Holy crab! Rare, weirdly colored crustaceans found in Norton Sound


The red king crab that wasn’t red appeared in Nome on the Fourth of July.

Biologist Scott Kent was getting ready to go salmon fishing in the Norton Sound when he ran into commercial crab fisherman Frank MacFarland, who was delivering his latest catch.

Crabs0053x2“I got one of those blue ones,” MacFarland told him. The fisherman held up the specimen so Kent, assistant area management biologist for the state Department of Fish and Game in Nome, could see.

The crab’s shell was a deep periwinkle, likely the result of a naturally occurring genetic mutation, Kent said. The rare discovery thrilled Norton Sound fishery managers and biologists in the Northwest Alaska city.

Recognizing the crab’s distinctiveness, MacFarland delivered it to the Norton Sound Seafood Center and told plant managers not to sell it. For now, it’s scuttling around the center’s 350-gallon live tank, where assistant plant manager Justin Noffsker is caring for it.

“It’s kind of the color of a forget-me-not,” said Noffsker, referring to the vivid blue of the Alaska state flower. Red king crabs are normally, you know, red.

Noffsker said he’s never seen anything like this bluish variety. In his 11 years with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Kent had never seen a blue red king crab either — only in photographs from the mid-1980s.

In September, during a pot survey in Cape Nome, Kent saw his first white red king crab, another rare coloration believed to be caused by a genetic mutation. He has also recently seen piebald crabs, spotted with irregular patches of white. Another had a red carapace but yellow legs.

All the variations are considered to be the kind of “normal, random, very rare” mutations that occur within animal populations, Kent said. The environment and the crab’s diet could play a role, he said, but he doubts it.

MacFarland’s crab “looked like a very healthy crab to me,” Kent said.

Reported sightings of the irregularly colored crabs have increased alongside the growth of Norton Sound research, Kent said, including more rigorous sampling of crabs caught in the region. That includes a spring tagging study and a summer observer program.

Fishermen too are doing a better job at pointing out unusual animals, Kent said.

It’s certainly not the first recent sighting of a blue red king crab. Or lavender, depending on the eye of the beholder. In January, wholesalers in Hokkaido, Japan, found one in a Russian shipment.

“‘Mutant’ lavender king crab found,” exclaimed a New York Post headline.

MacFarland couldn’t be reached for an interview but Noffsker said the fisherman was interested in eventually having the animal mounted for display by a taxidermist.

For the area biologists, these types of discoveries are what the job is all about.

“It just triggers your inherent curiosity, as a biologist, about the unknown in the world,” Kent said.

Generous ‘Turtle Boy’ Has Gone Through Shell And Back


n-TURTLE-BOY-largeAn 8-year-old Colombian boy got a new lease on life three years ago when his gigantic mole — that accounted for 20 percent of his body weight — was surgically removed.

Now, Didier Montalvo, who was labeled “Turtle Boy” when the shell-like growth on his back made headlines, is helping other kids affected by the rare condition.

The Daily News reports on Montalvo and his mother’s appearance on ITV Thursday morning:

His mother Luz said: “He felt very bad before the surgery, it impeded him from doing a lot of the activities he enjoyed doing.

“When he heard people calling him ‘Turtle boy’ he felt very sad and he would ask “Why do I have this?” It was a very difficult question to answer.

“We always had hope that something would be done.”

o-TURTLE-BOY-570Doctors diagnosed him in 2011 with congenital melanocytic nevus, a rare mole condition. Worrying that the growth might become malignant, surgeons in the U.K. removed it. Months later, Montalvo was speechless when he got to see his normally shaped torso.

Not only is he a happy kid these days, but he’s been traveling from his Colombia home to the U.K. to meet and cheer on other people affected by CMN. He met Jodi Whitehouse, who set up a chairty called Caring Matter Now to support children in the U.K. with the condition. She told This Morning:

“We support around 400 families in the UK and internationally, and we offer support days, support pack fro parents and for teachers and staff at schools, it’s a real network and children are now growing up knowing they are not alone, like Didier thought he was. Coming to the UK he has met children for the first time who also have the condition.”

The boy and his mother have reportedly been staying with a South American family in London whose four-year-old son also has the condition.

Scientists discover new threat from global warming: kidney stones


The number of people suffering from kidney stones has grown over the past thirty years, and a new study shows it’s likely to get worse. Here’s why.


Pediatric urologist Gregory Tasian and his team analyzed over 60,000 medical records of people with kidney stones in major cities throughout the U.S. What they found was that people were more likely to develop the painful calcium deposits (pictured above) in their kidneys when average temperatures rose over 50 degrees. In fact, many cases of kidney stones cropped up roughly three days after a hot day.

Now that climate change means that some regions of the globe are heating up, it’s likely that kidney stones will become even more common. The main cause for the connection between temperature and kidney stones is dehydration. When you get hot and dehydrated, the concentration of calcium and minerals in your urine goes up, and that can create the stones.

In a statement, Tasian said:

These findings point to potential public health effects associated with global climate change … It is likely that higher temperatures increase the risk of kidney stones in those people predisposed to stone formation.

Kidney stone prevalence has already been on the rise over the last 30 years, and we can expect this trend to continue, both in greater numbers and over a broader geographic area, as daily temperatures increase. With some experts predicting that extreme temperatures will become the norm in 30 years, children will bear the brunt of climate change.

This is just one of many ways that climate change may affect us in ways that we never expected.

Read the full scientific paper in Environmental Health Perspectives.

“Someone broke in my house and stole $800.” Police: “Uh… We caught the thief and he had like a quarter million in cash and gold on him”


_76140417_140317122448_giriraj_singh_holi_976x549_ptiA controversial MP from India’s ruling BJP is being investigated after a theft at his home led to the recovery of 11.4m rupees ($190,833; £111,513) in cash, expensive watches and jewellery.

Giriraj Singh is reported to have said only about 50,000 rupees were taken.

Four people, including three of Mr Singh’s staff, have been arrested.

He made headlines during recent polls by saying that anyone who did not vote for his party leader – now PM Narendra Modi – should be expelled to Pakistan.

But he has not been quite so vocal about a theft at his flat on Monday.

Police said the BJP MP in the state of Bihar did not mention anything being stolen when he initially reported the break-in, although a party colleague later said a sum worth around 50,000 rupees had gone.

But police then caught the alleged burglar, with a suitcase stuffed with cash, seven designer wrist-watches and a substantial amount of gold jewellery.

The burglar said all of it had come from the MP’s flat, after some of his staff helped him break in.

In a pre-election financial statement required of all MPs, Mr Singh had declared only a small amount of cash.

His party associates said that just because this much larger sum was found in his flat does not mean it was his.

So far, though, no one else has come forward to claim it.

Police say they have informed the tax authorities and an investigation into the theft and the source of the money has begun.

“Why the six women were in the same toilet cubicle is currently unclear, police say”


_76116676_7p1q3es9A man who tried to force a train toilet door was left with a broken nose and two black eyes after six women emerged from the cubicle to confront him.

The 54-year-old man was on the Southend Central service at Benfleet in Essex when he was assaulted.

When the door opened six women in mini skirts emerged shouting. One punched and kicked him on to the platform.

He fell on to a second woman on the platform, who responded by punching him, police say.

Why the six women were in the same toilet cubicle is currently unclear, police say.

‘Protested innocence’

Sgt Emma Weir said: “As the train stopped at Benfleet, one of the women punched the man in the back of the head and kicked him off the train.

“The man fell into a woman on the platform, who accused him of trying to steal her bag.

“He protested his innocence, but the woman refused to listen and attacked him, punching him in the face before leaving the station.”

The man suffered a hairline nose fracture, two black eyes and several bruises and scratches.

The women on the train were in their early 20s, police said.

The woman on the platform is described as having a heavy build and black hair in a bob. She wore a blue T-shirt and carried a grey satchel bag.

The assault happened at about 22:45 BST on Friday.

An Oil to Get Your Lady Parts Stoned


“Hey honey. Wanna get my vagina high?” I asked my boyfriend, knowing the answer would be a moment of silence with dropped jaw and googly eyes, followed by “Yes,” and then a confused “Wait, what?”

ForiaBottlesEnter Foria to the bedroom: a cannabis-and-coconut sexual enhancement oil for women* – loosely put, a weed treat for the lady parts made to stimulate and heighten sexual response, induce relaxation and lubrication, and relieve tension. Sounds like magic, right?

Although giddy for the chance to lube with bud, I have to admit I was also nervous. I’m not a fan of smoking or ingesting marijuana. Lame, I know, but the littlest hit or nibble makes me paranoid and creepy. Sure lots of folks enjoy a romp after a puff or wanking while they float on edibles – cannibis is an age-old aphrodisiac. I just didn’t want to ruin a good hump with some hyper-cerebral activity.

Turns out, my cooter would have me covered. The vaginal walls absorb and metabolize differently than the rest of the body and introducing cannabis via muff results in a very special kind of sexual healing. (Sorry dudes – same doesn’t apply for the penis. Try your butt!). My box would feel nice tingly things, but not my brains. Also, the coconut oil is good for balancing a healthy pH level in your vag – score! Time to get it on.

The directions are simple: do a spritz spritz of the liquid marijuana all over the lips, the clit, outside and inside the baby maker before sexy time and wait 15-30 minutes for it to soak in. If you apply it when you’re already wet, the weed will have a harder time penetrating.

To give the product a fair chance, I decided to play a few times during the week before reviewing. For my virginal venture, I kept it minimal and just slicked the outside. Almost immediately things felt warmer. My boyfriend and I traded massages during the 20-minute wait time. The anticipation that accompanies this oil might be the hardest/best part. Knowing something is down makes it hard to resist the full act.

By the time we got to heavy petting I felt real nice and engorged. I liked the slick, silky texture and ended up coming from clit stimulation pretty quick. The penetration was the cherry on the special cake.

The next day I amped up the amount of oil for round two – the boy and I snickered while he parted my legs and got me with the ganja. We tried to be oh-so- patient, but could only wait 15 minutes before he went down on me – did I forget to mention this oil is edible? Important to keep in mind, if you do lick it up, the effect is the same as eating a weed brownie or truffle – body buzz!

We had a real nice time, my sensitivity was definitely increased, and my orgasm felt full and round. After this afternoon delight, the boyfriend and I went our separate ways, tending to evening obligations. While I felt chill and focused the rest of the evening, he ended up real stoney, happily playing drums for hours with the scent of me, and marijuana, on his mustache.

Round three was a solo act accompanied by a vibrator. I felt very aware of “her” – my vagina and I really communicated. She felt awake. Invigorated, similar to that feeling you get when you wash your cookie with Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap. I liked the way my insides pulsated. The orgasm was definitely better than my usual handiwork – more luxurious.

In conclusion – yes, yes, oh yes. I’m usually not one for lube but if it comes with natural, heightened sensitivity, keeps me focused during the act, and leaves me with soft lips (both sets), I’m down. I might even try giving a little spray to my insides before my dinner date or a walk around town for a little in-the-pants secret party.

My puss is gonna be a total pothead.

*Foria is currently only available to California residents who have a medical marijuana card and join Foria’s collective.

Sexy airline safety video with bikini-clad models is pulled after online petition signed by thousands


A sexy airline safety video featuring swimsuit models is being withdrawn in the wake of an online petition signed by thousands.

Air New Zealand say the saucy safety briefing is not being removed because of public pressure, but because they refresh the films every few months.

The “Safety in Paradise” video, which features bikini-clad Sports Illustrated models in the Cook Islands, will be phased out by the end of the month and replacd by the “Bear Essentials of Safety,” featuring Bear Grylls.

The video courted controversy after more than 6,000 people signed an online petition asking for it to be removed, claiming it “completely disregarded” passengers who found it offensive.

Feminist commentator and Labour candidate for Rangitikei Deborah Russell, also voiced her disappointment.

During the film, stunning models explained what to do in the case of an emergency. Among them was supermodel Christie Brinkley, who proved she’s still stunning at 60 with a cameo from the hills of Hollywood.

The Air NZ plot shows local men demonstrating safety instructions – before being distracted by gorgeous girls including Chrissy Teighen. And the 28-year-old said she was in awe by the beauty of the shoot location.

She said: “I’m thrilled to be a part of it. I’m so flattered that they asked, and thrilled to be here! I’ve been to a lot of beaches nothing quite like this though. This is pretty unreal.”

Previously, Air NZ have also used The Hobbit’s characters for their in-flight safety videos.

Video: Man on North Carolina Highway Rides On The Back Of A Car at 50 MPH and Breaks Rear Window To Get Inside


Say what?

Here’s more from the YouTube description:

A woman driving down Interstate 77 in North Carolina on Saturday was shocked to witness a man riding on the back of a sedan car speeding in front of her. Brenda Cruz, who was in a vehicle with her family, said she was initially concerned for the man’s safety as the car was moving at 50 mph. ‘All of a sudden the kids say, “There’s someone on top of the car on the trunk,” and I’m like what?’ she told WSOC. ‘I said, “Let me get my phone and started recording.'” The video shows a man sitting on the outside of the trunk before he starts maneuvering his body. The Cruz family say they saw the man then break the back windshield and climb inside. Whenever he lifted his hand to smash the glass open it looked like it was something sharp,’ said Brenda’s 17-year-old son Samuel Cruz. At first he had hought the man was a dummy. According to the Cruz family the car was being driven by a woman who had a child in a car seat inside. ‘I’m really worried because I just hope she’s OK you know, with her kid,’ said Samuel Cruz. Authorities received several calls about the incident, but troopers say they don’t have enough evidence yet to investigate. They believe the driver and person on the back of the car probably know each other and that a domestic incident may have been taking place. If police do track these people down, they said the driver will be culpable.

Lion Cub Gets Head Stuck Up Dead Buffalo’s Ass



A lion cub feasting on the carcass of a dead buffalo at the Kruger National Park in South Africa managed to get his head trapped in the animal’s butthole, presumably while going after the really good meat. He tries to free himself for almost five minutes before growing too weak and just laying there, possibly unconscious.

Apparently there was enough oxygen in the animal’s keister for the cub to survive though, because the cameraman said they returned the next day and the rest of the lion pride had eaten around the buffalo’s butthole and freed the cub. Hopefully, Simba learned his lesson.

Aspiring Model Charged With Obscenity After She “Exposed Her Genital Area” To Louisiana Jailer


devanserpaMeet Devan Serpa.

After being arrested for her role in a Louisiana shooting, the aspiring model added an obscenity charge to her docket sheet after allegedly exposing herself to a male jailer, police report.

Serpa was collared Thursday afternoon in connection with a shooting last month in Morgan City, where the 29-year-old resides. No injuries were reported as a result of the June 27 incident, though two vehicles were damaged by gunshots.

Upon Serpa’s incarceration, she “exposed her genital area to a male correctional officer during booking procedures and was additionally charged with Obscenity,” according to the Morgan City Police Department. She previously was charged with aggravated criminal damage to property and illegal use of a weapon.

devanserpa1Serpa, who remains locked up, is a wannabe model whose assorted headshots can be found on a popular audition/casting web site. She is pictured at left in one of those modeling photos.