Buenos Aires, December 2nd, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Extremely disturbing video footage from Argentina shows a mob of feminists at a recent protest attacking and sexually molesting a group of Rosary-praying Catholic men who were peacefully protecting the cathedral in the city of San Juan from threats of vandalism.

Argentine_cathedral_585_401_55The women, many of them topless, spray-painted the men’s crotches and faces and swastikas on their chests and foreheads, using markers to paint their faces with Hitler-like moustaches. They also performed obscene sexual acts in front of them and pushed their breasts onto their faces, all the while shouting “get your rosaries out of our ovaries.” (Note: Some of the most graphic content has been removed from the video. Uncensored footage is available here. Viewer discretionstrongly advised.) 

According to InfoCatolica, some of the women chanted a song, with the lyrics: “To the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, who wants to get between our sheets, we say that we want to be whores, travesties and lesbians. Legal abortion in every hospital.”

During the attack some men were visibly weeping. None of them retaliated against the abuses heaped on them.

While the site of the protest was the front of the cathedral, InfoBae reports that “the whole city awoke to graffiti in favor of abortion.”

Inside the cathedral, 700 people were also in prayer accompanied by their bishop Mos. Alfonso Delgado.

After unsuccessfully trying to get into the building, the women burned a human-sized effigy of Pope Francis. “If the pope were a woman, abortion would be legal,” they shouted.

The attack took place on Sunday, November 24th during the National Women’s Encounter, which annually brings together Argentinean feminists who support “women’s rights.”

The police reportedly told the media they were unable to intervene because “they are women.”

The parish priest Fr. Rómulo Campora said to the Diario de Cuyo that “the burning of the image of Pope Francis is an offense, not just to the Church but to every Argentinean because the pope is Argentinean.”

Praising the men who defended the church, he said: “San Juan loves its God, loves its faith, loves its family.”

He lamented the damage done to the cathedral and concluded that “if they don’t respect life, we can’t expect them to respect the buildings.”

The National Women’s Encounter takes place every year in different Argentinean cities, sponsored by the Department of Culture as a “social interest” event.

According to the Argentinean pro-life site ArgentinosAlerta.org, this is not the first time that the feminists wind up in public violence against churches and Catholics.

In past protests, the cathedral of Bariloche, Paraná and Posadas have also suffered damages from these groups.

“These encounters of women represent today’s civilization that seeks to impose it’s own rules,” reads the site.

“On one side, they try to impose political agenda that international organizations dictate: population control, abortion, contraception, homosexualism. On the other side, they become barbaric in the most literal sense.”

Man rapes woman, then asks her on a date


Hide your kids, hide your wife.

timothywestarrest-200x143In a strange court case out of Queens, New York, the NYDailyNews is reporting that a woman is claiming to have been raped then later texted and called by her attacker in an attempt to get together.

The victim claims that early March of last year, her attacker, Timothy West, 26, gained access to her home via a window and raped her twice at knifepoint while her mother and brother slept upstairs.

The 21-year-old waitress goes on to allege that after the dreaded ordeal that she gave West her cell phone number, hoping he would contact her so she could alert the police.

Sure enough, she claims she received a text a few hours later from West that read: “What’s Up girl?”

The attacker then called her and had this eerie conversation that was played for the court room, yesterday (October 21).

The victim asks, “You just broke into my house, yo. I’ve never seen you before …. You try to rob me, then you rape me. Why you did that to me?”

“I do apologize from the bottom of my heart,” he told her.

He then asks: “You mad at me?… I can’t call you no more?”

“What made you want to come in and break into my house? Why out of all the houses, why my house?” she questions.

“It was just random,” he replied.

“Can I come see you?” he asked.

The woman then agreed to meet the man at a location where she was waiting with the police who promptly arrested West.

The defense claims that the sex was consensual, pointing out that the victim never screamed out to alert her family members.

– See more at: http://hiphopwired.com/2010/10/22/man-rapes-woman-then-asks-her-on-a-date/#sthash.8cfA7uAe.dpuf

Indian Man Goes For A Walk In Wealthy Alabama Town, Gets Severely Beaten By Police


Fifty-seven-year-old Sureshbhai Patel just wanted to go for a walk in the affluent Huntsville suburb of Madison, Alabama, where his son, Chirag, lived with his wife and young son. Instead, his walk was cut short when Madison police forcibly threw him to the ground for reasons that aren’t clear, WHNT (Huntsville) is reporting.

sureshbhai-patel-665x385Chirag Patel is an electrical engineer working for a government contractor in the mostly white Alabama suburb. His 17-month-old son, Ayaan, was born prematurely and started showing signs of developmental delays, so Chirag made the decision to fly in his father, a farmer back in India, to help out with the family.

Last Friday, the elder Patel went for a walk around the neighborhood, as he had done several times before, when a neighbor called the police to report a “suspicious person” walking up driveways and looking into garages — a claim that the family’s lawyer, Hank Sherrod, disputes, according to the Huntsville Register.

“This is broad daylight, walking down the street. There is nothing suspicious about Mr. Patel other than he has brown skin.”

Police arrived to question the Indian man, and problems arose immediately because Mr. Patel does not speak English. According to his son’s account, the elder Patel began saying the only English words he knows — “No English” — and either tried to point to his son’s house, or tried to say his son’s house number; reports are conflicting.

The police report of the incident describes what happened next.

“The subject began putting his hands in his pockets. Officers attempted to pat the subject down and he attempted to pull away. The subject was forced to the ground, which resulted in injury.”

The Indian man’s lawyer also disputes the claim that he began to pull away from the officers.

“This is just one of those things that doesn’t need to happen. That officer doesn’t need to be on the streets.”

The incident left the Indian man hospitalized with two fused vertebrae. As of this post, he is still hospitalized. The younger Patel says his father, who had no health problems prior to this incident, can move his right leg a little bit, but his left leg is still paralyzed. He has limited motion in his arms.

For their part, the Madison Police Department says, via a statement from Chief Larry R. Muncey, that they are investigating the incident.

“I have instructed the Office of Professional Standard’s Lieutenant to conduct a thorough investigation into the entire incident. I understand everyone’s desire for immediate action, but that would be reckless, and could potentially lead to injustice. I respectfully request your patience while we investigate this incident. When the investigation is complete, we will be open and transparent with our findings.”


Dispute Over Lawn Equipment Leaves Unborn Child, Two Others Dead


A business dispute was at the center of a double murder-suicide that left two men and an unborn child dead and one woman critically injured Friday afternoon in Monkey Junction, according to the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office.

Richard-Albert-NielsonAuthorities say Richard Albert Nielsen, 62, shot 38-year-old Russell Allen Mitchell in front of the attendant window at the Murphy USA gas station on Carolina Beach Road in front of Wal-Mart. He then shot Jessica Lynn Modolo, 29, while she was in a vehicle with three children before turning the gun on himself, authorities said. Modolo, who was about four months pregnant, remains in critical condition. The baby died, according to police.

New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon said surveillance footage shows the scene unfolding. At 3:55 p.m., Nielsen approached Mitchell and called out to him by name. As Mitchell turned around, Nielsen wielded a semi-automatic handgun and shot him once in the head at point-blank range.

Nielsen then shot Modolo in the head and abdomen as she sat in a vehicle at a gas station pump. Also in the car were Modolo’s 6-year-old son and Mitchell’s daughters, 9 and 7.

Nielsen then walked behind his own vehicle and fatally shot himself in the head. His body was found in a ditch by the gas station.

“This was an intentional, premeditated, targeted, deliberate act …, said District Attorney Ben David. “This was not a random act of violence and we have no reason to suspect that anyone is in further danger because of this.”

While David said looking for a motive is like chasing a ghost, he said it is clear that Nielsen, Mitchell and Modolo knew one another and were in some type of business relationship – a relationship that had gone sour.

On Feb. 5, Modolo filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office regarding stolen property totaling $4,126 at 810 Hiawatha Drive. The home is registered to a person with the last name of Mitchell. Russell Mitchell was on the deed of the property until October 2014.

“Mr. Nielsen was contacted about some property, which he had ultimately sold off – approximate value of $4,000,” David said. “The New Hanover Sheriff’s Office advised him to return that property and because he couldn’t, he knew that he faced potential criminal responsibility.”

David said Nielson had reached out to family members Friday morning, indicating that he, at 62 years old, would not be going to jail. Nielsen gave away his “earthly possessions,” including a debit card with PIN number.

At 3:05 p.m. Friday, Nielsen lawfully purchased a .380-caliber Ruger semi-automatic handgun from BullZeye Shooting Sports on Market Street, authorities said. Fifty minutes later, he would shoot Mitchell, Modolo and himself.

“It’s an ultimate act of cowardice for someone to take their life after taking someone else’s life …,” David said. “There are much better ways to resolve a property dispute than what we saw out here yesterday. Obviously, everyone has lost here, particularly and especially Mr. Nielsen, who not only took his life but will forever be branded as a double-murderer, and potentially worse. Because that’s exactly what he did.”

Nielsen had no criminal record, officials said. He was involved in a three-vehicle accident Jan. 6 on the Thomas Rhodes Bridge in Wilmington, according to a N.C. State Highway Patrol accident report and was cited for failure to reduce speed.

According to David, had Nielsen not fatally shot himself he would have faced two counts of premeditated first-degree murder and felony murder in addition to assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury.

North Carolina adopted Ethen’s Law in 2011, making unborn children separate victims in violent crimes. Nielson would have faced murder charges for the deaths of both Mitchell and Modolo’s unborn child, David said.

Man Sets Dog on Police, Then Bites Them Himself


A 19-year-old man in southern Russia faces up to five years behind bars after drunkenly trying to sic a German shepherd dog on police officers — and then biting them himself.

5544-70-DOG-PixabayThe incident occurred Wednesday in a rural part of the Stavropol region, where police confronted a young man “in a state of intoxication” who responded by urging his dog to attack the officers, according to an online statement from local police.

The next day, when police took the man into custody over the incident, he “put up resistance” in the patrol car, breaking the rear glass and then biting the officers, the statement said.

The police officers had to seek medical treatment for their injuries. The man now faces administrative charges for hooliganism, accompanied by felony charges for assaulting police officers.

China Seizes Toilet Paper Bearing Face Of Hong Kong’s Leader Leung Chun-ying


Authorities in southern China have seized about 8,000 rolls of toilet paper and another 20,000 packages of tissues containing unflattering images of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing chief executive, according to an official of the small political party that placed the order.

China Hong Kong Toilet Paper SeizureThe items were to be sold at a market in Hong Kong during Lunar New Year celebrations later this month, said Lo Kin-hei, a vice chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party.

The seizure came after Hong Kong was shaken by a massive pro-democracy movement in which demonstrators demanded greater electoral freedom than Beijing is willing to grant. During the demonstrations, protesters expressed anger at Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, calling him a puppet of Beijing, and asked him to step down.

No reason was given for the seizure of the $12,900 worth of goods in the city of Shenzhen, outside of Hong Kong, Lo said.

“I guess (the Chinese authorities) don’t like people mocking government officials, especially high-ranking government officials, after the movement. They have become more cautious about criticisms about them,” he said.

The party’s 4,000 rolls of toilet paper with Leung’s image sold out at last year’s seasonal market, and it decided to get more this year from a factory in Shenzhen, Lo said.

The images of Leung on the novelty products are cartoonish and unflattering. One has him bearing two fangs, and another has the word “lying” on his forehead. The sickle-and-hammer symbol of the Communist Party of China also appears on some products.

The order was placed under the name of a friend to obscure the party as the true buyer, and all communications were done through the friend instead of the party, Lo said.

Citing the need to protect the manufacturer, Lo declined to reveal the factory’s name and said he had no information on the whereabouts of the factory owner. “We are worried about what has happened to him,” Lo said.

Calls to Shenzhen police rang unanswered on Saturday, and there was no official report about any seizure of toilet paper.

Lo said he found the act worrisome because it indicates further tightening by Chinese authorities on freedom of speech, which is guaranteed in Hong Kong’s constitution.

“Many productions in Hong Kong rely on the mainland. This kind of tightening means in the future it will be more difficult to make products in the mainland,” Lo said. “It’s alarmful for Hong Kong people that they keep suppressing freedom in Hong Kong. We will become the mainland if this kind of mocking will be not allowed in Hong Kong.”

Penis acid attack: ‘I wanted him to feel my pain’


A 17-year-old Mpumalanga girl who poured acid on her boyfriend’s genitals to punish him for distributing a pornographic video he made of her without her knowledge, has blamed anger for her actions.

edb45453f8824c068b6278af853791a4“I never intended to kill his penis. I was just angry and all I wanted was to make him feel the pain I was feeling,” she told a Sapa correspondent.

“I heard about the video from one of my classmates and I thought that they were joking, but then I saw the video myself and lost my mind.”

The girl, whose name is known to a Sapa correspondent but cannot be published because she is a minor, attacked Humphrey Khoza, 25, with battery acid while he was drinking beer with friends at a tavern in Cork village, near Hazyview, on 17 January.

She said Khoza had tricked her because she was not aware he was not using a condom or that he was filming them.

“I had to do something to show him that I was angry and wanted to hurt him so that he can see that he messed with the wrong girl,” she said.

‘I didn’t realise she was carrying acid’

She searched in her father’s tools for a wheel spanner she could use to teach Khoza a lesson.

“While I was searching I came across an old acid bottle. I took it and went straight to his regular drinking place and when I got there I became angrier. I didn’t hesitate to pour the acid on him,” she said.

Khoza, who had no problem with his name being published, but asked not to be photographed, said he had been dating the girl since December.

“Everything happened in a blink of an eye because I saw her when she was coming with a bottle, but I didn’t realise that she was carrying acid. She just angrily called me a dog,” he said.

“She asked how in the world I could have done such an evil thing to her. It was only then that I realised that she was talking about the video that I took while we were having sex.”

‘She didn’t know I was filming us’

In the video, Khoza is seen pushing the girl, in her school uniform, onto a bed. He added that the sex was consensual.

“We agreed to have sex, but she was not aware that I was filming the sex using my laptop computer.

“I did not intend to show anyone the video and I still don’t know how it got onto social media,” he said.

The remorseful Khoza added that although his penis would never work again due to the damage caused by the acid, he was lucky to be alive.

He said he was advised to press charges against the girl, but does not see the point.

“Even if I press charges it is useless because it won’t bring back my manhood. Her being in jail will just ruin her future because she is still young and I do not have the energy to attend courts,” said Khoza.

He now has to urinate through a tube and has to undergo surgery.

The girl said she was also considering pressing charges relating to his creation of pornography.

According to the Film and Publications Act, child pornography is defined as “any image or any description of a person, real or simulated, who is, or who is depicted or described as being, under the age of 18 years, engaged in sexual conduct”.

When asked for comment Calcutta police said they would open a case if either of the two came forward.