Accused Of Gang Raping Disabled Girl In High School Closet


David-LombardFour Florida teens have been arrested after they allegedly forced a mentally disabled teen to perform oral, anal and vaginal sex acts in a janitor’s closet at their high school.

The incident happened earlier this year at North Miami Senior High, but is just making the news now, as the four teens are about to go to trial.

According to documents, one of the boys took the girl’s hand and led her into a janitor’s closet. Once inside, they were joined by three more boys who all participated in gang raping the mentally challenged teen, according to arrest forms.

Derek-BynumA security guard caught the boys as they were leaving the closet and asked the girl what was going on. Although the boys reportedly told her not to tell anyone what had happened, she immediately told the guard that the boys had just gang raped her.

All four boys — David Lombard; Derek Bynum; Steven Joseph; Kenoldo Alexis were arrested and charged with felony sexual battery on a person with mental disabilities. A fifth teen was arrested, but charges against him have since been dropped. Lombard and Byrum have entered not guilty pleas.

Kenoldo-AlexisByrum also sent the judge a note handwritten on notebook paper. In it he states:

“I feel like I’m being tried and accused of something I did not do. All I want to do is graduate from high school, make my family proud and be somebody. But, this case, I feel like it will ruin my chances and my dreams. I’m sorry. I’m really a good kid.”

Steven-JosephThis is the same teen who told police that he didn’t know the teen was mentally disabled and that forced the girl to perform oral sex but had her stop “because she did a terrible job.”

Florida Cop Suspended After Allegedly Forcing Teen To Strip For Him


menocalJesús “Jesse” Menocal, Jr., a sergeant with the Hialeah Police Department, was suspended with pay after he allegedly led a 17-year-old girl to an empty room in a police substation and insist that she undress in front of him.

The teen and her 20-year-old girlfriend allege that this is what went down:

After pulling them over after making a U-turn, Menocal ordered the 17-year-old to get in the back of his squad car and instructed the 20-year-old to follow him to the nearby police substation. There he took the younger to a private room and begin asking some questions that seem to fall quite a bit outside the usual LE repertoire when interviewing suspects or civilians.

For example, “How do you have intercourse?” To which the teen replied, “Why do I need to answer that? Why is that necessary?” Menocal insisted she answer, so she told him about intimate relations between her and her girlfriend.

The inappropriate questions didn’t stop there, though. “After, he asked if I was a virgin. He asked me, if he was to test me right that moment, if I had any diseases on me.” At which point shit got really creepy, as Menocal put his hand on the front of trousers and began stroking himself.

Menocal instructed the teen to take off her shorts or be arrested. She complied. Then he said “let me see your behind. He looks at me up and down and asked me if I was on my menstrual. I told him yes. How did you know? And he said he was asking me a simple question.”

After she put her shorts back on, “”He wanted me to take off my shirt and my bra together, and I told him, ‘No. Why do I have to do that? There’s no reason to do that,’” she continued. “Then he said, ‘Oh I thought you wanted to fuck. “”Honestly, I thought I was going to get raped. I thought he would make me sleep with him,” the girl reported.

After about 15 minutes, Menocal released the teen to her girlfriend, who was waiting in the parking lot, without telling them why they’d been brought to the station in the first place. The couple immediately filed a police report on the incident.

The Hialeah Police Department suspended the officer with pay the next day but did take his gun and keys and removed him from assigned patrol. HPD Chief Sergio Velázquez said that Monday, HPD police leaders met with the Miama-Dade state’s to determine the best way to proceed.

“This is a very delicate road … and we seek to be impartial,” said Velázquez. “Our job is to get to the bottom of this. If it is proven that there was wrongdoing, the appropriate decision will be taken. Otherwise, he will return to work.”

Velázquez admitted to being surprised by the allegations, noting that Menocal has an impeccable record. “He has proven to be a 100-percent proactive officer,” the chief said said. “Yet when facing a situation like this we must reassure people’s trust and be clear that if there is this type of allegation, we will address it in a very serious manner.”

Neither Menocal nor his father Jesús Menocal Sr. have made a public statement on the case, but grandmother Migdalia Camejo expressed certainty that everything will get “cleared up,” indicating that her grandson is “an exceptional person. And as a police office, he’s officer of the month.”

Couple Pulled Over, Arrested After Being Found Drunk And Naked


Alexandria Mauer and Kenneth Gillespie were arrested this weekend after police found the classy duo tooling around town drunk and naked.


Police were called at 12:22 a.m. Saturday after the two were spotted standing naked outside their vehicle. The caller reported that the couple had returned to the car and driven away, running over a curb and across a lawn in the process.

Police found 24-year-old Mauer in the driver’s seat, naked, drunk, and holding a piece of pizza, while the passenger’s seat was occupied by 33-year-old Gillespie, who also was drunk and naked. He had an open beer between his feet. She’s facing a drunk driving charge; Gillespie is looking at disorderly conduct while intoxicated, open container, and public indecency charges.

Proving himself to be a bit of a cliché, Gillespie pissed in the back seat of the cruiser on the way to the police station.

Mauer was released to a but was found wandering down a road (partially dressed this time) after arguing with her ride, leading to yet another arrest and a disorderly conduct charge.

Gillespie was released later than morning, sporting some spiffy threads: a pair of old jail pants and a pair of jail shoes.