Dead Body Falls Out Of Coroner Van, Lands On Road


n-DEAD-BODY-ON-GURNEY-largeA dead body on a gurney fell out of a coroner’s van when a door malfunctioned, sending the corpse into the middle of a busy roadway in Pennsylvania.

The Bucks County Courier Times reports the accident happened around noon on Friday near a shopping center in Feasterville, Pennsylvania.

A photo on the newspaper’s website shows the corpse, wrapped in what appears to be a white sheet, lying in the street as cars buzz by. The Bucks County Coroner’s Office says the driver realized immediately that the door had opened and retrieved the body within minutes. The office says it “deeply regrets” the incident.

A passer-by who helped get the body into the van says he thought it was a prank, calling it “the most bizarre thing” he’d ever seen.

Teenage boy kept wondering why people kept telling him to sit down on the double-decker bus. And then it hit him


btbha8efcyt6hq6qgswtA 16-year-old boy has died after striking a freeway overpass in California while standing up on a double-decker Starline Bus.

According to NBC Los Angeles, the incident happened on Thursday night while the bus was traveling at 45 miles per hour on the San Diego Freeway. A witness told NBC that the teenager, Mason Zisette, may have been standing on his seat:

A witness told NBC4 that the teen may have been dancing on a seat cushion with his back to the freeway signs when his head and hands slammed into the sign. He then collapsed on the floor, the witness said.

About two dozen teens—most under 18 years old—were dancing on the upper level when the incident occurred, while all of the adult chaperones were inside the bus. Zisette was rushed to the hospital and listed in critical condition. He died two days later.

Student goes blind after keeping her contact lenses in for six months and microscopic bug EATS her eyeballs


A student in Taiwan who kept a pair of disposable contact lenses in her eyes for six months has been left blinded after a microscopic bug devoured her eyeballs.

1405001407900_wps_4_Collect_picture_of_JacqueThe tiny single-cell amoeba ate away at undergraduate Lian Kao’s sight because she didn’t take out and clean the contacts once during that time.

According to a warning issued by doctors the case was a particularly severe example of a young person under pressure who did not take the time to carry out basic hygiene on their contact lenses.

As well as being regularly cleaned, contact lenses should also be removed when swimming and washing.

The general advice is to avoid wearing contacts for more than eight hours a day.

Yet apparently 23-year-old Kao had even kept her contact lenses in at all times, even at the swimming pool.

Medics were horrified when they removed the contact lenses to find that the surface of the girl’s eyes had literally been eaten by the amoeba that had been able to breed in the perfect conditions that existed between the contact lens and the eye.


Acanthamoeba bugs stick to contact lenses and can then burrow their way through the cornea, causing acute pain.

It’s only at this stage that a sufferer would be aware they had a problem.

Prescription drugs may be able to treat the bug in the early stages, but specialists say it is very difficult to get rid of. In serious cases, the patient needs a corneal transplant but these have a high failure rate, resulting in sight loss.

Other steps to prevent the infection include never swimming or using a hot tub or shower when wearing contacts.

Each year, infections cause around 6,000 cases of a severe eye condition known as microbial keratitis – inflammation and ulceration of the cornea that can lead to vision loss.

Contact lens wearers are at a higher risk, since bacteria can get trapped in the lenses

The director of ophthalmology at Taipei’s Wan Fang Hospital, Wu Jian-liang, said: ‘Contact lens wearers are a high-risk group that can easily be exposed to eye diseases.

‘A shortage of oxygen can destroy the surface of the epithelial tissue, creating tiny wounds into which the bacteria can easily infect, spreading to the rest of the eye and providing a perfect breeding ground.

‘The girl should have thrown the contact lenses away after a month but instead she overused them and has now permanently damaged her corneas.’

He said that she had been diagnosed with acanthamoeba keratitis, which although rare was always more common in the summer.

He confirmed and spoke about the girl’s case as a way of urging others to be more careful if they had to use contact lenses.

The problem is the condition can build up over several years – it’s only when it gets to an advanced stage that contacts wearers become aware of a problem, as that’s when it will cause red, irritated eyes, by which time it may be too late.

Paramedics Treating Stricken Michigan Man Found Framed Child Porn Photos On His Bedroom Walls


When Tilman Williams fell after being stricken in his Michigan apartment last year, emergency medical service workers rushed to aid the 61-year-old, whose blood pressure had skyrocketed.

emtIn a bid to locate any medications Williams was taking, a paramedic entered the man’s unlocked bedroom. Inside, the EMS worker saw “numerous pictures of what appeared to be child pornography hanging on the bedroom walls,” according to a federal criminal complaint.

The illicit images–some of which were framed–were in plain view and showed two nude girls exposing their genitals. One photo depicted a girl having sex with an adult male.

When Williams realized that paramedics had seen the photos, he asked “how much trouble he was going to be in,” reported a federal agent. Williams also claimed that “he had been meaning to take those pictures down.” Along with seizing the framed and unframed photos, investigators also removed “poster-sized child pornography photographs” from Tilman’s Southgate residence.

During subsequent questioning, Williams reportedly copped to taking the photosyears earlier. The victims, Williams said, were the young daughters of a man with whom he served in the United States Air Force.

Williams was named Monday in a felony complaint accusing him of receipt and possession of child pornography. Following a detention hearing, a federal magistrate today ruled that Williams was a danger to the community and ordered him held without bond in advance of trial.

A recently completed forensic review of Williams’s computer revealed that it contained more than 2300 images of “suspected child pornography.” His cluttered home, court records reveal, contained “young girls’ underwear” and a “log with the names of children he apparently had sexually assaulted (along with disturbing details of the individual assaults).” Agents also seized “numerous naked Barbie dolls, some of which were arranged in sexual positions.”

Drugged-Up Couple Arrested After Forgetting Infant Was In Backseat Of Car


A Denham Springs man, and a St. Amant woman were arrested Friday night by Walker Police on child cruelty and drug charges.


Police arrested Billy Arthur Henry, Jr., 35, and Lana Wallace Henry, 32.

According to a report, Walker officers responded to a report of an infant locked in a car in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

When police arrived, they noticed a baby crying in the backseat. Officers made the decision to force entry into the vehicle to rescue the child due to high summer temperatures.

Police checked the child for injuries and called the Office of Child Services.

Officers searched the car in an effort to identify the owner of the vehicle. At that time, Billy and Lana Henry were seen walking toward the vehicle.

When officers questioned them, they admitted to owning the vehicle and being the parents of the infant inside. Police learned that the baby had been locked in the car for nearly an hour.

Both parents were then arrested for child cruelty.

Based on their behavior, condition, and statements to officers, Walker police determined that both the father and mother were impaired.

One officer reported that the suspects “were unsteady on their feet and had slurred speech.”

Police then questioned the mother and father separately. Both of them seemed shocked when asked about the infant. Neither of them remembered bringing the child along with them to Wal-Mart.

Both subjects later admitted to taking Oxycodone. After searching the vehicle, officers also found marijuana, Adderall, oxymorphone (Opana), and a syringe in the wife’s purse.

Police suspected that the parents might have other children. The parents were initially uncooperative, but eventually told police that their three other children were with family at a house with a blue door, near a tire shop on Florida Boulevard.

Police located the house and found the other three children with a member of the Henry family. One of the children was a twin of the baby found in car at Wal-Mart. The other two children, both girls, were 10 and 11-years-old.

OCS placed all of the children into state custody.

The couple was transported to the Walker Police Department for processing.

When they arrived, officers found Xanax on the floor of the police vehicle in which the couple was transported. Lana Henry admitted to dropping the drugs on the floor.

Billy Arthur Henry, Jr., was booked with Cruelty to Juveniles; Possession of Schedule I CDS (Synthetic Marijuana); and Disturbing the Peace. He is currently being held in the Livingston Parish Detention Center with bail set at $26,000.00.

Lana Wallace Henry was booked on charges of Cruelty to Juveniles; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of Schedule I CDS (Synthetic Marijuana); Two Counts of Possession of Schedule II CDS (Oxymorphone & Adderall); Possession of Schedule IV CDS (Xanax); Possession of a Legend Drug without a Prescription; and Disturbing the Peace. Lana Henry’s bail was set at $56,500.

After the booking process, a Adderall was found hidden on Lana Henry’s person, resulting in additional charges of Possession of Schedule II CDS (Adderall) and Introduction of Contraband into a Penal Institution. Bail on those charges has been set at $45,000.00. She remains in the Livingston Parish Detention Center in lieu of bail.

14 Most Bizarre Medical Conditions on Earth


WARNING: You may find these images unsettling, but we believe it is important to help shed some light on these conditions and make people more aware.

When most people think of a medical condition, they typically don’t imagine maggot infestations in someone’s mouth or people whose skin resembles the bark of trees.

Some of us here in the office may suffer from the occasional acne breakout, restless leg syndrome or allergy attacks, but as annoying as these things may be, they don’t compare to any of the afflictions listed here.

Just when you think you’ve heard and seen it all, there come along bizarre medical conditions like these.

Our bodies may be vessels of extraordinary evolution and biological complexity, but things don’t always go as planned. Sometimes, the human body begins to attack itself because of a genetic mutation or is attacked by other organisms.

The rare and little-understood medical conditions these people suffer from baffle even the most renowned specialists, and for many of them, there is no known cure-all treatment.

Today, modern science is working to help society better understand these disorders. Also, through exploration, we can begin to grasp the full potential of the human body.

Despite living with such bizarre medical conditions, these people often display unusual tenacity and grace — something that is rare even among those not suffering from something as debilitating as progeria, a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children.

A brief description of the medical conditions listed above:

Cutaneous horns – precancerous skin growth.


Hypertrichosis aka “Werewolf Syndrome” – a blanket medical term that refers to excessive body hair.


Noma – a severe disfiguring gangrene of the mouth and face that starts as a gingival ulcer and spreads rapidly through the tissues.

what is noma (17)


Macrodactyly – defined as abnormally large fingers or toes from birth due to overgrowth of underlyingbone and soft tissue.


Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia – A disorder that features the replacement of multiple areas of bone by fibrous tissue, which may cause fractures and deformity of the legs, arms, and skull.


Progeria – a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children.


Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis – an extremely rare autosomal recessive genetic hereditary skin disorder associated with a high risk of carcinoma of the skin. The people resemble bark of trees .



Maggot Infestation – a Sarcophagid fly larvae infestation.



Polymelia – the presence of accessory limbs attached to various body regions.


Diprosopus – a congenital defect also known as craniofacial duplication. In the most extreme instances, the entire face is duplicated, hence the name diprosopus, which is Greek for two-faced.


Haemangioma – a condition that causes abnormalities in the capillaries and veins in his face.

th (1)

Hidrocefalia – a buildup of fluid inside the skull that leads to brain swelling. Hydrocephalus means “water on the brain.”


Neurofibromatosis – a genetic condition which causes uncontrollable growths along the nerves.

th (2)

After woman suffers pain for six months, doctors remove fountain pen lodged in her stomach


Doctors at a hospital in Taipei, were stunned when they spotted the long thin object inside 20-year-old student Shing Fang after an X-ray was carried out.


She told doctors she had been diagnosed with depression over the fact her GP had been unable to solve the problem, and that in the last few weeks the pain had become so bad she couldn’t eat properly or concentrate on her studies.

Medics at the Taiwanese hospital concluded the pen had been inside her for nearly six months.

They operated immediately to remove the pen, and warned that if it had been there any longer, it could well have led to peritonitis, or even DEATH.

As to how the pen got there, the young woman said she had no memory at all of swallowing it but agreed that it might well have been swallowed after drinking too much to celebrate doing well in an exam some six months previously.

Pretty ink-redible eh?

Samantha Unger Admitted To Poisoning Toddler With Visine


Samantha-UngerPennsylvania State Police have arrested a former Adams County woman, who is accused of poisoning her two children with Visine.  Samantha Elizabeth Unger, 22, now of Thurmont, Md. is charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children.

Stacey Unger says she felt helpless watching her 3-year old grandson suffer from unexplained illness. “It was terrifying, it was so terrifying,” said Stacey. “This whole ordeal has just been very traumatic, very rough for us.”

Stacey soon learned the why her grandson was sick.

According to police documents the 3-year old was hospitalized with life threatening symptoms several times. The boy was finally flown by helicopter to Penn State Hershey Medical Center in March. “It was reported to us that a 3-year old child was experiencing medical problems, he was at Hershey Medical Center, and it looked like it could possibly be poisoning,” said Lt. Frederick Hess, Station Commander with Gettysburg State Police. After several tests with different medical experts State Police got involved. “There were poisonous amounts of Tetrahydrozoline in the boy’s system,” said Lt. Hess.

During an interview, State Police Investigators say the boy’s mother, Samantha Unger, confessed to poisoning him with Visine. “She was secretly putting the Visine in his water bottle and his juice bottle,” said Lt. Hess.

When used in your eyes, Visine is harmless. Ingesting the eye drop can cause life threatening symptoms, such as rapid heart rate, convulsions, and it can even put a person into a mild coma.

Police said Unger also admitted that her 1-year old son became ill after he accidentally consumed the poisoned drinks she had made for his brother. According to police documents Unger told police that she did not know how much Visine she had used, but she admitted to using more than one bottle.

Lt. Hess said Unger did give a motive, but he would not elaborate because of the ongoing investigation.

Unger, formerly of Orrtanna, was arrested on June 19 after a two to three month investigation and taken to Adams County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail. She posted bail on June 20th and was released. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 24.

Girl, 12, Dead After Kisha Young Makes Her Ride On Top Of Car


A 12-year-old girl has died days after she was thrown from the top of a car, where police say an intoxicated mom had her and other kids ride because they were wet from swimming.

The girl, Octavia Watkins, died at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night when she was removed from life support, Crowley police said. She had suffered severe head injuries in the fall last week and had been hospitalized since.

Kisha-YoungPolice said Kisha Young, 39, let six children ride on the hood and trunk of her Chevrolet Malibu on June 17 because their clothes were wet. The group, including another adult, had been swimming at the Creekside Community Pool.

Police said Young was arrested and charged with intoxication assault, a third degree felony, injury to a child and DWI with a child. She posted $110,000 bond and was released from jail Friday.

Crowley police said they are working with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office to determine future charges on the case.

Watkins’ mother, who was an adult passenger in the car, could also be charged.

“The adults involved are responsible for the children, and whatever happens to them while they are in their care,” said Crowley Police Officer CC Meadows.

Neighbors who witnessed the accident were sad to learn Watkins died.

Ellen Prince said Young did not even know the children had fallen from the back of her car until she reached the end of the street.

“We know better than to have kids riding on our car. I can’t imagine a mother, if she was a mother, letting her kids out of the car and driving like that,” Prince said.

Albert Garcia said he rushed to help Watkins when he saw her on the pavement.

“She was totally unconscious the whole time, so that was my main concern,” he said. “I know the mom didn’t do this on purpose. She was trying to have fun. But she needed to think this through a little bit more.”

Marissa Gonzalez with Texas Child Protective Services said the surviving children are in the care of relatives and not their mothers. A CPS investigation is also underway about future custody of the children.

Funeral arrangements for the girl have not yet been revealed.

Kindergartner Accused Of Sexual Misconduct For Pulling Pants Down At School


A 5-year-old boy in Surprise is accused of sexual misconduct for pulling his pants down on the playground.

6-25-14-DYSART-SEX-MISCONDUCTThe mother of Eric Lopez says back in April, her son was on the playground at Ashton Ranch Elementary School when another student told him to pull his pants down or else he would do it for him.

Erica Martinez’s son complied, pulling down his pants and underwear in front of several other students.

When teachers saw what happened, they hauled Eric into the principal’s office where he was forced to sign a document that labeled his actions “sexual misconduct.” Eric received detention as punishment.

Martinez says she was not present for the meeting and not notified about the incident until after the fact.

“He’s a 5-year-old,” Martinez said, angrily. “He does not know right from wrong yet.”

Martinez showed 3TV documentation confirming that she tried to appeal the label in her son’s permanent file.

“My son is not a sexualized minor,” Martinez said.

The school responded in a letter saying it followed proper procedures and protocols.

Dysart Unified School District policy labels indecent exposure as a form of sexual misconduct. Under the district rules, administrators must present the student with the accusations, but they are not required to have a parent present for the meeting unless a student specifically asks for his or her parent to be there.

Martinez said her kindergartner did not know he had the right to do that and signed the documents because school administrators told him to.

She wants the documentation removed from her son’s file or amended to eliminate the “sexual misconduct” language.

“I’m just heartbroken,” Martinez said. “That’s not my son.”

3TV reached out to a Dysart Unified School District spokesperson for a response but did not hear back.