David Spear Likes To Masturbate In Strangers Bedrooms. Busted 2x In One Day


Two women who live in the same apartment complex in Northwest Portland this weekend were startled when they arrived home to find a strange man inside.

In two incidents, the man was masturbating when they encountered him, according to court documents.

14509680-smallMichael Wayne Spear, 43, was arrested Sunday after police were called to the complex at 310 N.W. Sixth Ave.

Spear pushed an officer out of his way and tried to hide under a parked car in the area before he was arrested, prosecutor Christopher Ramras wrote in a probable cause affidavit filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

Spear is accused of two counts of private indecency, three counts of first-degree burglary, assaulting a public safety officer and second-degree escape.

On Saturday, one woman returned to her apartment and found a stranger sitting in her bedroom and rifling through her belongings, Ramras wrote. The woman told the intruder that she was going to contact security and the man ran off, police said.

That same day, another woman who lives in the same complex told police that she had found an unknown man in her apartment who was masturbating and asked her to help him, the affidavit said. The woman told him to leave and he did, but said he’d return later.

The next day, the man returned to that woman’s apartment, police said. She said she had left the front door slightly ajar and found him again inside, masturbating in front of her. He offered her money if she would “touch him,” Ramras wrote.  The woman was able to alert another person in the apartment complex to call police.

When police arrived, officers walked into the apartment and found Spear.

“Spear ran at them and pushed them out of his way,” Ramras wrote in the affidavit.

Spear pushed Officer Nicole Miller off as she tried to grab him by his waist. Miller’s jaw hit a door jam and she required medical treatment at Portland Adventist Hospital, Ramras wrote.

Another officer pursued Spear and arrested him. He was booked into jail at 11:49 a.m. Sunday. Spear is being held on total bail of $210,000 at Multnomah County Detention Center.

All I can say is … Damn …. Women experience two types of orgasm


1297538293193_ORIGINALScientists believe they have found an answer to the long-standing debate over whether or not women can experience two different types of orgasm – one from clitoral stimulation and another from vaginal penetration.

The researchers carried out ultrasounds on three “healthy volunteers” as they stimulated themselves in different ways and found that, to an extent, there is a difference in the orgasm experienced.

While external stimulation causes a response form just the top of the clitoris, the ‘root’ and the whole clitoral and vaginal complex is affected by penetration.

The study measured tiny variations in blood flow patterns during the varying kinds of sexual contact to establish how the different parts of a woman’s sexual organs responded.

The study concluded, “Despite a common assumption that there is only one type of female orgasm, we may infer, on the basis of our findings, that the different reported perceptions from these two types of stimulation can be explained by the different parts of the clitoris (external and internal) and  complex that are involved.”

Jeremy Lee Sappington Got Tired Of Paying For Rent With Sex


article-2580486-1C45A46800000578-486_306x423A man is accused of fatally shooting his aunt last weekend and attempting to set her home on fire because he was tired of having sex with her in exchange for housing, an affidavit in the case states.

Prosecutors and police allege that Jeremy Lee Sappington, 37, shot 50-year-old Verna Sarten in the head with a .22-caliber revolver between Saturday night and Sunday morning in the 1400 block of East Jones Street, then left the scene in her boyfriend’s Dodge pickup.

Around 1:10 a.m. Monday, Mayes County sheriff’s deputies told the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation about her death after finding the circumstances suspicious, spokeswoman Jessica Brown said at the time.

Sarten’s boyfriend, Gerald Howard, told investigators Sappington lived with Sarten and that he was worried after being unable to reach Sarten or Sappington by phone. Howard told a family member to check on her, and when he arrived he saw Sarten partially clothed and lying on the floor, court records show.

Investigators also reported the carpet began melting due to papers catching fire near a space heater. The oven was turned on with its door open, and the central heat in the home was activated, the affidavit says.

Sappington had been booked into the Mayes County Jail just before 11 a.m. Sunday on suspicion of public intoxication after police were called to the scene of a disturbance at the 5000 block of West 590th Street. Police reported finding an H&R .22-caliber, 9-shot revolver with a spent shell under the driver’s seat of the Dodge, Mayes County chief prosecutor Marny Hill said Monday.

Late Monday morning, deputies interviewed Sappington at the jail, where he claimed he was having sex with Sarten in exchange for a place to live, court records show. He told them he wanted to end the sexual relationship, and took the revolver from under Sarten’s mattress, walked up behind her in the living room and fired at her before leaving, the affidavit says.

Susan Kerr, Sappington’s sister who now lives in Georgia, said the siblings had difficult childhoods, which only worsened after their mother’s death in 1984. Her brother went in and out of juvenile custody as a teenager, she said.

Kerr said she believed Sappington’s and Sarten’s alleged sexual relationship was not consensual and that Sarten was close to her mother when they were children.

“She was very nice, and everyone in my family has come from this continuous cycle of a bad childhood,” Kerr said.

The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet ruled on the cause of death, and the state has not ruled out the possibility of additional charges being filed in the case, she said.

Teacher performed sex act with student in her classroom


An 11th grade English teacher at Cumberland Valley High School is accused of performing a sexual act with a male student in her classroom, according to search warrants released Thursday.

14478514-mmmainEmily Nesbit, 31, is under investigation by Silver Spring Township police. The Cumberland Valley School District announced in a statement that Nesbit resigned from her position Wednesday, after school officials learned of the allegations Monday.

The search warrants were filed by Detective Jared S. Huff for the phones belonging to Nesbit and the student, and records from both of their cellphone providers. The warrants, obtained at the office of Magisterial District Judge Kathryn H. Silcox in Hampden Township, also outline details of Nesbit’s activity with the student, which police said are as follows:

Police started their investigation around 2:45 p.m. Monday after receiving a call from high school administrators. Officer Christopher Butler arrived at the school in Silver Spring Township and spoke with associate principal Rob Martin.

Butler learned from Martin that another 18-year-old female student had reported looking through the cellphone of the male student with his permission. She said she saw conversations between the student, whose age was not stated, and Nesbit that seemed sexual in nature.

The male student in an interview that day with Butler did not deny he had a “relationship” with Nesbit, Huff said. He also turned over his iPhone to police.

The student was then interviewed Tuesday morning at the township police department. He said he had been meeting with Nesbit in her classroom a couple times a week at the end of the school day.

He said he held hands with the teacher and they had kissed in the past. He also said that a week prior Nesbit had performed a sexual act with him in her classroom and they had been communicating regularly for roughly two months.

The student’s iPhone showed that he labeled Nesbit as “My Lady Friend” in his phone. It also revealed that the student and Nesbit had exchanged photographs of each other in various states of undress and had discussed meeting in her classroom during and after school hours.

Moreover, Nesbit in the messages stated her desire to have sex with the student, and police said the messages also inferred some sexual activity had taken place.

Nesbit was interviewed by police later on Tuesday and admitted to performing the sex act with the student. She also acknowledged they had held hands and kissed and that all of their meetings had occurred in her classroom. Nesbit at that point turned over her iPhone to police.

Charges are still pending against Nesbit.

FBI: Military Contractor Caught Masturbating To Child Porn Inside Car At Colorado Army Base


franciscalar1A Department of Defense contractor was arrested yesterday morning after a military policeman spotted him masturbating to child pornography inside a car parked at a Colorado Army base.

According to a criminal complaint, Francis Calar, 53, was pleasuring himself inside a Ford sedan at 10:30 AM when a military cop approached the vehicle. Calar, seen at right, initially did not notice the officer since he was “intently focused on an image on the screen of his laptop computer.”

As described in a criminal complaint sworn by FBI Agent Andrew Stearns, Calar–a married father of two boys–was staring at a sexually explicit photo of a young girl. When he spotted the officer, Calar “quickly close his laptop and threw it on the passenger seat.” After the cop directed Calar to exit his car, he reportedly said, “Yes I know you seen what I was doing and what I was looking at.”

In subsequent interviews with law enforcement officials, Calar “advised that he has an active interest in child pornography,” and said that he often parks in the same Fort Carson lot so that he can access an unsecured Internet connection and “visit chat rooms and search for child pornography during breaks from work.” Calar’s Facebook page describes him as a “technical trainer” at Fort Carson.

Calar, Agent Stearns reported, was “adamant that his sexual interest in children is purely ‘fantasy.’”  He told investigators that he is “active with children” and currently coaches girls volleyball and boys baseball. Additonally, Calar said that he has previously taught Sunday school at his church and recently resigned as the girls volleyball coach at Mesa Ridge High School in Colorado Springs.

Charged with possession of child pornography, Calar is scheduled this afternoon for an initial appearance in U.S. District Court in Denver. If convicted of the felony count, he faces a minimum of five years in prison (and as much as 10 years in custody).

Medical condition gives woman non-stop orgasms. Unfortunately it’s not contagious


3Heather McCuen, 40, suffers from Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) which began when she became pregnant.

In a desperate stab at a normal life, Heather has tried intimate botox jabs, anti-depressants and even electric-shock therapy, to rid her of her debilitating illness.

The treatments have cost £6,000 and failed to cure her of her embarrassing condition.

Heather told The Sun: “Having orgasms all day might sound like fun but for me, it’s a living hell.”

The mum, from South Carolina, was so distraught at the constant orgasms and need to masturbate that she felt compelled to end her own life.

“I sat down and wrote suicide notes to my family, explaining I was sick of feeling this way and felt the only way out was to leave them behind,” she said.

“Having orgasms all day might sound like fun but for me, it’s a living hell”

Heather McCuen

Heather, who lives with husband Jeremy and son, Jonah, cannot even share a bed with her partner and has to sleep alone.

She added: “Now I just want my normal life back. Jeremy and I haven’t shared a bed for all that time and sex is out of the question.

“Before we had a brilliant sex life but now if we sleep together it sets me off having to have orgasm after orgasm for days.”

Even basic household chores are a no-go as the vibrations from washing or cleaning could set off her orgasms again.

PGAD is a recent phenomenon and was first described in medical literature in 2011.

Sufferers have uncontrollable orgasms which are unrelated to any feelings of sexual desire.

If you’re a registered sex offender, maybe you shouldn’t grab your mail while naked



Oklahoma City police arrested a man after several children reported seeing him walking to his mailbox naked. Police said they also caught the man masturbating outside his house as a 14-year-old boy walked by.

According to police, about 2 p.m. on Wednesday, officers responded to several reports of a man walking to get his mail naked in the 8300 block of N.W. 112th Terrace. A woman told police that she and her three children, ages 12,10,6, saw the man naked in his front yard.

When officers arrived at the scene, they spoke with the suspect, 68-year-old Hillard Stallings, at his house. Stallings told officers that he was a registered sex offender, but he refused to give them his ID.

According to the report, officers then contacted the Sex Crimes Unit, and they stated that if Stallings came outside, the officers could arrest him. However, police said Stallings was very rude and did not want to talk to the officers.

Officers said they believed the inappropriate behaviors would continue. An officer remained on the scene. About five minutes after they spoke to Stallings, the officer said he saw a 14-year-old boy standing in front of Stallings’ house, looking toward the front door.

When the officer got closer, he said he saw Stallings outside his house, “shaking his penis and thrusting his hips out” towards the boy , according to the report.

The officer then took Stallings into custody. He was taken to the Oklahoma County Jail on several charges, including three counts of indecent exposure, one count of failure to register as a sex offender, and one count of disorderly conduct by masturbating in public.

Scientists have patented a new machine that will provide orgasms for women at the push of a button, making men totally redundant


imagesScientists have patented a new machine that will provide orgasms for women at the push of a button.

A little smaller than a packet of cigarettes, the machine is designed to be a medical implant that uses electrodes to trigger an orgasm.  The device would help some women who suffer from orgasmic dysfunction.

During the operation, a patient would remain conscious so that a surgeon could correctly pinpoint the right nerves to fit the electrodes in a patient’s spinal cord.  Then, a signal generator would be connected which would be most likely implanted under the skin of a patient’s buttocks.

Stuart Meloy,  a surgeon at Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem, N.C., came up with idea by accident.

“I was placing the electrodes and suddenly the woman started exclaiming emphatically,” he said to Newscientist. “I asked her what was up and she said, ‘You’re going to have to teach my husband to do that’.”

Meloy explained that the idea is that orgasms could happen at the push of a button when the implant could be triggered by a hand-held remote control.

However, he explained the treatment is intended to be used in the most serious of orgasmic dysfunction cases because the device is as invasive as a pacemaker.

Medical trials will be conducted by a Minneapolis-based company later this year.

Another Vibrator Story, Attorney Sneaks In Toys To An Imate


w300-s_204959a62524153f48be1bdf0c28c639An attorney is accused of smuggling a sex toy into Oklahoma County jail and duping an inmate into performing sex acts with it, supposedly in exchange for his legal fees.

Sheriff John Whetsel said this went on for three months before the woman realized he wasn’t actually her attorney.

The woman agreed to participate in a sting, and Frank Kirk, 70, of Oklahoma City, was arrested Monday in a visitation room at the jail with the woman present. The sheriff’s office withheld her name.

Kirk was contacted to become the woman’s attorney in January but never became her attorney of record, Whetsel said. From her initial court appearance on drug charges, she was represented by the Oklahoma County public defender’s office and it’s not clear why she thought he was her lawyer.

Over the course of three months and six documented visits at the jail, the woman told investigators Kirk coerced her to masturbate in front of him, expose her breasts and touch his penis, according to court documents.

The woman learned Kirk was not her attorney this past week after a visit with her actual attorney from the public defender’s office.

As part of the sting, sheriff’s investigators recorded audio of Kirk making sexual advances toward the woman in a visitation room.

Investigators arrested Kirk, with contraband items including a cellphone and the sex toy, which was in his laptop case, according to court documents.

Substitute Teacher Accused Of Masturbating At School Blames Wardrobe Malfunction


Michael-Luecke-125x188A 72-year-old substitute music teacher in Connecticut who was dismissed after a staff member said she found him masturbating at school Wednesday morning told authorities he was just adjusting his pants, according to court documents.

Michael Luecke, of Stamford, appeared in court today. He is being held on $10,000 bond.

A staff member at Westhill High School in Stamford was walking in an area of lockers just after 7:33 a.m. on Wednesday when she saw Luecke on the ground and approached him because she thought he was hurt.

Instead, she found the substitute teacher with his hand in his pants.

His head was tilted back, his eyes were rolled back and he was “manipulating his penis,” according to police.

The staff member told Luecke his behavior was inappropriate.

His response was that he “had to find somewhere else to do that,” according to court paperwork.

But the staff member told Luecke that he should not be working around kids.

His response what “that never happened to me before.”

The staff member then notified school officials, who quickly notified Westhill High School Resource Officers.

Luecke was immediately removed from a classroom that he was overseeing, brought to the main office and detained.

Police said they reviewed surveillance, which showed Luecke in the corner of a stairwell at Rayner building “suspiciously manipulating the front of his pants” while looking at students in the courtyard around 7:30 a.m.

Three minutes later, Luecke was seen going behind a bank of student lockers for approximately a minute, then emerging and lying on his back.

Then the video shows the witness confront him while he is on the floor. It also shows Luecke’s pants open. He appeared to be in an aroused state, according to police.

Police said they are working to identify the six students who passed Luecke’s while he is “conducting this act” to assess a need for counseling.

“It’s shocking, shocking,” said Stamford parent Toni Cummaro. “The elementary school is right there, the high school, it’s still kids we’re talking about. It’s awful, it’s awful.”

When police spoke with Luecke in the main office, he said he was having a wardrobe malfunction, according to court documents.

He said he does not wear a belt, the clip on his pants does not work properly and he got on the floor to close the clip.

Luecke was arrested and taken to Stamford police headquarters, where he was charged with public indecency, second-degree breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor.

Officials said he has been in Connecticut for six years and has no prior arrest record.

According to his lawyer, Luecke said he is a veteran.

Bond was originally set at $25,000, but was reduced to $10,000.

Luecke has been ordered to go through a mental health evaluation in prison.

If he is released, he will be on 24-hour house arrest and will have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

He will also undergo intensive pre-trial monitoring.

Officials ordered Luecke to stay away from schools and to go through a mental health evaluation as well as treatment.

Stamford schools are not the only schools Luecke has subbed in. He has also subbed in the middle school and high school in Greenwich, school officials said, but no longer will.

His substitute teaching in Greenwich was infrequent, school officials said.