Woman Allegedly Poisoned Roommates After She Was Caught Having Sex With Dog


A 53-year-old woman has been arrested after police said she tried to poison her roommate and boyfriend, upset that the boyfriend had broken up with her because she’d been having sex with her roommate’s two German shepherds.

Shari-WaltersSheriff’s deputies said Shari Walters’ roommate walked into a shed in Albuquerque in late July at their shared home and found Walters having sex with one of the animals, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday in Metropolitan Court. The roommate, who police said was “shocked,” walked back into the home and waited for Walters to return.

Walters returned to the home and admitted having sex with the dog, Spike. The roommate then told Walters’ boyfriend, who broke up with her “because she was having sex with dogs,” the officer wrote in the criminal complaint.

The three were having dinner later that evening, and both the roommate and Walters’ ex-boyfriend said they noticed that the water they were drinking was strangely colored and that the food they were eating tasted different.

Both alleged victims reported some minor symptoms after eating the food, which Walters later told them was laced with toilet bowl cleaner and rubbing alcohol. Walters told her boyfriend she had been having sex with dogs since she was 14 years old, according to the complaint.

Walters was sent to the University of New Mexico Hospital for a mental evaluation, and she’s now being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center on $20,000 cash bail. She’s facing charges of animal cruelty and assault with the intent to commit a violent felony.

A veterinarian examined both animals and found minor injuries, as well as “unusual symptoms” in one of the dogs that could indicate sexual abuse, according to the criminal complaint.

The roommate and ex-boyfriend require additional medical treatment as a result of having ingested the chemicals, according to the complaint.

Man Accused Of Choking Kitten, Injecting It With Heroin


James-MeyersThe Chester County SPCA is reaching out to the public for donations to help with the medical costs for a kitten allegedly given heroin.

The eight-month-old kitten was found Sunday. Its neck was bound by a rope and the animal was bleeding from its face. Several teeth had also been knocked out, and it appeared the kitten had been dragged and/or slammed into the ground.

Police also found several bundles of heroin, hundreds of used bags of heroin, 46 hypodermic needles, rope that matched the rope used on the kitten’s neck and a small box with cat feces in it.

The suspect, 24-year-old James Myers, was arrested.

Though officials at the SPCA say there was discussion about euthanizing the kitten, now named Hope, due to its condition, the veterinarian decided to administer Narcan, the same substance given to humans who overdose on heroin. The kitten’s condition immediately improved.

Woman Who Crawled Naked Through Doggy Door Tells Her Side Of Story


Remember the woman who broke into a stranger’s house through the doggy door and when she was found sitting naked in the bathtub said that she was looking for a phone to use? Well, she’s back and here to talk about what preceded her famous arrest as well as the fallout from becoming a Weird News celebrity.

o-SARA-SOTO-570First, the recap: Sara Elizabeth Soto, 25, was arrested in Weatherford, Texas on April 22, 2013. A homeowner said that he found his doggy door damaged after 1 a.m. and that Soto was sitting unclothed in his tub, according to TV station KDFW. An officer found Soto’s black dress on the resident’s porch and allowed her to put it back on before booking her on trespassing and criminal mischief, according to the Weatherford Democrat.

But that’s only a fraction of her wild night. Soto, a self-professed pothead who raps under the name Sara Toke-A-Lot, spoke at length to MTV News’ Marty Beckerman(himself the focus of a Weird News article)

“She actually sent a message out of the blue. And we wondered, what is her life like now? Does she still get recognized? Can she find a job with thousands of Google results?,” Beckerman told The Huffington Post by email. “We asked if she wanted to share her side of the story, and could have never anticipated how different it would be to what was originally reported a year ago.”

Here are the highlights from MTV’s interview:

  • Even if she hadn’t been hauled to jail, Soto never would have forgotten that night, because she’d just been informed that she was adopted.
  • Reeling from the revelation about her birth, she went out for a drive and crashed her Nissan into a ditch 60 miles from home. MTV confirmed with Weatherford Police that she crashed her car that night.
  • Soto claims that police refused to let her call for a ride home and so she went out penniless into the wee hours of the night in search of a phone. A Weatherford official said it would punish anyone on the force if Soto’s allegation were true.
  • She knocked on several doors to ask for help, but no one answered. So this is where Soto decided to disrobe and break in. (By the way, Soto is adamant that she didn’t wiggle through the pet entrance like an animal; she just reached through the door.)
  • Taking off her clothes made perfect sense to Soto, because her nudity would convince whomever she might encounter that she wasn’t carrying a weapon and that, in fact, she was in need of help.
  • Soto wound up in the tub, because she heard someone in the house and wanted to hide.

There’s lots more to Soto’s tale, such as her complaint that no one returned her panties.

Flight Attendant Warns Travelers To Flush Their Drugs Before Landing


An Australian airline apologized on Wednesday for a warning a flight attendant gave passengers who might have been flying high that there were drug-sniffer dogs awaiting them at Sydney airport.

n-AIRPLANE-LAVATORY-large570Many of the 210 passengers aboard the Jetstar flight from Gold Coast city on Sunday night had attended the Splendour in the Grass weekend music festival at Byron Bay and were returning home.

“We have been told there are sniffer dogs and quarantine officers waiting in the domestic terminal,” Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper on Wednesday quoted the attendant as telling passengers via the Airbus A320’s public address system.

“If you need to dispose of anything you shouldn’t have, we suggest you flush it now,” he added.

The newspaper said the warning prompted passengers to rush for the toilets.

Jetstar spokesman Stephen Moynihan confirmed the newspaper report was accurate. He said the public response to the announcement had been “mixed.”

The airline said it routinely makes quarantine announcements on such flights that cross state borders.

“The crew member’s words were poorly chosen and are plainly at odds with the professional standards we’d expect from our team,” Jetstar said in a statement. “We apologize to customers offended by the comments.”

Jetstar said it was “addressing the matter with the cabin crew member involved,” but did not detail any potential disciplinary action.

One passenger told the newspaper several passengers suddenly made for the toilets with “things clenched in their hands.”

“Why would you tip people off about this?” the passenger, who was not named, asked.” If they have got something illegal, let them get caught.”

But the response on Jetstar’s Facebook page was largely positive.

“What a good Samaritan, Jetstar Australia this guy deserves a promotion,” Rohit Dwivedi posted.

“Of course you should warn your passengers to help avoid them being humiliated, locked in a cage or fined,” Jebediah Cole posted.

Australian Federal Police declined on Wednesday to comment.

Perhaps storing your methadone in a baby bottle is not the best idea


4304337_GA Johnston mother faces felony child abuse charges after police say she accidently fed her baby from a bottle she had used to store methadone.

Police say the 6-month-old girl was unresponsive when she was brought to Hasbro Children’s Hospital on July 10th, but has recovered.

They say 27-year-old Carissa Manning told them she accidently mixed baby formula with her prescription drug in the bottle. She called 911 after the girl become cold and would not wake up.

Manning was arraigned Wednesday and released on a promise to appear in court on Sept. 24. She also was ordered to have no contact with her daughter, who has been placed with another relative.

Manning has no listed phone number and an attempt to reach her for comment Friday was not successful.

Gay Porn Actor Bruno Knight Arrested At LAX With Half A Pound Of Meth Up His Butt


bruno_knightGay porn star Bruno Knight is used to putting big things in his butt, but did he really shove a half-pound of crystal methamphetamine up there? That’s what U.S. Homeland Security is alleging in a disturbing and extremely graphic affidavit detailing Knight’s arrest at LAX last month.

On June 16th, Knight (a U.K. citizen whose real name is Philip Gizzie) was attempting to board a Virgin Atlantic flight back to his home country when Customs and Border Protection officers—acting on a tip from the DEA—stopped and questioned him on the jetway.

According to the affidavit, Gizzie made several self-incriminating statements in an LAX holding room before defecating out two objects containing crystal methamphetamine. Later that morning at a hospital, he expelled a third object containing even more meth. In total, Gizzie was allegedly attempting to smuggle 226 grams (a half-pound) of methamphetamine back to the U.K.

Naked Man Accused Of Breaking Into Family’s Home, Licking Young Girl


San Jose police say two girls woke up to a complete stranger in their home attempting to molest them.

Victor-ManzanaresA 39-year-old man has been arrested by police after he reportedly ran through a mobile home park naked, made inappropriate contact with children — licking one of them  — and attempted to burn down a home.

Victor Manzanares is accused of burglary, annoying and molesting a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, being under the influence of drugs and resisting arrest, police said. It was not immediately clear whether he has an attorney.

San Jose officers on Monday combed through a mobile home park off Senter Road searching for Manzanares after neighbors reported seeing him running around naked.

Manzanares apparently also ran inside a mobile home through an unlocked back door and startled a 12-year-old girl who awoke to find him next to her.

“I was on the couch taking a nap,” the girl said. “I was in deep sleep when the man licked my face and I freaked out.”

Police also said that before Manzanares confronted the 12-year-old girl, he ran into the bedroom of her 11-year-old sister.

“He came into my room… he kissed my cheek, I thought it was my dad, and then he lied next to my bed and tried to touch my bum,” the girl said.

The sisters then grabbed their 7-year-old brother and ran out of the mobile home. The children’s mother, who was ordered out by police minutes earlier, was waiting for them.

The mother said the family has never seen Manzanares before. She said, prior to confronting her children, he turned on all the burners of their stove and gas heater and put a big pile of her clothes next to it. The mother believes he was trying to burn down their home.

Police then went into the home and arrested Manzanares.

The mother said she is still so shaken from the incident that she can’t eat, but she’s thankful her three kids are safe.