12 year old uses school-issued iPad to access erotica. Mom is somehow shocked


140826_ipad_660When it comes to her daughter’s access to technology, Sarah is very strict: no phone, no social media, no personal computer. The family computer is connected to the TV in the middle of the living room and – no surprise – is locked down with parental controls.

“I don’t want her to have unauthorized access to the Internet,” Sarah said, who didn’t want KATU to reveal her last name or her daughter’s name.

So when Sarah’s daughter received an iPad last year as part of Neil Armstrong Middle School’s pilot program, Sarah was quick to confiscate the iPad the moment her daughter was done with her homework at the end of the day.

“The only time she had her iPad was at school or on the bus,” Sarah said.

But in no time at all, KATU’s investigation found, students found work-arounds to the school iPad security system.

Sarah said her daughter was one of the students who visited a site she wasn’t supposed to — called Wattpad. It’s an online writing community where people share stories. It’s popular in some young adult circles. Sarah said the site itself isn’t bad except she said her daughter was accessing the adults-only section.

“She was reading erotica – along with a lot of the other kids,” Sarah said.

Sarah said she made the discovery checking the iPad’s browser history.

“I was shocked!” Sarah said. “It was not something you expect a 12-year-old to look at, or to talk about, or to want to do or anything. She’s still a little girl.”

Sarah said she grounded her daughter and brought the breach information to the school’s attention. Sarah said the principal assured her the technology team would make sure to ban the website.

But one month later, Sarah said she made another shocking iPad discovery.

“I found out she had an email account and was sending pictures of herself and having relations online,” Sarah said.

Sarah says her daughter used the iPad to set up a personal Gmail account and send the racy pictures to another student.

“Enough was enough,” Sarah said.

Sarah took away her daughter’s iPad and forced her daughter to go “electronics-free” for the rest of the school year – about seven months. Sarah said that presented its own array of difficulties in a classroom environment where the iPad was used for virtually all learning.

She said she alerted the district again.

“I think it was a mess,” Sarah said. “I think it was a complete and total mess. I think (the school) could have found other ways to handle this.”

The On Your Side Investigators contacted the principal, Brandon Hundley, but he did not respond with any specifics about Sarah’s situation. Hundley said he was in training and unavailable for an on-camera interview, so he emailed the following statement:

There is no way to ensure absolute security on a technology device. As we develop our program as others schools are doing the same, we will continue to focus on teaching and training our students in the appropriate ways to use technology to support their learning, keep themselves safe and leave as small and limited a digital footprint as possible.

Relative to parent concerns, we take them very seriously and have acted on each as soon as reported.

We absolutely limit the access students have and continually add websites to our blocked list as we find those that are not supportive of our educational mission. While the idea that we limit students to a set number of sites is attractive and sounds like it would solve all these problems, the truth is that students are constant problem solvers and work hard to access what they are interested in.

Our message to parents is clear: help us help your students make good choices. Help us set limits for them and hold them accountable to those limits. We are very excited about our 1:1 program and believe that our approach is the right one. When we have issues or identify problems that a child is dealing with, we work together to find an appropriate resolution – as schools have always done when their (sic) are facing new content, curriculum or technology.

Pissed-Off Girlfriend GOES OFF on Phone-Obsessed Boyfriend


If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, we don’t want to know which circle this lady’s wrath came from.

An inattentive boyfriend incited the rage of his girlfriend when he wouldn’t stop texting and playing games on his cell phone. The two were onboard a train in Beijing, China, when witnesses say that the woman lost her patience with him. Check out photos below of the confrontation.


Completely fed up, the girlfriend first confronted him.

Commuters who saw the incident go down said that the man actually started crying when his girlfriend tried to grab the phone from him. But when that failed, things got even worse.

Pictures show the woman dragging his body through the train doors while he continues to stare at his phone screen. He continued ignoring her, so she went even more ballistic, trying to physically wrestle the mobile device from his hands by pressing her foot into his face as she yanked on the digital device.


While some people believed it to be a stunt, others disagreed. One witness said:

If it was staged then I’d be surprised, I even saw one kid burst into tears as the couple were shouting at each other and she was trying to grab the phone off of him.

She just flipped out and tried to grab the phone off him and when that failed she had been forced to drag him onto the carriage before the doors closed. She was shouting a lot and telling him to let go of the phone.

No word on whether or not they worked it out.


Parents turn 13-year-old daughter in to police for texting nude photos of herself to classmates


The parents became aware of what their 13-year-old was doing, when their other child heard voices in her bedroom around 4 a.m.

The parents then confiscated the electronics. 

sexting“Looking through the phone and the tablet we did find sexual pictures, conversations that were very inappropriate for her age,” she said.

While none of the nude photo’s showed their daughter with anyone else, there were pictures being sent back and forth with other boys.

“Everybody wanted to be her friend, because according to these people, she was cool now,” she said.

But they also made a startling discovery involving whom they believe is an area high school senior.

“We believe them to be 17-18ish… Definitely older than her. Did request that they have sex.”

The parents said that they called in the sheriff’s office to protect their daughter even though she could face criminal charges.

“We did this now to protect her for now and in the future, because this could get worse. She could be taken,” she said.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Lisa Caruso said there are other options for the teen, not necessarily going through the court system.

“What’s called diversion in the juvenile justice system. That’s a 12 week program and it would be group classes. The parents would get involved [and] there would be some counseling,” Caruso said.

However, the older teens could face felony charges depending on their ages.

The mother said while some may criticize their decision to go to sheriff’s investigators, they did so out of fear. They did not want someone to see the pictures and try to find their daughter.

“What she’s facing may be harsh, but we feel it’s for her own protection,” the mother said.

And the mother has important advice for other parents to keep their children from accessing dangerous apps.

“Please put parental controls on everything. I was informed that if you take it to the store… wherever store you buy it from, they can put all kinds of locks and controls in place, so that they can’t access these apps,” she said.

Many cultures have their own Rites of Passage into adulthood. This is Wisconsin’s


A 13-year-old Manitowoc girl allegedly took her mother’s vehicle without permission Wednesday evening and drove five other juveniles around — all while she was intoxicated, according to police.

According to a news release from the Manitowoc Police Department:

Officer Jason Erickson observed a vehicle driving without headlights in the 2000 block of Marshall Street at about 11:45 p.m. He initiated a traffic stop and the vehicle pulled over in the 1000 block of S. 22nd Street.

Erickson, a drug recognition expert, saw that the driver appeared to be impaired. The girl failed the standard field sobriety tests, was placed under arrest for operating while impaired and eventually released to her mother.

Five other juveniles from Manitowoc and Two Rivers, all 14 or younger, also were in the vehicle. One of the juveniles had been reported as a runaway by his mother to the department earlier in the evening and he was returned to her. Another juvenile in the vehicle had an active apprehension request from the Department of Human Services and was eventually released to a relative. A third juvenile had an active temporary physical custody order on him from Sheboygan County. He was eventually transported to the Sheboygan Juvenile Detention Center.

Police are recommending a charge against the driver of operating while impaired with passengers less than 16 years of age in the vehicle.

German schoolboy drops phone on fishing trip, drains entire pond to look for it

A boy enjoying a fishing trip with a group of friends accidentally dropped his iPhone over the side of the boat – so he decided to drain the entire pond.

The 16-year-old took matters into his own hands after the angling club refused to let him use his diving suit to retrieve the device, sneaking back later that night armed with a powerful pump and two hoses.

‘I thought two pumps would drain enough of the water from the pond so I could find my cellphone,’ he told his local paper in Cologne.


‘I knew the phone was probably dead but wanted to get the data card back with the numbers, pictures and videos of my friends.’

The youngster thought that if he directed the water into the angling club toilet he may get away with his plan – but he failed to notice that the toilet wasn’t attached to a sewage system.

When the owner arrived to a flooded car park he quickly found the cause and called police.

The boy was ordered to pay for the damage for the toilet, the clean-up operation and the water to refill the pond.

And though he didn’t recover his phone, he was unapologetic.

‘It almost worked,’ he insisted.

Two Teens Sentenced To Prison For Carving Swastika Into Teen’s Forehead


Four teens are looking at some serious charges after being accused of kidnapping and torturing one of their classmates.

Police say during a snowstorm on February 10, Jenna Montgomery, 15, lured 16-year-old Dustin Murrain into a shed behind a house. Murrain told police he had met Montgomery earlier that day at David Douglas High School, where they both attended school.

According to Murrain’s account, once he walked into the shed he encountered three teen boys and realized he had fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book.

First he was struck in the head with a crowbar before being ordered to take off his shirt. Then 15-year-old Blue Kalmbach allegedly shot Murrain in the chest, groin and index finger with a BB gun. Kalmbach then carved a swastika into Murrain’s forehead with a box-cutter and forced Murrain to eat cat shit.

After having his iPod stolen, Murrain escaped the shed and fled to a nearby auto service shop for help. Police were called and Murrain was taken to OHSU Hospital for treatment.

Police were able to apprehend the suspects quickly and brought them in for questioning. Montgomery spilled the beans, admitting she and the boys came up with a plan to torture Murrain the night before, using her as bait to get him inside the shed.

Kalmbach would admit to shooting Murrain, carving the swastika into his forehead and forcing him to swallow down a cat turd. Jess Taylor, 17, admitted he’d held a BB air rifle on Murrain to keep him from escaping.


Montgomery, Kalmbach, Taylor, and 14-year-old Shane Connell were arrested and charged with second-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping, criminal conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping and first-degree robbery. All four have entered not guilty pleas to the allegations.

Because of his age, Connell’s case will remain in juvenile court. The rest will be prosecuted as adults. A grand jury is hearing the case and is expected to return an indictment by Tuesday.

Police said the Murrain may have been targeted because of his possible bullying, and that his attackers were retaliating against him. Murrain’s mother said even if that were true, it didn’t justify what the teens are accused of doing to him.

“There’s no understanding what they did,” she said. “Every time he looks in the mirror he’s gonna have that memory,” she said. Which I assume was kind of the point of carving the swastika in his forehead.