Indonesian Woman Called ‘Witch’ for Lizard Baby


There’s the usual weird stuff, and then there’s just absolutely bizarre. A 31-year-old Indonesian woman in the remote village of Oenunto had been pregnant for 8 months when she suddenly had contractions. What came out of labor was a gecko, which had a whole village scared stiff.


The horror led to anger as a lynch mob would go after the woman, whose name is Debi Nubatonis, accusing her of practicing witchcraft. She and her family had been receiving threats ever since a midwife helped her give “birth” back in May 2014.

The episode had doctors baffled, who are adamant that there was no way that a human female could give birth to a lizard. Dr. Messe Ataupa, the Chief Medical Officer of the nearby city of Kupang, stated that a team was sent to the village to investigate the reptilian delivery.

“It is clearly nonsense to suggest that the woman gave birth to a lizard,” said Dr. Messe Ataupa. “There has never been a proven case of a living organism from one species giving birth to a different species, it just doesn’t happen.”

Various hypothesis are being thrown around in the debate on the Internet regarding the incident. The absence of an actual baby from the birth leads Dr. Ataupa to believe that it had been a phantom pregnancy, which is an actual medical condition.

He explained that discharge may have landed on a lizard during labor, which the midwife then saw afterwards and may have led her to put two and two together.

The midwife herself, whose name is Josephine Lydia Hellen Wadu, insisted on taking the lizard to Oenuntono Health Centre to file a report on it being the woman’s actual baby.


Meanwhile, the news has made its rounds online and there are no indications of the angry mob letting up.

A Stool Bank in Massachusetts Will Pay You $40 a Day for Your Poo


openbiome-stool-bank-550x275Massachusetts residents can now make a modest living out of their own bodily functions – by donating a sample of their poo. An independent non-profit stool bank called OpenBiome is willing to offer volunteers $40 per deposit, and what’s more, it’s all for a good cause. The stool samples will be used for fecal transplants, to fight the deadly superbug C. difficile, which affects more than 500,000 and kills 14,000 Americans per year.

If you’re wondering about fecal transplants, you can read all about the life-saving procedure in this feature we did a couple of years ago. At the time, there was only one doctor in the UK to have ever performed the transplant. Now, it seems that the treatment has become more popular and people are being invited to generously donate their poo at the OpenBiome stool bank.

Stool transplants are being praised by many doctors as a miracle cure for C. difficile, a bacterial infection that most commonly affects hospital patients. It causes fever, painful cramps, severe diarrhoea, and in some cases, life-threatening complications such as severe swelling of the bowel. Patients with recurring episodes are ill for several months, and only have a 75 percent chance of survival.

Gym Teacher, Charged With 30 Counts Of Statutory Rape


n-MEGAN-MAHONEY-largeA former basketball coach and gym teacher at a prestigious New York City high school faces statutory rape charges for her alleged sex abuse of a male student.

Megan Mahoney, 24, was arrested Monday for allegedly having regular sexual contact with the same 16-year-old student over a period of more than two months beginning in late October 2013, the Staten Island Advance reports.

She faces 30 counts of statutory rape in the case. The New York Post reports:

Mahoney romped with the teen “on numerous occasions, that is at least two times per week during the period,” court papers claim.

She also was charged with four counts of “criminal sexual act” because of mutual oral sex that she and the boy allegedly engaged in “at least two times per month during said period.”

In January, Mahoney resigned from Moore Catholic High School in Staten Island, where she taught gym and was an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team.

Investigators said at some of the encounters happened on school grounds. In August, the victim told the New York Post that the illicit relationship began shortly afterMahoney allegedly approached him in the gym and offered to coach him in basketball.

“We would just drive around and [do it] in the car,” the boy, whose name was withheld, told the newspaper.

Richard Postiglione, the Moore’s athletic director, was also investigated for allegedly failing to report sex abuse accusations against Mahoney and another female teacher at the school.

Before she was a coach, Mahoney was also a student athlete, playing basketball for Fordham University and Wagner College.

Man Has Live Moth Removed From Ear (VIDEO) (WARNING: Graphic Language)


Having a live moth stuck in your ear can really bug you.

It’s even worse when, in the process of removing the critter, you discover you also have a tick stuck inside as well.

That’s the dilemma facing a man named Mikey, who was filmed through the excruciating ordeal of having the moth taken out of his ear.

As one of the people in the video puts it: “Oh my god where have you been?”

After a cringe-inducing four minutes, the moth was finally removed.

WARNING: The video contains graphic language, but if someone was sticking tweezers in your ear while trying to grab a live moth, you might not be able to avoid cursing either.

Drunken trombone-playing clown fires gun from garage


Police arrested a 54-year-old man after he was allegedly seen wearing camouflage pants and a clown mask, shooting a gun at a can in the street.

Grand Traverse County sheriff’s deputies said the man also was seen playing a trombone at one point, all the while as he stood in a garage.

The man, described as intoxicated, was arrested for a personal protection order violation. No one was hurt and the gun turned out to be a pellet gun.

Deputies responded at about 10:30 a.m. Monday, Oct. 20 to a Blair Township residence on a report of a man, standing in a garage, pointing a firearm at surrounding houses.

A caller to 911 said the man also was shooting at a can in the road.

The caller told dispatchers the man was “wearing camo pants and a clown mask and at one point was playing a trombone.”

Deputies arrived at the scene, determined the man was drunk, and arrested the man on the personal protection order violation.

No one was injured.