Woman found guilty after having sex with best friend’s teen son


The woman who was found guilty of sexual assault after having sex with her best friend’s teenage son has been sentenced to serve five years probation.

carsten-karen-113070-(2)Karen Lee Carstens, 43, was convicted of sexual assault of a child.  A jury made the ruling Wednesday and the sentence was handed down Thursday morning.

The teen boy said the relationship began with his mother’s friend when he was only 13 years old and ended when he was 15. He said it began as touching, then progressed to sex, according to documents.

The boy described a couple of the encounters to investigators, particularly those which happened over a three-month period when his mother was in and out of the hospital due to a gallbladder infection.

He said on May 15, 2009, he and Carstens were lying on a sofa bed and watching television when they started to have sex. He said he cried after it was over, fearing that he had gotten her pregnant, but she reassured him that all would be well.

Another time when his mom was in the hospital, around June 15 the same year, he and Carstens allegedly had sex in his upstairs bedroom.

Carstens moved out of the state shortly after that encounter, ending their relationship. She told the boy to keep their relationship a secret because she would “get in trouble,” investigators said.

Authorities investigated and found enough evidence to file charges against Carstens. Her bail was set at $30,000.

The case finally went to trial on April 24, 2014 and closing arguments were wrapped up on April 30.

“I feel like she deserved everything that she got so we’ll leave it at that,” said the victim, now 19 years old.

Senior prank gone wild after 60 students arrested for trashing, peeing on school


More than 60 members of Teaneck High School’s senior class were arrested Thursday morning after a prank that police said involved urinating in the hallways of the high school, smearing Vaseline on doors, flipping desks and littering the school with balloons and other debris.

teaneck-kids-courtThe students entered the school in the middle of the night and broke chairs and desks, scrawled graffiti and Vaseline on the walls and urinated, Acting Police Chief Robert Carney said at a press conference this morning.

Carney said that of the 62 arrested, 38 are juveniles. All have been charged with criminal mischief and burglary, and the juveniles have been turned over to their parents. “To go into a school and damage a school, that’s not a prank. That’s criminal mischief,” Carney said.

One adult student said there were at least 100 students involved in the prank; she said she entered the school about 1 a.m. through an unlocked door and was in the building for about an hour before police arrived. She said the students have been planning the prank for about a month. “It was never supposed to get out of hand the way it did,” she said.

The adult students were handcuffed and brought over by van from the police station to the municipal court on the other side of the complex. Their handcuffs were taken off when they appeared before Municipal Court Judge James E. Young Jr. Young told the students that the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office will decide whether to indict them on the burglary and criminal mischief charges or refer the cases back to municipal court where less serious charges are considered.

teaneck-kidsThey were all released. “They are all good kids,” one mother said as she left the courtroom. “My kid’s going to an Ivy League school,” a father added. None of the parents would identify themselves, and they made repeated complaints about the overwhelming presence of television crews, reporters and photographers. “I am just angry right now,” said another woman, who sat in the spectator session of the courtroom. “These students have rights. They should be able to say whether they want to be recorded or not.”

Tristan Anderson, 17, a junior at the school who knows many of the arrested students, said the students made a mistake. “This does not reflect on Teaneck High School,” he said. “These are good kids, passionate about what they do.”

The school district “is considering the consequences it will impose on the students implicated,”

Superintendent Barbara Pinsak said in a written statement that she read aloud at the press conference. She said the school has been cleaned up and “teaching continues as we speak.” Consequences for the students who participated in the prank could be discussed at the Board of Education’s meeting on Wednesday, said Gervonn Rice, the board’s vice president, who added that the district officials were still gathering information.

“We have great kids, but we feel they made a bad choice and got caught up in the moment,” Rice told The Record. Police, who responded to a burglary alarm at 2:11 a.m., saw “numerous individuals” through the windows and several fleeing from the school when they arrived, Police Sgt. John Garland said. “It is possible that a few got away but the majority were caught,” Garland said.

He throws a water bottle at you, you mow him down with your SUV. That’s the Sacramento way


A 17-year-old driver in Sacramento intentionally veered her SUV into a neighbor’s yard Sunday as she mowed down a boy who may have thrown a water bottle at the vehicle moments before, witnesses said.

The boy, described as a seventh grade student, ended up pinned between the SUV and a tree in the yard of Marlene Youell, who witnessed the incident.

“He was screaming before she mowed him down,” she told Fox40. “He was yelling, ‘Stop, stop stop.’ I went to the phone to call 911.”

Witnesses told the news station that a water bottle had been thrown at the SUV. That’s when the 17-year-old driver — who authorities have not identified — chased the boy around a corner, slamming the front end of the vehicle into the tree, pinning the child.

Video footage of the scene showed a light-blue bike resting a few feet behind the SUV.

Witnesses also said that after the collision, the driver admitted to chasing the boy on purpose after he or his brother threw a water bottle at the SUV.

“She must have snapped,” Youell said.

The boy suffered injuries from the collision, but they didn’t appear to be life threatening. First responders at the scene had to lift the SUV in order to remove the boy safely.

As for the driver, California Highway Patrol officers detained her at the scene while they determine if the collision was, indeed, intentional and what charges, if any, she could face.

Teen Accused Of Murder After Placing Newborn In Walmart Bag


chi-chicago-crime-mother-murder-20140426-001The 18-year-old woke up early last Saturday morning, gave birth to a full-term baby boy, placed him outside her house in a plastic Walmart bag and then went back to bed, prosecutors said today in bond court.

By the time a construction worker called police a few hours later after spotting the infant in the Northwest Side gangway, the child was dead.

Prosecutors said Ana Rosa Mora, who faces a first-degree murder charge, killed her baby out of fear her boyfriend would leave her. The teen then concocted a story intended to dupe those who knew she was pregnant, officials said.

When two staff members at Kelvyn Park High School noticed on Monday that she’d recently given birth, Mora showed them a photo of a baby girl on her iPad and said it was hers, Assistant State’s Attorney Glen Runk said.

But Mora then brought up the dead baby found near her home and asked the school officials whether police had the right to take DNA from people in her house and whether that DNA would show who the child’s mother was, prosecutors said.

The high school senior’s story unraveled further when a Chicago police officer stationed at Kelvyn Park walked up on the conversation, offered her congratulations and asked how old the baby was. Mora said her daughter was six months old in front of the other staff members, Runk said.

One of the school staff members grew suspicious that evening and called the officer. That officer called detectives, and police interviewed Mora on Tuesday. Officers arrested the teen at her Logan Square neighborhood home Friday afternoon.

After initially denying that the child was hers, Runk said Mora admitted to police that she gave birth to the boy alive and then placed him in the gangway next to her home in the 2700 block of North Hamlin Avenue. Prosecutors said that Mora told police the baby looked like her ex-boyfriend, who was in fact the father, and that she was afraid her current boyfriend would realize that and leave her.

Mora also told officers that the photo of the baby girl she showed at school had been downloaded from the Internet, Runk said.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office later determined that the boy, found in the shopping bag with a placenta and umbilical cord, was born alive and died of asphyxia and possible exposure.

In bond court Saturday, Judge Laura Marie Sullivan ordered the teen held on $500,000 bail. Mora’s public defender said she was on track to graduate from Kelvyn Park in June and had planned to attend college this fall.

Child Bride, Wasilu Umar, Poisons Groom And His Friends


A 14-year-old girl is in police custody after poisoning her 35-year-old husband.

Last week, in an arranged marriage, Wasilu Umar was forced to marry Umaru Sani by her father.  To celebrate their marriage, Umaru invited a dozen of his friends over. That is when Wasilu decided to slip rat poison into a rice dish.
Umaru died the same day along with friends Nasiru Mohammed and Alhassan Alhassan. Another female victim, Indo Ibrahim, died at the hospital while receiving treatment.

Wasilu is cooperating with the police, and will likely be charged for culpable homicide. She admitted that she purchased the poison from a local market with the intent of killing her husband.

‘The suspect confessed to committing the crime and said she did it because she was forced to marry a man she did not love,” said assistant superintendent Musa Magaji Majia.

Child marriage is still very common throughout Nigeria, especially in the North, where there is a large, poor, Muslim population. This is especially true in times of drought, numbers increase in times of drought because a bride price is paid and it means one less mouth to feed.

According to the U.N. children’s agency, Fifty percent of Nigerian girls living in rural areas are married before they turn 18, according to the U.N. children’s agency. Child brides suffer difficult pregnancies and can often die in childbirth, the leading cause of death worldwide for girls aged 15 to 19.

They are also much more likely to contract AIDS and be subjected to domestic violence, according to the International Center for Research on Women.

The Nigerian government is attempting to curtail child marriages. According to the BBC, Islamic police are trying to stop parents from forcing children into marriages against their will and the father could be charged as well.

This Norwegian Teen Got a McDonald’s Receipt Tattooed on His Arm


lj2msackfstac8om4snuSweden has The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and now Norway has The Boy With the McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo. He’s an 18-year-old from Lørenskog, and he’ll always remember exactly what he ate on Monday‚ because it’s inked on his right arm.

Some friends who wanted to punish Stian Ytterdahl for being too active with the ladies (uh huh, sure) gave him a choice between a Barbie on his ass or the receipt on his arm. Ytterdahl resigned himself to his fate (and probably wished he hadn’t added those 4 extra toppings to his burger).

Sabelink Tattoo said it was the strangest tattoo they’d ever done, and asked Ytterdahl if he’d get their receipt on his other arm—for free, of course. He agreed, and the next session is scheduled for Monday.

“Now I’m a living billboard,” Ytterdahl told the newspaper Romereskes Blad, “But I think all this is just fun. Maybe it won’t be as fun when I’m 50 or 60 years, but it’s my choice.”

McDonald’s Norway says the tattoo isn’t a publicity stunt, but they think it’s terrific. “We’re obviously talking about a loyal customer,” said a spokeswoman.

“Frustrated” Teen Father Accused Of Biting Off Part Of Infant Son’s Nose


Joshua-Cooper-125x188A Fairfield man was placed under arrest Thursday morning after police determined he had bitten off part of his infant son’s nose after the boy wouldn’t stop crying, authorities said.

At 8:08 a.m., the Fairfield Police Department received a call from a hysterical female stating that her infant child was bleeding from his nose. Officers arrived at the woman’s home, an apartment on the 1000 block of Alaska Avenue, and found the one-month-old infant bleeding from the face.

The infant’s 17-year-old mother, 18-year-old father, and numerous other family members were present.
The baby was taken to North Bay Medical Center for medical treatment, where doctors determined that the infant’s nose had been severed and the child had suffered possible head trauma. As a result, the infant was transferred to Oakland Children’s Hospital.

Doctors in Oakland found that the infant had suffered a skull fracture, a brain hemorrhage, and one third of the child’s nose had been severed off. The child is currently in stable condition.
The criminal investigation determined that the infant’s father had bitten the child’s nose off out of frustration from the infant crying. The investigation to determine how the infant sustained the skull fracture and brain hemorrhage is ongoing.
The father, 18-year-old Fairfield resident Joshua Cooper, was arrested and booked into Solano County Jail for child cruelty and aggravated mayhem.

Things not to say to 911 when calling to report your Mom’s murder – “Oh by the way, I did it”


A York County man charged with killing his mother apparently confessed to the crime to both 911 dispatchers and investigators, according to court documents obtained by NewsChannel 3.

imagesThe York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office charged 19-year-old Ronnie Dovbish with Second Degree Murder in the March 4th homicide of his mother, 40-year-old Heather Perkins, inside her Ponsonby Drive home in Yorktown.

According to a criminal complaint filed in York-Poquoson Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Dobvish called 911 and reported that there has been a “murder” and that his mother was dead inside the home.

He told dispatchers the correct house number but incorrect street address for the house before hanging up.

When dispatchers called him back, Dobvish told them more about the scene and where he was before stating “oh by the way, I did it” and hanging up, according to the criminal complaint.

Officials were able to ping his cell phone and track it to the home on Ponsonby Drive.

When deputies arrived at the home, Dovbish was outside and was immediately detained for questioning.

Deputies who entered the house found Peterson’s body in an upstairs bedroom and medics pronounced her dead.

In an interview with investigators, the criminal complaint states that Dovbish admitted to “stabbing his mother in the back three times after choking her.”

He also told them that the incident has happened in his bedroom and detailed the weapon and where he had found it in the home.

As far why Dovbish killed his mother, the criminal complaint says “he provided vague details for the motive as being past memories.”

According to his checklist for bail determination, Dobvish had only lived with Perkins in Yorktown for two weeks at the time of the murder.

Prior to that, it states he lives in Arkansas with his Dad.

Dovbish is currently being held at the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail.

Two teenage girls ‘tortured mentally disabled boy, 16, forced him to perform sex acts and filmed it all on their cell phones’


Two teenage girls are behind bars following allegations that they carried out a campaign of harassment against a mentally-challenged boy including stabbing him, dragging him by the hair and forcing him to engage in sex acts with an animal.

article-2579135-1C38D64900000578-484_306x423The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office said 17-year-old Lauren Bush and an unnaned 15-year-old girl – both students at Chopticon High School in Morganza, Maryland – recorded the assaults against the autistic 16-year-old victim on their cell phones.

Footage shows the suspects force the teen to walk on a partially frozen pond, which resulted in him falling through the ice several times.

Each time, police said, the suspects refused to help the boy out of the frigid water.

Sheriff Tim Cameron told ABC7 that the allegations leveled against the girls are among the most disturbing he has dealt with in his career.

He says that several times between December and February, the suspects preyed on the victim – assaulting him with a knife, kicking him in the groin, dragging him by the hair, coercing him to engage in a sex act with an animal, and forcing him to walk on the partially frozen pond.

‘Another video depicts the male on an icy pond being told to continue to walk out further, actually falling in the water several times and pulling himself out,’ said Cameron.

Bush, who lives in a rural part of the county south of Mechanicsville, knew the victim well, according to investigators.

Police say the girls have admitted to videotaping the incidents, but officials are still trying to figure out why.

‘Who could harbor this ill will to do something so completely heinous?’ said Cameron. ‘I don’t know. It’s hard to fathom, really.’

Both girls have been charged with two counts of 1st degree assault, two counts of 2nd degree assault, soliciting subject in the production of child pornography and false imprisonment.

Bush was charged as an adult. She is being held at the St. Mary’s County Detention Center. The other teen is being detained at the Waxter’s Children’s Center.