A New Vibrator Lets You FaceTime From Your Vagina (Vagtime?)


vibe_600Is your current vibrator running low on batteries? We have a new and very high tech suggestion for you: the Svakom Gaga USB Rechargeable Intimate View Endoscopy Vibrator, aka the Svakom Gaga Camera Vibrator, aka the sex selfie stick. We now have a vibe with a built-in camera so you can capture your orgasm from the inside out. (Remember when butt selfies were a big deal? It seems like such an innocent time.)

As the UK’s Independent reports, the vibe uses endoscopy technology, the light-and-camera system that typically doctors use to get a detailed picture of your digestive tract. The HD camera plus the vibe’s insertable length of four inches makes for a crystal clear view of stimulation and vaginal contractions during orgasm. The vibe is waterproof and rechargeable, like that even matters when it has a camera in it. It’s also compatible with FaceTime, so you can share your big moment with friends across the 4G network.

Care for a demonstation of how it works? Of course you do:

The online adult sex toy shop Lovehoney is selling the very 2k15 vibe for $179.99.  According to the video, “It puts the view only gynecologists used to be privy to in your hands.” Who could resist?

NSFW: Pornhub jumps into wearables with Wankband


In an unexpected move, popular pornography site Pornhub, decided to jump on the wearable tech bandwagon with the announcement of the Wankband – a device for your wrist that produces power when moved in an up and down motion.

pornhub-wankband_1As we’ve mentioned, the Wankband generates power by moving it in an up and down motion. The produced clean energy can then be used to charge your devices like smartphones and tablets.

As the Wankband is suggested to be used when jacking off, Pornhub is targeting the wearable to the male audience, allowing them to “love the planet by loving themselves.”

The Wankband is still under development but will soon open for beta testing. It looks promising though especially here in the Philippines where it ranked as one of the top viewers of Pornhub for 2014. I wonder if this will solve our energy woes in the future.

Woman Arrested After Pleasuring Herself To Fifty Shades Of Grey In The Theater


It was only to be expected.

fifty-shades-greyA horny Mexican moviegoer has been arrested for masturbating while watching “Fifty Shades of Grey,” reports La Verdad.

The woman, said to be 33 years old, was caught red-handed while watching the film at a cinema in Sinaloa, western Mexico.

She was noticed by other cinemagoers and reported. It was also claimed she was sitting in the 12th row of the movie house.

The woman was arrested and, ironically, given the S&M nature of the movie, slapped in handcuffs by cops.

The movie based on the best-selling novel by E.L. James was released earlier this month to mixed reviews and stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan playing a couple who begin a sadomasochistic relationship.

Despite not being loved by the critics, a sequel is planned as it has already taken more than $320 million at the box office.

Jetstar passenger drinks, gropes seatmate, pleasures himself, gets arrested


Passengers on a Jetstar flight from Japan to the Gold Coast were terrorised by an unruly traveller who groped a woman and viewed pornography during the trip, a man who was on the flight claims.

240215PattersonTwenty-nine-year-old Nathan Patterson told News Corp that the man touched his partner “in a sexual manner” during the flight.

“My girlfriend, who was sitting next to me, notified me that the gentleman (next to her) felt her twice down the right side of her body from her shoulder down past her buttocks and thigh,” he said.

“I asked the passenger if he touched my girlfriend and he automatically started to apologise … At that stage I noticed the man smelt strongly of alcohol and detected that he had about six bottles of clear liquid.”

But even after Mr Patterson alerted the crew to the man’s behaviour, it didn’t stop.

Mr Patterson said the man started speaking Japanese aggressively to him and retrieved another bottle of vodka from the overhead locker.

After his drink was confiscated for the second time, the man got out a laptop and a pornographic magazine and began to masturbate, Mr Patterson said.

“I was very concerned and felt uncomfortable with what he was viewing and the actions he was displaying as a group of young Japanese girls were seated in the row behind and beside us.”

Amazingly, staff did nothing.

The couple reported the man to AFP when the plane landed on the Gold Coast and he was charged with lewd conduct.

But Mr Patterson said that the airline’s response was inadequate.

“My partner and I really felt very uncomfortable during the whole situation and feel disappointed that the staff seemed not to take the whole situation seriously,” he said. “We must not have been important enough.”

Jetstar told the News Corp they’d assisted police and that the man would not be flying with any Qantas Group carrier again.

“Clearly this was a distressing incident and we regret that one of our passengers was subjected to the deplorable behaviour of another passenger on-board,” a Jetstar spokesperson said.

“We’ve apologised to the passenger affected for our delay in communicating with them as we conducted an internal investigation.”

Kendra Sunderland, Coed Fined For Library Masturbation Film, To Pose For Penthouse


Two weeks ago, Kendra Sunderland was accused of masturbating on film in the Oregon State University library.

o-KENDRA-SUNDERLAND-CUPCAKE-570Things have been touchy for Sunderland since then, but she now believes that the scandal surrounding her solo sex scene was worth it. She just got the deal of the century, even after getting caught with her pants down.

“A couple of times, I had a breakdown,” she told HuffPost. “I was upset about my roommate leaving me, but now I’m going to have a happy ending — no pun intended.”

Sunderland is doing a four-page photo spread with Penthouse magazine that is being shot in San Francisco today. She is also partnering with the mag’s parent company, FriendFinder Networks, to createPlayWithKendra.com, a website devoted strictly to her own cam shows.


o-KENDRA-SUNDERLAND-570It’s a stroke of good fortune for Sunderland, who could make six figures from the deal, according to FriendFinder Networks CEO Ken Hawk.

Unlike Sunderland’s previous cam work, which was done in public places, Sunderland’s solo sex shows will be done in private, but in a variety of exotic settings.

The challenge to make a career as a full-time masturbator is daunting, she admits.

“I have to take it more seriously. Before, I used to stop camming once I got paid. Now if I want to build a following, I have to be on more regularly,” she said.

Sunderland also is trying to find ways to stick out in the crowded cam girl community.

“I blow bubbles,” she said. “One guy sends me huge packs of gum so he can watch me blow bubbles on camera. I think it’s sexy and cute.”

Sunderland has signed a deal with a Canadian company to front a dating website called Date Broke College Girls, the Daily Mail reports.

Sunderland’s cam girl career is still touch-and-go. She is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday, and could be facing a $6,250 fine or a year in jail.

“There’s a rumor that some of the fraternities will be picketing the courthouse on her behalf, which we think is great,” Hawk told HuffPost.

The potential sentence might be a problem to Sunderland’s solo sex career, but the fine is already covered. A Canadian website, Bang You Later, has offered to cover financial penalties handed down by the court.

Regardless of what happens, Sunderland said she is sure of one thing: “College is not for me.”

Police hunt for man after he ejaculated on woman’s back at Music Festival


VICTORIAN police are on the hunt for a man who ejaculated onto the back of a woman at a Melbourne music festival.

123195-8a1db420-b56a-11e4-b41b-d516c533d6a5A 20-year-old woman told police she was standing near the main stage of the St Kilda Festival on Sunday, February 8, watching hip hop group Thundamentals perform when a man standing behind her ejaculated onto her back.

He then disappeared into the crowd.

“Everybody was touching each other but I noticed this guy was a bit too close to me and I tried to manoeuvre away,” the victim told reporters at a press conference this morning.

“It made me feel uncomfortable, I’m pretty angry towards men.

“I feel violated but I’m lucky it wasn’t worse.”

The woman was assaulted in the mosh pit of the St Kilda Festival. Picture: Tim Carrafa

123221-02dc5458-b55b-11e4-b41b-d516c533d6a5The woman was in the thick of the mosh pit when the incident occurred, Senior Detective Carin Wood said.

“She was watching the band and felt a warm sensation on her back and turned around to see him doing up his fly,” she said.

“There were thousands of people around. It’s obviously concerning behaviour for the police. Surely someone has seen something or know who this person is.

“To have the courage to do that and to want to do that is obviously disturbing.”

She said the man was at the festival by himself and the assault was believed to have been an isolated incident.

She said the victim was “mortified” and that her clothing was being forensically analysed.

Police have released an image of the man suspected of assaulting the woman, based on her description of him.

The suspect is described as being of Indian appearance and aged between 18 and 30, with a dark brown complexion, average build, short black hair and brown eyes with acne scars on his cheeks. He was wearing a black, long-sleeve shirt at the time.

The woman’s clothing is being forensically analysed.

Detectives also wish to speak to a woman who held the victim’s wallet for her while she changed her clothes.

Man, 22, And Woman, 52, Busted For Having Sex In Stranger’s Hot Tub


Meet Kristie Sheldon and Lucas Arneson.

sheldonarnesonSheldon, 52, and Arneson, 22, were busted this week for disorderly conduct after a Minnesota homeowner called cops to report that two naked strangers were having sex in her hot tub.

Police were summoned around 11:30 PM Tuesday to a home in Eagan, a city 15 miles south of St. Paul. There they discovered Sheldon and Arneson, a St. Paul native, enjoying the hot tub (the temperature outside was in the mid-20s).

After citing Sheldon and Arneson for disorderly conduct, cops dropped them off at a nearby house (which is not outfitted with a backyard spa). That residence is occupied by Sheldon’s 29-year-old son, whom she apparently was visiting from her home in Montana.