Cops Murder Man by Slamming His Head on the Floor in Booking Room


In Thailand, you get killed, and authorities will point at you. In America, you point, and authorities will kill you.

In April 2015, the Knox County, Ohio deputies arrested 33 year old David Levi Dehmann for drunkenness after he had fallen down by the restroom at the Dan Emmett Elementary School ball field. The deputies took the man to country jail but while in the booking room, a scuffle with a deputy ended with the suspect killed. The deputy murdered him by slamming his head to the floor.

A sheriff’s report written by Sgt. Alan Hackman about the incident reads:

[Dehmann] became aggressive with the jail staff… causing Deputy Wright to place Mr. Dehmann into a takedown hold, taking him to the ground to get control of him.

Once control was gained, it was found that Mr. Dehmann had hit his head on the floor during the incident.

It was found that Mr. Dehmann had hit his head on the floor – could you believe how gutless those cops are? Also notice the use of “take down hold” – how about saying it like it is, and putting down “slamming subject’s head directly to the floor with full force” instead?

Notice how none of the cops who witnessed the murder first hand arrested the murderer after the fact. Those are the “good cops” the sheeple talk about. Also notice how for about 15 minutes after he’d been slammed, none provided any form of medical assistance to the dying man. They just stood around and waited for him to die.

Deputy Wright, who murdered the man, was sent on… you guessed it – taxpayer funded vacation.

CCTV video from the booking room:

Jamecka Lewis Charged After Severely Burning Two Toddlers With Hot Oil


Jamecka-Lewis1Police have accused 23-year-old Jamecka Lewis of severely burning her son and her cousin’s son, both 2, after flinging hot oil during an argument.According to reports, Lewis got into a fistfight with her cousin’s boyfriend just before 4 a.m. when she did what any logical person would do when there are two young children in the room – she grabbed a frying pan from the stove and tried throwing hot cooking oil on the man.

Instead of hitting the man she was fighting with, Lewis ended up dousing her son and her cousin’s son. While both boys were burned by the cooking oil, the cousin’s son got the worst of it.

According to the complaint, the little boy suffered second-degree burns to the face and body that have caused permanent disfigurement and the potential loss of an eye. Last reports stated the boy is still in the hospital.

Lewis was arrested on Wednesday and charged with first- and second-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, criminal weapon possession and child endangerment. She is currently in custody at Rikers Island on $25,000 bail. Her next court date set for tomorrow.

Special Education Teacher Accused Of Putting Autistic Student In Trash Can


Mary-PursleyMary Pursley, a special education teacher at Mount Bethel Elementary School, was arrested after police say she put an autistic student into a trash can and compared him to Oscar the Grouch.

The incident happened on Thursday during an after-school program when a second-grade student with autism began yelling and screaming in the classroom because he was “angry and upset about returning inside” and because another student was bothering him.

Pursley came into the classroom to talk to the boy and told him that if he continued with his trashy behavior, she would put him in a trash can. The boy did not stop, so Pursley made good on her word.

So, in front of other students with special needs and three adults in the classroom, Pursley picked the boy up and held him upside down by his legs inside a trash can. According to the arrest warrant, the student was crying, screaming and yelling for Pursley to stop.

Pursley was arrested on Monday and is now facing a first degree felony charge of cruelty to children for causing excessive physical or mental pain. She was later released on $5,000 bond. She has been placed on administrative leave with pay.

School district spokesperson Jennifer Gates said the central office is aware of the arrest warrant, but refused to comment on the incident aside from stating, “our attention is on making every remaining day of school for our students safe, healthy, engaging, meaningful and focused on academic excellence.”

This lady has been with the school district for 21 years, so I’m not quite sure what she thought the outcome of this particular style of discipline was going to be.

The woman who adopts dead babies


_82542336_d4828198-760d-4237-9edb-c8ee0399908cTwelve years ago Bernarda Gallardo saw a headline in the local paper that changed her life. After reading the story about an abandoned baby she decided she had to help.

“They killed and dumped a newborn baby on the rubbish heap,” read the headline.

The little girl was found on 4 April 2003 – her body had been put in a black rubbish bag and thrown in a bin which was later emptied and its contents taken to the local dump.

There are people who make a living recycling rubbish from the dump in the southern Chilean town of Puerto Montt, and it was one of them who found the body.

Gallardo was horrified. She immediately decided to give the baby a proper burial. She was in the process of adopting a child at the time and immediately felt a connection – this could easily have been her baby and she wanted to do something for it.

“If you get a baby that is alive you clothe it and feed it and put it in a cot. If your baby arrives dead you have to get a coffin and give it a decent burial,” she says.

But she also knows that some mothers don’t want to keep their children, and even feels a connection with them.

“These are young women, often no more than girls who are victims of rape and incest. If it is their father or stepfather who rapes them, they are too frightened to speak out. The rapists are often the ones who are providing for the family,” she says.

Gallardo was raped by a man in her neighbourhood in 1976 when she was 16.

She became pregnant and had the baby, a daughter, whom she loved and brought up herself.

“After I was raped, I was lucky enough to be able to move on because of the support I got from my friends. But if I had been left on my own, perhaps I would have felt as helpless as they do.”

Another reason babies are abandoned is poverty. “The women simply can’t afford to feed another baby,” says Gallardo.

It’s difficult to estimate how many babies are dumped in Chile. Official statistics show that about 10 are found each year, but the real figure could be much higher – most dumps are closed to the public so it’s possible that there are more bodies that have never been found.

Gallardo’s desire to do something for the baby in Puerto Montt was the start of a long and bureaucratic process.

She decided to name the girl Aurora after the Roman goddess of dawn, and in fact the baby did bring light to the darkness.

But getting hold of Aurora’s body so it could be buried wasn’t easy. In Chile if a body isn’t claimed by a member of the family it’s classed as human waste and disposed of with other surgical waste – Gallardo managed to step in quickly enough to stop this happening.

Doctors have to prove that a baby lived in order for it to be registered as a human being and thus allowed a proper burial – so they had to examine Aurora’s body.

Often doctors prefer to say a baby died at birth because they want to protect vulnerable mothers. Abortion is illegal in Chile and if a mother is caught abandoning her baby, even if she leaves it at a hospital, she can face up to five years in prison.

Gallardo also had to adopt Aurora in order to bury her, even though the child was dead.

Initially the judge in charge of the case had his doubts about Gallardo. He thought that she was Aurora’s biological mother and that she only wanted the body because she was feeling guilty about dumping her.

Once she convinced him of her good intentions, he told her it was the strangest case he had ever come across and that no-one in Chile had ever adopted a dead baby before. But he believed she was doing the right thing.

It took many months to get the medical tests done and the paperwork sorted out but finally Gallardo was allowed to take Aurora’s body for burial. Five-hundred people came to the funeral – they had been following Aurora’s progress in the local newspaper where the story was originally published.

Gallardo says the atmosphere was like a big birthday party – a celebration of Aurora’s life. There were children, doctors, nurses, the local press, people from the countryside and the judge. They sang songs, read poems about Aurora and played music.

It was important to Gallardo that so many people came to the public ceremony. “I wanted to get my local community to think about what was going on. Why are babies being left to die when there are least four families ready and waiting and in the right condition to adopt an unwanted baby?” she says.

“Instead of killing the babies give them up for adoption!”

The very day after the funeral another body, a baby boy, was found dumped. Gallardo was upset and couldn’t believe that all her work had seemingly been in vain.

By then she was well-known locally. People told her she had done the right thing for Aurora – and then asked her what she was going to do about the boy.

Eventually she decided to stick posters on all of Puerto Montt’s rubbish dumps telling people. “Don’t throw your babies in the rubbish,” and reminding them that two babies had been dumped in recent months – Aurora and then Manuel.

She thinks things are starting to change with better education about domestic abuse and more advice on family planning.

But Gallardo feels the law in Chile still victimises women who are poor or have been abused.

By coincidence, her own family history reveals another connection with babies who have been abandoned. Her great grandmother was found on the steps of a nunnery in Italy.

Gallardo wants women in Chile who aren’t able to look after their babies to be able to leave them in safe places too – she suggests dedicated areas in hospitals.

In the 12 years since Aurora’s funeral, Gallardo has adopted and buried three more dead children – Manuel, Victor and Cristobal.

She’s currently in the process of doing the same for another little girl, Margarita. She wants to give them “their dignity and for them to have somewhere to rest in peace”.

Gallardo’s story inspired Chilean director, Rodrigo Sepulveda to make a film about her. Named after Aurora, the prize-winning movie is currently being shown across Chile and at film festivals around the world.

Gallardo often visits the graves of the babies she has buried and sometimes notices that other people have left flowers.

She wonders whether some may be from the biological mothers and takes comfort from the fact that they are able to mourn knowing that their children are at peace.

Woman kills husband over his dark complexion


A 22-year-old man was today killed allegedly by his wife who was unhappy with his dark complexion, following which she has been arrested.

“Farzanabano (22), a resident of Sundarana village in Petlad taluka of Anand district, was arrested for killing her husband Farukh Malek today, because she was unhappy with his dark complexion,” Deputy Superintendent of Police P R Gehlot of Petlad taluka said.

Though Farzana and Farukh were married two years ago, they did not have any physical relations because the wife hated her husband’s skin colour, which always led to scuffles between them, Gehlot said.

Farzana used to go to his parents’ home to avoid her husband.

However, she returned ten days ago and the couple resumed fighting over physical relations since she returned to her in-laws’ house, he said.

Last night, there was a fight after which Farukh slapped Farzana.

Today, Farukh asked Farzana to accompany him to his farm, where she allegedly smashed his head with a hammer from behind, Gehlot said.

The police has registered an FIR against Farzana under Section 302 (Punishment for murder) of the Indian Penal Code and initiated an investigation.

Lawnmower Shoots 3.5-Inch Metal Wire Into Louisiana Man’s Skull


When Bill Parker cut his grass last Sunday, he was the one who got sliced and diced.

Parker, 34, was mowing in front of his home in Gulfport, Mississippi, when the lawnmower shot a 3.5-inch piece of metal straight into his left nostril.

“At first I thought a rock had flew out and hit me and struck me in the face,” Parker, 34, told “It threw me back a little bit and it hurt real bad. I felt my face but I didn’t feel any disfiguring or anything. I saw blood, so I knew I got a bloody nose.”

At first, Parker thought he had a broken cheekbone, but decided to have it checked out at a local hospital.

A CT scan revealed the thick wire had embedded itself in Parker’s sinus cavity beneath his eye socket and next to his jaw hinge.


“The metal had somehow made its way through a tangle of really important nerves and arteries and finally rested about a millimeter from both carotid artery and my jugular vein,” Parker said, according to CBS News. “Guess it just wasn’t my time yet.”

The wire was removed in about 20 minutes, and Parker was back at work as a restaurant chef by Wednesday, a little bruised and on antibiotics, ClarionLedger.comreports.

Under normal circumstances, Parker enjoys mowing his lawn. This Sunday, he plans to relax and find someone else to do the dirty work, according to the Associated Press.

Police Tase And Arrest Man Over His Big Beach Umbrella


The attorneys of a mentally ill homeless man want the FBI to investigate his Venice Beach arrest after cellphone footage shows a different version of events than the police report.

Samuel Calhoun Arrington, 52, is a homeless man who suffers from bipolar disorder. His attorneys say he has been repeatedly brutalized by LAPD officers for over a year now. One of these incidents was caught on video and Arrington’s lawyer, Nazareth Haysbert, said the video differs greatly from the officers’ report of the incident, for which Arrington was jailed for over one month on charges of resisting arrest.

On August 7, 2014, Arrington was sitting in a chair on the Venice boardwalk near Sunset Avenue and Ocean Front Walk, under an umbrella he had tied to a bench, KTLA reports. LAPD officers said in their report that they had told him earlier that he could not solicit donations, which he was doing by placing an open backpack near him where people who passed by could drop money, according to Buzzfeed. At the time of his arrest, officers were attempting to cite him for numerous violations that included his umbrella being the wrong size, “vending outside of a designated space,” and tampering with property that belonged to the City, among other equally small infractions.

When an unarmed Arrington refused to accept the ticket—and also began yelling about God—officers decided to arrest him. The officers are seen surrounding Arrington and taking him to the ground. It’s difficult to see what exactly the officers are doing, but Haysbert said Arrington was hog-tied, punched and tased. You can hear the taser in the video. Onlookers are heard shouting at the officers, including the woman filming who gets pretty heated, screaming, “You do not need to tase him!” One bystander can be heard calling the officers “evil.”

Warning: The video may be graphic for some viewers, and there is profanity in the language.

Haysbert said that the account of events the arresting officers provided in their report is much different from the video. In the report, Arrington is accused of lunging at an officer and grabbing for his belt. The video also shows LAPD Sgt. Skinner recording at least part of the incident on his own cellphone, but Haysbert said the report does not mention this footage as part of the collected evidence.

Haysbert said in his letter to the FBI yesterday that his client was taken to a hospital following the arrest, then booked on charges of felony resisting arrest. Arrest records show Arrington being booked on August 8, then released on September 17.

Haysbert also said that Arrington was beaten by officers on two other instances, one on January 5, 2014 and the other June 27, 2014. Arrington’s family says that his repeated run-ins with officers and police brutality have worsened his illness.

Arrington used to work for the Parks Department as a coach for children, but fell on hard times after his long-time girlfriend kicked him out of the house where they lived with his two children. Arrington’s mental illness became more severe, and he eventually lost his job and driver’s license, ultimately becoming homeless. His sister told Buzzfeed he decided to remain in L.A., despite having no immediate family there, because he enjoyed the beach and the warm weather.

Former LAPD Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey, who used to work on Venice Beach, told Buzzfeed, “What was the urgency? What was the exigent circumstance that caused [the officers] to act right now? There was none. If he don’t want to sign the damn ticket today, really how big of a deal is that? Can we finesse him into cooperating and not just bully him?”

Earlier this week, LAPD Officer Richard Garcia was charged with Battery Under the Color of Authority after the arrest of a 22-year-old South L.A. man was caught by a nearby surveillance camera.