Just a suggestion, but you should always remove your ID badge before installing a covert video camera in your area school’s girls’ restroom


An affidavit filed in federal court April 14, 2014, offered new details into why investigators think Isabel is responsible for placing those cameras, and possibly others, in restrooms at the school.

untitled, 29, was charged after recording devices were found “covertly placed” in two stalls at Hayes Elementary School on Concord Street Wednesday, April 2, 2014.  Isabel was in charge of the Stepping Stones after-school program at Hayes Elementary.

The affidavit said a custodian found a small gray junction box hanging on a wall opposite a toilet in a girls’ restroom at the school on April 2.  The custodian looked closer, discovered a camera in the box and took the device to the principal’s office.  That’s when police were called.

Investigators said the custodian said she had seen a small black device about a week earlier on the wall in a staff restroom in the school library.  She thought the device was part of the automatic flushing toilet, and other employees had also seen the device.  Although the device was gone a few hours later, no one reported seeing it to the principal or other authorities.

When police determined Isabel had been working when the devices were found, he was brought into the principal’s office to meet with investigators.

When asked if he ever went into the girls’ restroom, Isabel told investigators he goes in there occasionally if he, or a student, needs a tissue, the affidavit said.

“(Isabel) handled the gray device and then made the comment that his fingerprints will now be on the box,” the affidavit said.  Isabel also told police he thought he had seen the junction box before, in a stall in the girls’ bathroom.  When police checked the girls’ restroom, they found recording devices behind toilets in two of the stalls.  The custodian confirmed those devices were just like the one she had seen in the staff restroom.

Cameras were found in the junction box and in the two devices found behind the toilets.

Meanwhile, Isabel left school “ostensibly because he was ill,” the affidavit said.

Police later found the cameras contained close-up images of children from the waist down as they used the toilet.

The cameras were, apparently, operating when they were put into place.  They not only captured images of the victims, but the affidavit says images of the man who placed the cameras were also recorded.

“Although the male’s face is not visible, his identification card can be seen hanging from a lanyard on his neck,” the affidavit said about one of the cameras.  Another camera captured video of a man installing the camera, and the school principal identified that man as Isabel from a still image police captured from the video.

High school coach facing jail for shoving a kid who farted in his face


A Pennsylvania high school football coach could be headed to jail after he shoved a student who allegedly farted in his face.

article-2605295-1D21320200000578-154_634x429Michael Smith, 45, also a teacher at Juniata Valley High School in Alexandria, just southwest of State College, was suspended following the March 25 incident. He has been charged with harassment and criminal mischief.

State police say he shoved the student so hard into the wall, the force broke a thermostat.

The thermostat cost $212 and the student was left with soreness in his left shoulder, according to Pennlive.com.

Superintendent David Christopher says, ‘It’s a really difficult situation here. You’ve got a longtime teacher who’s accused of something pretty serious,’ Superintendent David Christopher told the AP.

Smith, however, has his backers. More than 300 people have signed an outline petition supporting him.

‘I guess the elephant in the room is, “What would you do if a kid (passed gas) in your face?”‘ wrote Jim Payne, a soft ball coach a local school Bellwood-Antis.

Man drives his car into side of moving train. Yes, alcohol was involved


25243400_BG2A drunken driver slammed his car into a moving train, left his burning vehicle behind and proceeded to knock on strangers’ doors in the area asking for a place to sleep, according to Marion County deputies.

The investigation began Saturday morning when deputies were called out to the 2900 block of Wintel Road South in Jefferson.

People in the area reported a man knocking on their doors and asking for a place to sleep.

The first deputies at the scene noticed a plume of smoke in the distance. It ended up being from a car fire.

Deputies said they found the charred remains of a car that belonged to 24-year-old Kyle Randall, the same man who had been asking people in the area for a place to sleep.

25243400_BG3After interviewing Randall, deputies said they were able to piece together what had happened.

According to investigators, Randall was driving east on Wintel Road at 5 a.m. when he went through a stop sign and drove into a moving train. The train hooked his car and pulled it 300 feet with Randall inside.

Once the car was finally free of the train, Randall got out, left his car behind and began knocking on doors in the area looking for shelter, deputies said.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said Randall was not hurt, but his blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

He was arrested on the charge of DUII and booked in the Marion County Jail.

Take The Poo To The Loo: Indian PSA Discourages Public Defecation (VIDEO)


In India, public defecation is a serious problem. This public service announcement attempts to combat the issue with a silly song and surreal, animated music video.

It might not be for everyone, but to its credit, the musical PSA, entitled “Poo Party,” manages to make an unsavory topic both memorable and entertaining. And that’s to say nothing of how catchy its refrain is: “Take the poo to the loo.”

This individual approached the vehicle and indicated he was in possession of pantyhose and a condom


Dauphin RCMP are looking for a suspicious man and his pantyhose.

On Mar. 31, at approximately 6 p.m., a female motorist was flagged down on Highway 5, roughly 10 kilometres west of Dauphin, by a man. This individual approached the vehicle and indicated he was in possession of pantyhose and a condom.

As he attempted to continue the bizarre conversation, the woman drove away.

The next day, another woman, sitting in her vehicle on 1st Avenue NE in Dauphin, was approached by a man selling pantyhose. The woman reported the incident to Dauphin RCMP.

The man is described as being in his 30s with light hair, wearing a black coat and dark pants. He was seen driving a white, newer-model truck.

Anyone with information on these incidents is asked to contact the Dauphin RCMP at (204) 622-5020 or call Manitoba CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

17-year-old Irish boy suffers heart attack after friend squeezes his testicles


An Irish schoolboy had a heart attack after his testicles were squeezed in a prank that went horribly wrong.

The 17-year-old has been placed in a medically induced coma, following the incident in a suburb of Dublin.

The pupil was heading back into school after a lunch break and joking around with a group of boys.

According to the Irish Mirror, one of his friends then “jerked his scrotum,” causing the emergency.

A teacher and one of the group performed CPR at the scene while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

A source close to the boy’s family said they believe it wasn’t a “savage attack” or carried out in a “malicious way.”

The teenager is said to be in a stable condition.

Rare condition means woman has smelled of FISH and ROTTEN EGGS for 14 years – and there’s no cure


Ellie-James-3378528When Ellie James opened her Secret Santa present, she burst into tears.

It was yet another bar of soap.

She had received so many over the years – along with copious bottles of perfume and body spray.

Just as with all the other “gifts”, she knew it hadn’t been chosen as a thoughtful gesture but as a hint – that she was smelly.

When she opened her present, her colleagues roared with laughter and Ellie fled the office in embarrassment.

Sadly she has had to endure similar humiliations for 14 years because she suffers from a bizarre medical disorder which makes her smell of fish. It can also make her reek of rotten eggs.

Today Ellie, 44, bravely reveals how she is just one of a handful of Brits to be diagnosed with Trimethylaminuria (TMAU).

Also known as fish-odour syndrome, it has had a ­devastating impact on her life.

Bullies have dubbed her Smelly Ellie and have even posted body spray through her letterbox.

She was first struck down with the condition at the age of 30. Her body is unable to cope with certain foods – meat, dairy, coffee and fish – and releases ­trimethylamine, which creates a putrid odour.

But even when she avoids those foods there are days she is unable to stop the smell. It leads to her being abused in the street and on public transport.

At her lowest point she was taking a bath five times a day.

Company director Ellie, from Abingdon, Oxfordshire, explained how she became aware of her condition: “At first I didn’t ­understand what was wrong. I’d always had impeccable hygiene.

“The smell was a complete mystery. I wondered if my cat had brought in a mouse and left it to rot.

“But I slowly realised it was me when strangers began to stare at me while holding their noses. I heard people whispering about me in the office.

“I would come home from work every night and cry. Soon people were showering me with gifts of perfume. At Christmas I’d get soap – it was completely humiliating.

“Once a driver actually installed an air freshener on the bus I use and a passenger said it was my fault. It was soul-destroying.

“It was a real struggle getting out of bed in the morning.”

Alarmingly, Ellie got so desperate she started to scrub her skin with kitchen detergent until it was red raw. “I was at my wit’s end,” she said.

It took doctors seven years to diagnose the condition after she first plucked up courage to visit her GP in 2005.

“The doctor started to lecture me on personal hygiene and told me how to wash,” she said.

She was so mortified she waited a whole year before seeing another doctor.

But together they researched the possible causes and in 2007 she came across an online forum for people with TMAU.

“Although it was hard to swallow I felt relief as I’d finally found the answers I’d been looking for,” she said. She was referred to an ­endocrinologist – an expert on hormones – who put her on antibiotics and suggested a diet plan.

She said: “I began to wash with a special pH-balanced soap after I found out washing excessively with normal soap made the smell even worse.

“There is no cure but making these changes helps.”

Brave Ellie added: “Now when someone holds their nose I take them aside and explain I have a medical condition. I hope my story will help educate those who point fingers and encourage other sufferers to find the strength to get help.”

Now she is beginning to get her confidence back and has even found love with boyfriend Dan Molston, 50.

They first met in 2006 through mutual friends and bonded over an interest in cycling. Romance developed earlier this year.

Loyal Dan said: “Ellie is a lovely person and that’s all that matters.”

What is TMAU?

The condition is a metabolic disorder in which the body loses the ability to properly break down the trimethylamine found in certain foods.

Trimethylamine then builds up and is released in the sufferer’s sweat, urine, and breath, giving off a strong fishy odour.

Women are more likely to develop the condition than men, possibly because female sex hormones aggravate the symptoms.

It can result in depression and other psychological problems. It is so rare that only a handful of people have been diagnosed in the UK.

Artist with Background in Criminology Turns Bones into High-End Jewelry


Artist Kirstin Bunyard has managed to blend her two great passions – fashion and dissection – into a morbid yet intriguing art form. Kirstin makes high-end, elegant jewelry (rings, bracelets and necklaces) using natural bones. In 2009, she started her own label called Ossuaria Jewelry, through which she sells her handmade accessories. She personally selects the bones for each piece and fashions them by hand to create ‘bold and dramatic adornments’ that are meant for ‘people with a bit of an eccentric side’.

Kirstin has a background in criminology, but she was always interested in fashion as well. “From the time I was 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer,” she said. Her dream was to ‘take on the world of punk culture and high fashion’. She sketched all the time, waiting for the day when her creations would be displayed on the runway. But by the time she got to college, her life had taken a different course.

After college, Kirstin worked for a short while as an autopsy assistant and attended several autopsies and embalmings. During this time she developed a great admiration for bones – the structures that support the body. She found them so elegant and alluring that she began to believe that they deserved a more prominent place outside the body. That’s when she seriously began to consider shifting her line of work.


“Ossuaria came about by combining my previous interests in both fashion and dissection – taking the remains of something recently deceased and creating a beautiful, functional, wearable piece of art,” said Kirstin. “My primary source of inspiration comes from the bones themselves. The natural shapes of the material are so beautiful and brilliantly designed – they simply scream to be shown, for once, outside the skin.”


When asked about her inspiration, Kirstin said that she generally starts with a blank mind, spreads out a bunch of bones on her workspace and the piece just creates itself. “I do occasionally look to modernist jewelry designers for ideas about shapes, flow and conflict,” she said. Kirstin mainly sources her materials from farms and ranches, but sometimes she goes to pet stores with deceased animals or reptiles to spare. Once she gets possession of the carcass, she uses her own process to treat the bones and make stunning accessories out of them.


“Early on, I would pick up animals in any state of decomposition and clean the bones by maceration – soaking the animal in a tub of water until the flesh peels off fairly easily,” she said. “I have occasionally used beetles and maggots to do the dirty work for me.” But the work was a complete ‘assault on the senses’, so these days, Kirstin prefers to use animals that have died recently. These are easier to clean, and the bones are also much brighter.


Kirstin starts by removing all the organs and excess flesh and slow boiling the bones for a few hours. Then she soaks the bare bones in a peroxide mixture until clean. “I can’t say that any of this is a pleasant process, but the results are worth it,” she insists. “Additionally, I find it more gratifying to know that I have done the work myself, as opposed to simply buying pre-cleaned bones.”


For all the hard work that Kirstin puts into Ossuaria, the brand has been slowly gaining recognition and is actually doing pretty well now. During Austin Fashion Week in 2012, Ossuaria was given Showcase Designer status. The jewelry was also featured in several fashion magazines and even used by other designers in their runway shows. A television series showcasing Kirstin’s work is in the making, and will be aired soon on the Discovery Channel.


Because each individual Ossuaria accessory is handmade and almost one-of-a-kind, Ossuaria prices can be pretty steep, although not as outrageous as other much less interesting accessories. The pricing structure depends on the scarcity of the materials used and the time taken to clean the bones, but a necklace could be yours for anywhere between $100 and $500. Rings, bracelets, and earrings are all priced between $50 and $100.


If you’re ready to adorn yourself with animal remains, you can visit Kristin’s site, Ossuaria Jewelry and check out her collection.



Sex toy flushed down toilet caused ‘major internal flood’ at owner’s home


A-sewer-inspector-1944360Sewage workers tackling blocked pipes found a sex toy flushed down the loo had caused the problem.

And it was revealed yesterday they have recently found false teeth, bikes, a dead sheep and even a dismantled greenhouse in the drains.

A South West Water spokesman said: “Most blockages are caused by non-biodegradable mater­ials flushed down the toilet – cotton buds, wipes, con­­­doms and tampons.

“When it comes to clearing blockages, we’ve come to expect the unexpected.

“When we’re looking for the cause, it could be anything and it’s surprising  what you do find.

“The sex toy found actually caused a major internal flood.”