Naked man on tricycle arrested in apartment complex


imagesA naked man riding a tricycle was arrested and charged with being under the influence of cocaine Tuesday evening, police said.

Jermaine Jones, a 31-year-old from Trenton, was found naked under a stairwell, chewing glass and cigarette tobacco, said Sgt. Greg Staffordsmith of the Lakewood police.

Police received a call about the man on the tricycle riding throughout the Crossroads Apartments complex at 6:30 p.m., said Staffordsmith.

The Trenton man admitted to ingesting cocaine, the sergeant added.

Jones was transported to Kimball Medical Center, where he was treated for minor cuts to his mouth, police said.

He was charged with disorderly persons offenses for being naked in public, and also for being under the influence of a controlled dangerous substance, Staffordsmith added.

The tricycle was a children’s model, the sergeant added.

Christopher Reeves, Wearing A Superman T-Shirt, Is Arrested For DUI, Meth Possession


reevesA Utah man named Christopher Reeves was wearing a Superman t-shirt when arrested early today for methamphetamine possession and driving under the influence.

The 33-year-old Reeves (seen in the above mug shot) was allegedly speeding and driving erratically around 3 AM when Davis County sheriff’s deputies pulled over his vehicle.

Reeves, who appeared impaired, was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. A subsequent search of his car turned up a large bag of meth, drug paraphernalia, and the synthetic drug Spice.

Charged with narcotics possession, DUI, and other counts, Reeves was booked into the county jail, where he remains locked up in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Investigators felt the need to point out that Reeves is not related to Christopher Reeve, the late actor who portrayed Superman in four movies. Reeves also presumably is not related to George Reeves, who played Superman in the 1950s TV series “Adventures of Superman.”

Man on “mushrooms” asks police for help, says “just kidding,” then punches cop in face


KNXV%20Phoenix%20police%202_1394982855982_3475771_ver1_0_640_480Police say a man pretended to need help from authorities before punching an officer in the face.

Officer James Holmes with the Phoenix Police Department said officers received multiple calls at 10:40 p.m. Saturday about a fight at a home near 7th Street and Union Hills Drive in Phoenix.

When officers arrived, a 29-year-old man apparently approached one of the officers, indicated he needed help, then said “just kidding” and punched the officer in the head, according to Holmes.

A witness reportedly told police that the man had been using “mushrooms.”

Police were forced to use a stun gun on the suspect twice because he kept pulling out the wires, said Holmes.  The suspect managed to get back up and then ran into his house and into a bedroom.

The officer suffered a broken right hand after getting into an altercation with the suspect, as well as swelling to his eye, according to Holmes.

Authorities set up a perimeter around the home and attempted to call the suspect out, but the man would only come out a few feet, advance on the officers, and then run back inside, said police.

Holmes said authorities then used four stun bag rounds, which ultimately had “no effect” on the man, who proceeded to run back into the house and into a bedroom.

Officers finally used a canine to bring the suspect into custody. He was transported to a Phoenix hospital for observation.

Police said the man is facing multiple charges.

Bungling intruder caught after leaving passport in victim’s house


A drug addict who went on a housebreaking spree to fund his habit was caught when he left his passport in a victim’s house.


Robert Brechin, 31, stole games consoles, smart phones, cameras, jewellery and more than £600 in cash from three properties in the space of two weeks.

But his criminal career was cut short when the occupants of one of the homes stumbled across his travel document while cleaning the house.

Fiscal depute Felicity Merson told Aberdeen Sheriff Court: “The crime was discovered that evening when the family noticed a wheelie bin had been placed outside a window.

“Various items including jewellery and £540 in cash were found to be missing. When tidying up the occupants found a passport in the accused’s name.”

Brechin will not be needing his passport for a while after Sheriff Graeme Buchanan sentenced him to 28 months in jail on Friday for the three housebreaking offences. He was also ordered to serve four months of a previous sentence.

The sheriff said: “This is the third time that you have preyed on individuals in crimes of this nature. These are serious offences which caused great upset to the victims.”

Brechin, a prisoner at HMP Perth, first broke into a house in North Anderson Drive, Aberdeen, on January 6.

He also admitted similar break-ins in Moir Crescent on January 10 and Fowler Avenue on January 12.

The court was told that he was caught red-handed during the second break-in when the family returned home.

He tried to escape with a bag full of computer games, but the holdall split and its contents spilled across the road.

Police caught up with Brechin on January 20, using the information in his passport.

He made a full admission of his crimes and said he had committed the offences to fund his drug use.

Defence agent John Ferry said: “All of these matters were committed to fund his drug habit. His drugs of choice were heroin and valium.”

Here’s a bad idea …. shooting up in a McDonald’s play area with your kids


An Indiana couple have been jailed on child endangerment charges after allegedly overdosing on heroin at a McDonald’s play area.

Robert Paul Palmer, 37, and Tamica Lynn Jeffers, 33, of Dillsboro, Indiana were arrested after shooting up at an Ohio McDonald’s, police said.

The fire department in Green Township, just west of Cincinnati, responded to a call on Sunday of two adults needing attention in the restaurant’s children’s play area.

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Robert Paul Palmer, 37, and Tamica Lynn Jeffers, 33, of Dillsboro, Indiana were jailed on child endangerment charges after shooting up at an Ohio McDonald’s

Authorities say one Jeffers was unconscious and not breathing, and Palmer was conscious but unresponsive. They recovered from what police say were ‘life-threatening overdoses’ of heroin. Jeffers was taken to Mercy West Hospital and later released.

Authorities say the couple admitted taking the drugs while with their children, a five-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy.

Palmer and Jeffers are being held in Hamilton County Jail. Palmer appeared in court briefly today to plead not guilty.

The case goes to a grand jury for possible indictment on March 24.

Bond for Palmer was set at $10,000, while Jeffers was given $6,000 bond.

It is not immediately clear who is caring for the couple’s two children but Palmer was ordered to stay away from them by the judge if he is released.

New Intravaginal Ring That Prevents HIV And Pregnancy


The easy-to-use ring delivers controlled doses of tenofovir (a common antiretroviral drug) and levonorgestrel (a contraceptive) for 90 days. The rings are being manufactured now, and the device soon will undergo its first test in women.


It will be the first device with the potential to offer this protection to be tested in women.

“I suspect women will use the ring primarily for contraception, but they also will benefit from protection against sexually transmitted diseases,” said Kiser, an expert in intravaginal drug delivery. “And for women in the developing world in particular, unwanted pregnancy can have significant health, economic and cultural consequences. We want to motivate women to use this ring.”

“Oh, that’s weed,” says man with $400k worth of heroin on kitchen table after routine noise complaint check


timthumbCops were just conducting a routine noise complaint check when they stumbled upon a heroin mill in a New York City apartment.

According to a New York Times report, police arrived at Frank Giardina’s Flushing, Queens apartment on Friday night after a neighbor complained about loud noise. They were surprised when Giardina greeted them with a marijuana pipe in his hand.

“Oh, that’s weed,” Giardina said when asked about the odor emanating from the flat.

That was reason enough for the officers to write up a summons. But Giardina first had to gather his ID and was kind enough to invite them inside, where they quickly found five pounds of heroin resting on the kitchen table.

That’s worth as much as $400,000 on the street.

A full search quickly ensued, resulting in the discovery of more heroin and  of 1,948 glassine bags, commonly used to package and sell small units of the drug.

Giardini has since been charged with first-degree criminal drug possession and illegal possession of marijuana. Although he has never been arrested before, he could face eight years in prison.

Officers indicate that the area is not known for drug trafficking, but such operations are appearing more frequently in unexpected areas in order to avert suspicion. According to the New York Times, heroin seizures in the city jumped 67 percent over the last four years.

In February, CBS News reported on another heroin mill bust that occurred just a week before Philip Seymour Hoffman’s overdose. In that bust, cops found $8 million worth of the drug in a Bronx apartment. Thay apartment was a fully-functioning drug distribution operation where workers packaged bricks of heroin into small baggies for distribution.

Woman’s new car comes with the $12,000 spare tire option


An Ohio woman took the car she bought seven months ago to a dealership to replace a flat tire this week and learned she has been driving around with eight pounds of marijuana in the spare.

Mechanics at the dealership in Amherst, Ohio, west of Cleveland made the discovery when they installed the spare tire and heard a “loud thumping” as the woman drove away, police said on Wednesday.

They found marijuana worth about $12,000 wrapped in plastic that had been stashed in the tire, according to Chief Deputy Dennis Cavanaugh of the Lorain County, Ohio Sheriff Department.

The car was purchased new in August.

Cavanaugh said the woman has not been charged with any crime, and investigators were trying to trace the marijuana back to parts suppliers or vehicle transport firms.

Cavanaugh said this case was not the first time marijuana has been found in unexpected places, including tires and hidden compartments.

“I’m sure it is not the only vehicle out there with this,” Cavanaugh said.

Texas brother and sister arrested for meth possession caught kissing behind bars


A Texas meth-head and his sister confessed to incest after they were caught passionately kissing in prison, police said.

EYsIs1a Ta1alhh

Charlene Ellet, 25, and her brother Cameron Beck, 26, were allegedly busted locking lips between jail cell bars after getting arrested for possession of meth.

The Houston duo now faces prohibited sexual conduct charges on top of the initial drug allegations.

Montgomery County Police Reporter said that the pair was picked up at a Wal-Mart on Friday after Ellet was caught stealing.

Deputies detained Beck, who’d driven his sister and her 2-year-old twin girls to the store, after finding traces of meth in his car.

Taken to Montgomery County Jail and placed in neighboring cells, deputies said they were stunned when the pair started kissing each other on the lips through the bars.

Confirming they were siblings, Ellet said they had the same biological mom but that she had been adopted.

She revealed they struck up a pen pal relationship as Beck was in prison and hooked up on his release in November.

The couple lived in a motel room with Ellet’s two daughters, and would often have sex behind a partition as the two girls watched TV.

The girls are now in the care of Ellet’s sister, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

Ellet and Beck remain in Montgomery County Jail for possession of controlled substance and prohibited sexual conduct. Ellet was also issued a citation for shoplifting under $50.

“Man shot in buttocks arrested after doctor finds cocaine in his clenched cheeks”


14351863-mmmainAuthorities arrested two men who were wounded in gunfire in Marrero over the weekend, including a 20 year old accused of hiding cocaine in his injured buttocks. Akili Bailey of Marrero, and Treon Florant, 21, were shot multiple times in the 1900 block of Charleston Drive in Marrero on Saturday afternoon (Feb. 22), according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office reports.

Deputies were dispatched to the Charleston Drive residence just before 4 p.m. after receiving a report of a shooting. They arrived to find Bailey sitting out front in a chair with gunshot wounds to his buttock, leg and foot, the report said.

Florant lay face-up in the grass, a few feet from Bailey. He suffered gunshot wounds to the back of his of neck, leg and knee. Both were taken to LSU Interim Public Hospital in New Orleans where they were in stable condition, reports said.But when paramedics tried to assist Bailey, he refused to get up and appeared to be “clenching his buttocks together,” the arrest report said. Authorities may have suspected his behavior was due to the location of his injury.

But a doctor who treated Bailey at the hospital retrieved a small bag containing 2.5 grams of cocaine from his buttocks, the arrest report said. Bailey, of 5932 S. Oak Drive, Marrero, was booked Sunday with possession of derivatives of coca leaves as well as two outstanding warrants for simple battery and simple criminal damage to property.

Florant, of 1148 Cohen St., Marrero, was booked on warrants issued in January for aggravated assault with a firearm and use of a firearm in connection with drug activity or violence. No information was available about the cases connected to Bailey and Florant’s warrants.

The victims were uncooperative and refused to answer questions about the shooting, an incident report said. No arrests have been made in the case.