Ladies of Manure Calendar to Showcase the Sexy Side of Poop




Unless you’re one of few people who didn’t recoil in horror at Two Girls, One Cup, it’s likely you don’t find poop particularly sexy.

But the folks at Miami’s Fertile Earth Foundation are working to show the public that “waste” has a purpose, and embracing its awesomeness can help save the planet.

Starring 12 super-sexy, eco-conscious ladies slathered in South Floridian shit, the 2015 Ladies of Manure calendar is coming soon — assuming they can raise $10K by Halloween.

The group did a similar calendar in 2013 that garnered major buzz. So they’re back at it again to raise funds for their mission: to encourage people to live more sustainable lives, primarily through composting education.

But why, exactly, is poop something to celebrate?


“Poop is awesome because it can be used as resource for many reasons — to provide energy for your stove or light up your light bulb to fertilizing your garden,” says Project Manager Julia Poliadis. “It’s a resource, not waste!”

Manure comes in many incarnations, and they all have their assets. Cow poop is particularly great, says Poliadis.

“Cows are not just adorable, but their poop is pretty darn amazing, too. Cow manure is thankfully pretty abundant, especially in areas that abound with dairy farms,” Poliadis explains. “It allows the soil to hold more water, provides aeration so roots can breathe and slowly releases nutrients back into the ground. Millions of beneficial bacteria make nutrients like nitrogen, which plants cannot directly use, readily available to plants.”

Of course, it has to be properly composted before it’s used in a garden, but there are companies (like Black Kow) that’ll do that for you.

The 2015 features 12 lovely ladies, all volunteers, posing pin-up style with various types of manure — from the aforementioned cow poop, to fish poop, worm poop and more.

“Whether it’s starting their own permaculture business or simply volunteering for composting workshops, all the ladies do their part in spreading the message about composting,” Poliadis says. “Leslie, the wife’s owner of the Earth N Us Farm where the shoot was located, will be featured in this calendar. Also, lead singer Cuci Amador from local band Afrobeta will also be featured in the most revealing shot of the year.”

The calendars will be $25 apiece, but they have to meet their Kickstarter fundraising goal by Halloween in order to have them printed. So, if you want to see some ladies make worm droppings look good, donate to their Kickstarter now.

Man Stops Subway Doors With His Probably Fake Penis Bulge


Anyone who takes the subway has experienced the annoying people who can’t quite squeeze in the car, keeping the doors from closing and the train from leaving.

It’s usually an arm, a leg or perhaps a purse. But it’s likely never a penis bulge or a fake one used for a prank.

Until now.

Watch this man and his probably (hopefully) fake penis bulge board a packed train car and stop the doors from closing with his awkward protrusion.

Dare you not to laugh.

All The Rage: Lifelike Japanese Dolls That Squirt Drink Out Of One Breast When You Squeeze The Other



Check out the latest hit at Japanese parties: $5,000 latex dolls that pour drinks from their nipples when you squeeze their boobs. It looks disturbing. What’s going to be next, Japan? Male and female android fountains wandering around parties serving drinks from their lower naughty bits? But of course.

Warning!!! The following video is NOT safe for work …….


Castrated child molester says he’s no longer a danger, seeks release


Deputy District Attorney Michael Carroll said during opening statements that Reilly is a serial child molester who lied to his doctors and examiners about the depths of his sexual urges.

ndinzv-b88231891z.120141015195038000gf45m3ct.10“You’ll learn that despite the castration, he still has sexual thoughts about prepubescent girls,” Carroll said.

Carroll said Reilly was a calculated predator who groomed little girls and lied to their families, telling them he was police officer to gain their trust.

Reilly, he said, molested a total of six girls between the ages of 4 to 8. After serving three prison sentences, he was confined to a state mental hospital in 2000.

Galloway said there is no question that her client is a pedophile, but jurors will have to decided whether he is likely to re-offend. Galloway said Reilly has undergone years of intensive therapy, and each year he is evaluated by his doctors.

In 2011, his two state-appointed doctors at Coalinga Hospital determined that he is no longer a danger to society, she said.

“He was physically castrated so he could be in control of his pedophilia,” she said.

Taking the stand Wednesday, Reilly said he has difficulty explaining his sexual attraction to children.

“You knew that molesting children was wrong?” Carroll asked.

“Correct,” Reilly answered. “I can’t explain the sexual component. It is repugnant.”

Reilly first gained notoriety in Orange County when he kidnapped his 2-year-old daughter one day before he was set to stand trial on charges that he molested two Tustin girls. He fled to Arizona and was arrested a month later after a nationwide manhunt. His daughter was found unharmed.

He pleaded guilty in August 1983 to molesting the two Tustin girls and the kidnapping of his own daughter and was sentenced to three years in prison.

He was also convicted of molesting a girl and showing pornography to a boy in Arizona when he was a fugitive.

After he was paroled on both cases, he returned to Orange County in 1998 and was convicted a year later for molesting his 4-year-old daughter.

Before he could be paroled on that case, the district attorney filed a Sexually Violent Predator petition against him, contending he remains a danger to children.

In 2006, he requested to be released from Atascadero Hospital and launched a court battle to win his freedom. He later changed his mind and dropped the case.

“There are still some things for me to work on,” he told a judge in 2006. “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. I don’t want to make any more.”

Man Arrested For Alleged Aggressive Mopping


s-JOHN-THORNTON-large300When John Thornton visited the Double Tree Hotel in Bristol, Connecticut, on Monday night, he apparently did not like the mop job being done by a female employee.

So he allegedly grabbed the mop from the woman and began, in the words of the police report, “mopping aggressively.”

As a result, the Double Tree got a clean floor and Thornton was charged with breach of peace, according to Connecticut Patch.

Investigators said the 27-year-old employee was mopping the floor when Thornton, 30, somehow became “unruly” at the hotel, and grabbed the mop from the woman.

Thornton then began mopping, becoming more and more aggressive,to the point of mopping over the employee’s shoes multiple times, reports.

The employee repeatedly askedThornton to stop mopping, but he backed her into a corner, the Hartford Courant reports.

By the time police arrived, the victim was “shaken and crying,” according to the New Haven Register.

She told the police she wished to press charges against Thornton.

Initially, Thornton was charged with breach of peace. However, while he was being transported, he allegedly shouted insults and expletives at the officers and also threatened bodily harm, resulting in a second charge of second-degree threatening, reports.

Guy Offering 200 Dollars To Have Sex With His Hot Swinger Wife And Take Her To Foo Fighters



I’m just assuming “she’ll show you a good time” is sex. At least in the real world it is.



I should actually say, guy is selling his wife to get her to leave him alone for a night. This right here is the very definition of a win-win all around. You, person already in possession of Foo Fighter tickets, gets a date to the show that you know will want to party after (fuck), and 200 dollars. Swinger Wife gets to see an awesome concert she is dying to see, and also gets to fuck. Guy with swinger wife gets a night to relax and watch football, shit with the door open, and drink beer in his underwear. And I know obviously the big elephant in the room is the whole “you’re letting someone take your wife out and fuck her” but they’re already swingers. He’s already seen way worse than this Foo Fighters guy can do. So like I said, this is a win-win-win. Any stoolie who has a pair of tickets would be a fool to pass this up. Just a few adults partaking in a simple cash and sex for tickets trade. Nothing more, nothing less.