Cops Arrest South Carolina Woman For Possessing Urine That Tested Positive For Methamphetamine


urinesample2A woman who was carrying a bottle filled with her own urine is facing a drug possession charge after the liquid tested positive for methamphetamine, according to cops who surmised that the suspect was planning to extract traces of the drug from the bodily waste.

Cops confronted Cindy Wingo, 33, last Wednesday after spotting her and a male acquaintance loitering outside a vacant South Carolina home. During a subsequent investigation, Wingo consented to an examination of her purse.

According to a Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office report, deputies found drug paraphernalia items during the search. Wingo, an investigator noted, “has in the past used illicit substances (i.e., methamphetamine).”

Deputies also discovered a pill bottle filled with urine. Wingo said that while the container belonged to her daughter, “it was her urine that was in the bottle,” reported Deputy Chaney Brown. Asked about the urine, Brown added, “Cindy was evasive with her answer, and would not give me a straight answer.”

cindywingoBrown, who has been trained in “methamphetamine and clandestine lab assessment,” reported that, “it is not an uncommon practice for Methamphetamine users to not discard their urine, due to the fact that a portion of the Methamphetamine is excreted out through the urination process.” Users, Bown added, can then “extract the Methamphetamine from the urine or give it to someone who knows how to do this in exchange for more Methamphetamine.”

“Having this in mind, I field tested the liquid in the prescription bottle,” Brown wrote. “It field tested positive for Methamphetamine.”

Wingo, seen at left, was subsequently arrested for drug possession and booked into the county jail. She was released from custody after posting $5000 bond and is scheduled for a September 25 court appearance.

Semen collecting is tricky and dangerous


Working with penises, semen and testicles is no laughing matter but a sense of humour is essential, says a bull whisperer.

10319783Interposing yourself between an amorous bull and the object of its lust is a dangerous occupation, but for semen collector Robyn How, of the Tararua Breeding Centre in Woodville, it is a fascinating way of life.

Born and raised in Australia, How became passionate about cattle after helping a friend with show animals. While doing an artificial insemination course, she found she had a natural ability to read bulls.

She bought a 6ha lifestyle block in Woodville in 1997 and started the breeding centre the next year with Auckland-based business partner and embryo transfer veterinarian Eddie Dixon.

The centre collects semen from all types of bulls, which are trucked in from all over New Zealand. Some of the bulls are already proven when they arrive while others are there to be proven.

How says she shows them respect and although she has never been injured, she doesn’t take any bull for granted.

”Having full respect, understanding and appreciation for the bulls is crucial. Semen collection is not a job anyone can do.

”We know just by reading an animal, how far we can push things. There is no way any of us could outrun a bull.”

Giving the bulls plenty of space is key to semen extraction, with each bull having their own paddock complete with a mound of dirt and scratching post.

”A happy bull produces happy semen. We want them to release any aggravation and testosterone on their mounds of dirt and posts before working with them.”

How says some bad-tempered bulls have been badly handled but with time and no pressure they can be turned around.

”The trick is to be patient and give them time and space to settle.

”I have collected semen from some pretty mean bulls,” she says.

Ranging in age from seven months to 14 years, bulls can stay for as little as six weeks with some living at the centre permanently. The oldest bull was 15.

”We held grave concerns for the quality of his semen and his libido. The client asked us to give him a go and we weren’t very confident, but he shocked us all and turned out to be the Hugh Hefner of the bull world.”

How says handling the bulls with kid gloves is a winning formula.

Pharmacist Arrested For In-Store “Upskirt”


timothycolgroveAs she stood in the checkout line Sunday evening, a female customer at a Kroger store in Georgia noticed that a man was squatting down next to her, cell phone in hand, attempting to snap an upskirt photo.

The shutterbug, police allege, was the store’s pharmacist, who is now facing a felony rap for the impromptu photo shoot.

According to a Suwanee Police Department report, Mary Rivera, 31, told officers she was “standing in the checkout line when she observed the suspect, Timothy Keith Colgrove, squatting next to her holding his cell phone in such a way as to photograph under her skirt.”

When Rivera spotted the 38-year-old Colgrove, she tried to grab his phone. During the ensuing scuffle, Colgrove “fell backwards to the ground” as the woman and another Kroger customer sought to confiscate the phone. Colgrove, Rivera told cops, was “trying to delete the pictures.”

The two shoppers eventually succeeded in wresting away Colgrove’s phone, which Rivera later turned over to police.

During questioning by a Suwanee cop, Colgrove claimed that he was squatting down to retrieve a drink from the “soda refrigerator” while simultaneously texting from his phone. When an officer asked Colgrove for permission to review photosand videos on his phone, he “denied permission and stated he had other stuff on his phone that he did not want everybody to see,” investigators noted.

Three Kroger shoppers told police that they observed Colgrove “taking a photo or video up the skirt of a woman.”

krogerColgrove, seen in the above mug shot, was subsequently arrested for felony eavesdropping and booked in the Gwinnett County jail (from which he was later released after posting $5700 bond). Colgrove has been placed on administrative leave by the Kroger conglomerate, which operates more than 3400 stores nationwide.

Georgia state records show that Colgrove has been a licensed pharmacist since 2007 (his license expires at the end of this year). Colgrove is a resident of Cumming, a city 40 miles northeast of Atlanta.

Woman, 25, Left Her Two Kids In Unattended Car While She Performed Sex Act On Boyfriend


marksA Louisiana woman left her two young children unattended in her SUV while she performed oral sex on her boyfriend in his vehicle

Princess Marks, 25, reportedly admitted to Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies that she was unable to see her children–aged seven and five–while she was pleasuring her boyfriend in the parking lot of a Lake Charles store.

Cops found the children inside the SUV, which was not running and had its windows down.

Marks’s post-midnight assignation resulted in her arrest for child desertion. Seen in the adjacent mug shot, Marks was booked into jail and later released after posting $5000 bond on the felony count.

Following her collar, Marks’s offspring were placed in the custody of family members. Her beau–whom investigators did not identify–was not arrested.

Rats Entered Corpses Through Vagina And Anus At D.C. Hospital, Ex-Worker Says


Are you about to eat? Don’t start if you’re going to read this.

n-MORGUE-large300A rat infestation at Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C, was so bad that the rodents were entering corpses through the vagina and anus, a former worker says.

Doris Kennard won a $237,000 judgment for emotional distress against the hospital on July 18, court records show. A lawyer for the hospital said “we vehemently disagree with the verdict” and will appeal.

In a stomach-churning interview (above) with Fox News in D.C., Kennard recounted some of the details from her stint as a contract worker in the hospital morgue several years ago: Rats chewed through the body bags to feast on the cadavers. In 2010, one rat even attacked her, landing her in the hospital.

Kennard, whose job was in part to clean the deceased, said in documents that she pulled what she believed to be the string of a “feminine product” out of a cadaver and it turned out to be a rat, which then bit her.

She told the station that the problem was so intense that she could not get someone else to work with her.

Kennard theorized that the morgue’s coolers broke down, so bodies warmed and perhaps attracted the vermin from a nearby hospital trash compactor. Kennard’s lawyer, Gregory Lattimer, accused the hospital of a coverup in the report and said the infestation has persisted for decades.

A hospital rep told HuffPost on Friday, “The District of Columbia Department of Health and two of their field inspectors toured our facilities today and found absolutely no evidence that would support the claims that were alleged.”

The hospital gift shop was closed by health inspectors in January after they spotted rodent droppings and a “bag of food chewed on by some sort of pest,” D.C. outlet WUSA 9 reported.

Kennard originally filed the suit in December 2012, according to records. An attorney for the hospital asked for a mistrial on July 17 but was rejected.

The hospital’s attorney, Hugh W. Farrell with Farrell & Gunderson, offered the following statement:

We vehemently disagree with the verdict and will file an appeal. At the time of the alleged incident, a thorough investigation was completed by the Hospital and the District of Columbia Department of Health which revealed no truth to the allegations. There was absolutely no evidence of the alleged rat activity. We look forward to correcting this verdict on appeal.

Rodent Feasts On Treat in Subway Vending Machine While We Lose Our Lunch


Public transit has its perks. This isn’t one of them.

In a video grossing out viewers across the Internet, commuters in a Barcelona subway station are treated to the spectacle of a rodent nibbling on a candy bar in a vending machine. Make yourself at home, little dude.

According to reports, Barcelona’s transportation authority is investigating.

The vermin’s treat of choice, at least above, appears to be a Principe, which Your Spanish Corner described as a chocolate-filled biscuit. “Children just love them,” the site writes.

As long as we’re thinking about the clip above, they can have ‘em.