What should you do if you’re feeling a bit hot? Maybe gouge your eyes out?


A prisoner has gouged out his own eyes in protest at the hot conditions inside his jail cell, it has been revealed.

jailThe man in his 50s is said to have self-inflicted the injuries at HMP Nottingham just days before he was due to be released.

The incident occurred as inmates were protesting about the sweltering heat inside their cells and general poor conditions of the prison.

East Midlands Ambulance Service confirmed they were called to the prison in Sherwood on 21 July to treat a male patient. He was then taken to the Queen’s Medical centre for his injuries.

Police were also called to the scene but established that “no crime had taken place”.

A source inside the jail told the Nottingham Post: “Somebody cut their eyes out of their face. He was protesting.

“The heat is so high. Prisoners can’t deal with it. They need to let some air in the room. It is only going to get worse.”

The incident took place as temperatures hit around 25C (77F) in Nottinghamshire.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: “A prisoner at HMP Nottingham was taken to hospital following an act of self-harm. Staff reacted quickly and paramedics attended. No other prisoners were involved.

“The prison is investigating the incident and police were informed as a matter of course.”

The incident occurred a few months after more than 20 prisoners refused to return to their cells during a separate protest on conditions inside the prison.

Asst secretary Glyn Travis from the Prison Officers Association said the demonstration raised “serious concerns” about the staffing levels at the prison.

A report by the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) was also critical of the prison saying budget cuts and the loss of 140 officers would result in “more prisoner disruption and a further reduction in already low staff morale”.

Wonderful, Just Wonderful: Terrifying New World’s Largest Flying Aquatic Insect Found In China



This is the giant dobsonfly, the current record holder for largest flying aquatic insect. They can measure almost 8.5-inches across. For reference, that is 8-inches entirely too large for my liking.

Large enough to cover the face of a human adult, this scary-looking insect is also known among entomologists as an indicator of water quality, says the museum.
The giant dobsonfly makes its home in bodies of clean water and is highly sensitive to any changes in the water’s pH as well as the presence of trace elements of pollutants. If the water is slightly contaminated, the giant dobsonfly will move on to seek cleaner waters.

GAGA VIBRATOR: It’s A Sex Toy … And A Camera


n-GAGA-SEX-TOY-largeIt’s not unusual for people to be filmed using sex toys.

It is, however, unusual for them to be filming their innards with the sex toy.

That’s the premise behind the “Gaga,” a vibrator that comes with a camera lens and a light so users will be able to see inside whatever orifice the device is being inserted into.

The Gaga was recently introduced into the world by Svakom, a China-based tech company.

The company claims in its strange YouTube commercial that the Gaga is designed for women’s healthcare. That makes sense, since only a trained medical expert might be able recognize the various body parts the camera is exploring.

The $180 cost might seem steep for what is basically a vibrating “vag-cam,” but that also includes a USB charger cable for your laptop, so the insightful shots of you or your partner’s nether regions can be downloaded to your monitor. A wireless app also allows the camera to be controlled remotely, according to the Daily Dot.

As bizarre as the Gaga may seem, it’s not the only bizarre sex toy that has aroused attention in recent memory.

Masturbatory aid purveyor Fleshlight has released the Launchpad, an iPad case that allows a man to attach his Fleshlight directly to an iPad, so that he can simulate sex with whomever — or whatever — is on the screen.

A Must-Watch: McDonald’s Ice Cream Prank


You don’t often find a McDonald’s customer grabbing the vanilla ice cream by hand and leaving the cone — and the rest of the crew in momentary shock and disbelief.

But in a McDonald’s fast food outlet in Singapore, a group of pranksters did just that, with a hidden camera capturing the “priceless” reactions of the two crewmembers. Their facial expressions, perhaps a mixture of shock, amusement and disbelief, as caught on camera, went viral on Weibo and Facebook, but also caused quite a stir for the two McDonald’s boys in the video.

Macau-based Manner Productions, which was behind the stunt, had recently been in the limelight for staging the most creative pranks. But this time, the group apologized to the two crewmembers, promising to be more “considerate” on their next stints.

Well, so much for that, as the following video shows countless more pranks by just one man. We can only guess this guy has some more explaining to do! Check out the video below.

Man Suspected Of Stealing 200 Panties From Mall


r-PANTIES-600x275Authorities are investigating the theft of 200 pairs of panties at an east Georgia shopping mall.

Richmond County sheriff’s officials say a thief stole the panties from Victoria’s Secret in Augusta Mall shortly before noon Saturday.

The Augusta Chronicle  reports that security video shows a male entering the store and stuffing the underwear into a large shopping bag. Authorities say he left without paying for the merchandise, valued at $1,900.

“A 44-year-old man visited a hospital with stomach pains and blood in his urine only to discover he is really a woman and menstruating


A 44-year-old man visited a hospital in Yongkang, Zhejiang Province with stomach pains and blood in his urine only to discover he is really a woman and menstruating.

Doctors at the First People’s Hospital of Yongkang were stunned after CT scans revealed the apparent man, surnamed Chen, possesses a uterus and ovaries, local media reported on Wednesday.

“He had short hair and was dressed in man’s clothes. We did not realize he was a female at first,” said a doctor surnamed Zhao.

Though doctors also removed the benign adrenal tumor causing him abdominal discomfort, a chromosome test confirmed Chen’s gender and that the blood was from menstruation.

Doctors also noted that Chen had no Adam’s apple, no facial hair and a deformed penis.

Chen’s condition was the result of adrenogenital syndrome, a disorder that affects the normal development of genitals and other gender characteristics.

The syndrome can be treated with hormone supplements if detected early, doctors explain.

Chen told doctors he has been married to his wife for 10 years and has not had trouble performing sexually.

Uh-Oh: Airbus Applies For Terribly Uncomfortable Looking ‘Saddle Seating’ Patent



The design shows narrow rows of folding saddle seats with low backrests on which passengers perch rather than recline.
The patent application, which makes even the most budget of budget airline seating look luxurious, was published last month and is available for viewing by the public.

As CNN reported last week, a new study says the vertical passenger seat may be the next big cost-cutting move in aviation.

Upright seat designs would allow airlines to pack more passengers into a cabin and provide an affordable alternative to public transportation on short haul flights.

Apocalypse Now: Gummy Bear Bratwursts



Nope, that’s not a misprint. Apparently the demand for sausage made with gummy bears is actually a real thing and it’s spreading across the United States. Bratwurst, as we all know, is made from the finest cuts of beef, pork and veal. Gummi Bears, on the other hand, are sugar incarnate.

Spencer Grundhofer, owner of Grundhofer’s Old-Fashioned Meats, located in Minnesota, came up with the idea of gummy bear bratwurst initially as a joke. A friend of his suggested that he make a flavored bratwurst using gummi bears. The joke took a life of its own, however, demand for the crazy combination began to grow once folks discovered they actually tasted good.

Drunk driver tries to fool the cops by switching seats with his passenger; forgets that the passenger is also drunk


An alleged impaired driver who switched seats with his passenger made a big error: he forgot to make sure the passenger was sober.

NRP_cruiser_cropped___ContentShortly after 5:30 p.m. last Friday, police were dispatched to the area of Schisler and Montrose roads in Niagara after a 911 caller reported a grey Mazda being driven erratically.

The responding officer found the vehicle pulled over on the shoulder on Townline and Canal roads in Welland. The officer saw the male driver and female passenger switching seats.

As officers approached the car, they determined that both the driver and the passenger were intoxicated.

Niagara Regional Police media officer Const. Derek Watson said the male got into a struggle with one of the officers, nearly tearing off his vest. Fortunately, he said, there were no injuries, and both occupants of the car were arrested and charged.

Watson said he posted information about the incident because it’s not the first time an impaired driver has tried to avoid arrest this way.

“We’ve experienced that a lot,” he said. “They see the police, and they try to do a switcheroo.”

Though police didn’t see the car in motion, police were able to charged with the driver with impaired operation of a vehicle because of evidence police were able to gather, including witness statement. The passenger, because she was in the driver’s seat of a running vehicle, was charged with care and control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

“She certainly could have and she had the intention of driving away,” Watson said.

Tyler Henderson, 29, of Burlington, was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and assault with intent to resist arrest.

Jennifer Mercredi, 30, of Port Colborne, was charged with care and control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated, fail to comply with recognizance and refuse to provide a breath sample.

Diner complains about cockroach in his salad. Solution: Waitress eats it


Waitress, there’s a cockroach in my salad! Well, sir, if you’re not partial to them, I’ll eat it…

It reads like a gag from a dusty old joke book – but the line above describes what really happened when a customer complained at a restaurant in China.

Businessman Zhang Yen called over Jin Kuo after finding the bug in his salad. The 39-year-old waitress told him such a discovery was perfectly common, and there was nothing to worry about.

When he sarcastically asked if she fancied tucking into the insect, she scooped it off his plate and gulped it down.

Fascinated customers filmed the heated exchange between Mr Zhang and his waitress at the Jinsha Era Plaza hotel restaurant in the western city of Chengdu.

Ms Jin is seen telling the 43-year-old: ‘No matter which restaurant you go to, you will always find cockroaches in the food. It is very normal.’

After she ate the bug, Mr Zhang had nothing more to say. He paid his bill and left, shaking his head.

The restaurant apologised, saying Ms Jin had been given a pay cut to punish her.