Cockroaches rain down onto diners from ceiling of celebrity-favorite NYC sushi restaurant


article-2606944-1D29A9DA00000578-706_634x376Diners at a Manhattan sushi destination known for its famous clientel discovered a roach infestation in the worst possible way: it fell right on top of them.

Blue Ribbon Sushi in Soho was hit with an indoor rain storm of roaches Wednesday as several of the creepy-crawlies fell from the ceiling and onto a table and even patrons’ legs.

Luckily there have been no reports that high-profile fans of the posh Japanese joint like Gwyneth Paltrow, Faith Hill and Taylor Swift were around to see it.

According to the New York Observer, a male diner was lunching at Blue Ribbon when a critter tumbled down onto his table.

Four more roaches followed suit, with one evening landing on his leg.

‘These weren’t small cockroaches,’ he told the Observer. ‘A person from the restaurant said, “Maybe it’s about to rain, this hasn’t happened before.”’

While none of the bugs fell directly onto food, another diner reportedly had one crawl right onto his leg.

A customer said that five roaches rained down from the ceiling on Monday at the hip eatery

The Observer source said proprietors only comped half the patrons’ food bills.

Eric Bromberg, who co-owns the restaunt and several others carrying the Blue Ribbon name, says the issue has been resolved.

‘Once we knew we had an issue, we scheduled our exterminator to come that day, as soon as possible, and we waged war.

‘After many hours we found the source — located next door — and rectified the issue. The entire restaurant has been thoroughly searched and cleaned and we are moving ahead with service as usual.’

Lodger steals clothes from transgendered woman. She wants her corsets and knickers back- (with pictures)


A retired transgender security guard from Thamesmead has been left “gutted” after her lodger made off with three of her corsets.

BE84435-02Roxanne Yeatman, who lives in a ground floor bedsit in Ricardo Path, says she let the 44-year-old alcoholic stay for a week so she could escape her abusive, drug-taking boyfriend.

But the woman allegedly repaid this generosity by making off with four black suspender belts and three corsets, leaving her with just one.

Roxanne, 65, told News Shopper: “It’s left me gutted.

“I help somebody out and they go and do this to me.

“If she’d asked for them I’d have given them to her but she didn’t – she stole them.

“What gets me is she said she never wears suspender belts or things like that so why did she take them?

“The corsets were all brand new, all black and I’d only worn one of them.

“One of them she took was a nice all-in-one with flowers on it.”

Roxanne, who is planning to have full sexual reassignment surgery this year, bought the corsets on eBay for a total of £50, including the suspender belts.

The alleged thief announced she was leaving on the night of March 15.

But the following morning, when Roxanne checked the clothes cupboard in her front room, she found it was bare.

Roxanne shared her fold-out bed with the thief for a week but says she feels no animosity towards her and just wants her clothes back.

She said: “She’s going to have to answer some serious questions. Why did she do it?

“She wasn’t skint, she wasn’t hard up.

“I fed her, I helped her try and get off the bottle and then she decides to go and do this.”

Roxanne, who has four daughters aged 41, 40, 39 and 25, claims police did not take the incident seriously when she reported it.

She said: “According to the sergeant, they can’t nick her because nobody saw what happened.”

BE84435-05Roxanne, a former Army Gunner in the Royal Artillery who used to be known as Doug, added: “I was born in the wrong body.

“I used to play with the girls rather than the boys when I was little.

“I was married 21 years then I thought the grass was greener on the other side.

“It wasn’t bad for that time but something went wrong and then I thought I will be what I want to be now.”

Roxanne is hoping to have the six-hour reassignment surgery done on the NHS and says she will be “very relieved” when it’s done.

She said: “My family haven’t got anything bad to say about it, it’s down to me.

“They don’t mind and it’s nothing to do with them really. “My middle daughter says ‘it’s down to you Dad – it’s your life and your body’.

Met police have confirmed they are investigating an allegation of theft. No arrests have been made.

Here Are the States Where Blowjobs Are Illegal But Necrophilia’s Cool


As my colleague Rich just reported, Louisiana lawmakers defended their ban on consensual oral and anal sex today, even though it’s unconstitutional. Weirdly, though, Louisiana has no problem with people fucking corpses. It turns out they’re not alone.


A quick survey of nationwide laws on sodomy and necrophilia shows that there are four states that explicitly ban the former in some way, while remaining silent on the latter:

  • In Louisiana and North Carolina, two willing adults can’t get no oral satisfaction, but they can diddle a dead person.
  • Oklahoma and Kansas are also cool with you banging the dearly departed, but they ban oral intercourse between consenting gay or lesbian partners.
  • For the record, several other states—Nebraska, New Mexico, and Vermont—also appear to allow necrophilia, but they’re cool with sodomy, too, so at least they’re consistent.

It turns out there’s actually a fraught history behind necrophilia and the law; many of the states that think they’ve banned it actually have vague injunctions banning “crimes against nature,” or they classify it as a sexual assault against a partner who can’t give consent.

That leads to some trouble in the courts. In Wisconsin a few years back, three young men were arrested while trying to dig up a corpse for sex. Since the state didn’t have an explicit necrophilia ban, they were charged with attempted sexual assault for their intent to have sex with an unwilling party. But an appeals court threw out their conviction, saying a corpse isn’t a person under state law, and therefore consent isn’t an issue. (The state Supreme Court, apparently afraid of suborning a corpse-banging epidemic, voted 5-2 to restore their conviction on shaky legal grounds.)

The problem is that “the dead body is a quasi-subject before the law,” according to legal theorist John Troyer in his landmark 2008 journal article on the subject, and “the ambiguous juridical standing of the human corpse in necrophilia cases compounds the sexual monstrousness of the necrophiliac and of necrophilic acts.”

In any case, it seems to offend our modern moral intuitions that any sex between consenting adults could be illegal, but sex with a dead person—can anyone be less willing than a corpse?—could be permissible.

Of course, Christian moralizers would say that’s why all non-straight, non-missionary sex should be illegal: because parsing out the secular legal intricacies of various sex acts is a lot muddier than resting on the word of God.

That would be great!… if everyone believed in their God and their interpretation of that God’s sexual laws. But hell, not even Louisiana legislators can apparently get on board with that thoroughgoing reasoning. And until they do, the anti-sodomy, anti-necrophilia religious right is just flogging a dead horse. (But not fucking it, obviously.)

Full map—red states are the anti-blowjobs, corpse-sex-friendly states:



(h/t Stuff You Should Know)

Unhappy ending for two massage workers


Two women are facing prostitution charges following an investigation at an Oro Valley spa where police said there were sex acts being performed for money.


Hong Chen, 44, and Kongmei Wang, 48, are each facing one count of prostitution and one count each of  practicing massage without a license. Both are misdemeanors. They were booked in the Pima County jail.

The investigation began in March when Oro Valley police received reports of suspicious activity at Oro Spa, located at 10110 N Oracle Road, according to a news release for Oro Valley Police. The investigation involved Oro Valley Police, Homeland Security Investigations and the Tucson Police Department.

Over the past several weeks, the investigation revealed that there were multiple sex acts performed in exchange for money, the news release said.

Mystery as female camel who lives on farm with no male camels GIVES BIRTH


As-yet-unnamed-calf-at-Mainsgill-Farm-in-Richmond-North-Yorkshire-3428427Doris the camel lives on a farm with no other male camels – so it came as a big shock today when she gave birth.

Farmer Andrew Henshaw could hardly believe his ears when he was called over by a colleague to help tug a baby calf out of its proud mum.

Doris, who lives with her half-sister Delilah, has not been near a male camel for more than a year.

Andrew, 46, and his family, who run a farm shop and tea shop, had no idea Doris was in the family way.

Andrew, who was about to open the tea shop when a livestockman ran over to tell him the startling news about Doris, said: “I told him ‘you’re joking’. By the time we got there the feet and head were out so we gave it a tug and it came out.

“This was totally out of the blue. When he was first born he sounded like a dinosaur with the noise he was making, like something off Jurassic Park.

“Now a few hours later, he looks like a giraffe with his long neck, or the Loch Ness Monster because of his two floppy humps.”

Andrew, who runs the farm shop near Richmond, North Yorks, joked that he half suspected Jimmy the llama in the pen next to Doris may be responsible, because he is such a rascal.

He reckons the mystery can probably be explained because camels can take between 12 and 15 months to give birth after becoming pregnant.

Andrew thinks Doris must already have been pregnant when she was taken to North Yorks from a farm in Cornwall.

The family will keep the male baby camel and are running a competition to name the new arrival.

Married dad-of-three Andrew said the family bought Doris and Delilah to replace Kevin the camel who died last year.

Kevin had been popular with visitors so they hoped Doris and Delilah would be too.

Now the family have got a little baby camel to wow visitors.

Gold biscuits found in the abdomen of a businessman


gold-mainIn a bizarre case, doctors of a city hospital found 12 gold biscuits each weighing 33g inside the abdomen of a 63-year-old businessman.

The businessman had come to the hospital for surgery, stating that he had swallowed a water bottle cap and wanted to get it out of his body.

“He approached us on April 7 seeking surgery to remove a water bottle cap which he claimed he had accidentally swallowed. We got an X-ray done and it didn’t appear to be a cap. As the gold bars got stacked one behind the other it appeared to be a metal,” said Dr C S Ramachandran, senior consulting surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram hospital.

A team of doctors operated upon him on Apr 9 to get through the abdominal cavity and remove the foreign metal. “We were shocked to find not one but 12 gold biscuits in his abdomen. When we asked him he was not ready to speak. We immediately sealed them in a container and handed it over to the medical superitendent,” said Dr Ramachandran adding that the patient was discharged on Apr 15.

The hospital authorities later informed the police and subsequently custom department officials were informed. Dr Ramachandran said that the patient, a businessman from Chandni Chowk was a known patient and he had operated upon him thrice in the past since 1989.

“He was operated for gall bladder removal, appendicitis and incisional hernia. He had diabetes. We were shocked when gold biscuits came out of his abdomen during the operation.

“But I am at least happy that I could save his life. If it would have stayed inside for couple of more days, it would have led to severe bleeding and rapture of the intestine and septicemia. Moreover, he had severe diabetes,” said the doctor.

According to hospital sources, the man had swallowed the 12 gold biscuits, worth approximately Rs 12 lakhs in all, to smuggle them into the country from Singapore 10 days ago.

He landed in trouble when he failed to get it out through his stool. It eventually started hurting him because of which he apprached the doctors.