Military Eyewitness Captures ‘Transparent UFO’ On Night Vision


A “low, slow, silent, see-through triangle” was videotaped in the sky above Leland, North Carolina, on the night of May 13, 2014.

The man who taped the event — an alleged military combat instructor who prefers to remain anonymous — reported it in August to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, where it’s listed as case #58923 and is still under investigation.

Here is part of the witness description as reported to MUFON:

I was looking through [night vision] goggles and noticed a ‘plane’ coming toward me from the north, heading south. It was relatively low, 5,000 feet or a little less. I’m pretty good at estimating distances, I’m an experienced skydiver and long-distance shooter. I thought it was a little weird that I wasn’t hearing it coming toward me, so I started recording on the PVS-14 [night vision monocular].

As I’m watching it, I notice that as it’s passing stars, I could see stars through the craft! I saw stars through the ‘fuselage’ of the craft! Later, I confirmed this when I reviewed the video.

Watch the object in night vision here. The witness description continues below.


The craft was in the shape of a triangle. There were two lights at the rear of the vehicle, circular, with a blinking light, also circular, almost between them, just a little above the two rear lights. The light in front was shaped like a triangle itself, with a small, round light right behind it. So all together: five lights. This thing was low and slow and silent!!

The last weird thing that I noticed was that, when I took the goggles down for a second to get a bearing as to where it was in the sky, I couldn’t see any of the lights, not the fixed lights, not the single blinking light. I couldn’t see it without night vision goggles.

So, what, exactly, are we to make of all of this?

“What struck me was that I have seen this before. This is very likely none other than an aerial refueling operation at night,” MUFON chief photo and video analyst Marc Dantonio told Open Minds TV.

“I have seen this exact same thing flying right over my house at night,” Dantonio said. “What surprises many people is that large aircraft also aerially refuel as well as fighters and this is even more odd-looking. If you notice in the video in this case, the aircraft following behind is a regular full size jet aircraft showing normal navigation lighting, and the forward aircraft has its lighting on as well, minus strobes, which is probably an anti-glare procedure of some sort for the aft pilot so he can maneuver to the fueling boom.”

In the following composite image, a star can be seen moving through what could be mistaken for the fuselage of the aerial object, if it’s a single aircraft. The red arrows show the position of the star as the object moves in the sky.


What would account for the video appearing to show some stars moving through the aircraft fuselage, or the fact that the witness didn’t hear any sound during his sighting?

“As far as sound, these two jets were much higher up than [the witness] thought, and this explains the lack of sound,” said Dantonio. And as far as the stars passing ‘through’ the aircraft, they can clearly be seen passing between them, but if you end up thinking that this is one large object, then one might think you are seeing stars passing through a transparent, larger object.”

To get some further opinion on this case, HuffPost reached out to Ben Hansen, president of

“[Marc and I] agree that it looks as if the object was filmed ‘in-camera.’ What’s being alleged as stars do appear consistent with what stars look like,” Hansen told HuffPost.

Hansen didn’t agree with Dantonio’s idea that the video shows a refueling operation, because it appears that the objects turn approximately 180 degrees during the course of the video.

“I spoke with a guy who was in the Air Force with advanced degrees in aeronautical science, and after showing him the video, he said you have 30 seconds to connect a plane that’s being refueled to the refueler, and protocol is to maintain straight and level flight while you’re refueling. Both he and I agree that it makes no sense, and would probably be impossible for this to be any type of plane that’s refueling while doing a turn,” Hansen said.

According to Dantonio, while the video appears to show the craft (or more than one craft) turning in the sky, he believes this is the result of the videographer actually turning the camera on his tripod, to keep the objects in view. In that scenario, Hansen would be correct in saying that the aircraft were most likely going in a straight line during a refueling operation. He also shared his own similar encounter with a flying triangle.

“In May of 2013, I witnessed a triangular craft in California which, I believe — if I would’ve had my night vision — it would’ve looked very similar to what [this North Carolina eyewitness] filmed. The underside of the triangle looked exactly like the sky above in color. I didn’t see stars through it, but I have an open mind that some form of cloaking technology may already exist.

“Even if it’s not ours,” Hansen added, “if this is a full-scale craft and not some type of a remote controlled model, this exhibits unconventional maneuvering and cloaking capability that’s quite extraordinary.”

Jessica Rocha Bites Woman, Calls It ‘Zombie Game’


n-JESSICA-ROCHA-large570Authorities in Oregon say a woman has been arrested after breaking in to a house, pushing a woman down the stairs, pulling her hair, biting her on the face and telling her victim she was playing “the zombie game.”

Coos County sheriff’s Sgt. Pat Downing says Jessica Rocha broke into the home in coastal city of Lakeside early Monday. He says she was drunk and likely high.

Downing says there is no definite explanation for the zombie reference. He says Rocha had property with a sticker that referenced a video game featuring zombies. Deputies also speculate she may have been influenced by a scarecrow contest in the area.

She is held on $77,500 bail and faces arraignment Monday on multiple charges, including assault. There is no immediate record that she has a lawyer.

Fisherman Pulls Freaky Giant Mantis Shrimp Out Of Water




An 18-inch, massive shrimp-like creature was pulled from the waters in Fort Pierce, FL, and the pictures of it are going viral.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says a fisherman named Steve Bargeron was fishing off a dock and watched another fisherman pull the creature from the water. He sent the pictures to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, who posted them and a blurb with the information about the catch.

Within 17 hours, the post garnered nearly 7,000 shares, well over 4,000 likes and more than 1500 comments.

The FWC said on its Facebook post showing the creature that scientists think it may be a type of mantis shrimp, which is actually not related to shrimp, but is a type of crustacean. Scientists will continue to review the pictures to identify the exact species.

Woman Discovers ‘Rape Room’ in Comic Book Store; Is Promptly Fired


Welp. Here’s another depressing story about a woman who tried to speak up against workplace sexist bullshit.


On Tuesday, Bleeding Cool shared the story of Jennifer Williams, a writer and comic book fan who took a job at Harrison’s Comics in Salem, Massachusetts. On her Twitter, Williams said she grew up loving comics and had always dreamed of working in a comic book store likeHarrison’s. Too bad she picked the comic book store where employees taunted her about a “rape room” on site.

It took less than two days for her to be fired after complaining about an inappropriate rape joke at work. Big high five to all the detractors who tell women all they have to do is “report it” when someone harasses them at work. Through a series of tweets, Williams detailed more of what she experienced during the handful of days she worked at the store.

I have no doubt that we don’t know all of the specifics that went on between the store and Williams, but I think one pressing concern remains: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CALL A ROOM IN YOUR COMIC BOOK STORE A “RAPE ROOM?” Joking around to a new employee that a storage room in your business is called a goddamn “rape room” is some seriously fucked up shit. Good to know that all the industry-wide sexism people complain about in comics goes all the way down to the micro-levels of the business. What is up with an industry that is supposedly so welcoming to disenfranchised men yet can’t seem to offer the same sanctuary for women?

Man admits to ejaculating into coworker’s coffee to get her attention


A Minnesota hardware-store employee with a crush on a female co-worker repeatedly ejaculated into her coffee and onto her desk in an attempt to attract her attention, police said.

cup-of-coffeeJohn R. Lind, 34, admitted to ejaculating into the woman’s coffee at least twice in six months and on her desk four times, according to a criminal complaint. Lind also said he wiped the evidence with her hair scrunchy, according to CBS Minnesota. The incidents allegedly began in February. The woman told police she had noticed repeatedly that her coffee tasted weird, and concluded the milk had gone sour.

The Beisswenger’s hardware store employee told officials that he was sorry and knew what he did was wrong, but he only wanted to get the woman’s attention, Lind told police on Aug. 28 at the New Brighton Public Safety Center.

According to the criminal complaint, the woman called police Aug. 26 after she caught Lind at her desk with his hands on his crotch and a “deer in the headlights” expression. After he left the room, the complaint said, the woman found bodily fluids on her desk, dripping onto the floor and soaked up in her scrunchy.

When police arrived, they collected the woman’s mug, coffee and scrunchy as evidence. The woman allegedly experienced problems with Lind before. She said in the police report that Lind often approached her with his zipper down.

Charges were filed in Ramsey County, according to CBS Minnesota. Lind faces two counts of criminal sexual conduct. If convicted of both counts, Lind could face more than a year in prison and/or a $4,500 fine.

Ramsey County Sheriff Department could not be reached for comment, but New Brighton Public Safety said the case is still under investigation.