Gym Teacher, Charged With 30 Counts Of Statutory Rape


n-MEGAN-MAHONEY-largeA former basketball coach and gym teacher at a prestigious New York City high school faces statutory rape charges for her alleged sex abuse of a male student.

Megan Mahoney, 24, was arrested Monday for allegedly having regular sexual contact with the same 16-year-old student over a period of more than two months beginning in late October 2013, the Staten Island Advance reports.

She faces 30 counts of statutory rape in the case. The New York Post reports:

Mahoney romped with the teen “on numerous occasions, that is at least two times per week during the period,” court papers claim.

She also was charged with four counts of “criminal sexual act” because of mutual oral sex that she and the boy allegedly engaged in “at least two times per month during said period.”

In January, Mahoney resigned from Moore Catholic High School in Staten Island, where she taught gym and was an assistant coach for the women’s basketball team.

Investigators said at some of the encounters happened on school grounds. In August, the victim told the New York Post that the illicit relationship began shortly afterMahoney allegedly approached him in the gym and offered to coach him in basketball.

“We would just drive around and [do it] in the car,” the boy, whose name was withheld, told the newspaper.

Richard Postiglione, the Moore’s athletic director, was also investigated for allegedly failing to report sex abuse accusations against Mahoney and another female teacher at the school.

Before she was a coach, Mahoney was also a student athlete, playing basketball for Fordham University and Wagner College.

One in 10 Brits admits to getting their annual vacations off to a good start by having sex while waiting at the airport


Randy Brits have said holiday spirits and the thrill of not knowing if they’d get caught are the main reasons for having sex in airports.

Instead of doing crosswords, reading or simply catching up on sleep whilst waiting for a flight, nine per cent of UK travellers are getting down and dirty in airports loos and storage rooms.

1413366446476_Image_galleryImage_AC266R_Couple_in_the_restThe surprising results from a new poll conducted by flight comparison website revealed the growing trend of sexual encounters in terminals, suggesting the Airport Club is becoming as much of a phenomenon as the Mile-High Club.

Three quarters (76 per cent) choose to have sex in airport toilets while 21 per cent decided to take the risk in storage areas or rooms.

Twelve per cent people who had had a sexual encounter at the airport admitted they had been caught by either staff or members of the public.

When asked why they had sex at the airport, 32 per cent said they were ‘in the holiday spirit’ and 27 per cent admitted they wanted the ‘thrill’ of not knowing if they would get caught.

All respondents were also asked if they had ever had a sexual encounter on an aircraft, to which only four per cent admitted to it. Thirty-one per cent of these had been caught in the act.

More than 2,520 respondents from across the UK were quizzed about their airport experiences.

To determine whether this was purely a UK trend or something that was becoming popular in all Europe, 1,000 people from European countries were also polled.

The results showed that Italians (17 per cent) are the most amorous when it comes to sexual encounters in airports, followed by the Spanish (14 per cent). Eight per cent from Germany gave in to their desires whilst only three percent of the French did the same.

The poll also found that 79 per cent of Brit travellers spent their time eating and drinking and half (52 per cent) decided to while away the hours by reading.

Browsing duty free shops (30 per cent), sitting around waiting (24 per cent) and playing games (19 per cent) were some of the other things Brit holidaymakers did to pass time.

The poll was conducted by flight comparison website and 2,521 UK respondents aged 18 and over were quizzed about their airport experiences.

Antoine Michelat, co-founder of, said: ‘These results shocked us a little. We’re surprised that more people haven’t been caught in the act.

‘Clearly, intimate acts in airports are even more common than those that take place on planes! I suppose one of the reasons many people are tempted is the thrill of knowing you’re not supposed to be doing what you’re doing, where you’re doing it.’

Bride who had sex with dwarf stripper on hen do confesses after giving birth to baby with dwarfism


A dwarf stripper got a bride-to-be pregnant after her hen night celebrations got a little too wild.

Hen-nightThe guilty woman had to confess to cheating on her husband with her entertainer after giving birth to a child with dwarfism at a hospital in Valencia.

A Spanish news website revealed the incident today and it was quickly picked up by local and national media.

Neither the hospital nor the woman have been named.

Her encounter is said to have occurred at the start of the year.

Reportedly in the dark, the cheating wife’s partner was of the firm belief the child was his – until it was born.

Website LasCincoDelDia, which broke the news, said: “Neither her closest female friends or her family knew she had sex with the midget stripper but once she had her son in her arms, she broke down and confessed what had happened.

“As you can imagine no-one that sleeps with a stripper at her hen night broadcasts it or at least they try to take their secret to the grave.

“But the protagonist of this episode had no choice but to confess and could never have pretended the boy was her husband’s because of a little problem – the child was born with dwarfism.”

Couple Enjoys Regular Hardcore Threesomes – With Expensive Sex Dolls


Shawna Bigelow is only a little jealous of the numerous sex dolls her boyfriend keeps in the basement.

Most of the time, though, she and Dave Hockey enjoy an ongoing sexual relationship with the dolls, which they spent more than $32,000 on, according to iTV. Their freaky extracurriculars involve little to no attachment (unless Bigelow decides to use a different attachable penis for her male doll, named Terry).


“It is kind of like a threesome without anyone getting hurt,” she told the station. “You’ve got to realize that she is only a doll that’s really not real, because who has the perfect body?”

The two met on a dating website more than a year ago. Bigelow said she wasn’t put off when Hockey showed her to his basement, where he keeps the dolls before bedtime. On the contrary, she started wearing the dolls’ wigs and “looking down their shirts and wanting to see everything,” according to the Daily Mail.

Things quickly moved to the bedroom, where the couple shares nightly visits with one of the female dolls, Bianca. This particular plastic lover is famous; she starred alongside Ryan Gosling in the 2007 film “Lars and the Real Girl,” according to BuzzFeed.

The pair says they wanted to share their plastic philandery to try and face the shame that surrounds the doll sex movement.

“There is a face on the community that is painted as the lonely single guy,” Hockey said. “Because I did a documentary, I also did a lot of research on this and 30 percent of people in our forum are couples and married.”

Indeed, we’ve met couples like this before. And we know people are down to have sex with robots, so why not dolls?

Bodybuilding Christian Swingers From Florida Start Spouse-Swapping Website


Love thy neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do not covet thy neighbor’s ass. These are the ethical foundations of any good swinger’s lifestyle.

n-BODYBUILDING-CHRISTIAN-SWINGERS-largeIf you like Jesus, pumping iron and pumping/getting pumped by acquaintances bound by holy matrimony, there’s a website just for you.

It’s called Fitness Swingers, and it’s the brainchild of Cristy Parave and her husband, Dean, who dreamed up the site after reportedly having a threesome with this wife and her female friend. Apparently, the sex was just heavenly.

The Florida couple, who met at a bodybuilding competition, are interested in sharing their beliefs and their spouses with others who feel similarly. They started their online network 7 years ago, and haven’t looked back. The pillars of their relationship: A commitment to their faith, to fitness, and to the ideals of the swinger lifestyle.

Dean Parave told Barcroft Media that he doesn’t think that his swinger lifestyle conflicts with his Christian beliefs. In fact, he considers it a kind of ministry.

“So far today, God hasn’t told me, ‘Dean stop that, it’s a sin. I don’t want you to do that.’ Until he does that, I’m going to keep trying to help as many people as I can,” he told Barcroft.

Christy said she needed a little convincing that it was moral at first, but now she’s totally convinced that god is on their side.

“God put people on the Earth to breed and enjoy each other,” she told Barcroft. “I feel God is always with me and he has put us here for a reason.”

Their daughter told the outlet that she thinks that helping run her parents’ website is definitely “different.”

If Everyone Was This Honest During Sex, No One Would Be Having Sex


Here’s a terrifying thought: What if no one was concerned with being polite during sex and instead said exactly what they were thinking?

In the video above, BuzzFeed gives us a glimpse of just how awkward sex would be if that were to happen. Some of the cringiest admissions? “This isn’t my O face. This is my holding-in-a-fart face” — and the one thing no man wants to hear right before sexy time begins: “Oh, cool penis!”