Japanese Reality Show Launches Girl Band That Fans Can Actually Date and Even Marry



‘Happening Girls’ is a new reality TV show in Japan, featuring a girl group that fans can date and potentially even marry. The band currently consists of four girls who always wear bikinis or swimsuits in public. Male fans interested in dating the girls can apply to the producers of the show and take part in X-Factor style auditions and interviews for the chance of winning a date.

happening-girls-japan3The four bachelorettes who currently make up the band are: Manaka, 20, Saaya, 22, Kaori, 26, and Eri, 25. If one of them gets married and leaves the show, her place will be taken by a new band member. The show’s producers are recruiting replacements under strict conditions – applicants must be between 17 and 30 years of age, living in Tokyo, and must have no objections to wearing bikinis in public at all times.

The show is built on the premise that most male fans never get an opportunity to interact with their female pop idols on such an intimate level. “We are positively encouraging our fans to meet and date the girls. How they get on and how far they go is up to them,” said spokesperson Teruki Aoki. ”But they’re contracted to let us into their private life and share in their relationship. They’re free to have fun, develop, date, and even marry if they want to. We’ll be there to record the marriage aptitude interviews and we’d be delighted to arrange the wedding.”

The show also declares that they’ve created the world’s first bikini-clad girl group.“There are lots of idol groups in Japan but until now there were none wearing swimming costumes, and what young male fan wouldn’t like to see their idol in a bikini?” asked Aoki. “Men love swimsuits. There is no other swimsuit idol group in existence, anywhere.”

happening-girls-japan2-550x366Fans are permitted to meet the lovely ladies during their private hours, but the first meetings have to happen through ‘marriage interviews’ that would be a part of the show. Kandou TV – the channel that airs the show – reserves the right to produce, record, and televise any part of the relationship right from the first meeting all the way up to the wedding itself. The weddings will be organized by Kandou’s subsidiary bridal company.

This Woman’s Polyphonic Overtone Singing Doesn’t Sound Humanly Possible


When you watch German musician Anna-Maria Hefele demonstrate a few polyphonic overtone singing techniques, you will get chills.

“Overtone singing is a voice technique where one person sings two notes at the same time,” explains Hefele in the video above. On her website, Hefele says this style is originally from Mongolia, locally known as Sygyt.

Watch Hefele show off her perfect control, as she is able to sustain one constant low note, while simultaneously singing a high-pitched scale. It seems impossible that the sounds are coming from just one woman, and Hefele’s vocal control might leave you wondering if she is even human.

But she is not new to the craft. Hefele has been studying throat singing since 2005, and is a classically trained singer who plays instruments like the harp, mandolin, piano, didgeridoo and Schwegel.

600 lb woman’s dream is to find a man to help her pile on more weight (not safe for lunch)


Gabi Jones, 29, is almost four times the weight of an average woman her age.

1412333314431_wps_12_Gabi_uses_Kenyon_as_humanWeighing in at 620lbs (44 st, 3lb) Gabi, from Denver, is super-morbidly obese but rather than trying to lose weight she is deliberately trying to add pounds to her frame, thinking of her body as a piece of art work.

She has been gaining weight deliberately since she reached 250lbs (18st) and is now what is known as a ‘gainer’, a woman who embraces being severely overweight and strives to be even larger.

Gabi says: ‘I don’t know when I’m going to stop but I still want to be able to walk. I think walking is important.

‘I’m not like everyone else. My body is voluptuous, my body is sexy. I think fat is art and I’m a masterpiece in the making.

‘It’s about me growing softer. It‘s about the added pounds and my arms getting jigglier.

‘For me gaining is art, it’s beautiful. I am like a Picasso, I want to change society.’

Unbelievably Gabi claims that she is aware of the extreme health dangers of her size, but still refuses to stop gaining weight. She also understands that her love of obesity is at odds with society’s view of normality.

1412333308518_wps_11_image003_pngUnlike many women, Gabi relishes the jiggle of her arm fat, considering her huge body a ‘work of art’

‘I get grief from people pretty much every day of my life about my body and my size,’ she adds.

‘I know people who are bigger die younger, I’ve accepted that. A lot of people said I would only make it until I was 25 but I’ve made it until I’m 29 and I believe I will make it until I’m at least 40′, she says.

Bullied since childhood about her size, Gabi fought her weight for years until she discovered the world of gainers and the thousands of men who love large women.

Kenyan, 18, from Kansas, is one such man.

Explaining his unusual obsession he says: ‘Every aspect of being fat is attractive to me. I couldn’t really say why but I love it and it is part of me.’

Gabi runs a website for fat admirers and her particular draw is her stomach, which overhangs almost to her knees in an ‘upside down heart shape’

He is one of thousands of men who pay to log onto Gabi’s website, where she runs a business catering to an army of fat admirers by posting pictures and videos of herself.

Men often request videos which see Gabi playing with her stomach fat, rubbing body lotion on it or shaking it in what is known as ‘belly play’.

For me gaining is art, it’s beautiful. I am like a Picasso, I want to change society

Known as ‘Gaining Gabi’, Kenyan has become a huge fan: ‘She looks like the living embodiment of the goddess,’ he adds.

In the market for a ‘feeder’ or a man who wants to intentionally feed a woman to make her bigger, Gabi gets visits from Kenyan who will cook and feed her a meal.

‘Being able to feed Gabi is just amazing’, he explains, ‘I mean some people would say it’s just too disgusting but it is heaven to me.

‘It’s definitely sexual but its not like “oh I want to feed you and have sex with you”, it’s more like “I want to feed you and get you bigger and more beautiful and treat you like a goddess.”

Her fans enjoy feeding and then being squashed by Gabi so that thay can enjoy her full weight

The pair also engage in ‘squashing’ where Gabi sits on Kenyan to allow him to fully feel her weight himself.

‘It’s like an elephant sitting on a rabbit,’ Gabi says.

But Kenyan loves his experience of squashing: ‘I like feeling the weight. I mean you can see it on the scale but it kind of hits home when a woman sits on you how successful you are as a feeder.’

He now hopes to take his feeder relationship with Gabi further.

‘I would like to be physical but at the same time I don’t want to rush things. I’ve rushed things in the past and they haven’t worked out and I really want this.’

WTF IS THAT?!: Premium Handjob Glove For Dudes


The Handie Is the ultimate men’s pleasure product, which utilizes your grip and gives you back control of your pleasure through state-of-the-art design and materials. The Handie’s glove design and added features are unlike any other product for men. This is the real deal – an all-in-one gadget for guys! We like to call it, our Finishing Tool.

The Handie has a chamber located on the back of the glove, which can be filled with any water-based lubricant (Use Water Based Lube Only). Just fill with your favorite water based lube, replace, and push on the cap to dispense lubrication into the palm of The Handie for comfort and pleasure.

The Handie comes with a small, removable, vibrating bullet. The vibrator inserts into the pocket located on the pinky finger for a gentle vibration in the perfect sweet spot.

Losing the sense of smell predicts death within five years


Until as recently as 1987, British coal pits employed caged canaries as sentinels that alerted miners to the presence of poisonous gases. Being more sensitive to them than we are, the birds would get distressed before the gases reached levels that are dangerous to humans, giving the miners time to evacuate and avoid suffocation.

086394ce-e7a2-449b-bc0a-e1c1b179e13c-460x276According to new research, the sense of smell is the canary in the coalmine of human health. A study published today in the open access journal PLOS ONE, shows that losing one’s sense of smell strongly predicts death within five years, suggesting that the nose knows when death is imminent, and that smell may serve as a bellwether for the overall state of the body, or as a marker for exposure to environmental toxins.

The study involved more than 3,000 participants, all of them between 57 and 85 years old, from the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP), a longitudinal study of factors affecting the well-being of older people living in America.

In 2005-6, Jayant Pinto of the University of Chicago and his colleagues asked all the participants to perform a simple test that involved identifying five common odours (rose, leather, fish, orange, and peppermint), using the number of incorrectly identified odours as a score of the severity of smell loss.

Five years later, the researchers tracked down as many of the same participants as they could, and asked them to perform this smell test a second time. During the five-year gap between the two tests, 430 of the original participants (or 12.5% of the total number) had died. Of these, 39% who had failed the first smell test died before the second test, compared to 19% of those who had moderate smell loss on the first test, and just 10% of those with a healthy sense of smell.

In other words, those participants who failed the first smell test completely were four times as likely to die within five years than those who correctly identified all five odours. This held true when other factors known to impact smell – such as race, sex, mental illness, and socioeconomic status – were taken into account, and even milder smell loss was associated with slightly increased odds of impending death.

Loss of the sense of smell predicted death more accurately than did a diagnosis of cancer, heart failure or lung disease, the only other common cause of predicting it more accurately being severe liver damage. But the researchers stress that it is unlikely to be a cause of death itself, arguing only that it is a harbinger for what is to come, and suggesting two possible reasons why this might be so.

The tip of the olfactory nerve, which contains the smell receptors, is the only part of the human nervous system that is continuously regeneratedby stem cells. The production of new smell cells declines with age, and this is associated with a gradual reduction in our ability to detect and discriminate odours. Loss of smell may indicate that the body is entering a state of disrepair, and is no longer capable of repairing itself.

The olfactory nerve is also the only part of the nervous system that is exposed to the open air. As such, it offers poisons and pathogens a quick route into the brain, and so losing smell could be an early warning of something that will ultimately cause death.

Pinto and his colleagues did not examine the actual causes of the 430 participants’ deaths, but say that this information would be valuable for exploring the link further. They believe the 3-minute smell test they used is less reliable than a longer clinical assessment and, therefore, that the link may be even stronger than their results would suggest. They don’t know if the results also apply to younger people, but if they stand up to further scrutiny, they could provide a quick way of identifying older ones who are at risk.


Pinto, J. M. et al. (2014). Olfactory Dysfunction Predicts 5-Year Mortality in Older Adults. PLOS ONE, 9(9): e107541. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0107541.

‘An Airplane Shit On Us,’ New Zealand Woman Claims


The skies were looking pretty unfriendly for one New Zealand woman earlier this week.

n-AIRPLANE-LANDING-largeKaren Bass said she went out into her yard Sept. 28 and something smelled terrible.She said there was waste splattered all over her yard, her house, and her car.

“The first thing when I walked out of my door this morning and I saw it, I thought an airplane shit on us. You open the door and it smells like shit,” she told the Herald on Sunday. “I’m absolutely disgusted at the moment. The amount of crap everywhere is horrendous.”

Bass’ home lies directly along an Auckland International Airport flight path. She’s convinced that the excrement isn’t from birds or other animals, and has sent a sample of the mess to be independently tested.

Other residents told the newspaper that they’d been dumped on in the past as well, but the government’s Civil Aviation Authority denied it, blaming migrating ducks.

“I fought it hard, we got tests done that proved it was human matter and even at that point the CAA still kicked their heels in, they wouldn’t have a bar of it,” a dumping victim, who did not want to be named, told the paper.

Airplane waste has caused serious problems before. Last year, a British woman said a frozen chunk of mess crashed through the roof of her home and put a hole in the floor. Experts told SWNS that the frozen waste was likely caused by a leak on the plane.

The U.S.’s Federal Aviation Administration has its own term for frozen airplane waste. They call it “blue ice,” after the chemical that’s added to toilet water to help deodorize and break down waste.

While the agency acknowledges that leaks can occur, the official FAA stance is that the material most often dissipates before it hits the ground. Although the FAA investigates purported incidents of waste dumped from planes, they maintain that the culprit is usually migrating birds.

C*ck wear becomes cookware in latest Japanese cookbook


Wonder what’s for dinner tonight? Your pantry is loaded and there are so many choices! Sometimes, you are just looking to utilize your favorite cooking apparatus. Let’s browse the cookbooks we have here. Everyone Screams for Tagine, Casserole Role Call, Fast Recipes for the Slow Cooker, Cooking with Condoms, wait, what? Yes, you heard us right, an actual cookbook available for your favorite e-book device. Leave it to the Japanese to use whatever they have lying around…


Ok, so the book isn’t called Cooking with Condoms. It’s actually Condom Dishes I Want to Make for You and that isn’t a messy sex joke wrapped up in a book title. You can snag a copy of this fancy cookbook now from Amazon Japan. For 250 yen (US$2.30) you can make 11 different stuffed condom recipes which range from condom escargot in butter and curry pilaf to condom cookies and condom fruit parfaits.