Kwan Chow Accused Of Fondling Young Boys in ‘Dave & Buster’s’ Bathroom


Police in Arcadia were looking Tuesday for additional victims of a 31-year-old man accused of assaulting two 10-year-old boys on separate occasions in the bathroom of a Dave & Buster’s restaurant in the Westfield Mall in Arcadia.

Kwan-ChowWhen officers arrived, they found a man being detained by mall security personnel who was later identified as Kwan Chow, according to a news release from the Arcadia Police Department.The most recent assault occurred around 6:45 p.m. on Monday at the restaurant at the mall located at 400 S. Baldwin Ave.

A 10-year-old boy was in the bathroom when he was allegedly fondled by Chow, the release stated.

The boy notified his mother, who chased the suspect as he left the restroom, police said.

The managers of Dave & Buster’s also joined the chase and eventually caught up with the suspect and detained him, according to the release.

Chow, of Monterey Park, was being held on $200,000 bail.

In the course of the investigation, detectives identified another 10-year-old boy who was also allegedly fondled by Chow in the restroom, the release stated.

Detectives were looking for additional victims who may have experienced similar circumstances in or around the men’s bathroom at Dave & Buster’s within the recent past.

Anyone with information was asked to contact the Arcadia Police Department at 626-57-5123.

After running into a pedestrian while driving, it may arouse suspicion if you continue to drive for over a mile with the person embedded in your windshield


392637_630x354Ocean County authorities say a man was driving drunk along Route 9 in Ocean Township Monday evening when he allegedly hit a pedestrian.

The impact caused the victim to become lodged in the windshield.

Detectives say 33-year-old Marcos Ortega drove more than a mile with the man stuck there until an officer pulled him over.

The victim, a 66-year-old man, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Ortega is being held on $150,000 bail.

‘That’s not your husband': Watch moment ‘cheating wife’ is caught out on camera by loyal best man


Cheaters never prosper – especially when they’re caught on camera in a video that has been shared around the globe over ONE MILLION times.

This fist-biting footage shows the moment when a man found his best friend’s wife on the arm of another man.

A sheepish-looking woman wearing a white dress and identified only as Nina seems reluctant to be filmed as the DIY filmmaker – who she clearly knows – asks: “How you guys doing?”

The reason for her manner soon becomes clear as the would-be sleuth asks: “Who’s this guy? That’s not your husband, right?”

As it dawns on the other man that he has been caught hook line and sinker by the amateur expose, he takes out his mobile phone and shines the flash light from it to hide his face.


Snapped: The woman, identified only as ‘Nina’, is caught on film while her barman partner shines his phone to hide his face

“That’s a good idea. I don’t blame you,” says the man filming the embarrassing episode.

He adds: “I’m James, I was the best man. This is Nina, this is my best friend’s wife. So are you the bar tender?”

Still shining the light, he responds: “Not only, but yes.”

James replies: “Okay, that’s excellent. Well you guys have a good night.”

The 41-second film, which had clocked up 1.1m views in 24 hours, then cuts out.

Taxi driver ‘abducted drunk schoolteacher and delivered her to uncle and nephew to rape her on park bench’


A taxi driver, his uncle and nephew are accused of raping a drunk schoolteacher on a park bench after abducting her in his cab, a court heard.

The unconscious woman is alleged to have passed out after drinking at a birthday celebration before she came round to find one of her abusers having sex with her.

PAy-cab-accused-mainPrivate hire driver Tamseel Virk, 42; uncle and nephew, Azad Raja, 38, and Wakar Akhtar, 21, along with Najeem Ul-Saeed, 31, all of Bradford, West Yorks, are standing trial at Bradford Crown Court accused of conspiracy to rape between May 25 and 26 this year.

Prosecutor Andrew Kershaw told the jury that Virk picked up the woman from a street in Leeds, West Yorks., in breach of his licence, shortly before midnight on May 25.

Mr Kershaw suggested the fare was not reported to Virk’s controller because he had identified a vulnerable woman who could be sexually exploited.

The court heard she was ‘noticeably affected’ after drinking lager and whisky in a pub with friends, ‘talking gibberish’ and left her jacket, handbag and phone behind.

Mr Kershaw said Virk ‘delivered’ her to Akhtar and Raja, getting her to commit a sex act on him on the way.

The jury heard she was dropped off near their home and raped in turn on a bench in Great Horton Park, Bradford, while she was unconscious.

Mr Kershaw said: “They manhandled her, causing bruises and minor injuries to both of her knees, as if she were put in a kneeling position on the ground.”

The jury was told the victim woke up while Raja was having sex with her. Akhtar is alleged to have told her he had already had sex with her.

Ul-Saeed, the lawyer added, then turned up ‘too late physically to join in the rape that he had set up.’

Mr Kershaw added: “The prosecution case is that there was a conspiracy to rape (the woman) while she was in no fit state either to consent or resist.

“Akhtar and Raja conspired to rape her because they both agreed to do so; to take delivery of her and rape her together in each other’s presence.

“Virk, the prosecution say, is part of the same agreement because he delivered the girl to Akhtar and Raja for them to rape her.

“Virk knew that she was in no fit state to consent or resist because he had been able to abduct her to Great Horton Park, rather than take her home.

“Ul-Saeed is also part of the same agreement because he trafficked her from Virk to Akhtar and arranged where and to whom she was to be delivered; he tried to organise a hotel room and attended at the park to join in but was too
late because she had regained consciousness by then.”

The four men deny the charges and the trial continues.

Alleged Cookie Thieves No Match For Girl Scouts


Go pick on Samoa-n your own size!

Two teens were arrested Saturday after attempting to steal a “wagon full of Girl Scout cookies” in Severn, Maryland, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun.

n-GABRIEL-largeGabriel Taylor Smith, 18, allegedly snatched the wagon from a pair of Scouts who were selling cookies at around 1:20 in the town of Severn. Police say Smith grabbed the wagon when the girls, ages 12 and 13, stepped away for a moment, according to WJZ.

Smith then allegedly started heading towards a waiting getaway vehicle driven by his 17-year-old accomplice, whose name has not been released.

The Scouts, however, weren’t going to let their cookies go without a fight, and one of them ran after Smith and grabbed the wagon. This apparently proved too much for Smith, who allegedly let the wagon go before getting into the vehicle, according to WBAL.

Neighbors heard the girls yelling about the cookie theft and not only called police, but also got into their car to tail the alleged thieves.

Cops ultimately tracked down the boys, who were charged with theft under $1,000.

Britain’s ‘most jealous woman’ marries fiance she forced into lie detector test every time he came home


Debbi Wood – who has delusional disorder Othello syndrome – even trawls Steve’s phone, email and bank statements and put filters on his laptop

Debbi-Wood-and-Steve-WoodA woman who has been called the most jealous in the UK has finally married her man.

Debbi Wood, 31, previously told how she forces partner Steve Wood to take a lie detector test every time he returned to the house in case he’d been unfaithful.

The couple walked down the aisle on Halloween and Steve made it plain on Facebook that his wife was worth it despite all her insecurity.

He said: “Well me and debs are husband and wife … Officially … Wow.”

Debbi, who changed her surname to match her fiancé’s before the wedding, also changed her relationship status and wrote: “I love you toi husband xx (sic).”

In an earlier post, he said: “The next time I post something on here I will be doing so as a married man … Who’d have thought eh??

“Thanks to everyone who has been with me on this journey of life up to now and to the amazing woman who in just a couple of hours from now will be my wife … Love you babe.”

Debbi, from Dunoon, Argyll , who now lives in Shepshed, near Leicester, also changed her relationship status to inform pals of her nuptials.

Paranoid Debbi — who has delusional disorder Othello syndrome — even trawls Steve’s phone, email and bank statements and put filters on his laptop.

Matthew Williams Found In South Wales Hotel Room Eating Off Woman’s Face


The woman who was murdered in an act of cannibalism has been named as Cerys Marie Yemm.

Matthew-WilliamsOfficers found Matthew Williams, 34, attacking the 22-year-old in the Sirhowy Arms Hotel, a halfway house for ex offenders in Argoed, a village near Ms Yemm’s hometown of Blackwood.

He was stunned with a Taser and arrested at the scene during the early hours of Thursday but later died.

Williams had only recently been released from prison.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is probing his death and have also met the victim’s family.

Ch Insp Paul Staniforth from Gwent Police told a news conference on Friday that Ms Yemm’s family is being supported by officers.

He also said officers who attended the murder scene were being supported by the force’s occupational health department.

“The post mortem for Cerys will start today, although may not be complete for some time,” he added.

“Speculative comments about what happened and cause of death are unhelpful.”

Gwent Police said Williams was local to the area while Ms Yemm was from Blackwood, and the pair were known to each other.

The force said it is not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Gareth Griffiths, who lives in Argoed, told BBC Radio 5 Live: “It’s not a massive village, everyone wants to know what’s happened. Everyone who doesn’t want the place to be there thinks it’s ammunition to use against the council to get it moved or shifted.

“We hear on the news that it has been cannibalism. Nobody wants to hear that, it must be a horrific way to die, it’s horrible, it’s unbearable.”


The property where the murder took place is used as temporary accommodation for homeless people.

IPCC Commissioner for Wales, Jan Williams, said: “I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families of the deceased at this sad and difficult time.

“Our investigators are gathering all relevant evidence to understand the full circumstances of what happened.”


BBC Wales reporter Stephen Fairclough in Argoed

People living in the small village of Argoed just north of the town of Blackwood have reacted to the disturbing events at the hotel with shock and disbelief.

The three-storey building where Williams is believed to have murdered the young woman sits in the middle of the village and the centre was a hive of police activity on Thursday as the investigation got under way.

One resident said the murder “is hard to believe in a small, quiet community village like this”.

Another described the police scenes as “chaotic” with emergency services vehicles “everywhere”.

One woman said: “It’s all very upsetting.”

Leon Gardiner, a councillor who has lived in the village for more than 80 years, said the killing has “hit the village for six”.


Argoed councillor Garry Lewis described the nature of the killing as “grotesque”.

Argoed Baptist Chapel secretary June Trace told BBC Wales that the Sirhowy Arms was converted into accommodation for vulnerable people several years ago.

She said it had a “fluctuating population” of people, often aged in their 30s or 40s, who would stay there for a time before moving on.

Despite concerns of some villagers when the plans were first put forward to convert the building, she said there had never been any trouble there.

However, other people living in Argoed said there had been issues at the hostel and police had been called to resolve problems there frequently.