Dad Gets Massive tattoo of baby on his face


Some parenting decisions can be reversed; others are a bit more permanent. That’s the case for one father from Texas who recently got an enormous tattoo of his baby son’s face — on his own face.

786eceb13d1074a3f8f680a9b523c563bc7c6032Christien Sechrist, a 20-year-old dad from Deer Park, celebrated the birth of his son Perseus Allen Mitchell by inking a giant black-and-white image of the boy’s face on his left cheek. Sechrist captioned the photo, posted last July, “Thanks Cody Gibbs for doing awesome work on me. Looks just like my son.” One of the reasons it’s gaining coverage now is because Reddit posted it a day ago.

Reaction to the portrait ranged from disbelief to supportive (sort of). “Is this a joke Christien?” wrote one Facebook user. “…Although it is a nice tat, you should have put it somewhere else,” wrote another. Also: “…I can see why you got it but I think the face was just a tad over the top.” Sechrist responded to his naysayers by writing, “Well my son looked at it [and] smiled so that’s all I care about.”

Gibbs (Sechrists’ tattoo artist) was also a source of scorn on Reddit for fulfilling such a “stupid” request. “You’ve gotta have better judgment than that,” the commenter added of the artist.

Yahoo Parenting could not reach Sechrist for comment, however, the budding electrician — who has a skull tattoo (where else?) on his skull — told Buzzfeed that he wanted to commemorate his son after nearly losing him and insisted that the tat won’t affect his ability to keep a job.

One tattoo artist disagrees.

“Although tattoos are more mainstream these days, they’re still not considered the ‘norm,’ so we always give our input when it comes to customers who want riskier designs,” Beau Brady, a tattoo artist at Invisible NYC in New York, tells Yahoo Parenting. “Face, neck, and hand tattoos are called ‘job stoppers’ for a reason so people should give those areas more thought.”

Young adults are increasingly opting for face tattoos and other visible designs, but without forethought, they can be poor choices. Brady says people don’t usually regret commemorative designs but since taste, style, and personality can change drastically over time, it’s wiser to choose classic pieces over trendier ones.

Disturbing New Trend Has Teenagers Sucking on Glasses and Bottles to Get Fuller Lips


In a bid to achieve pouty lips à la Kylie Jenner, teens all over the world are engaging in a bizarre DIY lip job challenge called the #kyliejennerchallenge. It involves blowing up their lips to comically large proportions by sucking on a glass or a jar.


The method is reportedly rather painful – participants need to place their lips in the opening of any narrow vessel and suck in all the air, causing a vacuum. The lips will eventually swell due to increased blood flow, creating an effect that teens hope will resemble the 17-year-old Kardashian clan member’s highly coveted pout.

he craze continues, despite Jenner’s insistence that her lips are 100 percent natural. As the challenge grows in popularity, scores of teenagers – both boys and girls – are posting pictures and videos of their shocking results. While some of them seem to have gotten away with mild swelling, others have severe bruising and bleeding around the mouth. And seems that the results of the challenge last for hours, and sometimes even days, which is a lot longer than some of them expect.


“I screwed up,” one teenage girl posted online, along with her #kyliejennerchallenge selfie.

“Made my chin look like a hickey a week ago and I’ll say I’ve never felt so dumb.” another admitted.

Revenge Served Lukewarm: Cheating Boyfriend Gets All Dozen Of His Apple Products Throw In Bathtub



This is the aftermath of a Japanese man cheating on his girlfriend. She decided to exact revenge by dumping all his dozen plus Apple products into the bathtub. For reference, that is entirely too many Apple products. Plus girlfriends. Hopefully the sex was worth it, bro. When reached for comment, the man could not be reached because all his phones and computers were soaking in the tub.

Woman steals cheese, beer, sprays perfume, leaves cellphone at scene of burglary


55380c1207e68_imageA woman who stole cheese and beer from a Far East Side home in a burglary Tuesday afternoon also doused herself in perfume and left her cellphone inside the house she broke into, Madison police said Wednesday.

Officers were called to Mallory Circle at 4 p.m. Tuesday after the homeowner, a 39-year-old man, returned from work to find 37-year-old Kelly L. Mayer in his house, according to police.

The man had to push his way inside after Mayer tried to keep his front door closed, police said. She was wearing a backpack with the man’s laptop inside; the man took the bag back, then pushed Mayer outside, police spokesman Joel DeSpain said.

“She responded by eating a chunk of cheese,” DeSpain said. “Cheese that had been in the victim’s refrigerator.”

Mayer then left the scene, but witnesses pointed responding officers toward a nearby bike path and woods where they soon found her, police said.

“They not only spotted her hiding, they could smell her,” DeSpain said.

During the burglary, police said, Mayer went inside the bedroom of the homeowner’s daughter and sprayed herself with perfume. She sprayed enough of it that officers could match the woman’s scent with the smell that still hung in the house.

In one of Mayer’s pockets, police found a can of Guinness that had been taken from the man’s house, DeSpain said, along with stolen electronics and money.

“While officers were taking inventory, she asked about her cellphone,” DeSpain said. “They called her number, and back at the victim’s home a phone began to ring inside a living room cabinet.”

Mayer was held on a tentative charge of burglary, police said.

Though the Guinness can was unopened, DeSpain said, “It did appear she had been drinking.”

Army to review decision to have male cadets wear high heels


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. It gets a fair amount of attention in the U.S. military, in which thousands of assaults are reported annually and the Pentagon has acknowledged cultural problems that need to be addressed.

One place where the military is addressing the issue is college campuses, where Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) organizations train students before they earn a commission and become new officers. That has led to this:




Yes, those are photos of Army ROTC cadets wearing red high heels while in uniform. It’s part of a campaign known as Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, which bills itself as a “playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes, effects and remediations to men’s sexualized violence against women.” It isn’t focused on the military, although a number of units have participated in the past. .

The photos above were taken at Temple University in Philadelphia. But a similar event at Arizona State University has generated controversy this week. An anonymous post on Reddit  alleged that cadets there were required to participate, and would get a negative mark for not supporting the “sharp” mission, an Army acronym for the Army’s Sexual Harrassment/Assault Response & Prevention Program.

The post has generated attention from a variety of conservative publications, including RedState (Headline: “Army forces ROTC cadets to wear high heels”) NewsMax  (“ROTC Cadets required to Wear High Heels with Combat Uniform”) and The Washington Times  (“Army ROTC program allegedly pressured cadets to walk in high heels for ASU event”).

A spokesman for U.S. Army Cadet Command, Lt. Col. Paul Haverstick, said ROTC units across the country were directed to participate in Sexual Assault Awareness Month events on their campuses “to help stamp out sexual assault on the campuses where they have a presence.” But Maj. Gen. Peggy C. Combs, the cadets’ commanding general, did not direct how the units would do so, and had other events as options, Haverstick said

Counterfeit condoms with holes recalled by Groupon Australia


Groupon Australia is recalling condoms that it had offered on its website after it was discovered that the condoms were counterfeit and may have had holes in them.

condomThe counterfeit condoms were advertised as Durex brand and sold through the Groupon website between March 12, 2015 and April 10, 2015.

“It has been identified that the condoms sold are counterfeit goods and may have defects such as holes in the latex. Defects may result in the condoms failing to prevent pregnancy and protect users against sexually transmitted infections,” said a notice posted by the Australian Government Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration on its website.

Groupon Australia is contacting customers who bought the condoms.

“Counterfeiting is a problem for all major condom brands and consumers should be alert for potential fakes. Signs that might indicate a potential counterfeit products include suspiciously low prices, poor quality of printing on the packaging and whether information on the foil packaging of individual condoms match that on the box,” said the TGA in the notice on its website.

China to crack down on strippers at funerals


Chinese officials are launching a campaign to crack down on stripteases and other lewd shows that have become popular at funerals in some rural areas, the Ministry of Culture said Thursday.


The ministry said in a statement that it will tighten control over rural culture, where vulgar performances have been thriving because of a general lack of cultural events.

Such erotic performances at funerals are a relatively new phenomenon. Many rural people believe that a large attendance at funerals is a sign of honour for the deceased, and the shows are used to attract more people and display the family’s prosperity.

e96ea7828461397c8614d29410e82f8fbdbb9447The funerals also are a rare occasion for crowds to gather as villagers working as migrant workers in industrial centres return home to bury the deceased.

Performances of traditional opera were once popular at funerals, followed later by movie screenings.

In the last several months, people who have returned to their rural homes for funerals have complained on social media about lewd shows, remarking that troupes hired to play dirges suddenly changed their tune and began to peel off their clothes.

The ministry cited a performance by six strippers at a funeral in the northern province of Hebei and a lewd show by three performers at a funeral in the eastern province of Jiangsu. Those responsible for vulgar acts will be punished, it said.

“Such illegal operations have disrupted local entertainment markets and corrupted social mores,” the ministry said.

Photos and videos of such performances circulating online show children in attendance at shows featuring scantily clad women.