Unsuspecting Woman Finds 3-Inch Leech Living In Nose


n-DANIELA-largeDaniela Liverani, 24, had a 3-inch leech in her nose for a month, totally unbeknownst to her, the Daily Record reported Sunday.

When the Edinburgh woman began experiencing nosebleeds while traveling for a month in Vietnam, she thought she must have just burst a blood vessel, after falling off a motorcycle.

She also would sometimes see something sticking out of her nostril, but figured it was just “congealed blood,” according to the Record.

LEECH UP NOSE FOR A MONTHLiverani said when she would see the reddish mass hanging out, she “just sniffed him back up.”

A few days after she returned to Scotland, she looked in the mirror to examine the inside of her nose, and realized that what was inside was no ordinary blood clot. It was a 3-inch-long leech, about as wide as a thumb.

Doctors at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary were able to pull the leech out.

Leeches aren’t all bad, but they’re always terrifying to discover secretly lurking in bodily orifices. Just ask Tao Jiayuan, a Chinese boy who, in 2011, suffered from a sore throat that turned out to be a 4-inch leech living in his windpipe.

Geneva Robinson Accused Of Dressing As Witch Named Nelda To Abuse Grandchild


An Oklahoma City woman is arrested on some truly bizarre claims of child abuse.

Officers were called to a home in southeast Oklahoma City after the alleged suspect tried to take the victim to Griffin Memorial Hospital.

Geneva-RobinsonAccording to the police affidavit, 49-year-old Geneva Robinson told employees at the hospital that she could not control the girl anymore.

The 7-year-old child looked to be malnourished and had numerous burns and bruises across her body, according to the police report.

The report says the victim’s ankles had cuts around them and were infected.

Her wrists had marks “which had the appearance of possibly being bound.”

Authorities say the 7-year-old girl claims Robinson, her grandmother, would dress up as a witch and abuse her.

The girl told a DHS worker that Robinson would wear a green mask, take her to the garage, bind her wrists at night and make her sleep on a pair of pants because “she was in trouble.”

The child says the witch’s name is “Nelda.”

“Nelda” would allegedly “take a pink dog leash and hang the victim in the middle of the garage underneath her arms” and tell the girl “the creatures in the attic were going to come get her.”

The child also said that she would be hit with an orange and black whip.

“If it wasn’t serious, it would be laughable,” said Tracie Spillman, a neighbor. “I can’t believe it. I just think that’s not true.”

“I do not believe it,” said George Finley, another neighbor.

“I just don’t believe the allegations against her,” said Heidi Campbell.

Several neighbors agree they’ve never seen any bizarre behavior from the alleged suspect or the three other young kids who lived in the home showed no signs of abuse.

“It’s just something I don’t believe because I’ve seen the kids and they look fine, they look happy,” said Campbell.

“I don’t believe it at all. She’s too nice and takes care of those kids,” said Finley.

“It’s not true at all,” said Joshua.

Joshua, who refused to give his last name, actually lives in the home with the suspect.

He describes the alleged victim as a troubled child and denies the suspect had an evil witch alter ego.

“She’s never dressed up as a witch to punish any of the kids,” said Joshua.

For their part, police claim what they found inside the home seems to back up the victim’s story.

“The evidence at the scene corroborated what she was saying,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “There were whips and chains and a witch’s hat found there. Just a completely horrible situation for a child to be in.”

Another grown adult who lives in the home also allegedly told police he got the witch treatment, claiming the suspect kicked him in the genitals on a regular basis.

Robinson was booked into the Oklahoma County jail on a $10,000 bond.

All four young kids who live in the home were placed in protective custody.

Chinese Teen Kills Dog in Washing Machine for Fun


UntitledIf you are an animal lover, then be warned as this might disturb you. Jacky Lo, a Chinese teenager in Hong Kong, has sparked outrage over posting pictures of a dog in a washing machine on Facebook.

He included the following description, presumably to show it as an efficient way of bathing the poor thing: “a super quick way to wash a dog: soak, clean and dry. All Done! Clean and quick!”

Unfortunately, the dog passed away at the second washing.

The death seems not to have perturbed Lo one bit, as seen in the comments section of that very post:

Agnes: Did the dog die?
Lo: Yes, wanna see it?
Agnes: OK! You’ll certainly get famous!
Lo: Whatever, I’ve nothing to be scared of.
Agnes: Don’t delete anything from your Facebook!! Including THIS album!
Lo: I don’t care what you guys are going to do! Do I look afraid of you guys?
Agnes: So you don’t think animal cruelty is a problem?
Lo: I don’t even think human cruelty is a problem, not to mention cats and dogs!

The seemingly sociopathic teen is believed to be the son of rich parents that immigrated from mainland China, as evidenced by his other posts that feature fancy cars, bottles of champagne, and lots of cash.

The online public is now petitioning to bring Lo to justice, and the story has gained international attention. The case is currently being investigated by the Tuen Mun District police.

Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Ordinance of Hong Kong, the penalty for such cruelty to animals is a fine of HK$200,000 and imprisonment of up to three years.

Man divorces wife for not closing car door


Islam forbids Muslims from divorcing out of anger or for petty reasons, but this injunction did not stop a Saudi man from leaving his wife because she refused to close their car door, according to recent reports in local media and on social networking sites.

SAUDI-women-carThe couple reportedly went out on a picnic and when they returned home, the wife got out, helped their children to do so and then moved to go into their house.

Her husband then called out for her to close the door, but she refused, saying he should do so because he was closer to it. Incensed at her reply, the husband reportedly said: “You are forbidden to me and should not enter my home if you do not close the door.”

The woman then reportedly left and returned to her father’s house. Many people have tried to reconcile the couple, but the woman has rejected all attempts, saying that she does not want to remain married to such an “irresponsible” man Arab News spoke to well-known Saudi Sheikh Asim Al-Hakim on the matter, who said that the divorce is valid based on the man’s actions.

Al-Hakim explained that there are direct and indirect divorces. Direct divorce can occur even if a person jokes about it. Indirect divorce is based on intent.

“Intention is very important in such cases, but such behavior is irresponsible.” He said Islam has given men a great deal of responsibility to act correctly under these circumstances. “So a man should be very careful about his actions,” he said.

He said a judge can issue a final verdict in such cases. He warned that people should not act hastily and in anger.

According to a study conducted by Aleqtesadiah newspaper, there are 2.5 divorce cases for every 1,000 men above the age of 15.

There were 30,000 divorces in 2012, averaging 82 a day, or three an hour. In earlier reports, the Ministry of Economy and Planning confirmed that while courts and marriage officials register around 70,000 marriage contracts annually, they also process more than 13,000 divorces.

The study also showed that the Kingdom ranked second among Gulf Cooperation Council countries in terms of divorces after Bahrain, where the rate is 2.7 for every 1,000 people. The same study showed an upward trend in divorce cases in 2012 compared with 2010, when there were 75 a day.

‘Prayer Baby’ drowns in church’s baptism tank


A mother in Decatur, Ala., says her prayers were answered when, after years of trying, she had a baby boy nearly two years ago. But tragedy struck when Brayden King was left in the care of his teen sister at church on Friday: She lost track of him for a short while, and he was found dead in 33 inches of water in the church’s baptismal tank, reports Reuters. Brayden was 22 months old.

“I’ve been preaching 30 years, this is the first time in my ministry I’ve been speechless,” the pastor of the Pentecostal House of Prayer tells Al.com. “I know (God) is too wise to make mistakes, but in my humanity, I can’t lie. I’ve had to get on my knees.” He plans to do baptisms at another church for the time being, adds theChristian Post. “I don’t know how long it will take to heal.” An autopsy will likely be performed in the next few days.

Dartarious Graham Beat His Daughter To Death For Soiling Her Diaper


Crimes Against Persons have arrested and charged three people after a two-year-old girl dies.

Dartarious-GrahamEl Paso Fire Fighters responded at around 4:50p.m. Saturday, Sept. 20, to an apartment located at 4011 Alabama after a child was found to be unresponsive.

The child was transported to El Paso Children’s Hospital by the El Paso Fire Department. At around 5:56pm El Paso Police were sent to the hospital after the child had died.

Injuries were observed that appeared to be suspicious and, Crimes Against Persons was requested to take over the investigation.

Detectives have learned that 2 year old Peyton Graham was at the apartment with her father, 20 year old Dartarious Graham, and his cousin, 19 year old Robert Franklin.

Dartarious Graham became upset that his daughter had soiled her diaper and began to beat the child with a belt while he and the victim were in the child’s bedroom. This was observed by Franklin who did nothing to protect the child and actually walked away while the beating took place

Franklin reported hearing the beating continue and that Dartarious Graham eventually came out of the room with the child. Franklin and Dartarious Graham then observed the child go limp and called for medical assistance.

The mother of the child, 23 year old Elizabeth Graham, was not at the home when this beating occurred however investigators have learned that Dartarious had a history of beating the child and Elizabeth Graham failed to protect her daughter and report the abuse.

This information was corroborated by older wounds that were observed on the child’s body.

Dartarious Graham was booked into the El Paso County DetentionFacility on the charge of Capital Murder.

His bond was set at $250,000.00. Robert Franklin and Elizabeth Graham were also booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility on the charge of Injury to a Child by Omission.

Man Decapitated After Falling Headfirst Into Wood Chipper


091814-wood-chipper-death2A man has died after somehow getting caught in a wood chipper, according to the Chandler Police Department.

Police responded to Freeway Chevrolet near Ray Road and Priest Drive at about 10:15 a.m. Thursday and began an investigation.

The man was part of a small landscaping crew using an industrial-sized wood chipper. The Chandler Fire Department confirmed he was decapitated.

Phoenix Trim-a-Tree, LLC., confirmed the man was one of their workers. His identity has not been released.