WNBA Star Brittney Griner And Girlfriend Arrested Following Fight At Arizona Home


grinermugWNBA star Brittney Griner and her girlfriend were arrested yesterday for assault and disorderly conduct following a fight in the couple’s Arizona home, police report.

Griner, 24, and fiancee Glory Johnson, a fellow WNBA player, were busted after cops were called to their Phoenix residence Wednesday afternoon. Griner and Johnson each suffered minor injuries during the fight.

Griner, seen in the above mug shot, and Johnson, 24, were booked into the Maricopa County jail, from which they were released early today.

The 6’ 8” Griner stars for the Phoenix Mercury, while Johnson plays for the Tulsa Shock. The couple had been planning to get married next month.

Man Charged With Beating His Wife To Death Inside Dunkin Donuts


Bhadreshkumar-Chetanbhai-PatelPolice are looking for 24-year-old Bhadreshkumar Patel after they say he beat his wife to death inside a Dunkin Donuts where they both worked.

Police were called to the all-night Dunkin Donuts on Arundel Mills Boulevard after a customer walked in at around 11 p.m. Sunday and found that there were no employees.

When police arrived, they found 21-year-old Palak Patel lying dead in the kitchen. Evidence collected at the scene linked the murder to Patel’s husband, who also worked with her at the store. Police say he hit his wife multiple times with an object and then fled on foot.

An arrest warrant was issued for Patel, who has been charged with first- and second-degree murder, assault and other charges. Police are still looking for him and are warning the public that he is dangerous.

“Don’t harbor him, don’t assist him in any way, shape or form,” said police spokesperson Justin Mulcahy, who added the couple had at least one prior contact with police for a domestic incident in December.

“Apparently somebody, a neighbor, had heard some loud noises or banging, report of a possible domestic incident,” Mulcahy said.

Police are asking anyone with information about the case or Patel’s wherabouts to call Anne Arundel County police homicide Detective Kelly Harding at 410-222-4743, or call the tip line at 410-222-4700.

Dunkin’ Donuts released a statement, saying: “We are aware of the tragic incident that occurred at the Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins combination restaurant on Arundel Mills Boulevard in Hanover, Maryland. All of us at Dunkin’ Brands are saddened to learn of the death of crew member Palak Bhadreskumar Patel, and our thoughts go out to her family and friends. The franchise owner is cooperating fully with the local authorities in their investigation. As this is a pending police matter, it is inappropriate for us to comment further.”


Marine Veteran Eric Price Accused Of Gunning Down His Wife At Doctor’s Office


Authorities charged Eric “Heath” Price with murder after he shot and killed his wife inside a doctor’s office before turning the gun on himself.

Leaj-Jarvis-PriceLeaj Price, 24, got into a a domestic situation with her husband that got so bad she felt the need to run from the home and to a doctor’s office next door. She was frantically trying to get in while screaming for someone to call the police.

Dr. Jay Patel went to the main entrance and found Leaj struggling with her husband, 26-year-old Eric “Heath” Price. “He wouldn’t let go of her hand and he just stood at the doorway,” Patel adds.

Patel said Eric Price threatened him with a gun, so he locked a dozen other patients and employees in a back room. “Before anything could happen, I heard a pop then I heard her stop screaming,” Patel says.

After shooting Leaj in the head, Eric walked back to the couple’s rental home next door and staged a standoff with police that lasted several hours. While inside the home, Eric posted the following to Facebook: “I’m sorry everyone, its been real, good bye and i love you all” and “I dei [sic] today”.

Even more embarrassing than misspelling your final words, is the fact that Eric couldn’t even suicide right. Despite shooting himself in the head, he was able to walk out of the house after police deployed tear gas into the home.

“He exited, and we took the suspect down in the yard,” Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon said. “He was suffering from one self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

Leaj was pronounced dead at the scene, but Eric is expected to survive his self-inflicted injuries. So either it’s easier to head-shot a screaming, struggling woman than it is to head-shot one’s own head, or Eric was too big of a pussy to kill himself.

Either way, police have charged him with murder and will transport him to Chilton County Jail after he is released from the hospital.

The couple have been in a long-running custody battle over their 6-year-old son who was at school while his father was gunning down his mother. Court records do not show Price having a prior criminal history, but a relative said that he’s had some issues.

“He doesn’t have a history of any legal violence or anything like that,” the relative said. “We knew that he has had some issues in the past, but we didn’t expect this.”

Annika McKenzie Charged With Beating Daughter’s Math Teacher Unconscious


A middle school teacher was sent to the hospital after she had the shit kicked out of her by the mother of one of her students.

Annika-McKenzieThe incident happened on Wednesday at Alverta B. Gray Schultz Middle School, when 34-year-old Annika McKenzie showed up to the school and waited outside of Catherine Engelhardt’s classroom.

When Engelhadt showed up, the two got into a conversation about an “incident earlier in the day.” According to McKenzie’s attorney, that incident involved the teacher putting her hands on McKenzie’s 12-year-old daughter.

Engelhardt reportedly refused to talk to McKenzie and instructed her to get a security pass. Police say what followed next was the teacher being shoved against the wall, placed in a headlock and thrown to the floor.

She was then kicked and punched by several students, including McKenzie’s 14-year-old niece. McKenzie then allegedly choked the teacher unconscious.

Another teacher was able to break up the melee, and Engelhardt was rushed to the hospital. She has since been released and is recovering at home.

McKenzie and her niece were both charged with second-degree assault on school grounds, a felony. Police also charged McKenzie with second-degree strangulation.

Hempstead Classroom Teachers Association President Elias Mestizo said that Engelhardt has been a teacher for 20 years and that many staff have voiced their concerns about safety at the school.

“Many teachers throughout the district and in this school also do not feel safe in the building, and there are reasons for that. And action needs to be taken immediately,” Mestizo said.

Engelhardt echoed the same sentiments when she spoke with reporters from her home.

“It’s not like I thought a parent would do something, but I knew something violent was going to happen,” she said. “I’ve warned them time and again that the children have no respect for adults. Yes, I fear for my safety. They can’t control the kids.”

According to McKenzie’s claims that this all started because Engelhardt put her hands on McKenzie’s daughter, Hempstead Village Police Chief Michael McGowan said McKenzie has not filed a police report.

Kyle Hargreaves punched paramedic after trying to have sex in ambulance


AN 18-year-old has been jailed after he attacked a paramedic who tried to stop him having sex in the back of an ambulance.

681162-79a39eae-dbd8-11e4-bf00-4d5fe57f7b86Kyle Hargreaves and a female friend climbed into the ambulance which had been parked on the street in Grimsby, England, while the paramedics went inside a home to get a 92-year-old man who had been suffering chest pains.

Hargreaves punched the ambulance worker in the face three times after he was told to get out of the vehicle while yelling: “What’s your problem? We are just trying to have sex.

Grimsby Crown Court heard how paramedic Michael Newman was returning to the ambulance on February 15 — carrying the 92-year-old patient — when he and a co-worker found the teenager lying on a stretcher kissing a girl who was on top of him.

Although the pair were not having sex, Hargreaves got violent and claimed they were trying to when he was asked to leave.

He then punched Mr Newman in the face three times — all while the paramedic was still holding the pensioner up in a carry chair, a British court heard.

The crew pushed a panic button and police arrived shortly after and arrested Hargreaves, who was held down by the paramedics.

Mr Newman suffered a black eye, nose bleed and a cut to his nose. He was also bitten on the hand by the girl Hargreaves was with.

A separate crew then arrived to take the pensioner to hospital, while Mr Newman was treated for a black eye, a cut to his nose and a nose bleed.

Hargreaves was jailed for a total of two years and eight months.

A spokesman for East Midlands Ambulance Service, told The Mirror: “This was a disgraceful act, not only to attack an emergency ambulance crew while they were engaged on their duties and were trying to look after a patient, but it was also completely selfish and completely irresponsible because of what they were trying to use the ambulance for.”

Linda Currier Accused Of Running Over Man After Attempted Sexual Assault Of Girl


Police have arrested 53-year-old Linda Currier after they say she ran over a man she caught sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl.

Linda-CurrierOn Saturday night, police responded to a home for a domestic disturbance report and found 48-year-old James Oliver had been ran over by a car in the driveway.

The car that ran over him was driven by his girlfriend, 53-year-old Currier, and it was no accident. She told police she ran over Oliver because she caught him attempting to sexually assault a her 12-year-old niece.

She said that after catching her boyfriend, who also happens to be a convicted sex offender, the two got into an argument that continued outside the home. That’s when Currier flattened Oliver’s ass in the driveway.

Oliver was taken to the hospital where he was treated for a serious, but non-life threatening injury to his leg. After being released from jail he was arrested and charged with attempted gross sexual assault, unlawful sexual touching and failing to comply with the sex offender registration act.

According to the Maine Sex Offender Registry, Oliver was convicted of sexual abuse of a minor and rape.

Currier was also arrested and charged with operating a vehicle under the influence and aggravated assault. Authorities say Currier’s niece did not need medical attention and is being cared for by family members.

Man confessed to killing his neighbor and brought the body to his lawyer’s office


WPTV-John-Marshall_1425565362242_14439302_ver1.0_640_480When John Marshall, 52, walked into his attorney’s office in Fort Myers, Fla., on Wednesday afternoon — disheveled, incoherent and injured — lawyer Robert Harris was shocked by what he had to say.

Marshall told him that his neighbor’s body was in the back of his pickup truck. They had been at odds for some time, and on Wednesday, the man threatened him with a gun, he told his attorney.

According to Harris, the man pistol-whipped his client in the face, giving him a bruise and knocking out a tooth. They struggled and fell to the ground. The gun went off.

“Unfortunately, someone, I believe, has passed,” Harris told the News-Press. “But Mr. Marshall … it appears to me as if this was a complete act of self-defense — preservation of life. That’s what he’s telling us.”

So far, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office says that Marshall is not under arrest and they are conducting an investigation into the bizarre case. The dead man was identified by police as Theodore Hubbell Jr.

Speaking to reporters outside of his law office, Harris said that he had recently advised his client to seek a restraining order against the man.

The conflict might have stemmed from Marshall’s plans to renovate a shed that he had placed on a property he purchased in Bokeelia, Fla., Harris said.

“This person had not wanted him to build in that area,” Harris said. “I guess that’s what he was angry about, but there were some consistent threats.”

One neighbor told CBS affiliate WINK News, however, that it was Hubbell who felt threatened by Marshall.

“He said, ‘I think I have a lunatic for a neighbor.’ I don’t know if he used that word, but somebody very not right in the head,” said Jill Hammer. Hubbell “would never have started a confrontation, he would have turned and walked away.”

According to his attorney, Marshall went back out to the property and Hubbell stopped him, saying that he wanted to apologize, according to Harris. Marshall approached Hubbell, who then pulled a gun.

“Mr. Marshall went into some sort of shock and didn’t know what to do,” Harris said. “What he knew was he could trust us.”

Marshall drove some 30 miles from Bokeelia to the lawyer’s office with the body in the back of his truck, Harris said. He may have called his wife, but Harris said that Marshall remembers very little about the drive.

Speaking to reporters late Wednesday, Harris said that Marshall was still “breathing heavy” and “looking like a man who has lost the world.” Later that night, he was taken to a hospital and treated for his injuries.

His law office is now a crime scene, which Harris said has put him in a state of disbelief as well.

“They don’t teach you about this in law school, that’s for sure,” he added.