Police mistake sex doll for corpse in South Korea park


Police investigating a potential murder scene in a temple garden in South Korea got a shock when they discovered the “dead body” was actually an inflatable doll, it’s reported.

_77642281_sexdollFollowing a tip-off from a witness picnicking nearby with his family, some 50 officers arrived at the scene in Gyeonggi Province, near the capital Seoul, Tong-a Ilbo newspaper says. There appeared to be a dead female body near a waterway, wearing stockings and tied up with denim fabric and blue tape. But trepidation turned to relief when they examined the “corpse” and realised it was an inflatable sex doll – albeit a very realistic one. “The skin texture [was so] similar to that of an actual person that when the policeman touched it he mistook it for a human body,” a police source says.

Officials say the doll in question is imported from Japan and sells in adult stores – but seems to be popping up in brothels as well. The Chosun Ilbo newspaper reports on the ambiguities surrounding “doll experience” rooms for rent, saying it isn’t clear if they violate South Korea’s anti-prostitution laws. Since then, the issue has become even murkier, as sex robots have appeared on the market. The Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative says animatronic rent-a-doll “escort” services are especially popular in Japan and South Korea.

Woman Thwarts Thief, Then Gives Birth


Police in Flint, Michigan, say a woman gave birth after she and her family captured a purse snatcher in a grocery store parking lot.

n-MARK-NEWTON-largeThe Flint Police Department says the woman was putting groceries in her car Tuesday on the city’s east side when an unarmed man grabbed her purse. Police say she ran after him, and he pushed her down.

The Flint Journal reports two bystanders stopped the man and retrieved the woman’s purse. The man tried to keep running but the woman’s family held him until police arrived.

They arrested 30-year-old Mark Newton. He was arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery and ordered held on $8,000 bond. It wasn’t immediately available if he has an attorney.

Police say she delivered her baby later that day.

Reported Domestic Disturbance Was Actually Noisy Couple Engaged In “Romantic Situation” On Living Room Floor


floorsex091509Responding to a 911 call about a domestic disturbance, a Florida cop discovered that the purported combatants were actually involved in a noisy “romantic situation with one another on the living room floor,”according to a police report.

When an officer arrived early Sunday morning at the Bradenton residence, the couple “came outside and were both smiling and adjusting their clothing,” noted Officer James Savaglio.

The duo explained that the home did not have air conditioning, so the windows were opened, which allowed confused neighbors to get an earful. “Neither party alleged anything physical other than the romance that took place.”

Before departing, the cop “asked the parties to keep the noise down.”

‘Boobie Squeezing Simulator’ Takes Virtual Reality To New Lows



A YouTube video posted earlier this week appears to show an Occulus Rift virtual reality headset hooked up to a game where the sole objective is to squeeze an anime character’s breasts.

The experience is linked to a real-life set of foam breasts. While the “game” — if you can call it that — is just generally sad in a lonely adolescent way, what makes it creepy is that the character appears to wince and shy away when the player grabs her breasts.

Daily Dot notes that the game does nothing to dispel the “unfortunate stereotype ofgamers being basement-dwelling males with zero experience interacting with the opposite sex.”

The game is apparently called Boobie Squeezing Simulator.

No, These Cyclers Aren’t Half Naked, But Their Uniforms Have Been Deemed ‘Unacceptable’


A Colombian women’s cycling team uniform is causing quite a stir. As some point out, the garment’s light-colored section appears to make the riders look partially nude.


Photos of the uniformed Bogota Humana team riders at the women’s Giro Toscana race in Italy this weekend have spread like wildfire across social media, where users were quick to point out the unfortunately placed portion of the uniform, or kit.

In the wake of the social media firestorm, the president of Union Cyclist International (UCI), Brian Cookson, took to Twitter to say the uniform is “unacceptable by any standard of decency” and that the UCI is “on the case.”

According to local media, the kit was designed by one of the team’s riders and has been worn in previous races. Only now, after images of the kit appeared on social media, has it been made a topic of debate. Some say the section of the uniform may actually be gold and that the color unfortunately appears lighter in photos.

“One of the riders appears to have designed it without the intent on making it look as though they were partially nude,” Colombian cycling journalist Klaus Bellon told BBC.

Still, many were not pleased. Former Olympian cyclist Nicole Cooke went so far as to say it’s turned cycling into a joke.

Track Your Farts With an App



Back in 2008, during the early days of the Android mobile operating system, there were only a few hundred apps to choose from in Google’s marketplace. A ton of those apps were variations of fart sound effect generators. Which meant, inevitably, a sh*t ton (pun intended) of fart apps proliferating in both the Android and iOS marketplaces.

But out of the storm came one brave developer, who chose to add purpose to digital pooting: with the Fart Code app.

We knew that wearables could be way more fun.

We scanned a bottle of hickory-flavored barbecue sauce and were surprised to get a “Gross” fart rating, with the culprit ingredient being fructose.

Fart Code, it turns out, is more of an analyzer than a toy. It uses your iPhone’s camera to scan the barcodes of food products. It then checks the ingredients and tells the user what kind of fart it will likely produce, and what’s in the food that causes it. Types of farts are ranked on a scale from “Stinky” to “Toxic,” and the ingredients are explained.


If that’s not enough to for you, Fart Code also mimics the sound of the fart, and vibrates to match the effect said fart would have on your digestive system. For example, we scanned a bottle of hickory-flavored barbecue sauce and were surprised to get a “Gross” fart rating, with the culprit ingredient being fructose. All this time, we were blaming the pounds of grilled meat.

And yeah, maybe the thing is meant for “education,” as the grownups will tell you: so says Margaret Johnson, executive creative director and partner at the GS&P advertising group. “It’s a fun and engaging way to get kids to think about what they are putting in their bodies,” Johnson said in a press release. But we adults are having fun with it, too.

There isn’t a version of Fart Code for Android yet — ironic, given their history of fart apps — so only iOS users will be able to scan and predict what will come out of their can. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, it’s a freebie. Consider it a better time investment than Yo.

Shoplifter Used Walmart Motorized Wheelchair Cart As Her Getaway Vehicle


After stealing $600 worth of merchandise from Walmart, a Michigan woman made her getaway on one of the store’s motorized wheelchairs, according to cops who collared her two miles from the retailer.

shirleymaemasonShirley Mae Mason, 46, was arrested Monday night and charged with the theft of the $1200 electric cart and six bags stuffed with clothing.

During questioning by police, Mason said that she decided to swipe the motorized cart after failing to secure a car ride from the store. Mason, according to a police report, said she just “didn’t feel like walking.”

Mason, seen above, was booked into the Muskegon County jail, from which she was later released after posting bond.

Last month, an 18-year-old New Mexico man was arrested for stealing a similar Walmart cart and driving it to a meeting with his probation officer at an Albuquerque courthouse.