Android users are the biggest wankers


Research from one of the biggest online porn providers shows that Android users are most likely to visit the site on their mobiles, ahead of iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry fans.


According to Pornhub, one of the foremost special interest sites on the ‘net, Android users are out-porning everyone else out there. Statistics drawn from the site’s Year in Review report show that users of Google’s mobile OS account for a whopping 49.9% of Pornhub’s mobile use, whereas hits from iOS users fell by around 5% from the year before, to just 40.2%.

Users of other mobile platforms still enjoy Pornhub’s wares too. Windows users are reportedly growing in number and now make up around 2.6% of the site’s punters, while BlackBerry still provides the site with 1.4% of its views – though we can imagine a 3.5-inch display isn’t exactly great for taking in the site’s thespian delights, and means you’re even more likely to damage your eyesight.

Tellingly, the site’s data indicates that the world’s favourite day for a bit of persy time is Monday, with people flocking to chase the post-weekend blues away with a bit of adult action. The average time spent on the site was reported as 9 minutes and 16 seconds, and accounting for time spent selecting fap material and then impatiently waiting for the chosen video to stop buffering, that’s quite a brief visit in all.

Azerbaijanis reportedly spend the least time ‘visiting’ overall, with an average time of around 6 minutes 26 seconds recorded. Make of that what you will.

While there are sure to be plenty of people still around who don’t enjoy taking in adult movies, they’re apparently in the minority. Pornhub’s annual views were up from 63.2 billion to 78.9 billion in 2014, indicating that more than a handful of the world’s internet-connected people enjoy a good bongo film.

And of course, while the stats may suggest that Android users are the biggest fans of five-fingered frolics, a large part of the results are down to how popular Google handsets are, making up a huge portion of the market. Still, as most of the Recombu staff currently sports an Android device, we’re proud to say that we’re amongst the biggest group of wankers around.

Squirting Is Just Peeing, Say Scientists


scientists-perform-first-major-study-on-whether-squirting-is-just-peeing-body-image-1420738135On December 24, a group of French scientists published what is probably the first medical-journal article on squirting. They gave pelvic ultrasound scans to seven women who previously reported emitting about a cup full of liquid (!) when they had sex. By administering the scans after the women peed, and then twice during sexual stimulation, they were able to conclude exactly where the liquid was coming from and what it consisted of—and, spoiler alert, it was pee.

There have been plenty of studies done on female ejaculation, this is the first one, as far as I can tell, to specifically explore women who expel great gushing quantities of fluid when sex is happening. Since at least the 80s, however, there’s been a lot of debate around whether or not women ejaculate at all, or if any instance of it is just an adult version of bedwetting.

Jared Kreft Accused Of Getting High Before Giving Horse A Blowjob


A Wausau man accused of performing a sex act with a horse has been charged in Marathon County with bestiality.

Jared-KreftJared Kreft, 30, was charged with sexual gratification with an animal sex organ, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana as a repeat offender and bail jumping, according to court records.

On Wednesday, Marathon County sheriff’s deputies were sent to a barn in the town of Wausau, where they found Kreft near a horse, according to court documents. Kreft was wearing a face mask, black jacket and blue wind pants with holes cut in the groin and buttocks areas, according to court documents.

He told deputies after he was arrested that he went to the barn and performed oral sex on the horse and tried to arouse the horse with his hand, according to court documents. He said he had viewed “horse pornography” before the incident.

Deputies also found a blue and red glass pipe often used for smoking marijuana and a jar of petroleum jelly.

When they searched his apartment in the city of Wausau, a detective found a small amount of marijuana, according to court documents.

Kreft was ordered held on a $2,000 cash bond and ordered to have no contact with the residence where the crime occurred.

It was unclear from court documents who owned the barn and horse. Requests for comment from the prosecutor and the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department were not immediately returned.

A preliminary hearing is set for Tuesday.

Iris Gibney, Married Mother Of Three, Busted With Mouth Full Of Teen Boy


A Montgomery County woman has been arrested on charges she had sex with a 17-year-old boy.

Iris-GibneyIris Gibney, 42, of Pottstown, Pa. is facing charges including corruption of a minor.

The district attorney’s office accuses Gibney of having sex with the 17-year-old boy inside a car at a local park.

Investigators also allege she sent explicit photos of herself to the boy.

She allegedly met the teen at a school function, but investigators aren’t naming the school involved.

Gibney has been charged with Corruption of Minors, Disseminating Obscene Materials to a Minor, and Trespass by Motor Vehicle. She is free on $50,000 unsecured bail.

People Feel Better About Pornography When It’s Educational


There are all kinds of theories about what watching pornography might do to a person. Some of those theories are positive, some are less so. But there’s one thing that studies agree on: People are more likely to think watching porn will affect others negatively more than it will affect themselves negatively.

porn_1536108cThis is not, to be clear, saying that there are established negative effects associated with watching porn (that’s a whole other debate). It simply means that one person is more likely to assume that any negative effects that might exist apply far more to someone else, than to himself. The neighbor watching porn? A heathen. You watching porn? A regular Wednesday night. This is a well documented phenomenon in sex research, but recent work suggests that it doesn’t hold up for a particular type of pornography: instructional porn.

Yes, instructional porn really is just what it sounds like. According to Katrina L. Pariera, the George Washington University researcher behind this new study, “Instructional pornography includes explicit adult films designed to arouse and instruct couples or individuals in sexual matters,” she wrote in a recently published paper. This kind of porn has titles like The Expert Guide to Positions,The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Pleasure, and Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Advanced Fellatio. (Instructional pornography always seem to be either expert or ultimate.) These are how-to manuals, guides, roadmaps to pleasure, sex for dummies. And many of the free porn sites online like YouPorn and PornHub and XVideo have an instructional tag where these videos live.

Essentially, instructional pornography is meant to educate first, titillate second. Viewers should come away knowing a bit more about how to please themselves or their partners. Which got Pariera to wondering whether previous academic work about perceptions of porn viewers might have been missing something by treating all porn equally. Do people truly perceive all kinds of pornography the same way? Is something more banal, or even instructional, filed into the same cabinet in our minds as something kinkier or more aggressive?

The experiment she did involved a little bit of lying, as many experiments do. The subjects were told that they were there to help develop a new adult-movie rating system. As part of the development of that new system, they were instructed that their opinions on how certain movies would affect others were important. They were then asked to consider eight DVD covers, along with a paragraph summary of each one. Two of those were instructional adult films (things like Matt and Khym: Better Than Ever and Turn Ons!: How to Please Your Partner), two were non-instructional adult films (including Superman XXX: A Porn Parody, and Audrey: Sexual Freak 8), and two were mainstream movies (The Matrix and Slumdog Millionaire). After looking at each, the participants were asked how they thought someone might be impacted by watching the DVD in question. (They were not asked how much that same someone might enjoy the DVD, only how it might impact them.)

When Pariera looked at the results, she saw a striking difference between how people thought about instructional and non-instructional pornography.

The usual perception of pornography being worse for someone else was flipped. People actually thought that viewing instructional porn had the same impact on adults (both men and women) as watching The Matrix did. Which is to say, no real effect. And, unlike non-instructional pornography, there was no difference in how men and women felt about it. (When asked about pornography more broadly, women tend to be more likely to perceive negative impacts than men are.) In other words, “instructional pornography was rated as having a mostly positive effect, suggesting the genre is perceived as somewhat socially desirable.”

Instructional sexual education seems to be on the rise, as places like Babeland and Moregasm try to take the stigma out of adult sex-ed. Babeland, a sex shop and education center with several locations in New York City and Seattle, offers classes on blow jobs, positions, and just general “hot sex.” And if this new research is right, it might be more palatable for people to think about instructional erotica over the kind that exists simply as pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

Always Masturbate Before a Holiday Party


If you’re looking for love this holiday season, one expert says you should make sure to “love your body” before you step under the mistletoe, otherwise you’re just going to get hurt. (Possibly have an orgasm before it happens, but definitely hurt after) (Sooo hurt.)

azmgiyfsswg57t8htnlyLucy Beresford, a psychotherapist, has written a new book about love, life and relationships and, she says, one of the most important things you can do to avoid pain during this festive time of year is touch yourself in the bath before leaving the house. Why? because it will bring your “libido down a few notches” and allow you to make clear decisions about whether you want to have sex with that tall, dark stranger you just met at the party (who may also not be a tall, dark stranger at all once the beer goggles come off). Beresford says you should always resist, because dudes in holiday sweaters only one want one thing: Your special frosted cookies. (That is not a good euphemism for genitals, is it?)

From Cosmo UK:

Respect Your Vagina

By respecting this precious part of your body, you treat yourself with respect too. After all, sex is not a numbers game. It’s bigger and better than that. So even though you’re experiencing tons of sexual tension, keep a clear head and conduct some subtle research on the night to see if he has other ‘attachments’ (wife / alcohol / kids) which will stop him putting you first beyond tonight. Treating your vagina as a precious possession means you become much more discerning about who gets to have fun with it – and with you.

So, if you want long-term love don’t have short-term sex, says one person who is promoting her book. I don’t know if that’s true, but I am always going to support suggestions for aggressive masturbation, so I agree with Beresford there. Although I will say that having short-term sex and one-night stands is not an explicit “disrespect” of one’s vagina.

I will also tell you this: There is nothing more romantic than someone telling you that they masturbated before they came to see you. At least if you’re 18 years old and meeting some dude from the internet for the first time. “I did that thing they talked about in Something About Mary,” he said, and I melted. So maybe Beresford is right about some things. Love yourself before you go for that meat platter!