Man accused of taking dead mother into a bank to make a cash withdrawal


Investigators in Minnesota are trying to determine if an elderly woman was already dead when her son brought her into a bank to make a withdrawal.

davidmanzoAccording to FOX 9 in Minneapolis-St. Paul, the man is being investigated by police for elderly neglect and financial exploitation of his mother.

The woman, 90-year-old Caryl Vanzo, was found dead by police in Plymouth, Minn. When they arrived at the home, they were “overwhelmed by the stench of urine and feces,” FOX 9 reports.

Police reportedly arrested the woman’s son, David Vanzo, for elderly neglect. He has reportedly denied the allegations.

They also found he had taken his mother to the bank that day, taking $850 out in her name. Bank employees said they had noticed the elderly woman’s feet dragging under her wheelchair.

They also said the mother  “did not move” and employees “couldn’t tell if she was breathing.”

A neighbor also said they saw the two leaving in a taxi to go to the bank, and the neighbor wondered too if the woman was already dead.

“My mother and I had an agreement,” David told Fox 9. “I took care of my mom for years, I’m the good guy here, not the bad guy.”

FOX9 reports authorities had investigated David for financial exploitation in the past: a reverse mortgage his mother couldn’t explain worth $118,000, and cash withdrawals of $47,500 and another for $25,600.

Vanzo said the money was from a joint back account — and the withdrawals were made to help his mother.

“I love my mother very much,” he told Fox 9. “I gave my life to keep my mother alive. Look at my eyes.”

Professional Beggar Takes Credit Card Donations, Makes a Killing


Damien Preston-Booth is probably the smartest, most resourceful beggar in the world. Every week, the 37-year-old from Lancashire travels all the way to London’s Mayfair to accept donations from wealthy tourists – via credit card! He actually carries around a card reader to make sure he doesn’t miss out on contributions from rich people who don’t have cash on them.


Every Wednesday for the past five years, Booth has journeyed from his £300 a month rented apartment in Preston to London, where he pretends to be homeless, spending three days and nights sleeping rough and begging. He walks up to potential donors and tries appealing to their generosity. If they’re ready to contribute, he quickly whips out his mobile card reader that transfers all payments to his PayPal account. The reader is linked via Bluetooth to his smartphone, and the donor receives a receipt for his donation.


Booth has successfully managed to convert what is viewed as a rather ignoble occupation into a full-time profession. And he’s struck gold – a former friend claims that the man has earned thousands of pounds and even spent five or six holidays abroad in just one year! In fact, his Facebook page has pictures of him in Paris and Ibiza. Photographs in the media show him accepting payments from the likes of Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.

“He is taking everyone for a ride and makes an absolute fortune,” the friend said. “He has befriended the super-rich at bars and restaurants. And if there’s a big party he’ll push through the photographers and ask celebrities for cash – he knows they won’t say no in front of the cameras. On New Year’s Eve, he made loads outside the Dorchester (hotel) where the Sultan of Brunei was having a party and people were throwing 50 and 20 pound notes at him.”


“That guy is really arrogant,” added Emil Staykov, chief porter of Lebanese restaurant Mamounia Lounge. “He asks our customers for money as they go in and then sleeps in the doorway. I have called the police on him loads of times and have been tempted just to throw him out myself. I knew he had money, he always has two phones.”

Concierge Karim Mouaj said: “He talks a little bit of loads of languages so he can speak to tourists. He knows Arabic, a little bit of Chinese. He has the gift of the gab. I am shocked he has a house and goes on holidays.”


When he was confronted about his habits, Booth quickly admitted to everything. “I have nothing to hide,” he said. “I have been homeless and I did beg while I was in London and I have been down since I got my flat in October. I do it to buy things for the flat. Not like smackheads who spend it on drugs and beers. I use a chip and pin with my regulars and I have done that the last few weeks over Christmas. I got the reader when I sold the Big Issue.”

Booth also clarified that he did travel abroad, but only to look for work, and that he’s trying hard to turn his life around. “I got my flat saved up and I’m looking for a new job – cleaning work, driving, anything. I’m sorting my life out,” he said. Since begging is illegal in England, he’ll probably have to give up and find a new line of work pretty soon. But given his inventive and entrepreneurial spirit, I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

Spider has sex, then chews off own genitals


Species: Herennia multipuncta (South-East Asian coin spider)

Habitat: Tree trunks and walls across tropical South-East Asia

Sex for the male coin spider resembles war more than love.

dn26812-1_300First it must mate successfully with a female four times its size that would prefer to eat it than have its babies. Then, the male must do everything possible to keep eager rivals away from the impregnated female. In the macabre world of spider sex, this means self-emasculation.

That’s right: coin spiders voluntarily bite off their own genitals. This habit, practised by around 30 spider species, is not the most obvious way to improve sexual performance. But according to Matjaž Kuntner from the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, eunuchs have an advantage over their intact neighbours.

For one thing, coin spiders only produce enough sperm for a single sexual adventure in their lifetime. So getting rid of the extra baggage – the two sperm-transferring organs known as palps, which can make up around a tenth of their bodyweight – after one use makes them leaner, meaner and better suited to holding off the advances of competing males.

Keeping other males away after mating with a female is particularly important for spiders as several males can fertilise the same batch of eggs. Only by sticking like glue to its mate can a male guarantee that the next generation will carry its genes.

Extreme monogamy

“It is an extreme form of monogamy. Males put all their eggs in one basket and focus on a single female,” Kuntner says.

That is what Kuntner suspected, at any rate. He has previously showed with his collaborators that another species of spider that breaks off its genitals during mating – rather than biting them off afterwards – does it to become a more effective bodyguard. So Kuntner and his team set out to discover if this even more destructive behaviour could have similar benefits.

Individual males were given seven days to mate with a female. The researchers then compared the behaviour of eunuchs with spiders that had never mated.

They found that spiders that were lacking one or both sperm organs after mating were far more feisty than the rival males. The loss of their genitals seemed to give them an extra boost – an arachnid double espresso, if you will.

The eunuchs remained around 50 per cent closer to females and attacked rivals much more aggressively than their virgin competitors. They also stayed active for around 40 per cent longer compared with non-maters when harassed by a researcher’s paintbrush, presumably because they did not have large palps weighing them down. Self-emasculation, it would appear, produces better bodyguards.

Eunuch aggression

Kuntner could not discount the possibility that the act of copulation itself was responsible for giving the spiders a boost – virgin males have little reason to want to protect the female. But he thinks that self-emasculation almost certainly increases the spider’s motivation and aggression. When they only have one chance, they will do whatever it takes to stay ahead.

For the female, this possessive behaviour is actually against her interests, as having multiple mates allows for more varied offspring – which in turn increases the chances of the female’s genes being passed on down generations. But then, she does try to eat the male, so a lasting relationship is hardly the first thing on either spider’s mind.

Kuntner thinks that this very real danger of becoming lunch rather than lover was directly responsible for the evolution of self-emasculation. Coin spiders are much better off minimising their sexual encounters with hungry females, and so a one-off mating strategy becomes the most successful option.

This adaptation in turn drove the limited sperm production and the self-emasculating behaviour – although which of these traits came first is a chicken-and-egg question.

Reference: Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, DOI: 10.1007/s00265-014-1824-6

This Woman Has The Largest Boobs in The World (NSFW)


A German model is pounding her chest with pride: She claims she has the world’s largest augmented breasts.

Mayra Hills, 27, who models under the name “Beshine,” claims to have has size 32Z breasts on her 5-foot-6 frame. But it’s hard to believe all of her measurements add up.

Hills lists her weight as 130 pounds on her NSFW website, but that may not be completely accurate considering each breast contains 10,000 cc of saline. claims each breast weighs 20 pounds, which the Metro helpfully points out is equivalent to the weight of a toddler, a car tire or four, large rainbow trout. That fact alone raises a few flags about the story’s authenticity, as we remember all to well what happened the last time someone tried to make us look like a boob.

Mills’ website says her chest comes in at 72 pounds, or more than half her body weight.

Cop Fired For Exposing Department Policy Where Officers Have Sex With Prostitutes, Then Arrest Them

A police officer in Arkansas recently lost his job after he exposed a massive scheme that allowed officers to have sex with prostitutes and then arrest them for servicing the undercover cops.

cop-and-prostituteThe way that Former Fort Smith Police Department Sgt. Don Paul Bales’ department had it set up, cops would “prove” that they weren’t really police officers, by having sex with prostitutes. The cop who had just broken the law himself would then follow up by arresting the women.

Now, a lawsuit that was obtained by local KFSM, reveal that an officer was fired for exposing the twisted police work.

The suit was just filed in Arkansas’s Sebastian County Circuit Court. The officer in question says he just wants his job back, as he did nothing but expose criminal activity among fellow officers.

This all started when Bales received a photo of an affidavit that had been filed back in April of 2014. That affidavit stated that an undercover cop in the “Street Crimes Unit” had engaged in what it termed “misconduct.”

The undercover officer, who was identified as “J.B.”, met a woman he thought might be a prostitute through the website

The cop then set up a meeting with the woman at a motel where he later got her to agree to a rate of $150 an hour.

But the affidavit says that the undercover cop got disrobed, engaged in a sex act, and then arrested the woman on suspicion of misdemeanor prostitution.

The cop said that it was absolutely essential for him to do this “because he believed that such action was necessary to gather the proof needed to convict the person for violating the prostitution statute.”

When Bales saw this, he reported the misconduct to his superiors. He turned over the photo of the affidavit to his lawyer “just in case.”

But after an investigation, carried out by Fort Smith Police Department Chief Kevin Lindsey, it was decided that Bales was the one to blame. He had, Chief Lindsey still maintains, “violated department policy” when he allowed the officer’s name on the affidavit.

But Bales has maintained that any communication between himself and his lawyer is protected by attorney-client privilege.

The attorney published the affidavit some time later, but he redacted it to conceal the identity of the officer in question. So this department policy, both the lawyer and Bales maintain, was never in fact violated.

Now, the department is saying that Bales violated a full eight rules. Among them, Chief Lindsey says Bales was guilty of: not being truthful, giving false testimony, revealing confidential information, releasing a confidential report and not respecting his superiors.

Here’s where it gets really crazy… Lindsey says that the undercover officer in question was “in accordance with department policy” when he engaged in sexual relations with the prostitute who he later arrested.

Even worse, and adding insult to injury, the termination of Sgt. Bales has been upheld on appeal by the Fort Smith Civil Service Commission… twice.

Man walks into filling station with metal rod sticking out of his head


INCREDIBLE footage has emerged of a young man calmly walking into a New Zealand petrol station with a metal rod sticking out of his head.


Staff and customers initially thought it was a prank. “I was like, ‘Man is this a TV show? Is this guy for real?’” Katikati Caltex owner Lester Gray told 3 News.


“It looked like a Halloween stunt where people wear those Halloween costumes over their heads, but it was pretty real when he turned around and blood was coming down the side of his head.”

The man was allegedly punched in the head and hit with the steel rod while he sat in his parked car about four blocks away.

He managed to drive himself to the petrol station, where people couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Witness Dylan Shea was at the counter with his friends when the man walked in.

The victim was taken to a local hospital to have the rod removed. (Image: 3 News) Source: Supplied

“He just walked in with the rod in his head and I was just like, ‘Is that a drum stick in your head?’” he told 3 News. “And he was like, ‘Nah, it’s a rod.’”

Mr Shea said the man was remarkably calm. “He wasn’t freaking out or anything. He knew what had gone wrong and he said he knew his first-aid and that, so he didn’t try to rip it out or anything,” he said.

“The sharp part of the tyre iron was in his temple. He’s real lucky, lucky that it didn’t go any deeper. All my other mates were freaking out. I stayed reasonably calm, but they don’t really like that gory stuff.”

The victim was taken to a local hospital to have the rod removed and is in a serious but stable condition, 3 News reported. Police are speaking to witnesses.

Lactation Bars Serving Up Breast Milk Shots


Why? Because there’s no udder milk like breast milk. Because breast milk is udderly delicious, and because this is so kinky.

milkNot that adults consuming breast milk is a novelty. Women in Mongolian families stock refrigerators with breast milk for any family member that wants a quick healthy snack. Convalescing Chinese treat themselves to breast milk.


But what we have here in Tokyo’s Kabukicho District are lactation bars that have nursing mothers filling shot glasses with breast milk in front of your eyes.

A shot costs 2,000 yen, whereas if you want it straight from the nipple, be prepared to shell out 5,000 yen. For that amount, the ladies will also run their fingers through your hair, coo and say your name as they suckle you.

Bonyu Bar is one such bar in Kabukicho. It employs three nursing women, all under the age of 30 and willing to let you taste their mammary secretions.

The Japanese, it seems, are connoisseurs of breast milk and prefer to sample in shot glasses before heading for the tap, er, nipple.

So if you ever happen to be in Tokyo and are feeling health-conscious and bored of your regular tipple, you know where to head. It’s okay to let your inner baby out once in a while. Just make sure your wife doesn’t find out.