Former Police Officer Bradley Rex Jordan Wanted To See Boobs In Exchange For A Ticket


mug Bradley Rex Jordan_zpshbfpi88vAn Aynor Police officer was arrested this week after a SLED investigation into possible misconduct.

According to Aynor Police Chief David Thompson, the department received a complaint about Bradley Rex Jordan on May 2.  Jordan was immediately put on administrative leave pending a SLED investigation.

An arrest warrant said Jordan offered to dismiss a traffic ticket for a woman if she would life up her shirt.

Jordan was fired Wednesday for a “departmental policy violation,” Thompson said.

According to Jordan’s Facebook page, he had been with the department since January 2011.

Jordan was charged with misconduct in office.


Man Arrested For Alleged Aggressive Mopping


s-JOHN-THORNTON-large300When John Thornton visited the Double Tree Hotel in Bristol, Connecticut, on Monday night, he apparently did not like the mop job being done by a female employee.

So he allegedly grabbed the mop from the woman and began, in the words of the police report, “mopping aggressively.”

As a result, the Double Tree got a clean floor and Thornton was charged with breach of peace, according to Connecticut Patch.

Investigators said the 27-year-old employee was mopping the floor when Thornton, 30, somehow became “unruly” at the hotel, and grabbed the mop from the woman.

Thornton then began mopping, becoming more and more aggressive,to the point of mopping over the employee’s shoes multiple times, reports.

The employee repeatedly askedThornton to stop mopping, but he backed her into a corner, the Hartford Courant reports.

By the time police arrived, the victim was “shaken and crying,” according to the New Haven Register.

She told the police she wished to press charges against Thornton.

Initially, Thornton was charged with breach of peace. However, while he was being transported, he allegedly shouted insults and expletives at the officers and also threatened bodily harm, resulting in a second charge of second-degree threatening, reports.

Here are your two pizzas, pink fat lady and thank you ordering from Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut Singapore’s offensive receipt blunder left a customer steaming mad, so she took to social media to get the chain’s attention — and it worked.

xScreen+Shot+2014-10-15+at+2.22.57+PM.png.pagespeed.ic.jziEdaNXrWThe woman’s takeout order came with two pizzas and a handwritten note on the receipt describing her as “pink fat lady.”

Pizza Hut was quick to apologize and says it’s investigating. Though the customer says she’s happy Pizza Hut is doing something about the comment, she still used Twitter to call them out on the insensitive note.

She wrote, “As a customer I definitely hope to be treated with basic respect deserved by any others. I hope to receive an apology from the staff and Pizza Hut.”

She received that apology, which reads like a five-paragraph essay on Pizza Hut Singapore’s Facebook page.

This is hardly the first time a restaurant’s had to apologize for offensive receipts. Papa John’s in New York had to apologize for racist remarks on a customer’s receipt in 2012.

Tristen Kurilla, 10, Charged As Adult After Beating Elderly Woman To Death


Tristen-KurillaA 10-year-old boy is being charged as an adult in the beating death of a 90-year-old woman in Wayne County.  Prosecutors say the boy is Tristen Kurilla.

Kurilla was visiting his grandfather, Anthony Virbitsky, who was taking care of 90-year-old Helen Novak in Damascus Township on Saturday.  But the visit took an ugly turn when Novak yelled at Kurilla to leave her room.  According to investigators Kurilla said Novak’s yelling “made him very mad” and he “lost his temper.”

He told police he came up behind Novak, put a cane around her throat and pulled back.  Afterward he punched her in the throat and stomach multiple times.  When police asked Kurilla if he was trying to kill Novak he replied “No, I was only trying to hurt her.”  But a report from the coroner’s office describes Novak’s primary cause of death as “blunt force trauma to the neck.”  The death was ruled a homicide.  Kurilla has been charged as an adult with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

Quick Clicks The boy’s lawyer says Kurilla may have mental health issues. Kurilla was a fifth grade student at Damascus Elementary School.  For now he is being held at the Wayne County Correctional Facility.  His bail hearing will be held on Wednesday.

Actual headline: Police hunt transvestite robber, feces-smeared partner


Dutch police are searching for two suspects who robbed a jeweler in the Belgian town, Hoogstraten in Antwerp province earlier this year. The two robbers have rather explicit, and unusual descriptions identified by police working in Brabant.

ImagePolice say the first suspect is a dark-skinned man dressed in woman’s clothing. The second robber is a white man who smelled of animal feces, broadcaster Omroep Brabant said. According to the police the smell was so strong that the jeweler’s daughter nearly vomited from the stench.

Hoogstraten sits just 25 kilometers south of the Dutch city Breda. In September, the 62-year-old jeweler was attacked by the two armed men, who screamed out to her daughter after she was threatened with a pistol. The daughter tried to get the gun out of the suspect’s hand when she was beaten by the duo.

The police are working under an assumption that these were Dutch robbers as the white man spoke Dutch, not Flemish, and was carrying an Albert Heijn bag. They also drove a blue Audi A3 with license plates that were reported stolen in the Netherlands in 2013.

Police are investigating a possible connection between the Belgian robbery and a home invasion in Eindhoven on October 2 where a 54-year-old resident was injured. The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. on Merwedestraat, when two offenders jumped a fence, broke into the home and assaulted the woman.

She was painting at the time, and the suspects are said to have been covered in white paint by the time they fled the scene in their small, dark-coloured Ford.

Rabbi Accused of Secretly Recording Women Showering at Synagogue


A rabbi at a prominent Washington, D.C., synagogue has been arrested on accusations he secretly recorded women in showers there.

rabbi+Dr+Barry+FreundelA witness said Dr. Barry Freundel installed a hidden camera inside the women’s showers at the Kesher Israel Orthodox synagogue in Georgetown, according to a police report. A camera and recorder were disguised as a clock radio in the showers, which are used as part of a ritual cleansing process.

“To hear that about a rabbi that people trust is very disturbing and concerning,” congregant Michael Uhr said.

Police arrested Freundel, 62, at his Georgetown home Tuesday morning after raiding it and seizing computer equipment. He is charged with voyeurism.

The rabbi of a prominent synagogue in Georgetown is in police custody, accused of secretly recording women in showers at Kesher Israel. News4’s Pat Collins reports.

The synagogue’s board of directors suspended him without pay after his arrest.

“Upon receiving information regarding potentially inappropriate activity, the board of directors quickly alerted the appropriate officials,” the board said in a statement. “Throughout the investigation, we cooperated fully with law enforcement and will continue to do so.”

They said the synagogue will remain open.

Freundel has been the spiritual leader of the synagogue for 25 years. He is also an adjunct instructor at the University of Maryland and an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law School. He is also teaching as an associate professor in the philosophy and religious studies department at Towson University this semester.

According to a bio published on Towson’s website, Freundel has taught seminars on government ethics on Capitol Hill and medical ethics at the NIH, and is the author of the book “Contemporary Orthodox Judaism’s Response to Modernity.”

You know things are getting out of hand when the cops have to call the cops on the cops


A State Patrol use of force investigation released Tuesday states that a Seattle police officer used force that caused “unnecessary and foreseeable injury” to a woman he arrested in June.

Adley-Shepherd-600x400The Seattle Police Department asked the State Patrol to evaluate Officer Adley Shepherd’s actions during a June 22 incident in which he reportedly punched a woman in the face, causing multiple fractures.

The report does not make any recommendations on any kind of action, but the State Patrol forwarded the investigation to the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

The scuffle occurred in South Seattle on 48th Avenue South, according to the investigative reports (it did not indicate on which part of the street it took place).

A woman called 911 about 2:07 a.m. to report that her son had received a call from another woman who indicated she was coming over to fight with him, the report said. The two were previously at a party and got into an argument.

Three officers, including Shepherd, responded to the house. While there, the woman in question arrived at the house, appearing “highly intoxicated,” records say.

While Shepherd spoke to the woman, she became “increasingly agitated” and resisted his attempts to guide her to the front of his patrol car. She denied making threats to the man who claimed she came to fight.

In-car video footage indicates Shepherd said, “My patience is done” and “Somebody is going to jail.”

With help from another officer, Shepherd handcuffed the woman.

The woman reportedly said, “I swear I am going to sue you guys” and resisted getting in the back of Shepherd’s patrol car. She appeared to kick at Shepherd from the rear of the cruiser, but the video did not capture whether she struck him.

Shepherd recoiled and said, “She kicked me,” according to the State Patrol report.

Shepherd then reportedly entered the back of the patrol car and punched the woman in the face. He ordered the woman, “Don’t kick, do not kick,” documents say.

The officer complained to another cop, “My jaw is jacked,” rubbing his chin.

The woman was transferred to another patrol car, where she was treated by a firefighter before being taken to Harborview Medical Center.

Her face showed “significant trauma” and was fractured in multiple places, according to the report.

While Shepherd complained of jaw soreness and “shooting pain” in his face, medical records did not reveal any obvious injury.

Shepherd was placed on home assignment the next day.

The State Patrol evaluator said Shepherd’s demeanor and actions before the punch were “calm and respectful.”

However, he went on to say that “following the assault he acted in a way inconsistent with the training and policy by not using the time and resources available to him.”

The statement continues: “As a result he unnecessarily placed himself in greater danger and caused unnecessary and foreseeable injury to the handcuffed suspect.”

The woman involved in the incident has no felony history in Washington.

Shepherd was hired by Seattle PD in January 2005 and is known for his work preventing gang violence. His work was profiled in the P-I in 2009 and he has been lauded for his work in the past.

He was also involved in the release of a man in 2009 who bolted out of the state after being linked to a homicide.