Married mom, 38, ‘had sex with her daughter’s friend, 15, and was only discovered after he was caught showing off the naked selfies she had sent him’


A married mother-of-two has been charged with multiple counts of rape after admitting to having a sexual relationship with one of her teenage daughter’s male friends.

article-2650709-1E86BCA700000578-363_634x471Heather Salines, 38, has entered a not guilty plea to the six counts of aggravated rape after she admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

She also sent the boy, whose name has not been revealed because of the nature of the crimes, nude selfies which ended up leading to her arrest.

The investigation into the case began when a student at Belmonte Middle School in Saugus, Massachusetts reported that the boy was showing off the naked pictures that Salines had sent him.

The Boston Herald reports that the boy told police he had previously had sex with Salines and they had exchanged naked photos.

She was later questioned by authorities and admitted that they had sex on a number of occasions but the exact number of sexual encounters has not been revealed.

Salines said she had met the boy two months before they became intimate, and he had told her about the personal turmoil he went through after ‘he lost his mother at a young age’.

‘When I looked at him, he did not act like a 15-year-old… he acted like a grown man,’ she said.

At one point early in the illegal relationship, he was alone at her house and they ‘were kissing and that she was touching him over his clothing’.

‘Things spiraled out of control,’ Salem News reports, citing the charging documents.

They first had sex in a car in the parking lot of a Saugus-area park on March 17.

The Boston Herald reports that she pointed the finger at the boy for taking the trysts to the next level, saying that he was the one to suggest they get a hotel room since there was always the threat that her daughter could walk in on them when they were at the house.

The boy was friends with Salines’ teenage daughter but the age and sex of her other child are unknown.

Salines and the boy booked a room at the local DoubleTree hotel on March 19, two days after their coupling.

‘She said they became close, and she developed feelings that she was not proud of,’ the police report states, according to the Salem News.

‘She said she tried to renege but that one thing led to another.’

Salines now faces six counts of aggravated rape and abuse of a child, one charge of child enticement and one charge of disseminating obscene material to a minor.

The aggravated rape charges are by far the most serious, as the mandatory minimum for each count carries a 10 year prison sentence, meaning that she could face 60 years behind bars if she is found guilty.

She has been indicted by a grand jury and appeared in court on Thursday in Salem to enter her not guilty plea.

Salines was accompanied by her lawyer and a man that would only identify himself as a family member.

That relative told the Salem News that she ‘has the full support of her family’.

Sarah Nunley Arrested After 3-Year-Old Found Dehydrated Under Truck


Sarah-Nunley-125x188A Glendale woman was arrested after a 3-year-old child was found dehydrated and unresponsive under a truck in a mobile home park Sunday night near Maryland and 58th avenues, according to police.

The child, who was left in the care of 31-year-old Sarah Nunley, was found by a neighbor several mobile homes away from where Nunley lived, according to police. Nunley told police she was watching the child for her sister while she was at work.

Police found seven other children in Nunley’s home, ages 1 through 11, who were without shoes and asking for water. Upon further investigation, police found the home was filthy, cluttered and lacking food, police said.

An officer determined that the children slept on the floor, near several knives that were scattered throughout the home. He also found a pipe in Nunley’s pocket, which police said she admitted using to smoke methamphetamine.

Nunley first denied the children were hers, but later said she lied to police because she thought Child Protective Services would take them away, according to the police report.

The officer then arrested the Nunley, and CPS arrived later and took custody of all seven children, police said.

The condition of the 3-year-old child is not known at this time.

Thieves Steal Groceries From Woman’s Vehicle After Fatal Crash


A 23-year-old mother was killed and her two young children suffered injuries in a wreck Wednesday, Houston police said.

The woman’s sons, ages 4 and 6, were in the backseat and were transferred to a hospital with broken bones but no life-threatening injuries, said HPD spokesman Victor Senties.

The mother failed to yield when she was leaving a private drive around 5 p.m., Senties said.

She then lost control of her Toyota 4Runner and hit a tree after a Mercedes E320 traveling northbound at 9600 Fondren Road clipped her. Police said she was travelling at a high speed.

According to ABC 13 news, eyewitnesses told police they saw people steal groceries out of the dead woman’s SUV.

The TV station said the driver had attended a ceremony at her 4-year-old’s elementary school, went to a grocery store, dropped off a friend and then crashed her car on the way home.

Man shoots two teenagers with a BB gun just to watch them… well, bruise up

rr-p99-blueA Manassas man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly shooting two teenagers whom he did not know with a BB gun.

Raul Soto, 24, was charged with two counts of malicious wounding. Both victims sustained minor injuries.

In the more recent instance, which happened on Wednesday morning, the 14-year-old victim told police that a man approached him on a mountain bike while he was walking to his school bus stop in Manassas. The teenager told police he was not crossing the road at the crosswalk, and the man pointed to the crosswalk and said he should obey the law.

The man then followed the middle school student to his bus stop, took a BB gun from his backpack and shot the teenager twice in the stomach, according to Manassas police.

On May 13, another teenager reported being shot with a BB gun by an unknown assailant. In that incident, the 15-year-old victim and his sister were walking in their Manassas neighborhood in the afternoon. The assailant approached on a bicycle, asked for directions, then pulled his BB gun from his backpack and shot the teenager in the chest.

The victim told police that the man who shot him then apologized and said he had meant to play a prank.

After the second victim reported the shooting Wednesday morning when he arrived at Metz Middle School, police arrested Soto at about 2:30 p.m.

Danielle Green Shot Husband 10 Xs Then Stuffed Body In Padlocked Box


A southeastern Indiana woman is accused of shooting her ex-husband 10 times and then hiding his body in a box.

110w3ysDanielle Marie Green, 42, gave Indiana State Police permission to search everything on the couple’s Rising Sun farm – except the large, metal box secured with a padlock- when detectives arrived to investigate a suspicious missing person’s complaint filed on Raymond Green on May 28, Ohio County court records show.

That immediately raised suspicions, ones that were heightened when Detective Peter Tressler saw flies gathered on and around the box. He also smelled decay, according to a sworn statement.

Danielle Green said the box belonged to her ex-husband and “she did not want to be responsible for the ramifications of what may be in the box,” Tressler wrote.

Investigators got a search warrant and found the truck driver’s body.

An autopsy at the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office determined he was shot 10 times and killed May 26.

Green was arrested on a murder charge Tuesday and is held without bond at the Switzerland County Jail.

She initially told investigators she hadn’t seen her ex-husband since he got into an altercation with her dog May 26, even though his over-the-road truck and personal white pickup truck were in the driveway near her mobile home.

Then investigators learned she had called her ex-husband’s boss on May 27 and told him Raymond Green had died as a result of a fatal accident over the weekend. She called the boss back later that day and elaborated, claiming he was killed by her German shepherd.

Once detectives found her ex-husband’s body in the box, Danielle Green said she shot him in self-defense.

According to the affidavit, she said she found a .38 caliber handgun on the nightstand and emptied its five rounds into her ex-husband’s head when he told her: “I am going to kill you. You need to die” and lunged at her.

Green told investigators she went to the opposite end of the trailer and reloaded the handgun.

When she returned to the bedroom, Raymond Green was on the edge of the bed, telling her: “You need to die. Not me,” the affidavit states.

She said that he lunged at her again, so she shot five more times. He fell to the floor.

Green said she put the body in the silver box and cut out the carpet where he fell.

Detectives noticed the smell of bleach in the trailer. The items used to clean were also placed in the box with the body.

“She stated that she locked the box because she was in fear for her life,” Tressler wrote.

When authorities examined internet searches on her cell phone, they found ones conducted in March about bullets, head shots and the phrases “If you shot someone with a .38 caliber handgun in the head is it lights out or possibly survive” and “.38 gunshot going straight thru person’s head,” the sworn statement reads.

Japanese clothing company labels sizes as ‘twitch,’ ‘skinny,’ ‘fat,’ and ‘jumbo.’ NICE


Most clothing companies offer sizes in small, medium, large and extra large, but Japanese brand Fatyo has decided to take a less conventional approach by offering four sizes: “Twitch, Skinny, Fat and Jumbo.”


The website notes that Japan often uses alternative sizing labels and their brand is supposed to make fat “cool.” While many people don’t take kindly to being called fat, the term twitch is also used as a derogatory term referring to women who are often attractive but promiscuous and vindictive.

Woman Stabs Stepdad For Playing Gospel Music


A North Carolina man was stitched up after his stepdaughter allegedly attacked him with an axe because she detested the gospel music he played.

n-MARY-KATHERINE-ATKINSON-largeMary Katherine Atkinson, 32, of Mount Holly, was charged Sunday with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. She was taken to the Gaston County Jail and booked on $100,000 bail.

Police say the suspect told her mother that she was sick of hearing 72-year-old stepfather’s gospel music and was “going to cut him up with the ax,” WSOC-TV reports.

The stepfather, Reginald Robinson suffered minor injuries in the head and the hand. He was taken to the hospital and released a short time later after receiving stitches, RawStory reports.

Robinson, was shocked by Atkinson’s actions.

“She came in and the attack started. I was just baffled to see it happen,” Robinson told WSOC-TV. “God was with me, and I was able to subdue her.”

Atkinson has lived with her mother and stepfather for more than a year, Robinson told the Gaston Gazette. He said she had changed in recent weeks.

“The last several days there seemed to be some difference in behavioral patterns,” he told the paper. “It was just sort of out of the blue.”


He said his stepdaughter cried, apologized and said that she can’t remember what happened, according to the paper.

Robinson won’t speculate about the attack but is hoping to get help for his stepdaughter.

Wife carried on as man lay dead in home for 9 months


A coroner has determined that an elderly veteran found dead last month on the living room floor of his home had been decomposing for more than nine months — a period during which neighbors said they saw his wife living in the home and acting as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

photo4Tippecanoe County Coroner Donna Avolt said Tuesday that Gerald Francis Gavan Jr., 88, died more than nine months before his body was discovered May 3 lying near the front door of his home.

A forensic entomologist will testify in court, Avolt said, that Gavan’s date of death was at least July 15.

Tyler Imel, who moved in next door to Gavan last August, said he was shocked to hear that the man had been dead the entire time they were neighbors. Even more unnerving, he said, is the fact that Ila Solomon, the woman he knew as Gavan’s live-in caretaker, carried on as if everything were normal.

“It’s really disturbing,” he said, “the fact that we’ve been living here the whole time and talking to her.”

Imel said he even spent time on Gavan’s porch with Solomon, never suspecting the man’s body was rotting just a few feet away on the other side of the front door.

Imel’s housemate, Joe Childs, said Solomon was always friendly and would come and go from the house frequently.

“If I lived with a dead body in my house, I couldn’t compose myself the way that she did every day,” he said.

Solomon said Tuesday there’s a simple explanation for why she gave no indication that Gavan was dead: Because he wasn’t.

She refuted the coroner’s report altogether.

“I think that there is enough proof and evidence that that’s not true,” Solomon said.

She claimed Gavan didn’t die until April 28, when he likely experienced another small stroke.

Dehumidifiers, rodents and flies accelerated the decomposition of Gavan’s body enough in five days for a professional forensic entomologist to think he’d been dead since July, Solomon said.

She explained that the dehumidifiers were present to dry out lumber for Gavan’s woodworking projects, the flies came from fertilizer in the house and the rodents were supposed to be fed to Gavan’s pet snakes, which have since gone missing.

Avolt said Solomon’s story is not supported by her team’s findings.

“The entomologist will say and prove that at least July 15, 2013, if not before, was the date of death,” she said.

Solomon said a foul odor forced her to sleep in the house she owns next door during the five days she claims Gavan lay dead on the living room floor. She declined to disclose why she didn’t report the man’s death to authorities, citing instructions from police detectives.

“I would love to answer,” she said. “I would love to tell you. I really, really would.”

She said everything she’s done has been rooted in a deep love for Gavan, whom she married two years ago.

“I love Scooter,” Solomon said. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.”

That’s why, she said, she’s been trying to get his remains transported to a “body ranch” in Texas, where researchers study vultures feeding on human bodies.

Solomon said Gavan told her he wanted to experience a tradition he heard about in India in which bodies are put on a hillside for birds to eat. In his death, he wanted to get “a bird’s-eye view,” she said.

Avolt said she was able to identify Gavan definitively by verifying that the screws and metal plate in his ankle match medical records. The plate was implanted, she said, after he broke his ankle.

Avolt said she’s waiting on enhanced toxicology results to determine more precisely how Gavan died.

Bride Straps Newborn to Gown, Drags Her Down the Aisle


470_2805648There are so many thoughtful, sweet ways to include your children in the wedding - this is NOT one of them. A Tennessee bride sparked outrage after she shared a photo of herself walking down the aisle on May 12 with her one-month-old daughter, Aubrey…attached to the train of her gown.

Mom Shona Carter-Brooks took to Facebookto defend her and her husband Johnathan Brooks’ controversial decision, stating that “The answer is we do what we want, when we want, as long as Jesus on our side everything worked out fine and gona [sic] continue to be fine” and the infant was “awake and well secured on my train.”

The newlyweds’ wedding coordinator, Kaye Jordan, commented that the choice to strap their newborn to the dress has significant historical value: “It indicates the dedication of her mother (and father) toward caring for her child and family…A GOOD mother takes her child wherever she goes, even down the aisle.” One guest, Pamela Stone, wrote that the moment even “brought tears to my eyes.”

However, many online commentators are arguing that the couple should be reported to child protection services. (Carter-Brooks also has another daughter named Jania.) Thankfully, the infant wasn’t hurt but we’re appalled that someone would put their child’s health at risk just for the sake of having a memorable wedding-day debut.

Student struck boy who laughed at her when she “expelled wind”


teenqueeferA female high school student pleaded guilty this afternoon to striking a younger pupil who “began to laugh and chuckle” when she “expelled wind from the vulva” while having sex in the back of a Pennsylvania school bus.

The bizarre January incident resulted in police citing the 18-year-old for harassing the victim, a 13-year-old boy who was allegedly elbowed in the testicles by the older student. The confrontation occurred as a school bus traveled in an Armstrong County township about 50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

The incident was


During a Magisterial District Court hearing today, the student pleaded guilty to the harassment count, according to records that indicate that a judge waived fines imposed when she copped to the charge. The young woman and her partner were not charged in connection with the reported bus sex.

The student will not be identified by name in these pages. Because nobody needs to be linked to the nickname “Teen LaQueefa,” which was coined by one Facebook wag.