A Man Tried To Wax, Shock And Burn His Mustache Off. Here’s How That Went.


Perhaps you raised awareness of men’s health issues by growing a mustache for “Movember,” but now you feel your facial hair is so last month.

If shaving it the ordinary way won’t cut it, YouTube funnyman Mehdi Sadaghdar has a few ideas — NONE OF WHICH you should attempt. (We’re not even sure if Sadaghdaractually did.)

Watch Sadaghdar’s apparent tries to wax, burn and use a stun gun to remove his facial hair.

You don’t need growth between your nose and upper lip to wince a little.

The 999 emergency number is not your personal phone erotica outlet


A man who called 999 over 800 times in five months was using the emergency number as a “free sex line”.

_79430551_41a09966-7d27-4c29-b4b1-4cc6d1696c4bNuisance caller John Wainwright, of Arnold, Nottingham, admitted regularly phoning the emergency services at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court yesterday, the BBC reported.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service said that on one occasion in August he called 999 every 10 minutes.

A spokeswoman for the EMA said that Wainwright would often use 999 as a free sex line and claimed be possessed by the devil.

The 43-year-old is due to be sentenced on 19 December following psychiatric reports.

Magistrates were told Wainwright had alcohol problems and bipolar disorder.

The case is just the latest amid numerous reports of people wrongly calling 999. In June a woman in Birmingham contacted the emergency services because the sprinkles on her ice-cream were not spread evenly.

And last year a man in the West Midlands called 999 to complain about his driving instructor turning up late.

In 2013 the NHS introduced the 111 number, in an attempt to help stem the problem. It is intended as a non-emergency health-related telephone service.

Japanese robot gobbles snow, poops ice blocks to keep streets clear


The Japanese sure do love their robots, don’t they? It seems like every couple of months there’s a new robo-creation being unveiled to the public, sprung from the minds of Japan’s master robotic engineers. Today, we’d like to introduce you to this cute little trundling yellow fella, Yuki Taro! As we all know, winter is coming (we should probably say “winter is here”, but that has less dramatic punch) and with it a flurry of snowstorms and bad weather that can seriously disrupt people’s lives. And who really has the time or energy to shovel snow all day?

Enter Yuki Taro. This snow-gobbling little guy is here to make all your problems melt away – as long as they’re snow-related, that is…

Yuki Taro, whose name translates to “Snow Taro” (Taro being a boy’s name) is an innovative little ‘bot who “eats” snow, compacts it inside its stomach, and then “poops” it out into ergonomical little blocks, which it then proceeds to neatly stack in piles like a scatologically-fixated squirrel.  In this way, Yuki Taro efficiently clears the streets of bothersome snow.

Yuki Taro is completely self-automated, and uses a GPS system to navigate along streets and around parked cars. Now, in case you’re filled with images of potential carnage caused by a small child blithely toddling in the way of Yuki Taro’s munching jaws, fear not! Yuki Taro is a snowtarian (noun: one who eats only snow and snow-derived products) and is able to recognize human obstacles in its path and re-navigate accordingly, thanks to its stereo vision and infrared sensor.

Stupid study of the year … Women with more male friends have more sex


Women who have more male friends and colleagues are having more sex than women who surround themselves with females.

23A16B1200000578-0-image-2_1417435436673These ‘guys’ girls’ enjoy more romantic attention because their boyfriends and partners feel in competition with their male friends which pushes them to try harder in the bedroom, according to research.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology, revealed men were also more attracted to their partners when they subconsciously suspected they might be unfaithful.

Michael Pham, the lead author on the study told Fusion: ‘A lot of work shows that men are sexually aroused by their partner when they estimate a greater likelihood of partner infidelity.

‘This does not mean that men want their partner to cheat on them. Rather, this means that if they estimate a greater likelihood of their partner’s infidelity, then they may (subconsciously) want to have sex with her to enter into sperm competition.’

Pham and his co-workers studied 400 men in relationships, asking them to report on subjects such as how attractive they found their partner, how many male friends they believed their partner to have and how attractive they believed these friends to find them.

The study found that the more male friends a man perceived his partner to have, the most sex they would have as a couple.

Pham believes that this competitive streak is natural to most people: ‘We need to be reminded that our partner is valuable to us and desirable to others. This makes us keep working at maintaining relationship satisfaction.

‘Finding that right balance of inducing your partner’s jealousy will optimize a couple’s sex life.’

Although the study did not examine who had initiated the sex Todd K. Shackelford who co-authored the study says the results do show that men are competitive when it comes to other men.

‘They [the women] don’t even have to see them having sex with other males. It’s just the presence,’ he said.

Late contender for best mugshot of 2014, after man is arrested for threatening kids at a day care center



A 31-year-old man was arrested after allegedly calling a day care center Tuesday and threatening to harm the children, Egg Harbor Township police said.

Matthew Poole was arrested the same day at his Pleasantville home and charged with making terroristic threats and causing a public alarm, according to police.

Police determined Poole never was on the property of the Wonder Years Day Care Center in the Sculville section of town and that the threat was not credible.

Poole was held in lieu of $75,000 bail at the Atlantic County Justice facility.

Attorney Probed For Hypnotizing Female Clients … directed woman to perform sex acts


An Ohio lawyer is under criminal investigation for hypnotizing a female client during meetings and directing her to engage in a series of sexual activities while in a trance and under his control, police report.

michaelwilliamfineThe probe of Michael Fine, 57, was detailed yesterday in an emergency court motion filed by the Lorain County Bar association, which is seeking an immediate suspension of the lawyer, who has been practicing for more than 30 years.

According to the court records, a second woman recently told police that she believed that Fine sought to hypnotize her during meetings in his

After being told by cops that “more definite evidence” was needed, the woman recorded her next two telephone conversations with Fine, and provided the tapes to police. As described by Thomas, one of the October recordings begins with a discussion of the woman’s court case, “but when Fine learns she is alone, he places her in a trance.” What follows, Thomas noted, “is of an explicit sexual nature, wherein he induces her into multiple orgasms.”

The bar association motion charges that Fine (pictured above) used “code” words to induce “Jane Doe” to “enter a trance-like stage.” While his client was hypnotized, Fine told her that she was “being made love to by the world’s greatest lover” and that he was her “teacher.” The attorney also assured “Jane Doe” that she “will appear normal and only remember their discussions regarding legal matters,” Thomas stated.

An October 21 phone call followed a similar script, with Fine inducing “Jane Doe” into a trance after a “short conversation about her case.” During the call, Thomas reported, Fine told the woman he would cause her “horniness and arousal and excitement” and a “life-changing experience.” The bar association complaint adds Fine told the woman that their encounters were “a secret and no one’s going to know, right.” Fine, who directed the woman to bring a vibrator to their next office meeting, ended the call by saying, “You’ll only recollect what we were talking about your case until we see each other tomorrow. Do you understand?”

Armed with the audio recordings, criminal investigators fitted “Jane Doe” withaudio and video recording devices in advance of a November 7 meeting in Fine’s office.

As agents monitored the sting operation, Fine hypnotized “Jane Doe” and directed her to sit on a couch. “Fine begins sexual dialogue, explaining sexual acts that he will do for her,” Thomas reported. Cops busted into the room as Fine was seated next to the woman “holding and massages her hand and rubs her shoulders.”

As recounted in the bar association motion, Fine told the woman that “you will insist to me that I touch you in any way that brings you pleasure,” and that “you are free to touch yourself. To play with yourself. To get yourself off. Have every experience that you so crave and desire.” The lawyer also told “Jane Doe” that “you are going to demand that I touch you and you touch me. Do you understand?”

State investigators provided bar association officials with copies of telephone recordings made by “Jane Doe” and a DVD of her November 7 office meeting with Fine.

A second female client, identified in court filings as “Jane Doe 2,” has alleged that Fine “was attempting to hypnotize her” during meetings in his office. The woman, who hired Fine in September to represent her in a divorce action, told bar officials that he repeatedly discussed “relaxation and meditation techniques” with her.

During one meeting, “Jane Doe 2” recalled, Fine sat beside her and touched her fingers, forearm, and forehead. He asked if her arms felt “weightless” and directed her to “place her finger tips together and imagine two green dots coming together.” Fine then told her to focus on his voice while he counted down from ten, saying that she would experience a “wave of relaxation” that would cause leave her eyes feeling heavy. He added that she should “think of a happy place–the sounds, the smell, etc..”


The woman reported that in her after-hours meetings with Fine he would comment on “her looks and physical appearance” and asked about the nature of her sexual activity with her husband, including whether they had “rough sex.”

“Jane Doe 2” added that she “felt the loss of time during her meetings…as she cannot recall how so much time passed during the meetings for what she remembers discussing.”

After recently learning that Fine no longer worked at his law firm, “Jane Doe 2” told one of Fine’s former partners that she “felt as though she might have been hypnotized,” the attorney recommended that she contact the local prosecutor’s office (where she subsequently met with Investigator Thomas).

“Jane Doe 2” told bar association officials that she felt “creepy and disgusted” by Fine’s conduct, and was sick that he “picked her out” after she was “so upset and distraught about her marital situation when she went to him.”

In seeking Fine’s immediate suspension, the Lorain bar association argues in its Ohio Supreme Court that the attorney “poses a substantial threat of serious harm to the public.” Fine is married to a court reporter and is the father of two daughters.

Camera Hidden In Woman’s Pants Teaches Men A Lesson


There’s no harm in looking, right? In this case, there may be harm in NOT looking.

In this nifty little video, a woman dons some workout clothes and walks around the streets of New York. But her pants are equipped with a hidden camera thats meant to catch passersby — both men and women — gawking at her posterior.

The lighthearted video captures dozens of people on the street looking in the direction of the camera. It’s hard to tell if they’re actually honed in on the model’s butt, or if they just happen to be looking in her direction.

But the butt of the joke is actually that this is a PSA for Movemeber, which promotes men’s health awareness. The video ends with a call out for “gentlemen” to “check out [their] own butt” — i.e., have their prostate checked.

Happy Movember!