Woman divorces husband after 1 week over big manhood


A newly married woman in Zamfara State, Aisha Dannupawa, caused serious laughter at the Sharia Court sitting in Samaru, Gusau, when she urged the court to dissolve her barely one week old marriage to her husband, Ali Maizinari, because of his mammoth manhood because she could not bear its sheer size.

During the hearing, Dannupawa told the court that she married Maizinari after her fist marriage broke up but that she wanted out of the marriage due to the pains she has been experiencing during sex with her new husband.

Dannupawa who is a mother of three, further narrated that the first time she and Maizinari had sex was a nightmare for her.

“When we had sex for the first time, the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else because his manhood was too big.

After that first time, I had to take medication given to me by my mother.

I told my mother the experience but she told me to endure and that with time, I will be able to cope. She then gave me some drugs.

Two days later, when he came to visit me, we had sex again but the experience was too much to bear.

It was then I knew that I could not continue with the marriage because of the size of his joystick.”

Maizinari did not however deny the accusation and even told the court that he was willing to grant his wife’s prayer for divorce but on the condition that she pays back the dowry and all that he spent on her during the courtship.

When he was asked to state the amount, Maizinari disclosed that what he expected from her was N60,000.

A New Vibrator Lets You FaceTime From Your Vagina (Vagtime?)


vibe_600Is your current vibrator running low on batteries? We have a new and very high tech suggestion for you: the Svakom Gaga USB Rechargeable Intimate View Endoscopy Vibrator, aka the Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator, aka the sex selfie stick. We now have a vibe with a built-in camera so you can capture your orgasm from the inside out. (Remember when butt selfies were a big deal? It seems like such an innocent time.)

As the UK’s Independent reports, the vibe uses endoscopy technology, the light-and-camera system that typically doctors use to get a detailed picture of your digestive tract. The HD camera plus the vibe’s insertable length of four inches makes for a crystal clear view of stimulation and vaginal contractions during orgasm. The vibe is waterproof and rechargeable, like that even matters when it has a camera in it. It’s also compatible with FaceTime, so you can share your big moment with friends across the 4G network.

Care for a demonstation of how it works? Of course you do:

The online adult sex toy shop Lovehoney is selling the very 2k15 vibe for $179.99.  According to the video, “It puts the view only gynecologists used to be privy to in your hands.” Who could resist?


A woman performed graphic sex acts multiple times inside at least two branches of the Windsor Public Library over a three-month period and streamed it all live online, CBC News has learned.

The woman, who appears to be in her twenties and used the screen name “lilsecrett,” streamed video of herself flashing her breasts, masturbating and using sex toys in front of a webcam while seated at the Riverside and Fontainebleau branches of the library.

The shows happened between November of last year and the end of January.

CBC News has determined that during the three-month span, the woman streamed at least 52 performances from libraries in the border town of Windsor, Ont. — 49 at the Riverside branch and three atFontainebleau. Some performances lasted as long as three hours.

The Windsor Police Service is aware of at least one video, but is not investigating.

CBC News has found 52 videos featuring the woman, including one in which she shoos a toddler away, archived online and for purchase.

Some of the scenes are graphic while in others the woman quickly covers up her breasts with a shirt or coat and tamely interacts with library users before continuing to perform when they leave.

During the shows, lilsecrett was performing for and interacting with an online audience in a chat room on the website MyFreeCams.com.

MyFreeCams is an online porn site on which models perform live sex shows. Viewers ask and pay the models to perform particular acts — sometimes in specific places.

On a couple of occasions, lilsecrett interacts with children and other library users in a non-sexual nature.

In one video, she’s interrupted by a girl, who appears to be about seven years old, and tells her she should go find her parents. The child eventually leaves and lilsecrett once again resumes her sex show.

In another, while asking a man for a pen, lilscrett lifts her skirt and shows her buttocks to her online audience without the man knowing.

According to the website’s rules for models, unauthorized people, minors, children and babies may not be on camera or in the same room.

“The particular model in question was terminated for violation of company policy,” MyFreeCams lawyer Lawrence G. Walters said of lilsecrett in an email to CBC. “Since these are internal personnel matters, our client does not publicly discuss the reasons for specific contract terminations.”

Library aware of ‘inappropriate behaviour’

Windsor Public Library CEO Kitty Pope is not aware of any sex shows being streamed from any branch, but she did say a complaint was made about a woman taking photos of her genitalia.

After watching two videos shown to her by CBC, Pope believes the woman who was taking photos may have been lilsecrett. Pope said library staff banned the woman who was taking photos at the Riverside branch.

“We’ve asked her to leave from this facility for inappropriate behaviour,” she said during an interview at the Riverside branch. “We were notified by a customer that there was inappropriate behaviour happening here.

“The next time the patron came in, we notified her that kind of behaviour was not appropriate in a public place and she was to leave. That’s all we’ve heard.”

She said police were notified of the incident “but they didn’t have a lot to go on.”

She said she will once again contact police.

“We’ll be referring it to the police right away,” Pope said. “Certainly the staff, the board and the police will do everything in their power to make sure the Windsor Public Library is a safe place for everybody.”

No complaints made to police

Staff Sgt. Brad Hill said he is not aware of any formal complaint made to police.

‘Is it morally incorrect? Certainly.’- Staff Sgt. Brad Hill, Windsor police

“If we had a complaint it could possibly be an indecent act,” he said. “Is it morally incorrect? Certainly. But we have to investigate what we get reported to us.

“If we got a call to the library that this person was there, patrol would have responded to the library and dealt with it firsthand.”

A woman who goes by the name JuJu performed on MyFreeCams.com for a few months, during the same time period lilsecrett used the site. JuJu, who asked that her real name not be used because she fears for her safety, said she isn’t surprised by the public sex shows.

“These types of public shows have become very, very popular, and very lucrative,” she said.

Some audience members tip larger amounts of money for more public and risky behaviour, she said.

JuJu is concerned about public sex shows being streamed online and unintentionally showing children.

“It makes me feel like pedophiles and sex offenders can now buy that video and sit there and get their rocks off while these children are running around in this video,” she said.

Not child porn

The appearance of a child also concerns Const. Shawn Diotte of the Windsor Police Service’s internet child exploitation unit.

“My biggest concern is the fact there were children in the library at the time when this was going on. That isn’t material that children that age should be seeing,” he said.

However, the video isn’t child pornography, he said.

“The child is not involved in the explicit sex act, the child just so happens to be in the background. It doesn’t make it right. However, it doesn’t fall into child pornography,” Diotte said.

Man burns house down after partner refuses sex


A man burned down his own house after his partner refused to have sex with him.

cdo_022615The live-in partner, who is five months pregnant, said she and the suspect, 28-year-old Aminodin Macadaag, had a falling out yesterday after he refused to get rice from his grandmother.

Because of this, she refused to sleep with him.

She was fleeing their house when she saw Macadaag with a knife in his hand. She became more afraid when he threatened to burn their house so she left the area.

When she came home at 1 a.m. today, their house was in ashes.

She will stay with a relative, in the meantime.

Authorities are already looking for Macadaag.

Get Your Freak On: There’s A Tinder For Kinky BDSM People Now


2015-02-26_1352Are you getting bored with the girls that you meet Tinder? Maybe they are a little too vanilla in the sack for your sexual tastes. Great news, there’s a new app that let’s you get your rocks off with other like-minded BDSM enthusiasts!

Whether it’s because Fifty Shades of Grey is so hot right now and it has brought BDSM to the mainstream or because people are just more open about their sexuality, the doors have swung open for an app that specializes in S&M. It is called “Whiplr,” and it is a a location-based app much like Tinder, but it hooks up kinky individuals up with each other who may enjoy things like erotic humiliation.

Here’s the description from iTunes:

Connect with people who share your fetishes and kinks (such as for fashion, accessories, sounds, etc.) discreetly and anonymously with Whiplr. Chat, send photos or video-chat securely – all in one user-friendly app. Download today and embark on your personal “Fifty Shades of Grey” journey!

Don’t worry, unlike Tinder, it doesn’t link to your Facebook or share personal information. So nobody will know that you are the kinky sex stallion that loves cock and ball torture.

The provocative app allows users to specify which kind of kinks they’re into. Whiplr has “kink categories” such as “fashion,” “objects,” “behavior,” “materials,” “accessories,” and “sounds.” So if you’re into pegging, it will find a gal who’s down for plugging your love holes.

Whiplr is available on iOS and Android. It offers free video chats, calls, and real-time messaging with other individuals who also appreciate boot worship, trampling or scrotal inflation (Don’t look that one up). The free version allows users to search profiles and have access to messaging, voice calls, video chat and “animated Sparks.” The app also offers a paid subscription, called Dekadom, which gives users unlimited access and all the pony slave play you desire.

“I think the genius of Fifty Shades was that it tapped into something that was already happening,” Daniel Sevitt, Whiplr’s chief communications officer said. “People were starting to feel more comfortable expressing their curiosity about BDSM and other kinks and Fifty Shades took one aspect of the fantasy life – handsome, dominant male meets beautiful, virgin submissive – and brought it into bookstores and now the multiplex.”

So what are you still doing reading this? Bust out your nipple clamps, think of a nifty new safe word and get out there.

College student accused of rape claims he was reenacting ’50 Shades of Grey’


A college student who has been accused of raping a classmate told authorities he was reenacting scenes from “Fifty Shades of Grey,” authorities said.

50After bringing the 19-year-old woman back to his dorm room at the University of Illinois at Chicago on Saturday, Mohammad Hossain, 19, used multiple belts to restrain and beat his victim while he assaulted her, the state’s attorney’s office told The Washington Post.

Hossain, a student in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has been charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault. If convicted, the felony is punishable by six to 30 years behind bars, authorities said.

When a judge set his bail at $500,000, Hossain’s attorney, Cook County public defender Sandra Bennewitz, told the judge that her client had been “involved with several UIC leadership programs, was a student ambassador to the alumni association and was on the triathlon team,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Sandra, how can someone involved in all that let a movie persuade him to do something like this?” asked Judge Adam Bourgeois Jr., according to the Tribune.

“He would say that it was consensual,” she replied.

The alleged incident began when Hossain asked the woman — a UIC student he had previously “been intimate with,” but was not currently romantically involved with — to strip for him, Steve Campbell, a spokesperson for State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, told The Post.

After the woman removed all of her clothing except for her underwear and bra, authorities allege, Hossain covered her eyes with a knit cap and bound her hands above her head to the bed. He used a second belt to bind her legs and stuffed a tie in her mouth, authorities said.

After removing her remaining clothes, Hossain began striking the woman with another belt. When she asked him to stop, saying “no,” “stop” and “you’re hurting me,” he refused.

Hossain continued striking the woman — including with his fists, according to the Tribune —  and “verbally indicated that he would not stop” as the woman shook her head and cried, Campbell told The Post.

Man who tried to have sex with postbox while drunk found dead


A man who had tried to have sex with a postbox while drunk has been found dead.

Paul-Bennett-HSPaul Bennett was fined and ordered to attend an alcohol-awareness course last month after he was caught in the lewd act outside a shopping centre.

The 45-year-old’s body was found behind Chinese restaurant Shanghai Palace in Wigan, in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

A woman spotted Bennett performing a sex act and rubbing himself up and down the red mail box while shouting ‘wow’ in September 2014.

The witness contacted the police as Bennett pulled his pants up and checked his reflection before leaving.

The incident occurred after Bennett was involved in a drunken row with a woman.

Last month, prosecutor Katie Beattie described how Bennett lay down on a bench in the precinct and started to shout, before sitting up and exposing himself by pulling his trousers down.

Miss Beattie said he then began performing a sex act and walked over to the postbox and ‘started to make sexual advances towards it.’

She added: “The victim was alarmed by his behaviour. The victim rang the police. She was disgusted by his behaviour.”

He was found guilty of two charges of indecent exposure as well as using threatening and abusive words and abusive behaviour at Wigan Magistrates Court last month.

Bennett, of Holborn Avenue, Wigan, was handed a 12-month community order with an alcohol treatment and supervision requirement.