Chinese man divorces and sues wife over ugly children…and wins


A man in China has divorced and then sued his former wife for the equivalent of $120,000 for giving him what he deemed to be ugly children, and the court ruled in his favour.



According to report, ultimate vainer Jian Feng from Northern China, when his newborn child was born, said she was ‘incredibly ugly’ and accused his wife of cheating on him due to the child looking nothing like him. With no other option but to tell the truth, his wife revealed she had had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery to change her looks.
‘I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues. Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.’ Feng allegedly said. Feng then divorced and sued her for damages, which he was awarded.
The photo below reveals what the woman supposedly looked like before undergoing a facial re-constructive surgery, and after the procedure.
This is what the woman supposedly looked like prior and after she underwent major cosmetic surgery

NYPD Pays Arrested Men For Mistaking Jolly Rancher Candies For Meth Rocks


In settlement of a civil rights lawsuit, the City of New York will pay three Brooklyn men a total of $33,000 in connection with their arrests last year after NYPD officers mistakenly identified Jolly Ranchers as methamphetamine during drug busts.

jrinsideTwo of the men, Love Olatunjiojo, 26, and Omar Ferriera, 23, were collared after cops approached them shortly after the pair left It’Sugar, a Coney Island candy store where they had bought various sweets, including Jolly Rancher candies.

While searching the duo, police recovered a “quantity of methamphetamine” from both men, according to misdemeanor criminal complaints. Police initially reported to Brooklyn prosecutors that the suspected meth field-tested positive for the presence of narcotics.

In sworn criminal complaints filed against Olatunjiojo and Ferriera, Officer Jermaine Taylor declared that he “has had professional testing as a police officer in the identification of methamphetamine.”

However, a subsequent NYPD lab analysis revealed that the red and blue “crystalline rocks of solid material” contained no controlled substances. As a result, charges against Olatunjiojo and Ferriera were dismissed.

A third man, Jimmy Sano, 27, was busted when he protested the arrest of his two friends. Sano, who was with his three-year-old daughter at the time of his arrest, was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest. In April, Sano’s case was adjourned in contemplation of dismissal.

EEK! Mom Finds Dead Mouse In Box Of Crunchy Nut Cereal


This is a cereal crime.

A mom in the United Kingdom is super cereal about her kids’ breakfast. She’s ratting out Kellogg’s after she found a dead mouse in her 2-year-old grandson’s box of Crunchy Nut corn flakes, according to the Mirror.

Solent News & Photo AgencyPauline Henderson, 50, was pouring a bowl of the freshly opened cereal when she says she found this:

Naturally, the Portsmouth native was disgusted.

“It was horrible,” she told The Portsmouth News. “If [my grandson] Toby had eaten it I could have been rushing him to the hospital … Goodness knows how long the mouse was in the box or if it was dead or alive when it went in.”

She didn’t have to rush anyone to the hospital, but she did throw the box — mouse included — into the freezer while she notified environmental officials.

A representative of the supermarket Tesco, where Henderson reportedly bought the cereal, told the Daily Mail that the find is “concerning.”

“We set ourselves the highest standards for the quality and safety of the food we sell and were concerned to hear of this,” the spokesman said. “We would like to thank Ms Henderson for alerting us and we will work with the supplier to support their investigation.”

Henderson also reportedly declined Kellogg’s offer of a new box of cereal.

Cops ‘left mom’s sex toys’ in 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom


A mortified Queens couple says NYPD cops ransacked their home — and left the wife’s sex toys dumped in their 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom — during a 2012 investigation.

shutterstock_136015916In a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn federal court on Friday, James and Gina Goldring say the cops left the naughty items behind after spending hours in the home probing the dad’s accidental shooting of their teenage son.

The cops were furious that Gina told James to keep his mouth shut, the lawsuit alleges. “Sexually oriented merchandise sold by plaintiff Gina Goldring in a part-time job with a company called Passion Parties were removed from plaintiff’s bedroom and placed in plain view in the 5-year-old’s bedroom,” the suit states.

In allegedly wreaking havoc on the Hollis home, the officers also crushed electronic tablets, stepped on toy train sets, poured out cereal, broke a “muffin maker,” dumped cinnamon spice on the kitchen counter, pulverized a night-light and left out frozen steaks and fish to rot, the suit says.

The cops allegedly swiped $680 in cash — all while snipping cable wires and stomping an Xbox.

The damage occurred after James, a barber, shot their 14-year-old son that May while moving three unregistered firearms from a closet to a garage, according to the suit.

The distraught dad was ready to talk to investigators — but his wife, who was with their wounded son at Long Island Jewish Hospital, told him by phone not to say anything, the suit states.

Annoyed officers informed the husband that he had chosen poorly, the court papers say.

“So you’re lawyered up?” they asked him, according to the suit. “All bets are off. We’re tossing your house and arresting your wife.”

James Goldring was eventually charged with endangering the welfare of a child and served 30 days of community service, according to court papers. Gina Goldring pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

The couple said in their suit that the cops’ harassment of them didn’t even stop after the ransacking of their home.

They busted James’ barber-shop customers for loitering and cited him for not sweeping up hair and having uncovered garbage cans, the suit states. With customers scared off, Goldring said he was forced to close in June.

Goldring declined to comment on Friday. His lawyer, Alan Levine, didn’t return a phone call. They are seeking unspecified damages. The city Law Department said it hadn’t been served with the papers.

Alabama man claims penis mistakenly amputated


An Alabama man who went to the hospital for a routine circumcision says doctors mistakenly amputated his penis.

Johnny Lee Banks Jr. of Birmingham and his wife, Zelda Banks, filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Jefferson County. They’re suing the hospital, doctors and others for what they say is medical malpractice.

The lawsuit says Banks went to Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham last month for a circumcision. The suit alleges the man’s penis was gone when he awoke.

The suit says that the mistaken amputation has caused the man extreme pain, and that his wife also is suffering.

The suit names the hospital, a urology group, a medical clinic and two doctors as defendants. It’s seeking an unspecified dollar amount.

A hospital spokeswoman declined comment, and others didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment.

Here’s a Steak n Shake milkshake story that’s hard to swallow


53e53ab8a9569A diner at the Plainfield Road Steak n’ Shake was gravely injured and permanently disabled when he drank a milkshake contaminated by “foreign matter,” according to a lawsuit filed in Will County court.

The attorney behind the lawsuit, Adam Gilbert, refused to identify the “foreign matter” supposedly ingested by his client.

“You know what, I really don’t have any comment on it right now,” Gilbert said before hanging up the phone.

Whatever the “foreign matter” may be, it left milkshake drinker Doug Hickock “greatly bruised and injured,” the lawsuit said.

The suit went on to claim that Hickock’s “bones, tissues, muscles and ligaments were torn, stained and injured” by the milkshake, and those injuries “will result in permanent disability and disfigurement” and have caused “the loss of his normal enjoyment of life.”

Hickock drank the fateful shake in September 2012, the suit said.

Hobby Lobby alleged to have fired pregnant employee who requested time off to give birth


hobby_lobby_founders-620x412Hobby Lobby has always contended that even though it won’t provide employees with comprehensive contraceptive coverage, it really is a very nice place to work because it goes the extra mile for employees. But according to a report from RH Reality Check, the company may have fired a pregnant employee after she requested time off to give birth to her child, even after reassuring her that her job would be waiting for her when she was ready to come back.

“They didn’t even want me to come back after having my baby, to provide for it,” Felicia Allen told reporter Sofia Resinick. Allen started as a part-time cashier at Hobby Lobby in 2010, and found out she was pregnant not too long after she started. She said she asked her supervisor if her job would be safe even though she hadn’t been working at the chain long enough to qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act.

“I asked her would I lose my job due to me being four months and only having five months before I have my child. She told me ‘no,’” Allen told RH Reality Check. “I felt like everything was OK. I had talked to my boss, and she let me know that everything would be OK. I would still have my job.”

When Allen was ready to have her child, she was fired. She said she tried to come back three weeks after she gave birth, but wasn’t rehired like she was assured she would be. “I was like, I can’t get fired,” Allen said. “She can’t terminate me because I have to go have my child. I started asking everybody on the job, ‘Can they do this?’ And even the assistant manager who had just got hired [said,] ‘No, that’s not right.’”

In addition to being misled about being able to return to her job, Allen said Hobby Lobby fought her on unemployment benefits. According to Allen, the company said she could have taken personal leave but opted not to. Allen eventually won her claim, but she left her experience at Hobby Lobby feeling that the company had discriminated against her because of her pregnancy.

And, as Resinick points out, Allen couldn’t file a legal challenge after all of this because, like most Hobby Lobby employees, she had signed a piece of paper giving away her right to sue. Instead, most if not all matters are settled outside of court in arbitration:

In a phone interview, [Alex Colvin, a professor of conflict resolution at Cornell University and an expert on employment arbitration] told RH Reality Check that corporations generally institute an arbitration-only policy out of fear of widespread lawsuits and to keep information on disputes out of the public eye.

“I think it’s an interesting confluence here with Hobby Lobby being in the news with that big case, but if that were an employment case where an employee wanted to make a claim, we would never see that case at the Supreme Court because it would be stayed in arbitration,” Colvin said. “So, ironically, Hobby Lobby gets to go to the Supreme Court because they want to challenge this, but their own employees don’t get to go to court.”

According to federal court records, over the years, several employees have filed job discrimination lawsuits against Hobby Lobby claiming age, disability, race, and sex discrimination—which is common for many corporations. But due to the fact that Hobby Lobby avoids lawsuits and the fact that little information about arbitration cases is made public, it’s difficult to evaluate the company’s treatment of its employees beyond its assurances that they are paid above minimum wage and well taken care of.

In a promotional video on the Hobby Lobby website, company president Steve Green explained how he doesn’t leave his pro-family Christian principles at the door when it comes to running his company. “Well, the beliefs that we’ve had — that we have grown up with all our lives — are convictions that we have that we live by personally,” he said. “And as we have ran our business we feel the obligation or the desire that we want to use those same principles within our business. It would not be consistent for us to live one way at home and then accept a different way at work. That would be inconsistent with our faith.”

Hobby Lobby has not yet responded to a request for comment, but one wonders how the Green family feels this story of alleged discrimination against a new mother reflects on those principles.