It’s official: naked young woman who fled police on foot was ‘Tripping Balls’


A woman “tripping balls” on LSD ran naked through an Arkansas city and fought with officers when they tried to restrain her, police in Fayetteville wrote in a startlingly straightforward report.

Incredible dash cam video footage catches Melissa Valencia, 21, streaking nude through a parking lot near South Church Ave. and West Mountain St. in the city in the northwest corner of Arkansas.

“Come here! Stop running!” the officer yells as he approaches the naked woman, who takes off when she sees the approaching police car.

A second car arrives and officers eventually grab the woman, who “ran approximately 75 feet to a pole in the parking lot and appeared to be attempting to hid from me,” an officer wrote in their report, obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Police first responded after a caller “stated (Valencia) was intoxicated on drugs and ‘tripping balls,'” the officer wrote.

As police try to take her into custody, Valencia begins to scream, “Let me go! Let me go!” as she is eventually taken to the ground and secured with handcuffs and leg restraints, the video shows.

“A blanket was placed around her and … Central EMS transported Valencia” to the hospital “for treatment for a possible drug overdose,” the officer writes.

“Please, stop,” she can be heard moaning on the video as officers handcuff her to a gurney and place her in an ambulance.

Valencia refused to tell officers who she was or what had happened, but she later spoke to a nurse and “admitted to taking acid at her boyfriend’s house.”

Valencia had calmed by the time police returned to the hospital to arrest her and she was “polite and cooperative” when taken to jail.

Dad Hid 16 Packets of Heroin In His Baby’s Diaper


A Delaware man wanted on a theft charge stashed 16 packets of heroin down his eight-month-old baby boy’s diaper when police spotted him walking yesterday on a New Castle street, investigators allege.

michaelpennmugAccording to cops, Michael Penn recently swiped items from a Verizon store, prompting the issuance of an arrest warrant for shoplifting.

Police officers approached the 25-year-old Penn while he was walking Tuesday with his three children. Seen in the adjacent mug shot, Penn was carrying the baby and his five-year-old daughter.

Directed by officers to put the children down, Penn initially refused, cops reported. At one point, Penn was seen placing something in the baby’s diaper, according to the New Castle City Police Department.

Penn was eventually detained and a search of the child’s diaper turned up the heroin stash, which can be seen in a police evidence photo. The heroin packets were stamped with brand names like “Bioshock” and “Death.”

In addition to the shoplifting count, Penn was booked into jail yesterday on narcotics, resisting arrest, and child endangerment charges. He was later released on $4500 bond. Penn’s children were turned over to the custody of his grandmother, and cops reported the incident to child welfare officials.

Man enters family’s home and recites scripture … at 2 a.m. by breaking down their front door … naked and tripping balls


A sleeping Seattle family got a rude awakening at 2 a.m. this morning when they heard someone smash through their front door.  The freaked out family woke up and then heard the odd sound of someone loudly reciting Bible scripture from downstairs.

The wife called 911.  Her husband brandished a baseball bat and the family with two young children hid upstairs.  When the husband looked downstairs he saw a naked guy in his house reciting scripture.

The naked guy took off running and police caught up to him down the road and after a brief chase, arrested him.

The naked guy admitted to being high on LSD.

Also, we thought his was a pretty typical alarm clock for people in Seattle. Anyone from Seattle can verify?

Drugged-Up Couple Arrested After Forgetting Infant Was In Backseat Of Car


A Denham Springs man, and a St. Amant woman were arrested Friday night by Walker Police on child cruelty and drug charges.


Police arrested Billy Arthur Henry, Jr., 35, and Lana Wallace Henry, 32.

According to a report, Walker officers responded to a report of an infant locked in a car in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

When police arrived, they noticed a baby crying in the backseat. Officers made the decision to force entry into the vehicle to rescue the child due to high summer temperatures.

Police checked the child for injuries and called the Office of Child Services.

Officers searched the car in an effort to identify the owner of the vehicle. At that time, Billy and Lana Henry were seen walking toward the vehicle.

When officers questioned them, they admitted to owning the vehicle and being the parents of the infant inside. Police learned that the baby had been locked in the car for nearly an hour.

Both parents were then arrested for child cruelty.

Based on their behavior, condition, and statements to officers, Walker police determined that both the father and mother were impaired.

One officer reported that the suspects “were unsteady on their feet and had slurred speech.”

Police then questioned the mother and father separately. Both of them seemed shocked when asked about the infant. Neither of them remembered bringing the child along with them to Wal-Mart.

Both subjects later admitted to taking Oxycodone. After searching the vehicle, officers also found marijuana, Adderall, oxymorphone (Opana), and a syringe in the wife’s purse.

Police suspected that the parents might have other children. The parents were initially uncooperative, but eventually told police that their three other children were with family at a house with a blue door, near a tire shop on Florida Boulevard.

Police located the house and found the other three children with a member of the Henry family. One of the children was a twin of the baby found in car at Wal-Mart. The other two children, both girls, were 10 and 11-years-old.

OCS placed all of the children into state custody.

The couple was transported to the Walker Police Department for processing.

When they arrived, officers found Xanax on the floor of the police vehicle in which the couple was transported. Lana Henry admitted to dropping the drugs on the floor.

Billy Arthur Henry, Jr., was booked with Cruelty to Juveniles; Possession of Schedule I CDS (Synthetic Marijuana); and Disturbing the Peace. He is currently being held in the Livingston Parish Detention Center with bail set at $26,000.00.

Lana Wallace Henry was booked on charges of Cruelty to Juveniles; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of Schedule I CDS (Synthetic Marijuana); Two Counts of Possession of Schedule II CDS (Oxymorphone & Adderall); Possession of Schedule IV CDS (Xanax); Possession of a Legend Drug without a Prescription; and Disturbing the Peace. Lana Henry’s bail was set at $56,500.

After the booking process, a Adderall was found hidden on Lana Henry’s person, resulting in additional charges of Possession of Schedule II CDS (Adderall) and Introduction of Contraband into a Penal Institution. Bail on those charges has been set at $45,000.00. She remains in the Livingston Parish Detention Center in lieu of bail.

Man Charged With Murder After Intentionally Running Over Pregnant Woman


A man is facing murder charges after police say he intentionally rammed a woman with his car and then ran her over.

Dewey-GreenPolice say 53-year-old Janice Pitts was sitting at a traffic light on Highway 5 in Douglasville Wednesday when her Lincoln Navigator was hit from behind by 23-year-old Dewey Green.

“He just kept hitting us, he just kept hitting us,” said Pitts’ daughter, Iesha Davis.

Davis was in her mom’s SUV at the time with her 4-year -old son.

She says when her mom got out of the SUV to assess the damage, Green pinned Pitts between the two trucks.

“I’m banging on the window, ‘Please, you’re crushing my mom, you’re crushing my mom. Please, you’re crushing my mom. He wouldn’t look at me, He kept his face straight and kept his foot down on the gas,’” Davis told Channel 2’s Liz Artz.

Davis says her mom was driving her to work, like she did every day, when the whole thing happened before her eyes.

“He backed up, my mom’s body dropped,” said Davis.

Police say Green then ran over Pitts’ crushed body.

“After that, I just completely lost it. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why,” said Davis. “I’ll never ever get the image of my mom lifeless body lying on the pavement and the man ran her over like she was nothing.”

Witnesses say Green then went up over the median, came across a grassy knoll and ended up sideways across Bill Arp Road where witnesses managed to stop him.

Even seasoned investigators say the horrific crash has left them stunned. Police say Green seemed dazed and confused and reeked of alcohol.

“No doubt there’s alcohol involved,” said Stan Copeland with Douglas County police.

Davis says her mom, a two-time breast cancer survivor, died on the scene. Police arrested and charged Green with murder and aggravated assault, but he could face more charges. Police say Pitts was expecting another child of her own.

“He could be charged with feticide depending on how far along,” said Copeland.

“She was very happy. She had just got good news about expecting,” said Davis.

Green is from Alabama. Detectives say his father is in town to try to get answers and help police figure out what happened. Police say Green’s father told them his son had been acting strange lately.

“No history of mental illness?” asked Artz.

“None that we can find and his family did not mention anything,” said Copeland.

Toxicology testing is being done on Green to find out if he was under the influence of drugs.

The latest use for a remote-controlled helicopter: Delivering drugs to a prison yard


 An investigation was launched Wednesday after a remote-controlled helicopter, suspected to be carrying drugs, crash-landed in an exercise yard at one of Dublin’s largest prisons.

WheatfieldThe drone plummeted into an exercise yard within Wheatfield Prison in west Dublin at around 10.00 GMT Tuesday.

A package containing suspected drugs was attached by a rope to the four-blade device but it got caught on wires designed to prevent airborne escapes by prisoners.

It’s believed up to 20 inmates rushed to the device and managed to gather some of the contraband.

Prison guards noticed the commotion in the yard and intervened.

“We were alerted to an incident at Wheatfield prison yesterday morning,” the Garda (police) press office told AFP.

“We were handed a device and an investigation is underway.”

The Irish Prison Service also said an internal inquiry was underway and that some prisoners are facing disciplinary procedures.

The drone was highly-sophisticated with a camera that allowed the operators to remotely see where it was travelling.

It’s understood a digital memory card onboard the device will be central to the investigation as it mapped the route it took before crashing.

Both the Prison Service and the Garda declined to comment further.