Crime tip: If you steal a home sound system, don’t return 30 minutes later because you forgot the remote


Police arrested a Camden County man after he stole a sound system and other valuables from a Haddon Township home, then returned a half hour later to swipe the remote control he forgot to take.

1b291385dd95362974ac3771e4af6ba9Carlos Ruiz, 42, of Pennsauken, was charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief after he entered a home twice in about 30 minutes on Feb. 4, Haddon Township police announced in a statement.

Authorities said surveillance video near the home captured Ruiz pulling up to the home in a SUV around 9 a.m. He broke into the home and spent less than 10 minutes inside before walking out with valuables, including a sound system, police said.

A half hour later, police said, Ruiz was seen returning to the crime scene and re-entering the house. An investigation revealed that Ruiz went back to the home for a remote control to the sound system he stole on the first trip into the home, police said.

Authorities said the home burglarized was selected at random by Ruiz and his crime was fueled by his addiction to heroin.

Ruiz was found to be a fugitive in a Pennsylvania fraud case and wanted by the Camden County Sheriff’s Department for failure to pay child support. Authorities said he could face more charges in both Camden and Burlington counties.

He is being held in Camden County Jail pending a Camden County Superior Court appearance, police said.

Don’t knock off an Iowa taco stand where the cashiers know their weaponry: “I don’t have anything for you-and plus, that’s a BB gun”


imagesThe BB gun a would-be robber pointed during at attempt to hold up a Des Moines Taco John’s apparently didn’t fool the employee behind the counter.

And when the man racked the slide and tried firing the gun, nothing happened. The gun wasn’t loaded, authorities said.

The botched attempt at a robbery occurred around 7:30 p.m. at Taco John’s, 2727 SW Ninth St.

A man walked into the restaurant when no other customers were inside and approached the counter.

“Give me everything you got,” he reportedly told an employee while pointing a gun at him.

The gun was a BB gun with the orange tip painted black, an employee later told police.

“I don’t have anything for you,” one of the clerks reportedly responded. “And plus, that’s a BB gun.”

The suspect denied it and racked the slide and fired the gun, police reports show. But the gun apparently wasn’t loaded, authorities said.

The suspect left the store and fled on foot. No arrests have been reported.

News: Man robs gas station ….. armed with a chainsaw ….. and wearing a flower pot


chainsaw-offender-hl4ffnhkjohtg92gmh2_t300This gentleman is Steven Frank Steele, 19, of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, who was arrested for attempting to rob a gas station while wearing a flower pot on his head and wielding a chainsaw.

He allegedly demanded money but escaped with only a bottle of soda, but not before mooning the clerks.

17-year-old con artist dressed like an employee to steal $30,000 from three Walmarts–and even hugged a manager on the way out


untitledA 17-year old con artist managed to steal $30,000 from three Walmarts and even hugged one of the store managers when he left with the cash in his hand.

The Norman, Oklahoma, boy, whose identity hasn’t been revealed because he is a minor, dressed up like an employee and tricked the Walmart managers at all three locations back in December.

Norman police caught the boy and arrested him on January 30.

The Police report states that the boy ‘acted as a if he was a general manager from another store.’ It also states that he was wearing the company’s name tag. Kfor reports that the boy said ‘he was doing an inventory of the store before general managers came to inspect them after the holidays.’

Surveillance cameras contained footage of the sly perpetrator. According to the police report, the boy was alone in the cash room and took multiple bundles of cash which he stuffed into his pockets.

Sgt. Jeremy Lewis was impressed by the teens ability to fool each and every Walmart. The teen knew what he was doing because he worked for Walmart back in Oklahoma City but was fired for stealing money.

After he was fired he put on his uniform and went to an Edmond store he was not employed at and he was assigned to work at the register. He pocketed more than $3,000 that day.

Finally when the teen tried to pretend to be an employee at the Norman Walmart, his game was over.

The Cleveland County Ditrsict Attorney is working on the boy’s case butwhteher or not he will be tried as an adult in still being decided.

One bad idea leads to another including trying to sell items back to the person you originally stole them from


Robinson_Lacinda_USE_1391738314592_2381702_ver1_0_640_480Four Denver burglary suspects were arrested when they unknowingly tried to sell stolen items back to the victim, police say.

Lacinda Robinson told 7NEWS reporter Russell Haythorn she knew something was wrong when she entered her home near downtown on Friday night.

“I walked into the house and felt a cold breeze, and I looked into the kitchen and the kitchen window was broken,” the 24-year-old mother said.

Robinson called police about the burglary, and explained that she would wait for them at a nearby McDonald’s parking lot because she didn’t feel safe staying in her home.

“I pulled into the McDonald’s parking lot and two guys approached my car and asked me if I wanted to buy a PS3, and I’m like, ‘Oh no, you know, I’m fine,’” Robinson recalled.

Then something bizarre happened.

“I see another guy walking out trying to approach my car and he’s wearing the jacket that I believe belonged to me,” Robinson said of a unique Washington Redskins jacket.

Suddenly it hit her: These guys are selling my stuff.

Instead of confronting the young men, she approached two off-duty Denver police officers at a neighboring gas station and told them what was going on.

Officers Matthew Reierson and Brian Husum responded and arrested the boys for investigation of burglary, the Denver Police Department said on its Facebook page. They also recovered the woman’s PlayStation 3 video game console and her jacket.

But it hasn’t been as easy for Robinson and her family to reclaim their sense of security in their own home.

“It’s a scary feeling, scary for my kids as well. We have not been sleeping here,” said Robinson, who is staying with a family member for the time being.

She’s still missing an iPad, a flat-screen TV and some cash, but overall she feels fortunate that no one was hurt.

People are cheering the burglars’ self-inflicted arrest on the police Facebook page.

“Karma!” one woman posted.

“Sweet justice!!! Hope she learns to feel safe again in her home,” another woman wrote.

“Love! Not mental giants. Well played Denver,” a third person posted.

Man tries to steal car but gets trapped inside garage


chi-prosecutors-man-tries-to-steal-car-but-get-002A Roseland man was ordered held on $75,000 bail Sunday after he allegedly tried to steal a woman’s car from her garage, only to get trapped inside when the woman closed the garage door.

Andre Bacon, 21, of the 11300 block of South Harvard Avenue, faces felony attempted vehicle hijacking and theft charges in connection to the botched carjacking Saturday in the Cragin neighborhood on the Northwest Side, according to court records.

Bacon entered the victim’s garage Saturday in the 3300 block of North Long Avenue, according to court documents, and demanded that the victim hand over the 2012 Honda MDX’s keys.

The victim surrendered the keys and then fled the garage, closing the door behind her and calling the police, court records state.

Police arrived and opened the garage door to find Bacon sitting in the driver’s seat with the keys in the ignition, according to records.

Bacon was taken into custody at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday, according to court records.

It’s not truly a police chase until the stolen deep fryers start flying from the truck


0130144biss-chase-4Houston police said two of four men involved in the burglary of a kitchen supply store were taken into custody following a wild chase overnight.

According to officers with the Houston Police Department, a passerby stopped an officer around midnight Wednesday to report a burglary in progress at the Chef Mart store on Bissonnet Street at the Southwest Freeway. The witness told police that four men pried open the store’s front doors and were loading equipment into a U-Haul truck out front.

As the officer was responding, he spotted the truck driving away. The suspects refused to pull over and led police to Fondren where they went northbound.

Eventually the driver lost control and smashed into a red light signal, then a METRO bus stop, and then a fire hydrant. At one point the U-Haul’s rear door came open, and several deep fryers fell out and were damaged.

After the crash, police said the truck came to a stop and all four men took off running.

K-9 units and an HPD helicopter later found two of the men hiding on the roof of a home. They were taken into custody while the other two got away.

Pregnant woman arrested for shoplifting asks the police officers if she can go ahead and shoot some heroin. Hey, if you’re going to go all-in, go all-in


chi-chicago-crime-theft-drugs-20140128-001A 33-year-old Minnesota woman stopped for shoplifting Monday night at a West Side Walmart found herself in bigger trouble after she asked arresting police officers if she could do some heroin, police said.

Edith Hancock, of the 3000 block of Riverwood Drive in Hastings, Minn., was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor retail theft, police said.

Hancock, who told police she was three months pregnant, was seen going into a changing room at the Walmart at 4650 W. North Ave. with a pair of jeans, leggings, and a black shirt and then leave the changing area wearing those items, according to police.

After taking some cosmetics and placing them in her purse, she tried to leave the store without paying and was stopped by security, according to police. Chicago police were called and she was taken to the Grand Central District station where she was arrested at 7 p.m., according to police.

While she was being processed, she “continually asked” officers for “just one blow,” a street name for heroin, from her purse because she was “getting dopesick,” according to a police report.

Officers found multiple bags of heroin in her purse, and she continued saying that she “only wanted one” of the bags “because she had ten of them and she thought they might be more than a gram although a couple were very light because she had already used from a least a couple,” the report said.

Hancock was released on a signature bond during a hearing today before Judge Donald Panarese at the Leighton Criminal Court building. She is scheduled to appear in court next on Feb. 18.

Flush of a different kind lands poker player in jail


One poker player gave new meaning to the saying “throwing money down the drain.”

140126145705-new-jersey-poker-chips-lusardi-story-topChristian Lusardi, 42, of Fayetteville, North Carolina, flushed $2.7 million worth of counterfeit poker chips down the toilet in a room at Harrah’s Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey state police said. He was arrested over the weekend, police said.

Lusardi disposed of the fake chips he was using during the Winter Poker Open’s “Big Stack, No Limit Hold ‘Em” event at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, police said.

Tournament personnel found 160 of the counterfeit poker chips — each with a value of $5,000, for a total of $800,000 — among the genuine casino chips, police said.

The discovery in clogged sewer pipes prompted Harrah’s to notify Borgata officials.

The counterfeit chips forced officials to suspend the event for 24 hours. Soon after, the tournament was canceled.

“This was a very unusual occurrence. It’s the first time in Borgata’s 10 years that anything like this has happened,” Joe Lupo, senior vice president of operations at Borgata, told CNN.

Authorities found Lusardi Friday at a motel in Atlantic City.

“We are very pleased that the New Jersey State Police Casino Gaming Bureau has apprehended a suspect,” Lupo said. “While this is a very positive development, the investigation by the Division of Gaming Enforcement and the State Police is ongoing.”

Police say Lusardi introduced the counterfeit chips into the tournament on multiple occasions. Lusardi obtained $6,814 in winnings during the tournament.

Lusardi was charged with rigging a publicly exhibited contest, criminal attempt, and theft by deception. He was being held on $300,000 bail, with no option to pay 10%, at the Atlantic City Jail, police said.

The poker tournament began in mid-January with more than 4,800 people enrolled. When it was canceled Friday, 27 people remained in the tournament.

Kevin Mclaughlin Paid No Heed To The Clearly Posted No Guns Allowed Sign


24474261_BG3Dallas County authorities say the customer who shot and killed a gun-wielding man inside an Orrville dollar store had a valid concealed carry permit.

Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson has identified the customer as Marlo Ellis, 37, of Orrville. Authorities say Ellis shot and killed Kevin McLaughlin around 12:45 p.m. Thursday at the Dollar General on Highway 22 in Orrville.

Officials say McLaughlin walked into the store waving a gun in the air and forced a cashier and Ellis at gunpoint towards a break room. At that point, Ellis pulled out a concealed weapon and shot McLaughlin once in the chest.

“He escorted a customer who was trying to leave the store and a cashier toward a break room. The cashier went in first and the customer went in behind her, and the individual had the gun on the customer and the customer had a pistol concealed in a holster,” Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman said. “And when the customer got to the door, he turned around and shot the individual.”

McLaughlin was pronounced dead at the scene. The tense ordeal played out in less than five minutes, police said.

Other customers and delivery men were inside the store at the time of the incident. Several customers making their way into the store saw McLaughlin waving a gun and ran away.

The Dollar General store was closed Thursday afternoon following the shooting. A sign on the front door indicated it would reopen Friday. There was another sign on the doors of the business stating that open carry of a weapon was not allowed inside the store. According to the sheriff, Ellis’ gun was concealed and inside a holster.

“The deceased individual had his in his hand, waving it. The customer actually had one in a holster covered up. We’re in the process of checking on permits and all of that. To have a gun concealed, you need a permit. To carry it open carry, you don’t. But you have a sign in a place of business, that’s letting you know that the people inside that place of business do not want guns in there,” the sheriff said.

The investigation is ongoing and detectives are interviewing everyone who was present at the time of the shooting and reviewing surveillance footage of the incident. The security video has not yet been released but the sheriff said it would be “forthcoming.”

No other customers or employees were injured.

Sheriff Huffman says his department’s findings would be turned over to a grand jury for review. He says the incident is currently being called a death investigation.

“You have one individual waving a gun and you have another one who shoots the one waving the gun. Some people say that’s justifiable. Then you’re going to have some who says it’s not. I think we need to get all of the information we can get from everybody and then go forward from there,” the sheriff said in an interview.

McLaughlin’s motive remains unclear. Sheriff Huffman does not think it was a robbery. He says words were exchanged between McLaughlin and the people inside the store but there was never any mention of a robbery or hold up or a demand for money.

An autopsy will be conducted on McLaughlin by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences.

Local residents reacted Thursday as news of the incident spread.

“It’s a shame because we never had anything like this done in this area before. Now we fear the streets when we walk into stores and stuff. It’s very shocking. I hate what happened,” said Nicole Miller.

On Friday, District Attorney Michael Jackson said he doesn’t expect Marlo Ellis to face any charges in the incident at the Dollar General.

“In Alabama you have the right to defend yourself or a third party so when the perpetrator went in there with a gun anybody in the store had the right to deadly force and that’s what happened so he actually was a Good Samaritan in this situation because other people could have been injured if he hadn’t taken action,” Jackson told WSFA.

As for McLaughlin’s intentions, he said there were “rumors and speculations” circulating that would be sorted out in the course of the investigation.

“I don’t know why he went in there waving a gun at the people. Whatever reason he went in there for, it was very serious. Anytime someone goes into store and points guns at people, then anybody in the store has the right to use deadly force against that person,” he added.

Jackson confirmed that Marlo Ellis, the customer who used deadly force, is facing charges of rape in the second degree and enticing a child for immoral purposes, stemming from a 2013 investigation involving a girl under the age of 16. Court documents state that Ellis picked the victim up at a school basketball game and drove her to his house where they had sex. The district attorney said Ellis’ case is on the trial docket for February. He has been out of jail on bond.

Jackson tells WSFA that Ellis was within his rights to have a concealed carry permit because he has not been convicted in the sex case.