Parents Claim Son Committed Suicide After Masturbation Video Went Viral


The parents of a teenager who committed suicide last year say he took his own life after another student filmed him masturbating in a school bathroom then posted the video online.

Matthew-BurdetteMatthew Burdette killed himself on November 29. His family had noticed the once happy, popular teen had become withdrawn in the days leading up to his suicide, but say they never saw it coming.

Matthew left a note that stated he had no friends and that he could no longer handle school. Wanting answers, his family started asking questions – starting with school officials at University City High School.

They say school officials wouldn’t tell them anything about what may have happened at the school to have caused Matthew to suddenly hate school so bad that it would be part of his reasoning for ending his own life.

However, other students didn’t have such issues. They told Matthew’s family that their son was being relentlessly bullied over a video that was posted online that went viral.

Two weeks before Matthew committed suicide, he was asked to leave a classroom for eating sunflower seeds. As he wandered the halls, he made a stop in one of the school’s bathrooms. Unbeknownst to him, another student videotaped him in a stall, allegedly masturbating.

The student who filmed him then used SnapChat and Vine to post the video online and within hours, the video had gone viral.

“It went beyond his school. It went to other schools in California. Kids in the neighborhood who didn’t go to Matthew’s school had heard about it and seen the video that was taken of him,” said the boy’s aunt.

As you can imagine, the last two weeks of Matthew’s life was pretty shitty as he was teased and harassed mercilessly by his peers. His family has now gone public with the story in hopes of getting more answers, have changes made within the school district and to get through to other kids.

“I don’t have hatred for the kid who took this video. He was a dumb kid who did a dumb thing. But these kids don’t get it. They don’t realize how big the cyber bullying world is,” said Burdette’s aunt.

The family have also filed a claim against the San Diego Unified School District. You can read their claim here.

Attorney Allison Worden, who is representing the family, said the teacher kicked Matthew out of class with no direction on where to go, leaving him to wander the school. She also said the school district failed to protect Matthew under the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000 and the California Safe Place Act.

The school district released the following statement:

“At San Diego Unified, the safety and well-being of our students is a top priority. The district also adheres to the privacy and confidentiality laws and regulations related to students, families and ongoing investigations. For this reason, the district cannot provide details about Matthew Burdette’s death. Our hearts and thoughts continue to be with his family and loved ones.”

Baseball Coach Michael & His Wife Blair Had Sex With Young Teen Player


2n8be6xA pair of Mississippi high school softball coaches who are husband and wife allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old student, including at least once in the press box on school grounds, prosecutors say.

Cops charged Michael Porter, 27, the onetime softball coach at Ridgeland High School, and his 26-year-old wife Blair Porter, a former assistant softball coach at Ridgeland and teacher at Old Towne Middle School, each with a count of sexual battery of a child, WLBT-TV reported.

The allegedly deviant couple were busted after the teen’s mother learned the Porters were in touch with the girl, a player on the softball team, in a way that “went well beyond that of a teacher student relationship,” according to a police document.

2i766itThe mom was worried the sexual relationships may have begun when the girl was in middle school, according to the news station.

Cops searched text messages sent between the couple and student and found naked pictures and dirty language, according to police. When confronted by cops, the girl admitted to having sex with the couple, once at their Brandon home and another time in the press box at Ridgeland High School, documents show.

The couple both had oral sex with the girl, documents show.

The Porters were arrested Friday; Michael was released on $25,000 while his wife was let go on $5,000 bond.

Both have been fired from their jobs in the school district. Each faces up to 30 years in prison on the charge.

Teenage boy kept wondering why people kept telling him to sit down on the double-decker bus. And then it hit him


btbha8efcyt6hq6qgswtA 16-year-old boy has died after striking a freeway overpass in California while standing up on a double-decker Starline Bus.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the incident happened on Thursday night while the bus was traveling at 45 miles per hour on the San Diego Freeway. A witness told NBC that the teenager, Mason Zisette, may have been standing on his seat:

A witness told NBC4 that the teen may have been dancing on a seat cushion with his back to the freeway signs when his head and hands slammed into the sign. He then collapsed on the floor, the witness said.

About two dozen teens—most under 18 years old—were dancing on the upper level when the incident occurred, while all of the adult chaperones were inside the bus. Zisette was rushed to the hospital and listed in critical condition. He died two days later.

Virginia cops want to give a 17-year-old boy an erection so they can take pictures of it


1010-54 039A Manassas City teenager accused of “sexting” a video to his girlfriend is now facing a search warrant in which Manassas City police and Prince William County prosecutors want to take a photo of his erect penis, possibly forcing the teen to become erect by taking him to a hospital and giving him an injection, the teen’s lawyers said. A Prince William County judge allowed the 17-year-old to leave the area without the warrant being served or the pictures being taken — yet.

The teen is facing two felony charges, for possession of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography, which could lead not only to incarceration until he’s 21, but inclusion on the state sex offender data base for, possibly, the rest of his life. David Culver of NBC Washington first reported the story and interviewed the teen’s guardian, his aunt, who was shocked at the lengths Prince William authorities were willing to go to make a sexting case in juvenile court.

“The prosecutor’s job is to seek justice,” said the teen’s defense lawyer, Jessica Harbeson Foster. “What is just about this? How does this advance the interest of the Commonwealth? This is a 17-year-old who goes to school every day, plays football, has never been in trouble with the law before. Now he’s saddled with two felonies and the implication that he’s a sexual predator. I don’t mind trying the case. My goal is to stop the search warrant. I don’t want him to go through that. Taking him down to the hospital so he can get an erection in front of all those cops, that’s traumatizing.”

Girl filmed performing a sex act on 24 men in two minutes at bar was ‘told she would win a “holiday”… but it was just the name of a £4 cocktail’


article-2679321-1F5C897E00000578-843_306x546The British girl who was filmed performing a sex act on 24 men in Majorca was told she would win a ‘holiday’ – but it was just the name of a £4 cocktail, it was today claimed.

The 18-year-old, who is yet to be named, was captured on video working her way through holidaymakers at a nightclub in the island’s notorious party capital of Magaluf.

Donning pink hotpants and a white vest top, she was cheered on by revellers as she moved from man to man, encouraging each of them to take their trousers down.

The two-minute footage was later posted online and quickly went viral, sparking outrage among local politicians and women’s rights groups.

Last night, police launched an inquiry into the incident, which took place during an event organised by Carnage Magaluf at Alex’s Bar.

Now, it has been claimed that the girl agreed to perform the sex acts after being told by party organisers she would win a ‘holiday’ for taking part.

But her prize, in fact, reportedly turned out to be a cocktail named ‘Holiday’, made from gin, vodka, peach schnapps, blackcurrant liqueur and fruit juice.

A man called Kieran, 26, who said he was at the club at the time, told The Sun: ‘The girl was being encouraged to drink more and more and was told she would win a ‘holiday’ if she took part in this game.

‘Unfortunately the ‘holiday’ turned out to be the name of a cocktail. I feel sorry for her now. She must feel awful.’

The shocking video, posted on local newspaper sites, shows the DJ apparently counting the number of men the girl notched up on the dancefloor, while playing the song Sexy and I Know It.

The men can be seen sporting T-shirts from Carnage Magaluf, a company which takes young Britons on pub crawls, which is not linked to Carnage UK, a separate party organiser.

Meanwhile, several holidaymakers are captured taking photos of the ‘game’ on their mobile phones.

The girl, who reportedly works as a mobile phone sales rep, is believed to have flown to Spain for seven-night holiday with a friend last month.

Locals immediately suggested she was British, as are the vast majority of tourists in a resort which has a reputation for excess.

The footage has been described as a new low in Magaluf, where pub crawls were regulated for the first time this year following complaints.

Mayor Manu Onieva voiced his ‘absolute indignation’ and said police were investigating the practice that local press have dubbed ‘mamading’ – a play on the crude Spanish word for a sex act, ‘mamada’.

Benefits Street star White Dee was a guest of Carnage Magaluf in May and was photographed at a party wearing the company’s T-shirt.


The 42-year-old mother of two, real name Deirdre Kelly, claims £10,000 a year in benefits but flew to the resort despite being ‘too depressed’ to work. She returned to the resort last month and had been due to go on another pub crawl organised by the firm.

Dozens of posts about the incident appeared on the firm’s Twitter feed, with some claiming it happens ‘everywhere every day’.

Reports said other tourists were being offered free drinks in similar sex competitions.


Spain’s Women’s Institute called it ‘degenerate, discriminatory and unfair’ towards women.

The More for Majorca opposition party demanded that the activity be penalised, saying it was ‘an absolutely irresponsible and unhealthy way of enjoying leisure time’.

Politician David Abril asked: ‘Where is the responsible tourism we all want?’

Residents of Magaluf have long complained about drunken Britons wreaking havoc on the island, injuring themselves during all night drinking sessions and blocking off roads through towns.

Meanwhile, Geordie Shore’s Jay Gardner has confirmed he also featured in the video as the girl asked him whether he wanted to be ‘number 25′.

The reality TV star can be seen at the end of the footage sticking his middle finger up at the blonde woman, who then walks away.

Speaking to The Mirror, he said he been taking part in the bar crawl, but had decided not to take part in the sex game, calling it ‘the most shocking thing I’ve seen.’

‘The girl was being encouraged to drink more and more and was told she would win a ‘holiday’ if she took part in this game’

Kieran, 26, holidaymaker 

However, he added that he would not hesitate to go back to the infamous party island.

The paper also reported that young Britons taking part in the bar crawl had been plied with unlimited free alcohol for more than four hours before the video was shot.

The destination, popular for its cheap clubs and bars. Magaluf has earned its reputation as one of the top places for drinking and clubbing holidays in Europe.

It is especially popular with British tourists, who will fill the hundreds of bars on a 24-hour basis until September.

New Study Suggests Teens Who Send Dirty Texts Are More Likely to Be Sexually Active


Parents who catch their middle school-aged children sexting may be justified in suspecting something more, a new study suggests.

girls-texting-558x279Adolescents who sent or received sexually explicit photos or text messages were three to seven times more likely to be sexually active than their peers not involved in sexting, according to a survey of nearly 1,300 middle school students in Los Angeles.

“Even among kids as young as 11 to 13, those who sext are also sexually active,” Eric Rice, who led the study at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, told Reuters Health in an email.

“Parents, teachers, social workers and pediatricians all need to recognize that sexting is a contemporary adolescent sexual behavior. We need to be teaching kids about the ramifications of sexting as part of our sexual education programs,” he said.

The researchers found that three-quarters of the middle schoolers had easy access to texting-capable phones.

Of the kids with cell phone access, 20 percent said they had received at least one sext and almost five percent had sent one. Students who had received a sext were about seven times more likely to be sexually active than those who hadn’t and students who had sent a sext were about three times more likely to be sexually active, the researchers found.

In total, 11 percent of the kids surveyed said they were sexually active. And 30 percent of them said that the last time they had sex, it was unprotected, according to findings published in Pediatrics.

Past research has found a link between sexting and sex among high school students. The new survey adds middle schoolers who sext as well as those who excessively text to the list of young people who are more likely to be sexually active.

“About 40 percent of 11- to 13-year-olds are sending more than 100 text messages a day. This appears to be part of a ‘cluster’ of risky behaviors that also includes sexting and sexual activity. Excessive texting may be an indicator for other issues and is something parents, teachers, social workers and pediatricians should be monitoring,” Rice said.

Parents should think about monitoring their middle school-aged children’s cell phones, the researchers say. They should do any monitoring openly, and also consider checking in with children about who they are texting, the researchers recommend.

The findings suggest that sexting and texting can be an opening for parents to talk about sex with their children, Rice’s team adds.

Christopher Houck, a staff psychologist at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence and lead investigator at Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center, has also studied sexting and sex but was not involved in the new research.

“Finding strategies to talk about sex can be difficult for parents, and using what’s happening naturally in an adolescent’s environment is a good way to start these conversations,” he told Reuters Health in an email. “For some, it might be talking about things on TV or radio. For others, it might be talking about the texts that they or their friends send and receive, and what that means to them. The key is for parents to find a way to start talking about these important topics.”

Say What Now? Three Friends Rushed to Hospital After Becoming ‘Possessed’ While Playing with Ouija Board


article-2665899-1F0A3CA400000578-424_634x373In what sounds like a scene from the latest Paranormal Activity film, three friends were rushed to a hospital after allegedly becoming ‘possessed’ by evil spirits while playing with a Ouija board.

For those of you who don’t know, a Ouija board — also known as a spirit board or talking board — is a flat board marked with letters, symbols, numbers, the words ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ and is used to communicate with ‘spirits’.

So, how did these friends allegedly end up possessed? Here’s what happened:

Alexandra Huerta, 22, was playing the game with her brother Sergio, 23, and 18-year-old cousin Fernando Cuevas at a house in the village of San Juan Tlacotenco in south-west Mexico.

But minutes into it, she apparently started ‘growling’ and thrashing around in a ‘trance-like’ state.

Meanwhile, Sergio and Fernando also reportedly started showing signs of ‘possession’, including feelings of blindness, deafness and hallucinations. 

Paramedics were called to the house and took the trio to hospital, according to Alexandra’s parents.

They restrained Alexandra to prevent her from hurting herself, before treating the three with painkillers, anti-stress medication and eye drops, which seemingly worked.

Victor Demesa, 46, the director of public safety in the nearby town of Tepoztlan, said: ‘The medical rescue of these three young people was very complicated. 

‘They had involuntary movements and it was difficult to transfer them to the nearest hospital because they were so erratic.

‘It appeared as if they were in a trance-like state, apparently after playing with the Ouija board.

‘They spoke of feeling numbness, double vision, blindness, deafness, hallucinations, muscle spasm and difficulty swallowing.’

He added that whether the trio were really possessed, or had simply convinced themselves that they were, was not for doctors to comment on.

Alexandra’s parents said they had called paramedics after a local Catholic priest refused to perform an exorcism on the three because they were not regular churchgoers.

Onlookers filmed Alexandra being restrained and transported to the hospital.

Check out the video below. Do you think she was actually ‘possessed’? Do you believe in spirits?