Caleb Barnes Accused Of Stabbing His 14-Year-Old Girlfriend’s Mother To Death


Police have arrested 20-year-old Caleb Barnes and his 14-year-old girlfriend after authorities say Barnes stabbed the girl’s mother to death before the pair buried the woman’s body in a shallow grave.

Caleb-Gregory-BarnesOn Friday night, Cheryl Silvonek took her daughter and Barnes to an Eric Church concert. Later that night, the three got into an argument while sitting in a car in Silvonek’s driveway.

No word on what the argument was about, but news reports are alluding to Silvonek not being too happy about her young daughter dating a 20-year-old Army specialist out of Fort Meademan.

Whatever the argument was about, Silvonek lost when Barnes allegedly used a knife to stab her repeatedly in the neck as they sat in the car. Afterwards, Barnes and Silvonek’s daughter drove another car to Walmart where they bought items to clean up the crime scene.

The pair then drove Silvonek’s car with her body inside to a rural road where they buried Silvonek in a shallow grave. While they were sticking the woman in the ground, a neighbor saw the car and went to investigate. He called police after peering inside the car and seeing the interior splattered with blood.

“I grabbed a spotlight and I could see down across the road was a vehicle facing the wrong way,” the man said. “I seen all the blood in it. It was smeared on the passenger-side window like there was a fight, like there was a struggle. It was drops all on the dash … and all over the seat.”

By time police arrived five minutes later, the car was gone. They would notice Silvonek’s shallow grave nearby and discover her body. Investigators say that aside from the stab wounds to her neck, Silvonek also had defensive wounds all over her hands.

They would also find the car shortly after, partially submerged in a nearby pond. This would lead police to the home of Silvonek where they would discover Barnes and Silvonek’s daughter, as well as Silvonek’s sleeping husband who wasn’t even aware Barnes was in his home.

Barnes was arrested and charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse and statutory sexual assault. Silvonek’s daughter was placed in a juvenile detention facility on charges of abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and hindering apprehension. It has not been decided if she will be charged as an adult, but her family has decided to let her stay there as the investigation continues.

A friend of Barnes’ who does not want to be identified told reporters that Barnes had some issues and that the 14-year-old may have been his first girlfriend.

“Anytime he was around me, he was very sweet and polite, but one day he would be the nicest person you’ve ever met and the next day he would be dark and gloomy and depressed,” she said. “He wanted to be loved so badly, he was made fun of a lot.”

Well he may get his wish in prison. With those ridiculous black wing tattoos he’s sporting, he may find comfort in the arms of a fellow inmate who dreams of butt-fucking an angel on a nightly basis.

Dynel Lane Accused Of Cutting Baby Out Of Pregnant Woman’s Womb After Luring Victim With Craigslist Ad


Dynel-LanePolice have arrested 34-year-old Dynel Lane after they say she cut a baby out of a pregnant woman after luring the victim to her home under the pretense of selling baby clothes.

The 26-year-old victim, who was seven months pregnant, went to Lane’s home after responding to a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. Once there, police allege Lane attacked the woman and cut her fetus from her womb.

Police say that Lane’s husband drove her and the baby to the hospital where Lane carried in the victim’s dead baby and told hospital staff that she had suffered a miscarriage.

The victim was able to call 911 from Lane’s home where police would find her beaten and stabbed. She was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

Lane, a mother of two who once had a certified nurse’s aide credential, was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and child abuse knowingly/reckless resulting in death. Murder charges may or may not be filed against Lane.

“The issues involving an unborn child are complicated under Colorado law,” Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said. “In most circumstances, if a child was not actually born alive, then homicide charges are not possible.”

No word on if Lane’s husband was at home during the attack, but so far he has not been arrested.

Man Admits Feeding Pregnant Ex-girlfriend Abortion Drug In Smoothie, Causing Her To Miscarry


A 26-year-old man from Norway is facing seven years in jail after feeding his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child, a smoothie laced with an abortion drug.

Antibaby-smoothieThe pair had a short relationship and a child together already, but were no longer together when they met at a party and  decided to scrump. This resulted in the woman getting pregnant with his second child and the man suffering from some serious post bang regret.

“He tried several times to convince me to have an abortion but it was not an option for me,” the woman told the court in Trondheim.

Feeling that he had no way out, the man researched abortive medications and purchased the drugs online. He gave the woman the pills under the guise that they were over-the-counter pain killers. His first attempt was unsuccessful and evident at a pregnancy check-up which showed the baby was still developing. He freaked knowing that if a developing child were exposed to these drugs they could be born with severe deformities.

“I read online that pills could cause deformities if they did not work,” he told the court. “I thought that if it was my fault that the child was born with major malformations, and I would not be able to live with that.”

The dickhole then purchased more abortion drugs and made the girl a delicious smoothie chock full of them. After drinking it she experienced extreme abdominal cramping which resulted in her miscarrying her baby later that evening. The woman then went to her doctor and was found to have high levels of the drugs in her system.

The man was arrested and has since pleaded guilty to both inflicting serious bodily harm and terminating a pregnancy without the mother’s consent. He is facing a 7-year sentence for his crimes and addressed the court showing remorse, “I felt like a total shitbag when it dawned on me what I had done.”

Splitting assets during a divorce is usually done by lawyers, not by one half of the couple and a chain saw


1 2 3 4 5 6Andrew Brooks, 43, caused thousands of pounds of damage when he cut down doors and sawed though furniture while in a furious rage

These pictures show the trail of destruction left by an embittered husband after he went berserk and chopped up his former matrimonial home with a chainsaw.

Former soldier Andrew Brooks, 43, cut down doors and sawed though furniture in a rage after the £150,000 Lake District cottage was put in the name of his estranged wife Bridget, 46.

The father of two, a landscape gardener, had been desperate for revenge and wanted to knock thousands off the value of the rural property in Marton, near Ulverston following the collapse of the couple’s 14 year marriage,

During his £9,000 rampage, Brooks damaged the front and rear external doors to the property, three internal doors and an internal beam, two woodburning stoves, several cupboards and a fireplace.

It occurred following previous incidents in which he repeatedly hounded and harassed Mrs Brooks causing her to change her daily routines such as walking the dog to avoid him. He had been also been banned from contacting her under the terms of a restraining order.

At Preston Crown Court, Brooks, now of Eccles, Greater Manchester, pleaded guilty to criminal damage and was jailed for 46 weeks after pictures of the aftermath of the rampage were showed to Judge Jacqueline Beech.

She told him: “This was an act of revenge or retribution against your former wife who had the courage to leave the abusive relationship she was in with you.”

“During the course of that relationship you were physically and emotionally abusive to her and you made her life a misery.

“You were aggrieved about the separation and the sale of the house and equity. You wanted to reduce the value and prospective of a sale by causing damage to it.

“She has suffered anxiety, panic attacks since the separation from you and has been prescribed medication and has anxiety because by the uncertainty of when you might turn up. ”

She said reports alleged Brooks had shown “no remorse” and that he “continued to blame his wife for the current circumstances”.

She added: “This was a pre-planned offence involving you taking a chainsaw to your former matrimonial home to wreak revenge upon your wife. It was part of the continuing course of conduct whilst there was a restraining order.

“The circumstances of this offence and value of damage caused means an immediate prison sentence is inevitable. Your conduct was towards the mother of your children.”

Earlier the court heard the couple split in September 2011 and on May 8 2014 at the matrimonial court, an order was made transferring ownership of the property to Mrs Brooks’ name.

But Mrs Brooks was said to have had concerns that her former husband would take steps to reduce the value of the property, which at the time was vacant, out of revenge for her being awarded the house.

As a result the locks on the door were changed and the keys were deposited at the police station so that entry could only be gained by going to the station. The house insurance was also increased by Mrs Brooks.

Days later Brooks was seen by a neighbour at the rear of his former address walking around the garden with the chainsaw. He was seen taking the chainsaw in order to remove the panel of the PVC door.

He said that he had lost his keys and didn’t want to change the locks before using the chainsaw to get into the property.

Brooks had been previously handed a restraining order in September 2012 following two offences of harassment and then two further charges of harassment where he received a community order.

The court was told that he had been residing in Manchester with his new partner and his eldest son who he was tutoring in the run up to his GCSEs.

It is believed his younger son lives with his mother. In mitigation, Mr Alexander Langhorn asked for his sentence to be suspended and for him to be credited for his early plea.

He said that upon leaving school at 16 Brooks had worked in a number of fields before joining the Armed Forces, serving with distinction throughout the world.

But upon the birth of his second son he left and had worked as a landscape gardener. He added that his client had been “a positive role model”.

Mr Langhorn said: “He had been very much part of his children’s lives and wanted to do the best for them. He knows he has put them at risk.

“He has been tutoring his son throughout the year, he knows that anything he does now, any sentence he faces, the impact is not only on him but also on his family. It places a double weight.”

He added that he was “a hard worker and provider” and that he had been involved in the community-based Dalton Carnival.

“He is a man who goes out of his way to help others.”

Brooks must also pay a victim surcharge of £100. The restraining order will run until further notice.

Student downs 25 shots of vodka in 60 seconds at university drinking competition. Wins his prize posthumously


A STUDENT has died after downing 25 shots of vodka in 60 seconds during a drinking competition at a drunken university party.

159057-4e2c3170-cc36-11e4-a716-dcac481e1bbeHumberto Moura Fonseca, 23, had been partying at the university of Julio de Mesquita in the city of Bauru, in southwest Brazil, when organisers suggested the drinking game to see who could drink 25 shots in less than 60 seconds.

After downing the alcohol, the 23-year-old told friends he felt ill before suddenly collapsing.

“We were all having a great time and someone came up with the idea of the drinking competition,” friend Pal Rodrigo Pancetti said.

“I knew I’d already had too much and there was no way I was going to be able to drink five, let alone 25, but Humberto and the others were really up for it.”

He was rushed to hospital but died on the way.

Six other students also collapsed with alcohol poisoning with three now being treated in intensive care.

“They all had alcohol poisoning and are in a critical state, with three still in intensive care,” a hospital spokesman said.

It’s believed police may lay charges.

“Two fourth year students at the university have been arrested for organising the event without a licence and for potentially causing the death of the student,” they said in a statement.

The university have also responded.

“We very much regret the death of this young man and our condolences go out to his family and friends.

“We would like to remind students that drinking alcohol in the university is banned.”

Man’s Penis ‘Snaps’ During Sex (NSFW)


While we’re on penis stories ……

That’s gotta hurt. Picture NSFW at the end of the article.

A jarring image published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Thursday shows a penile ‘fracture’ that occurred after a man jammed his erect penis into his lover’s perineum.

Dr. Robert J. Hartman, Jr., of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, said the unfortunate fellow heard a snap followed by severe pain, and then watched in disbelief as blood started rushing out of the opening at the tip of his penis. The accident occurred in the spring of 2014, Dr. Hartman told The Huffington Post in an email Friday.

Dr. Hartman writes in the Journal:

The penile “fracture” refers to a tear in the tunica albuginea, the watertight fibrous outer sheath of the corpora cavernosa that is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of an erection. Disruption of the tunica results in a loss of blood outside the corpora, causing a hematoma.

The otherwise-healthy man soon developed a bulbous, “eggplant deformity” that had to be corrected with surgery. Dr. Hartman described the procedure in an email to The Huffington post.

“We ‘deglove’ the penis [by] essentially making a circumferential skin incision around the head of the penis,” he wrote. “We then pull that skin all the way back to the base of the penis, exposing the erectile cylinders of the penis, as well as the urethra. This allows us to easily identify the injury — ‘the crack’ — in the cylinder and close it with stitches.”

Fortunately the procedure to correct the injury was successful, and he was released from the hospital the next day.

Follow-up appointments at three and six months revealed that the patient eventually regained the ability to maintain a full erection, “without appreciable plaque formation or penile curvature,” meaning that his wang isn’t scarred or bent out of shape in a significant way.

Hartman told HuffPost his urology unit at Brigham and Women’s sees a penile “fracture” about once every month or two.


Cassie Townsend Charged After Toddler Dies From Drinking Soda Spiked With Methadone


Cassie-TownsendBessemer police have charged Cassie Townsend after the two-year-old she was caring for died from drinking a grape soda spiked with the woman’s methadone.

Police say that around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, Townsend rushed Demonie Hendon to the hospital after realizing the grape soda she spiked with methadone was missing and Hendon was acting sick.

For those of you unaware, methadone is a medication that reduces withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin or other narcotic drugs. It allows the addict to get high without the associated drug addiction. Methadone is normally not supposed to leave the clinic from where it is dispensed.

By time Hendon was admitted to the hospital, he was unresponsive and placed on life support. Townsend, who is the boy’s aunt or godmother, bonded out of jail after initially being charged with chemical endangerment of a child that morning.

However, Hendon was taken off of life support on Monday, and Townsend was arrested again, charged with chemical endangerment resulting in death. Townsend is currently in the Jefferson County Jail on a $60,000 bond.