Man Lives After Setting Self On Fire At Gas Station, Cutting Throat With Ice Scraper


Police are investigating an attempted suicide at the Cenex gas station here early Tuesday morning after a man doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire.

Matthew-LuedermanPolice Chief Bruce Lang said Matthew R. Luedeman, 27, arrived at the Cenex station on North Sixth Street about 5:15 a.m. wearing blue jeans but no shirt or shoes.

“He took the gas nozzle, turned the gas pump on, held the nozzle above his head and poured gasoline on himself,” Lang said. “He then set himself on fire.”

Lang said Luedeman was engulfed in flames for about 10 seconds and tried to pour more gasoline on himself but a clerk inside the station shut off the pump.

Luedeman then went into the store and chased the clerk outside, police said. She fled and called police.

“He then returned back inside the store, where he found a pair of scissors in a rack that’s for sale,” Lang said. “He took those scissors and cut himself vertically down the middle about 18 inches, fairly deep. That still hasn’t gotten done what he wants to get done.

“He went to where they’re selling ice scrapers. He took an ice scraper and attempted to cut his carotid artery in his neck on the right side.”

Lang said Officer Robert Soldo arrived before Luedeman could inflict further injury on himself.

“(Soldo) was able to deploy the Taser and subdue the individual,” he said. “(Luedeman) was noncompliant throughout that at different points. … He didn’t show the typical pain signs that somebody that’s been tased shows. It hurts. He had the involuntary muscle response, but not a pain response.”

Luedeman was flown to Lincoln for treatment of life-threatening injuries. He was in critical condition Tuesday night at CHI Health St. Elizabeth.

Lang said he doesn’t know why Luedeman tried to kill himself. He said the Blackfoot County, Idaho, native, who most recently worked in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, had no history of substance abuse or mental illness.

Lang said he doesn’t know why Luedeman was in Beatrice, either. Beatrice police got a call from law enforcement in Idaho about the time Luedeman got to the station Tuesday morning.

“They had pinged his cellphone and located him here in Gage County,” Lang said. “His family had been concerned about him for several days, because he had made some somewhat irrational phone calls to them.”

Police here had contact with Luedeman Monday after multiple calls about suspicious behavior. Lang said Luedeman was acting irrationally, but not to the extent that he needed to be committed and that he refused assistance.

“He was acting kind of strange, but as we all know, there are people acting strange that don’t necessarily rise to the level of us needing to do anything with them,” the chief said.

Lang said the Cenex clerk acted fast in preventing further injury to Luedeman.

“I certainly want to commend the clerk at Cenex,” he said. “Her quick action in shutting the gas pump off certainly prevented a bigger explosion of problems, too. She handled the situation well when confronted by calling us and fleeing the danger zone. She did all the right things.”

Man Dismembered Dad, Used Boxed Body Parts As TV Stand


A U.K. man is accused of killing and dismembering his father, then using a box full of the man’s body parts as a TV stand.

Crown court stockNathan Robinson, 28, admitted in Winchester Crown Court to killing his father, The Guardian reported Wednesday. However, Robinson’s lawyers argue that he is only guilty of manslaughter, not murder, because Robinson was experiencing “abnormality of mental function” when the killing occurred.

Prosecutors say Robinson fatally stabbed his father, 48-year-old William Spiller, in May 2013 at the apartment where they both lived in Dorset. He then dismembered the body and cut it into pieces before storing the remains of his 6’5”, 350-pound father in plastic boxes, with Spiller’s head in a filing cabinet, according to the BBC.

According to police, he was using the plastic boxes that held his father’s body parts to prop up a television.

A few hours after the killing allegedly took place, a downstairs neighbor noticed a “pink liquid” dripping through his ceiling, but when he went to ask Robinson about it, he was told nothing was wrong. Prosecutors now believe the liquid was Spiller’s blood, which had become diluted while Robinson was cleaning up.

Despite the neighbor’s observations, no one discovered Spiller’s remains until about a month later, after the man’s girlfriend reported him missing and law enforcement searched the apartment.

Just How I Like It: Fireworks Display All Goes Off At Once


This is a video from an Italian fireworks display in which an ‘accident’ made the entire display go off simultaneously. Obviously, this isn’t the first time this has happened and there are always a couple Fourth of July displays here in the US that suffer the same fate. Of course that’s not too surprising either when you consider pyrotechnicians, at the very core, are really just people who love watching shit blow up all willy-nilly.

Woman In Critical Condition With Burns Over Half Her Body She Was Sexually Assaulted & Set On Fire


A woman who was sexually assaulted and set on fire was in critical condition Monday, and police turn to the public for help in finding her assailant.

2pq6v7aInvestigators have been unable to interview the victim at the hospital due to her medication and condition, but the Wichita woman gave a very brief description of her assailant at the scene, said police Lt. James Espinoza.

Firefighters responding to a grass fire found the 36-year-old woman with severe burns over 55 percent of her body and cuts on her head.

The attack happened sometime between 10:50 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. Friday at Fairmount Park.

‘It is a very heinous act, very cruel,’ Espinoza told the Associated Press.

It is so early in the investigation that police do not know if the attacker may be someone who knew the victim, nor do they know why she was set on fire, he said.

‘We would know if we had a suspect, but we don’t right now,’ Espinoza said.

Police have not yet determined why the woman was in the park, and Espinoza said the victim did not have a nearby car.

The victim’s family said in a statement to KWCH on Sunday ‘We just would hope that if anyone saw anything if they would just come forward. We don’t want this to happen to another innocent person. The victim is a mother to four beautiful children and is a very loving and caring person.’

Police are urging any witnesses to contact authorities. They are looking for anyone who may have seen a person running away, a vehicle speeding off from the area Friday evening or a couple walking in the park.

Resident Brody Wellman told KAKE ‘I think this is a great neighborhood and has been historically a very safe place to live and that makes this very disturbing.’

Another resident, Cierra Bethea, told the affiliate station ‘It kind of makes me feel uncomfortable just living over here now. To know that I’m not safe anymore. That somebody could come do this and we have a lot of kids that live around here.’

Woman accused of beating two girls with baseball bat, husband also charged


4e8b81132bc9a.preview-300Lakechia Schonta Stanley, 30, of St. Louis, was charged Tuesday with 34 felonies, including multiple counts of assault and endangering the welfare of a child, for allegedly striking two girls, who are related to the woman, multiple times with a baseball bat, electrical cords, and belts.

4e8b807acd137.preview-300The woman’s husband, Andrew Rui Stanley, 27, was charged with four felonies, including child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child, for allegedly beating the younger girl with a belt, causing welt marks on her body. The couple live in the 3800 block of Botanical Avenue.

“The scarring on these two girls is the worst scarring I have ever seen on children from repeated whippings from objects,” Detective Robert Jauer wrote in a probable cause statement. The girls are eight and 10 years old.

According to court documents, the older victim told police that on Monday morning, Lakechia Stanley struck her numerous times with a baseball bat on the arm, and had to be hospitalized for the injuries. The injures include “very serious soft tissue damage” that could require surgeries, and because of swelling to the arm doctors couldn’t yet determine whether any bones were broken, according to court documents.

Andrew Stanley also told police that on Friday or Saturday his wife also hit the girl with a bat on her arm, and Lakechia Stanley told police she has hit the girl many times with electrical cords and belts. The younger girl told police that Lakechia Stanley beat her several times in the arm with a baseball bat, and police said that the girl’s arm is swollen and appears injured. The girl also told police that the woman had hit her many times with cords and belts.

Lakechia Stanley’s cash bail was set at $300,000 and Andrew Stanley’s cash bail was set at $150,000. They are in custody in the St. Louis City Justice Center.

Brazil Cannibal Sect Makes Human-Filled Empanadas


Three people accused of killing at least three women in the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco said they ate some of their victims’ flesh and also used it to make the empanadas they sold to their neighbors, police said Friday.

empanadas twoThe accused, a man and two women, were arrested Wednesday in Garanhuns, 234 kilometers (145 miles) from Recife, the state capital, and said they belonged to a sect that received orders from a “voice” to do away with women they considered evil.

The suspects confessed to the homicides, cannibalism and grisly rituals during police interrogations, some details of which were released at a press conference Friday by the officer leading the investigation, Democrito de Oliveira.

Police found the mortal remains of the two women in the patio of the suspects’ house, which was burned down Thursday by their enraged neighbors.

Investigations of the three began last month after Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira, 51, identified himself as the author of a 2009 book, “Revelations of a Schizophrenic,” in which he reveals details of the supposed sect’s activities.

Along with Da Silveira, police arrested his wife, Isabel Cristina Oliveira da Silva, and his 25-year-old mistress Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, who lived with the couple.

Also living at their house was a 5-year-old girl, suspected to be the daughter of Jessica, a 17-year-old murdered in 2008 in the Recife suburb of Olinda.

Jessica’s death is described in detail in Da Silveira’s book.

“Looking at the now lifeless body of the evil adolescent, I feel relieved. I grabbed some sheet metal and begin to remove all the skin and then I divide her up…we dine on the flesh of evil as a purification ritual. We bury the remainder in the patio,” one chapter in the book reads.

Besides Jessica and the two women found buried in the patio where the accused lived, police are investigating the three for their possible guilt in at least five other homicides in Pernambuco.

Ha ha Grim Reaper, this declared dead 91-year-old woman who was in cold storage at the morgue for 11 hours is not yours YET


A 91-year-old woman who spent 11 hours in cold storage gave morgue staff the shock of their lives when she started moving in her body bag.

PAY-MorgueJanina Kolkiewicz was declared dead by a family doctor, and after her miracle recovery simply complained to her family of feeling cold.

Polish officials have since launched an investigation into how the pensioner could have been sent to the morgue alive.

After the astonishing recovery Ms Kolkiewicz returned home to warm up with a bowl of soup and two pancakes, Polish newspaper Dziennik Wschodni reports.

The pensioner’s family and doctor said they had been left in shock – with the doctor admitting he had never known anything like this before.

Her niece Bogumil Kołkiewicz had called the medic in the eastern Polish town of Ostrow Lubelski after coming home one morning to find that her aunt did not appear to be breathing or to have a pulse.

After an examination, the woman was declared dead and she was taken to the morgue.

He family even started making arrangements for a funeral in two days’ time.

“I was sure she was dead,” Dr Wieslawa Czyz told the television channel TVP.

“I’m stunned, I don’t understand what happened. Her heart had stopped beating, she was no longer breathing.”

Just a few hours later morgue staff called Ms Kołkiewicz to report the astonishing news that she was not dead.

Ms Kolkiewicz told her relatives she felt “normal, fine” after returning home, and she is apparently unaware of how near she came to the grave.