“My sister is pregnant and we don’t know which of my brothers is the father.”


319583-47a07a90-f168-11e3-8da8-726202433ee0IT was an almost unbelievable conversation overheard between children at school: “My sister is pregnant and we don’t know which of my brothers is the father.”

It was more than enough for one of the teachers at the southern NSW high school to alert authorities, which led to the exposure of a feral family and the worst case of incest and sexual abuse ever uncovered in Australia.

What triggered the raids on the isolated farm by police and the Department of Family and Community Services has been revealed in court documents as Parramatta Local Court has ­ordered two of the family members to have DNA tests.

Detective Sergeant Kristy Hales, with the state crime command child sexual abuse squad, had asked the court for an order authorising the tests on 14 adults and two children as police ­continue to investigate the family, known by the pseudonym Colt, for charges of rape and sexual assaults.

The family’s reclusive lifestyle was uncovered last year when the Children’s Court took the unusual step of releasing its findings that led it to placing 12 children in care.

The raids found 38 adults and children living in filthy caravans and tin sheds without electricity, town water or any plumbing. They were the result of four generations from grandparents who were brother and sister.

Detective Sgt Hales affidavit to the court revealed that there were more than 12 risk of harm reports made about the family between August 3, 2011, and July 18, 2012, ­received by FACS “with minimal action taken”.

Finally there came the ­report from the teacher.

“This report stated that one of the Colt children was overheard saying at school to the other children ‘my sister is pregnant and we don’t know which of my brothers is the father’,” the affidavit showed. The court was told that the sister, given the pseudonym Tammy Colt, 29, gave birth to her baby Sally, who died within two months from a fatal genetic disorder known as Zellweger Syndrome. Sally was born “extremely dysmorphic” with the thick short neck and lowset ears typical of the syndrome.

The father was not named on the birth certificate but Tammy has since told counsellors she had been having a relationship for three years with a younger brother.

Genetic testing on the baby girl showed the genetic abnormalities existed as a result of incest and it is believed both parents are carriers of the genetic disease.

A doctor made an appointment for Tammy and her mother, Betty Colt, to see her to warn them of the dangers but neither of them turned up. Tammy has since been found living in a southern NSW caravan park and her other two daughters taken into care.

Man arrested for having sex with pool float. Man, get a room


Edwin-Tobergta-mug-06112014-jpg-jpgA man with a previous record of public indecency was arrested Wednesday morning, accused of performing sexual acts on a pool float for a third time.

Police said Edwin Tobergta, 35, was seen having simulated sex with a pink life raft on Route 4 at about 8 a.m.

Witnesses said Tobergta was nude and in view of nearby businesses and passing cars.

According to police records, Tobergta was arrested for similar crimes in 2011 and 2013.

In 2011, he was accused of having sex with his neighbor’s pool float and was convicted of public indecency.

After Tobergta’s 2011 arrest, a family member said Tobergta has mental issues and needed help. It’s not known if he has undergone treatment.

In 2013, Tobergta was accused of stepping out of his home, naked, and “having sexual relations with a pool float” within the view of children. He pleaded guilty to to public indecency and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. He was released in May 2014.

Tobergta’s court hearing is set for June 18. He is being held on $35,000 bond.

Read more: http://www.wlky.com/news/man-faces-new-accusations-of-having-sex-with-pool-float/26442204#ixzz34R2JDCAa

Man decapitated grandfather with hedge clippers


622x350Justin Wayne Parris said little to police after his 81-year-old grandfather was found decapitated in their Garden Oaks home in 2009, and a bloody trail led to a long-handled tree pruner in the garage.

The grandfather’s body had been covered with a blanket, a gesture Parris would explain on an interrogation video shown Tuesday in court.

“You don’t leave somebody like that, ” the grandson said.

Whether the 27-year-old killed Johnnie Morales-Gonzales will be up to a Harris County judge as the third day of his trial on a charge of murder resumes Wednesday with the defense putting on their case.

“Our position is that he is not guilty,” said Jerome Godnich, an attorney for Parris. Godnich was tight-lipped about his theory of the defense but said he expects to call a family member to testify that Parris is innocent.

For two days, prosecutors glided through testimony from investigators, medical examiners and other witnesses who said Parris’s 12-year-old sister came home to find Parris pacing on the front porch about 4 p.m. on Nov. 6, 2009.

She saw her grandfather’s body covered in a blanket at the home in the 900 block of Lamonte and called 911.

Police found the grandson with blood smears on his pants and shirt. He had a bandaged finger and a large cut on his forearm.

Asked what happened, he told police, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

In the garage, investigators found a bloody long-handled branch “lopper” with curved snipping blades that are just a few inches long.

On large screens in the courtroom, prosecutors Tuesday showed grisly photos of the deep cuts on the grandfather’s head, fact and chest, allegedly inflicted by the landscaping tool.

“He cut his head off during the course of the murder,” said Assistant Harris County District Attorney John Jordan.

Instead of putting the pictures on the screen, prosecutors approached state District Judge Brock Thomas to show even more macabre photos of Gonzales, who was described by the medical examiner as “completely decapitated.”

Instead of a jury trial, Parris opted for a judge to determine his fate. If convicted of murder, he faces life in prison.

Since his arrest more than four years ago, Parris has been found to be sane and competent, court records show.

Police officer accused of recording restroom patrons, posting to porn site


You or one of your kids may have appeared on video on a pornographic web site.  A Fox 2 investigation led to the discovery of a police officer behind it.   Videos of men going to the bathroom began spreading across the United States until Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes traced them to a gas station bathroom in Chesterfield.

1402178839000-david-cernaWith the help of police, we found an unexpected suspect.

It started with a hidden camera we discovered was at the Mobile On The Run on Clarkson, just south of the Chesterfield Mall.  Video from a hidden camera showed people going to the bathroom and the videos were posted on a pornographic web site.

Our investigation started on the East Coast, where a man said he clicked on a banner that took him to the offensive porn web site.  He noticed many victims wearing company shirts.  That’s how we found victim Rob Cheney who told us, “When I saw myself pooping, I was just like you’ve gotta be kidding me.”

We asked Cheney for a list of places where he used the bathroom.  He explained, “I had to think because you don’t document everywhere you go to the bathroom, so it took me awhile to pinpoint where it was.”

Fox 2 checked his list of rest rooms, comparing the online video to each bathroom.  Then we found a perfect match, from the floor tiles to the drain by the toilet.  Cheney just moved to the area and laughed, “Three weeks and I’m already on a poop cam pretty much. So three weeks and everybody’s seen me poop?  That’s terrible.  Hahaha.”

But we found no camera when we first discovered the bathroom.   We took our investigative research to Chesterfield Police.  Chief Ray Johnson held a news conference and said, “The Chesterfield Police Department has arrested one of our own officers, working from a tip from an investigative reporter Chris Hayes from Fox 2 News.”

The web site unexpectedly shut down during the investigation, but Fox 2 had already gathered intelligence needed to break the case.  A key break involved a web posting of a St. Charles County man visiting the house of the possible suspect.  The St. Charles County man went to the house for anonymous sex.

According to police, the suspect later admitted luring about 50 men to his Wentzville home, offering oral sex through what he called a gloryhole.  He reportedly lured the men through a Craigslist ad, then secretly videotaped them entering his home and using his gloryhole.

Neighbor Kim Parker remembered talking to other neighbors during the police raid of Cerna’s home.  She said, “We were discussing how we had noticed a lot of suspicious cars at all different times of the morning and evening, always with Illinois license plates, circling the area, pulling in the driveway and then shortly after pulling back out.”

The raid followed our lead involving the Craigslist add.  And it netted the arrest of Chesterfield’s own officer, 33-year-old David Cerna.

Cerna’s reported website included an interesting discussion when someone posted “is this legal?”  The response reads, “I’m not an attorney so I don’t know.”

Police Chief Ray Johnson described getting the phone call that his officer was the suspect.  He said, “It was rather shocking of course and took a minute to sink in, but we realized the severity of it and just set out to deal with it immediately as we would with any other suspect.”

Chesterfield Police used our information to crack this case in less than one week.  To the Department’s credit, officers did not hesitate to say they found one of their own officers.  He’s a single man who has served on the force for six years.   Cerna faces charges in St. Louis County for the bathroom hidden camera and charges in St. Charles County for videotaping men he reportedly lured to the gloryhole.  He is no longer a Chesterfield Police Officer.

Seattle doctor was sexting during surgery


Quick Facts: 

  • Seattle physician was sexting during surgeries, officials say.
  • That physician, Arthur K. Zilberstein, had his license suspended.
  • He was involved with procedures at Swedish Medical Center.
  • Charges also say he had sexual relations with a patient.

doctorA Seattle physician whom a report says “exchanged sexually explicit texts during surgeries when he was the responsible anesthesiologist” has had his license suspended.

Arthur K. Zilberstein “compromised patient safety due to his preoccupation with sexual matters while he was on hospital duty between at least April and August 2013,” according to a Medical Quality Assurance Commission statement.

At his house in Seattle’s Wedgwood neighborhood Monday night, Dr. Zilberstein didn’t have much to say. “I can’t really talk right now.  I appreciate you guys, I understand you want,” said a flustered Zilberstein as he closed the garage door.

He works for Physicians Anesthesia Services in Seattle, and patients who had a procedure at Swedish could have had him as an anesthesiologist.

The Swedish website shows Zilberstein was affiliated with the Cherry Hill and First Hill campuses. His license was suspended by the commission.

Zilberstein also improperly accessed medical-record imaging for sexual gratification and had sexual encounters at his workplace, a commission report said.

Zilberstein issued at least 29 unauthorized prescriptions for controlled substances and legend drugs outside of his medical practice and didn’t conduct proper evaluations, diagnoses or treatment plans for these patients, according to charges by the Medical Quality Assurance Commission.

Charges say Zilberstein didn’t obtain patients’ informed consent, provide anti-drug diversion safeguards for controlled substances or keep medical records and had sexual relations with one patient for whom he was prescribing drugs.

Investigators said Zilberstein made disparaging and racist remarks against a patient and misrepresented his work schedule to an investigator.

Until charges are resolved, Zilberstein can’t practice as a physician in Washington. He has 20 days to respond to the charges and to request a hearing, according to the Department of Health.

The Medical Quality Assurance Commission develops rules, policies and procedures to regulate physicians’ and physician assistants’ competency and quality.

Dad Hits Teacher With Bat After Finding Inappropriate Texts With Daughter


baseball-batInappropriate messages between a teacher and a student lead to an incident in Baltimore County.

The mother of a 15-year-old Perry Hall High School student first contacted police about a suspicious condition early Thursday morning.

When police arrived, they found numerous text messages sent back and forth between the girl and one of her teachers.

Officers say the texts described an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student.

Several hours later, police returned to the girl’s home in the 4600-block of Vicky Road for a report of a disturbance.

The girl’s father told police the 42-year-old teacher showed up at the home without permission, saying he wanted to talk.

The girl’s father told the teacher to leave, but he refused. The girl’s father then struck the teacher with a baseball bat.

The teacher sustained minor injuries but said he does not wish to pursue charges.

The name of the teacher will not be released because he has not been charged with a crime.

Couple Abused Adopted Daughters, Made Oldest Live In Backyard Naked


A Peoria couple are accused of abusing the children they adopted.


Police said over the last five years, the four girls, ages 7 to 13, had been fostered and then adopted by Johann and Kimery Jorg.

When Peoria police went to the home last week, they said they found a list of the punishments used on the two older girls, which allegedly included making the 13-year-old live in the backyard off and on since Christmas naked without even a bathroom.

The teen and an 11-year-old were extremely malnourished and emaciated.

“There’s no words,” neighbor Brittany Balog said. “I’m just sick right now.”

Balog was stunned when she found out what Peoria police said her neighbors allegedly have been doing to their two oldest adopted daughters.

“The 13-year-old daughter was put in the backyard in what they call ‘deep prison,'” Peoria police spokeswoman Amanda Jacinto said. “She would live in the backyard. She would be forced to wear a diaper or sometimes not even a diaper. They would have bathroom facilities out there that involved a bucket. She would live out of a tent.”

Jacinto said other punishments included running for an hour or more barefoot in the heat and getting swatted on the buttocks with a wooden paddle. The couple allegedly had shaved the 13-year-old’s head as a punishment, telling her she didn’t deserve to have her hair.

Jacinto said the punishments were mainly for stealing and lying. The 13-year-old acknowledged she had been caught stealing food because she was hungry.

“That’s horrible,” neighbor Tim Brackett said. “I just can’t imagine anybody treating their children or even anybody else’s children like that.”

Police said the Jorgs came to the attention of Child Protective Services when they went to a behavioral health facility for help with their 11- and 13-year-old daughters. When the parents told workers how they had been disciplining the girls, the facility called CPS, who then called police.

Kimery Jorg reportedly told police that the girls have so many punishments, she often can’t get through them all so she writes notes to remind herself of the remaining punishments the girls “owe” her, according to court records. Police said they found dozens of Post-it notes in the kitchen.

“When we brought them in, they again stood by the fact that this was in the best interest of the girls,” Jacinto said.

Police said the two youngest adopted daughters, ages 7 and 8, were not subjected to the same type of punishments.

All four girls are in the protective custody of CPS. The 13-year-old is still in the hospital due to severe malnutrition. Police say at nearly 5 feet tall she weighed only 61 pounds.

The Jorgs were arrested Thursday and are each facing four counts of child abuse. Each is being held on $100,000 bond.

Jesse Brisbin Got His Ass Beat After He Tried Kidnapping Girl From Public Park


Jesse-BrisbinA Level 3 sex offender kidnapped a 6-year-old girl from a Seattle park Thursday evening only to be chased down by the victim’s father and his friends, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, the victim was playing with her siblings at Benefit Park in Beacon Hill around 7 p.m. when 30-year-old Jesse Brisbin asked her to leave with him. She refused, and he reportedly grabbed her hand and dragged her away from the park.

The victim was able to get away from Brisbin and run for safety. Meanwhile, the victim’s father and two of his friends chased the fleeing Brisbin to the 9300 block of Carkeek Drive South.

When officers arrived, they found the victim’s father and his friends beating Brisbin, who was on the ground, according to police. Brisbin had reportedly attacked one of the friends after they confronted him, starting the fight.

Brisbin, who also goes by the name “Infamous,” was arrested and booked into King County Jail for investigation of kidnapping.

He was convicted in 2009 in Washington for indecent exposure and communication with a minor for immoral purposes. Ten years earlier, he was convicted of kidnapping, criminal sexual contact and endangering the welfare of a child in new Jersey.

According to Department of Corrections records, Brisbin lives less than half a mile from Benefit Park.

Teens arrested after renting $240,000 sports car


628x471Sonoma County deputies are seeking more details Saturday about how a pair of teenagers were able to use an allegedly stolen credit card to rent a $240,000 sports car and $12 million vacation home, police said.

Mohannad Halaweh of Rohnert Park, andNhimia Kahsay of Santa Rosa, both 19, were pulled over by a Sonoma County Sheriff’s deputy Wednesday evening in Roseland, with Halaweh behind the wheel of an orange McLaren sports car. The car had apparently been rented for $13,000 by the duo but was reported stolen to police, according to Sonoma County Sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Raasch.

The car was pulled over on Dutton Avenue in the Roseland area, and the two teens were taken into custody without incident, he said.

An investigation revealed that the pair had a fraudulently obtained credit card, which they used to book the stolen sports car and pay $27,000 to rent a $12 million property in Glen Ellen earlier in the week.

Halaweh was arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property and credit card fraud; his bail was set at $100,000. Kahsay was arrested on outstanding fraud warrants and is expected to face additional charges in connection with the most recent incident, Raasch said. His bail was set at $60,000.

Both teens were booked into Sonoma County Jail.

Married mom, 38, ‘had sex with her daughter’s friend, 15, and was only discovered after he was caught showing off the naked selfies she had sent him’


A married mother-of-two has been charged with multiple counts of rape after admitting to having a sexual relationship with one of her teenage daughter’s male friends.

article-2650709-1E86BCA700000578-363_634x471Heather Salines, 38, has entered a not guilty plea to the six counts of aggravated rape after she admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

She also sent the boy, whose name has not been revealed because of the nature of the crimes, nude selfies which ended up leading to her arrest.

The investigation into the case began when a student at Belmonte Middle School in Saugus, Massachusetts reported that the boy was showing off the naked pictures that Salines had sent him.

The Boston Herald reports that the boy told police he had previously had sex with Salines and they had exchanged naked photos.

She was later questioned by authorities and admitted that they had sex on a number of occasions but the exact number of sexual encounters has not been revealed.

Salines said she had met the boy two months before they became intimate, and he had told her about the personal turmoil he went through after ‘he lost his mother at a young age’.

‘When I looked at him, he did not act like a 15-year-old… he acted like a grown man,’ she said.

At one point early in the illegal relationship, he was alone at her house and they ‘were kissing and that she was touching him over his clothing’.

‘Things spiraled out of control,’ Salem News reports, citing the charging documents.

They first had sex in a car in the parking lot of a Saugus-area park on March 17.

The Boston Herald reports that she pointed the finger at the boy for taking the trysts to the next level, saying that he was the one to suggest they get a hotel room since there was always the threat that her daughter could walk in on them when they were at the house.

The boy was friends with Salines’ teenage daughter but the age and sex of her other child are unknown.

Salines and the boy booked a room at the local DoubleTree hotel on March 19, two days after their coupling.

‘She said they became close, and she developed feelings that she was not proud of,’ the police report states, according to the Salem News.

‘She said she tried to renege but that one thing led to another.’

Salines now faces six counts of aggravated rape and abuse of a child, one charge of child enticement and one charge of disseminating obscene material to a minor.

The aggravated rape charges are by far the most serious, as the mandatory minimum for each count carries a 10 year prison sentence, meaning that she could face 60 years behind bars if she is found guilty.

She has been indicted by a grand jury and appeared in court on Thursday in Salem to enter her not guilty plea.

Salines was accompanied by her lawyer and a man that would only identify himself as a family member.

That relative told the Salem News that she ‘has the full support of her family’.