Accused Sex Trafficker Buried Himself In $100 Bills In Facebook Photo


Meet Doran Horton.

moneypimpshirtAlong with allegedly pimping out girls, the 25-year-old Californian enjoys posting photos of his cash, jewelry, and blunts to Facebook. In fact, Horton, a fledgling rapper, likes to lounge beneath a carpet of $100 bills.

Sadly, Horton’s photo sharing has been curbed following his arrest on a federal charge of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl. The victim told investigators that she knew Horton “because another girl in her group home was being pimped by him,” according to court records.

The girl told agents that upon meeting Horton in late-September, he took her phone and purse and refused to return the items. She added that Horton subsequently gave her alcohol and an unknown narcotic, had sex with her, and “for a few hours locked her” in his San Diego garage.

Horton, who uses the alias “Oso Montana,” is being held without bail after a judge ruled that he was a danger to the community. When federal agents arrested Horton late last month, he denied being the teen’s pimp, but offered the observation that, “everyone has their hustles and he just wants money.”

If convicted of the federal felony charge, Horton faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

Woman arrested for trafficking, wearing a crystal meth shirt


ARTICLE+FACEBOOKOne Laurel County suspect is creating a lot of buzz on social media.

The Laurel County Sheriff’s Department arrested two people, they say, were in possession of crystal meth on Tuesday.

37-year-old Deborah Asher, of Somerset, was arrested and charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree and possession of methamphetamine.

57-year-old Richard Rice, of East Bernstadt, was also arrested and faces the same charges.

Deputies say they conducted a drug investigation on Dolly Miller Road that led to the arrests.

The Sheriff’s Department shared the arrest on their Facebook page and the post has garnered more than 150 ‘Shares.’

I’m So F***ed Up: New Bottle Attachment Allows You To Bong Beer And Weed Simultaneously



Note: Video contains a nice f-bomb at 0:57. Of course, if you’re watching a video at work about bonging a beer and smoking weed at the same time, that probably isn’t an issue.

This is a video of the Knockout 5-in-1. It’s a $30 beer bottle top attachment (currently available for January delivery — sorry, Christmas listers) that allows a user to turn any bottle into a beer bong, traditional water bong, and gravity bong. Plus you can use the device as a beer bong and gravity bong simultaneously, leaving you with a bottle full of smoke to inhale after the filter beer is chugged. I’m gonna get so f***ed up!

Introducing The Dumbest Drug Smuggler Ever


Call her The Bumbling Smuggler.

sylviamashiahA California woman who had 27 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in her car successfully got through a Customs checkpoint last night, but then mistakenly drove her vehicle into a lot reserved for suspect vehicles to be examined by federal agents.

During the ensuing search of Sylvia Mashiah’s car–which had not been ordered–investigators found 17 packages of meth concealed in the 2006 Ford Focus’s rear quarter panels.

The 33-year-old Mashiah, seen at right, was alone in her car when she approached the Otay Mesa Port of Entry at 7:45 PM Monday. The border crossing is one of three that connects San Diego with Tijuana, Mexico.

As reported in a probable cause statement, Mashiah, a Los Angeles resident, was cleared for entry into the U.S. after a “primary” inspection. However, she “mistakenly drove the vehicle to the secondary lot where Customs and Border Protection Officers inspected the vehicle.”

otaymesaA “secondary” inspection involves a more thorough questioning of the driver, a closer inspection of the vehicle, and a canine review of the auto. The “secondary” inspection is usually ordered due to the suspicions of the agent who first contacted the driver (as well as any passengers).

After tearing apart Mashiah’s Ford, agents found 12.45 kilos of methamphetamine. As a result, she was arrested on a felony drug importation count carrying a minimum five-year prison term.

Mashiah is scheduled to make an initial appearance today in U.S. District Court in San Diego

Cops Say Meth User Threw Dog Poop At Fellow Meth User During Fight Over Laundry In Their Indiana Home


Following an overnight methamphetamine binge, a couple got into a fight over laundry that included dog feces being thrown inside the Indiana home they share with their two small children, one of whom who was hit by the flying animal waste, police charge.


The revolting incident Tuesday morning resulted in the arrest of Terri Patterson, 23, and Nicholas Schelb, 29, for felony child neglect. Schelb was also charged with two battery counts.

When cops arrived at the duo’s Evansville residence, Patterson was locked outside and screaming and banging on the home’s rear door.According to a probable cause affidavit, Patterson’s feet were bleeding and she had “large clumps” of feces “in her hair as well as her face and clothing.”

During subsequent questioning, officers determined that during an argument over laundry, Schelb picked up dog waste from the floor and rubbed it on Patterson. He later threw more feces at her. In addition to striking the woman, the waste hit the couple’s younger child–who was in a baby seat–in the face and body.

A cop noted that the floor was littered with a broken coffee table, shattered glass, and animal feces. The couple’s older child, a one-year-old boy, had feces on the tops and bottoms of his feet and between his toes.

Schelb reportedly told an officer that he and Patterson had been “awake all night after smoking meth.” The children were removed by child welfare workers due to the home’s condition “as well as both Schelb and Patterson testing positive for using meth.”

Patterson and Schelb are both locked up in the Vanderburgh County jail.

‘Start with half a pill’ – Council attacked for giving children as young as 13 advice on taking drugs


A council has come under fire for giving children advice on how to pop pills, snort cocaine and smoke cannabis.

Edinburgh Council has been slatted after it produced a booklet aimed at giving pupils as young as 13 advice on drugs, drinking and sex.

MAIN-Council-UnderfireThe booklet, called Snapfacts and created with the city’s Drug and Alcohol project, gives readers shocking tips on taking drugs including telling people to “wash your nose after each session” when taking cocaine and to “start with half a pill” when taking MDMA.

Creators have argued that the “non-judgemental” and “accurate” information in the book will help young people make informed choices and keep them safe.

But others have been left stunned by the content, which includes street names for drugs and other tips – such as “take short puffs if inhaling” when discussing cannabis.

Agnes Morrison of the Maxie Richards Foundation, an anti-drugs charity which campaigns for abstinence based treatment of drug abuse and runs a rehab centre for addicts, said: “I don’t know why anybody would put out a leaflet telling teenagers the safe way of taking drugs.

“There is no safe way to take drugs. Drugs destroy people so why would you want to put together a leaflet?

“I’ve never come across anything like this. I know they are putting them in schools and that there is other educational information in there.

“But a lot of kids who do not know anything about drugs might read it and get the impression that there is a safe way to take drugs.

There’s opiates in them thar buns

Dozens of buns have been confiscated from a Krakow bakery chain after high strength opiates were detected in the firm’s products.

UntitledPolice pounced after a tip-off from doctors at the Jagiellonian University’s hospital.

“A female patient checked in this morning with strange symptoms,” revealed Professor Andrzej Kulig, director of the hospital, in an interview with the Gazeta Wyborcza daily.

“She was behaving as if she had taken drugs.”

“The woman swore that she had not taken anything and that all she had done was eat a poppyseed bun that morning.”

The hospital sent staff members to buy buns from the chain in question, and it transpired that the company had been using a type of poppyseed that is illegal in the EU for catering purposes.

The buns were duly confiscated.

Police have not disclosed the name of the bakery chain, as it remains unclear whether the owners knew they had purchased a forbidden product.