You Are So Dumb: Idiot Burglar Leaves Victim’s Computer Logged Into His Own Facebook Account


facebook-burglar-fail-so-so-hardMeet 26-year old Nicholas Wig. Nicholas broke into the St. Paul, Minnesota home of James Wood and stole his watch, credit cards, money and a cell phone. Plus stripped out of his wet clothes (it had been raining) and took some of Wood’s. OH YEAH — then logged into his own Facebook account and left it open before leaving. Even most grandparents know how to computer better than that. Somehow, this man has managed to not die in 26 years. That is unfathomable to me.

Wood posted to Facebook using Wig’s profile, saying Wig had burglarized his home. He even shared his phone number to see if someone would call with information. Wig texted him later that day.
“I replied you left a few things at my house last night, how can I get them back to you,” Wood said.

Wig agreed to meet with Wood later that night. Wood believes Wig was under the impression he would give him back some of his clothes he had left at his home in exchange for a recycled cell phone Wig had stolen.


Wig was arrested on his way to meet Wood, still wearing the victim’s watch. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and $20,000 fines.

6 foot tall man in a red dress and purple glitter lipstick robs bank, uses bicycle for getaway vehicle


1jf3S4.AuSt.9A Lady’s Island bank was robbed by a man wearing women’s clothing and purple glitter lipstick at about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office news release.

Employees at Regions Bank, 146 Sea Island Parkway, told deputies that the bank was robbed by a thin-built black male, about 6 feet tall, wearing a red dress, wig, black hat and purple glitter lipstick, the release said.

The suspect stole an undisclosed amount of cash before riding off on a bicycle carrying a large, beach-style bag. Law enforcement is searching for the suspect, and has locked down the surrounding areas, the release said.

Residents are asked to remain in their homes and motorists are asked to avoid the area near the bank, Meridian Road, U.S. 21 and U.S. 802.

The suspect did not brandish a weapon, but is still considered potentially armed and dangerous, the release said.


Robbery Suspect ‘Bets’ That Victim Doesn’t Have A Gun, Ends Up Getting Shot


Robber-Bets-Victim-665x385A robbery suspect in Mississippi might want to give up gambling.

The suspect reportedly approached a man in Jackson asking for a cigarette, but when the man said he didn’t have any cigarettes, the suspect pulled out a gun and made a bet that the man wasn’t armed himself.

Officer Colendula Green recounted what happened next:

“At that time the complainant advised he didn’t [have a cigarette]. As the unknown male proceeded to turn around he turned back towards the complainant advising the complainant ‘I bet you don’t have one of these’, pointing a gun in his direction. At that point the complainant pulled out his weapon and began firing shots.”

The would be robber ended up getting shot and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Stories of victims fighting back are always popular, and the story of the ill-advised bet has made the rounds on national news sites.

This isn’t the first incident of a would-be victim turning the tables on a suspect. Earlier this week, a 79-year-old war veteran fought back when a robber pulled a gun in a gas station parking lot.

“He kept saying: ‘ Give it up old man, give it up old man,’” said Marvin Lail. “He was not getting my money.”

Lail also had a gun in his car, but couldn’t reach it at the time, so he fought off the robber instead. An employee of a nearby store saw the struggle and scared off the suspect, who was only able to away with a bit of cash.

Afterward, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office praised the man for his actions.

“Mr. Lail followed his guts, and it worked out for him,” said spokeswoman Jane Watrel. “Each incident is different, and we ask to people to follow their instincts.”

The would-be victim in the Mississippi incident is reportedly doing fine and won’t be charged. The suspect, however, might want to think twice the next time he bets that his victim is unarmed.

Man placed under house arrest for stealing bras in Bra


b6c44973553c99d49066e42150dba9e9bac60bdaf6128aff8b67dfcfa127402bThe 28-year-old, from nearby Pocopaglia, in the province of Cuneo, allegedly had “a house full” of women’s underwear, La Repubblica reported on Wednesday.

He carried out the balcony raids across Bra overnight, the newspaper said.

The man had a previous record of harassment towards a former girlfriend, La Repubblica reported.

This isn’t the first time a bra thief has struck in Italy.

In August last year, 64-year-old Renzo Cavalieri, from Modena, was arrested after stealing 17 bras worth €200 from a supermarket while on holiday in Caorle, Veneto.

The theft came just months since his release from prison after serving a year-long sentence for the same offence.

He told police: “I have no idea why I keep stealing bras”.

Burglar in crotchless pants attacks Brisbane sex store worker with toys


A male thief wearing a dress and crotchless pants attacked a Brisbane sex store worker with sex toys during a bungled burglary.

Police say the 34-year-old man forced his way through the ceiling of the store in the northern suburb of Aspley in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The female manager of the store was alerted when the man set off an alarm.

When the owner confronted the man, who was wearing a wig, dress and crotchless pants, he allegedly threw a number of sex toys at the woman.

The thief climbed back through the ceiling and onto the roof where he was arrested by police.

The Murrumba Downs man has been charged with break and enter and possessing dangerous drugs.

Police allege the 22-year-old man grabbed a Fantasy Fetish pack, which contained items including a saddle, after crashing through the ceiling in the early hours of Thursday.

Witnesses called police who arrested the man nearby.

He faced a Cairns court on Friday on five theft and burglary related charges.

Teens arrested after renting $240,000 sports car


628x471Sonoma County deputies are seeking more details Saturday about how a pair of teenagers were able to use an allegedly stolen credit card to rent a $240,000 sports car and $12 million vacation home, police said.

Mohannad Halaweh of Rohnert Park, andNhimia Kahsay of Santa Rosa, both 19, were pulled over by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy Wednesday evening in Roseland, with Halaweh behind the wheel of an orange McLaren sports car. The car had apparently been rented for $13,000 by the duo but was reported stolen to police, according to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Raasch.

The car was pulled over on Dutton Avenue in the Roseland area, and the two teens were taken into custody without incident, he said.

An investigation revealed that the pair had a fraudulently obtained credit card, which they used to book the stolen sports car and pay $27,000 to rent a $12 million property in Glen Ellen earlier in the week.

Halaweh was arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property and credit card fraud; his bail was set at $100,000. Kahsay was arrested on outstanding fraud warrants and is expected to face additional charges in connection with the most recent incident, Raasch said. His bail was set at $60,000.

Both teens were booked into Sonoma County Jail.

God Bless America: Woman Arrested For Stealing A Bible From Walmart


In the most American of crimes, a South Carolina woman was arrested Saturday afternoon for stealing a Bible from Walmart.

francesthomasAccording to cops, Frances Thomas, 33, was spotted by a store employee placing the Good Book in her purse while she was inside the Spartanburg store. Thomas, seen above, also allegedly pinched some cheese and socks.

After departing Walmart, Thomas was corralled by loss prevention officers, who later turned her over to police. She was cited for shoplifting and booked into the county jail (from which she was released Saturday evening).

The Bible and the other items “were recovered and are resellable,” cops noted.