Connecticut man arrested after stabbing watermelon


SONY DSCA 49-year-old Connecticut man faces threatening charges after a woman told police he stabbed a watermelon in a passive-aggressive manner.

The Register Citizen of Torrington reports Carmine Cervellino of Thomaston was arraigned Monday on charges of threatening and disorderly conduct. He was released after posting a $500 bond.

Police say the woman had gone to police on July 4 to report finding drugs, including marijuana, in Cervellino’s tool box. He was not arrested.

They say she later returned home to find the watermelon on the counter with a butcher’s knife in it.  She reported that Cervellino then entered the room and began carving the watermelon. She called the incident passive-aggressive and menacing.

No one answered a phone call Tuesday morning to the Cervellino home seeking comment.

“In every princess, there’s a little slut who wants to try it just once”


5593226-3x2-340x227An Australian campervan company is facing an online backlash over “misogynistic and degrading” slogans painted on the sides of their vehicles.

By Sunday afternoon more than 12,000 people had signed a petition calling on Brisbane-based Wicked Campers to remove slogans labelled as degrading to women.

People are also bombarding the company’s Facebook page complaining about the slogans.

Sydney mother Paula Orbea said she was prompted to start the Change petition after her 11-year-old daughter told her about a van she spotted in the Blue Mountains.

Ms Orbea was outraged by a slogan reading “In every princess, there’s a little slut who wants to try it just once”, and helped her daughter register a complaint with the Advertising Standards Bureau.

She also blogged about the incident, and was blown away by the public outpouring of support and comment, including more than 130,000 hits on her personal blog, which usually sees about 50 hits a day.

“I was livid,” she said.

I agree with free speech, but where is the line? At what point do we say no, that’s not morally correct?

Paula Orbea

“I believe these [slogans] are changing the way we see each other through these labels.

“I just feel like it’s wallpapering our lives, this idea, this obsession with sex, and creating a sex-obsessed male and a victim female, a hyper-sexualised ‘asking for it’ female.”

She said her daughter was upset because she thought the slogan could be referring to a child like her.

“It made her fear being perceived that way – especially by someone she may cross paths with who may agree with that perspective,” Ms Orbea wrote on the petition.

The petition includes a number of examples of other slogans the company has painted on their vans, including “A wife: an attachment you screw on the bed to get the housework done”.

Ms Orbea said the slogans were degrading.

“I agree with free speech, but where is the line? At what point do we say no, that’s not morally correct?” she said.

“We’re not the enemy for saying we don’t like to be referred to as sluts, that we all are begging [for sex] and hyper-sexualised.

“We have the right to say we’re not happy with that.”

Complaints upheld in previous cases

Wicked Campers, registered in Queensland but operating across Australia, offer cheap campervans aimed at a primarily young backpacker market.

Ms Orbea has called on the company’s Australian director John Webb to eliminate “misogynistic and degrading slogans and imagery” from their vans.

The online furore follows a finding by the Advertising Standards Bureau in March upholding a complaint about the company’s slogan “…fat girls are harder to kidnap”.

The company has been subject to numerous complaints in the the past six years.

The board found that Wicked Campers made light of the serious issue of kidnap, which breached a section of the Advertiser Code of Ethics, by depicting material contrary to prevailing community standards on health and safety.

The complainant argued the advertisement was sexist and misogynistic, but the board found it did not breach section 2.1 of the code, which requires advertisements to not portray material that is discriminatory or a vilification on gender, race and other grounds.

Wicked Campers did not respond to the bureau’s finding.

An 11 year-old gets into an argument with his grandfather at their mobile home, then gets a loaded shotgun and puts an end to the discussion


grandson9n-2-webAn 11-year-old boy fatally shot his grandfather at a North Carolina mobile home during a bloody domestic dispute, authorities said.

Lloyd Woodlief, 84, had wounded his 49-year-old son Lloyd Peyton Woodlief with a .22-caliber gun before the unidentified boy fired a 12-gauge shotgun at his grandfather, the Vance County Sheriff’s Office said.

Lloyd Woodlief died at the scene.

Father threatens to behead daughter with sword after disagreement over what TV show to watch


charlesduecasterAn elderly Youngstown man is in the Mahoning County Jail after threatening to cut off his daughter’s head with a sword.

Youngstown Police arrested Charles Duecaster, 74, Sunday on a charge of domestic violence after his daughter, Allison Whitaker, 43, said he grabbed a sword and threatened her with it during an argument.

Whittaker said she and her dad got into an argument over their television, which soon escalated into Duecaster grabbing a “long sword,” and threatening to cut her head off, according to a police report.

Whittaker then called police and said that Duecaster fled the scene with the sword, the police report states.

Attention passengers, everything on the flight is normal, except for the fact that the captain has intentionally locked the co-pilot out of the cockpit


A midair drama on a trans-Tasman Air New Zealand flight led to two pilots being stood down after the captain failed to open the cockpit door for the co-pilot for two minutes, worrying cabin crew.

The incident happened on Perth-Auckland flight NZ176 on May 21 and was linked to ”some tension” between the pair about how long the first officer took to do a random drug and alcohol test, according to Air New Zealand’s manager of operational integrity and safety, Errol Burtenshaw.

The resulting 13 minute delay to the flight departing Perth had frustrated the captain, who prided himself on operational efficiency.

During the overnight flight, the first officer left the flight deck for a comfort break and had a coffee with a cabin crew member in the galley area after visiting the bathroom.

”Given the altitude of the flight at the time, the captain who remained on the flight deck donned his oxygen mask, as is standard procedure when one pilot exits the flight deck in a two-person flight crew,” Burtenshaw said.

However, when the first officer had finished his break, the cabin crew member spent up to two minutes trying to call through to the captain on the flight deck to tell him the first officer was waiting at the cockpit door to be let in.

”The first officer became concerned that the captain did not answer the calls and used an alternative entry method to gain access.

”Naturally, cabin crew operating the flight were concerned about the inability to contact the captain and became quite anxious.”

Cabin crew were offered counselling for the traumatic flight via the company’s employee assistance programme.

Air New Zealand launched an internal investigation ”given the use of an alternative entry method is highly unusual” and a report had been submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Burtenshaw said the captain had failed to respond or open the door because he was approaching a navigational waypoint and his cockpit monitor showed a cabin crew member was ringing rather than the first officer.

The flight continued as normal after the incident.

After the flight, the captain was stood down for two weeks and the first officer was stood down for a week. Both received additional training and ”were counselled”, he said.

”Safety and security are paramount and non-negotiable for Air New Zealand. This issue on NZ176 is unfortunate and both pilots have learned a valuable lesson around the need to communicate better with peers.”

Spatula, Grill Brush Used To Defend Against Sword Attack


facebook swordThe backstory goes like this. Shane Landon Tyson got a divorce from his wife Stephanie. She then got remarried to Chad Eric Workman.  It seems there were still a few small odds and ends from the split that needed to be reconciled. So yesterday, Tyson drove over to the Workman’s house in North Union Township, Pennsylvania to get a $6 dollar Walmart card back from his ex-wife.

Tyson and his ex-wife ended up getting into a heated argument about their past relationship and the whereabouts of the card.  The loud argument woke up Chad Workman who went outside and promptly told Tyson to leave his property.

Police say that’s when Tyson unsheathed a sword from its bamboo case.  Workman quickly grabbed a grill brush and spatula from his barbeque to defend himself.  A skirmish ensued.

“I’m thinking, what am I going to do?” he said. “The only thing I grabbed is a spatula,” said Workman.

The police report says that Tyson emerged the victor and was able to strike Workman with the sword. Tyson was arrested after police arrived.  Workman required 12 stitches.

Man Charged With Murder After Intentionally Running Over Pregnant Woman


A man is facing murder charges after police say he intentionally rammed a woman with his car and then ran her over.

Dewey-GreenPolice say 53-year-old Janice Pitts was sitting at a traffic light on Highway 5 in Douglasville Wednesday when her Lincoln Navigator was hit from behind by 23-year-old Dewey Green.

“He just kept hitting us, he just kept hitting us,” said Pitts’ daughter, Iesha Davis.

Davis was in her mom’s SUV at the time with her 4-year -old son.

She says when her mom got out of the SUV to assess the damage, Green pinned Pitts between the two trucks.

“I’m banging on the window, ‘Please, you’re crushing my mom, you’re crushing my mom. Please, you’re crushing my mom. He wouldn’t look at me, He kept his face straight and kept his foot down on the gas,’” Davis told Channel 2’s Liz Artz.

Davis says her mom was driving her to work, like she did every day, when the whole thing happened before her eyes.

“He backed up, my mom’s body dropped,” said Davis.

Police say Green then ran over Pitts’ crushed body.

“After that, I just completely lost it. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand why,” said Davis. “I’ll never ever get the image of my mom lifeless body lying on the pavement and the man ran her over like she was nothing.”

Witnesses say Green then went up over the median, came across a grassy knoll and ended up sideways across Bill Arp Road where witnesses managed to stop him.

Even seasoned investigators say the horrific crash has left them stunned. Police say Green seemed dazed and confused and reeked of alcohol.

“No doubt there’s alcohol involved,” said Stan Copeland with Douglas County police.

Davis says her mom, a two-time breast cancer survivor, died on the scene. Police arrested and charged Green with murder and aggravated assault, but he could face more charges. Police say Pitts was expecting another child of her own.

“He could be charged with feticide depending on how far along,” said Copeland.

“She was very happy. She had just got good news about expecting,” said Davis.

Green is from Alabama. Detectives say his father is in town to try to get answers and help police figure out what happened. Police say Green’s father told them his son had been acting strange lately.

“No history of mental illness?” asked Artz.

“None that we can find and his family did not mention anything,” said Copeland.

Toxicology testing is being done on Green to find out if he was under the influence of drugs.

Ohio man was ticketed after he was seen in public allegedly flying a kite while naked


An 82-year-old Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio man was ticketed after he was seen in public allegedly flying a kite while naked. As reported by WOIO 19 Action News, Edward Paolucci considers himself a professional kite flier and has been pursuing the activity for more than 15 years.

2952e920-fd74-11e3-9486-4784ddd672f6_Edward-Paolucciast week Paolucci was flying one of the kites in his collection of more than 50, in a field at the Summit County Fairgrounds. A volunteer at the fairgrounds, who saw Paolucci that day, claims that the elderly man was in the buff while flying his kite. WOIO notes that the police were called and the officer’s report indicated Mr. Paolucci was flying a kite nude while a horseback riding camp with young adults was happening nearby. It’s a charge that Paolucci denies saying, “No. I had my swimming trunks on, all the time my swimming trunks.” Still, Paolucci was ticketed and told not to return to the fairgrounds.

So how does Mr. Paolucci explain the misunderstanding? He says that the fairgrounds have no restrooms. “I will relieve myself in the car with a container,” Paolucci explained. “So I opened up the door and then was pulling my trunks up, okay, as the car door (was open), and [the volunteer] was coming down and he saw that. But he said I was naked flying a kite. No.”

The ticketed kite flier decided to return the next day, despite the instructions he was given, to speak to the volunteer who accused him and called the police. Paolucci ended up in trouble once again, in this case for trespassing. He said, “I’m going to court. I’m going to fight this.”

You find out your ex-wife is selling her body …. In exchange for drugs …. With your brother


A Peoria man, after learning his ex-wife was reportedly trading sexual favors for drugs with his brother, fatally shot his sibling on Saturday afternoon, according to police records obtained Tuesday.

1403557709000-wasarChristopher Michael Wasar, 39, was arrested by Peoria police around 1:30 p.m. Saturday after shooting his older brother Matthew Wasar, 45, in the chest, according to court records. Authorities found the elder Wasar unconscious at an apartment complex on Peoria and 85th avenues and rushed him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Brady McGonigle, the elder brother’s roommate, initially called 911 after Christopher Wasar and his ex-wife, Jessica Wasar, forcibly entered the apartment on Saturday afternoon, court records show.

McGonigle said Matthew Wasar had been living with him since June 19 because he was hiding from his brother, police records indicate. The younger Wasar was allegedly infuriated after learning his ex-wife and his brother had been intimate.

Jessica Wasar insisted to police they entered the apartment in an attempt to retrieve items she had stolen from her ex and given to his brother, according to police documents.

The two forced their way into McGonigle’s apartment, holding him at gunpoint and demanding to know where they could find Matthew Wasar, according to police reports. Upon their entrance, McGonigle grabbed a Samurai sword to defend himself but ultimately dropped it after Christopher Wasar threatened to shoot him with his Glock 17 handgun, records show.

“I thought I was going to die today,” McGonigle told police.

Christopher Wasar held McGonigle at gunpoint in the living room while Jessica Wasar searched the home, police records indicate. The two then left the apartment five minutes later and McGonigle quickly dialed 911.

As they exited, Jessica Wasar noticed Matthew Wasar in a vehicle near the complex and approached him, she told police. Christopher Wasar opened the passenger door and pointed his gun at his brother, who quickly exited the vehicle, records show.

Witnesses told police that the brothers argued with each other before Christopher Wasar punched his brother in the face and shot him once in the chest, records show.

During questioning by police, Wasar admitted to shooting his brother but said it was self defense because his brother charged at him with a knife, according to records.

However, witnesses, including Jessica Wasar and other bystanders, said Matthew Wasar was not threatening his brother during their altercation, police records reveal.

The father of the brothers told police the two have always had a “love/hate” relationship.

Man Assaulted Pregnant Girlfriend Because She Didn’t Wish Him “Happy Father’s Day”


robertleecampbellAngered that his pregnant girlfriend “did not wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day’” when they awoke yesterday in a South Carolina motel, a man allegedly pushed the woman into a bathtub, punched her in the legs, and then dragged her across the floor, according to a police report.

Responding to an assault call at the Lancer Motel in Myrtle Beach, cops spoke with Crystal Blocker, 26, who said that Robert Lee Campbell, 26, roughed her up around 8 AM Sunday. “Technically they do not have a child together as of yet, but the victim stated that she is currently pregnant with his child,” reported patrolman A.M. Bellamy.

Blocker told the cop that Campbell “became upset at her because she did not wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day.” During an ensuing argument, Campbell, seen above, reportedly punched a hole in the bathroom door and caused other damage inside the motel room.

According to a Myrtle Beach Police Department report, Blocker said that Campbell “pushed her and she fell backwards into the bathtub.” After Blocker got up, Campbell allegedly “began dragging her towards the main door to the motel room where he then began punching her in the thighs.” Blocker added that after she called 911, Campbell grabbed her phone and threw it against a wall before departing the room.

Officer Bellamy reported that Blocker had “what appeared to be a small rug type burn to one of her elbows and a scrape across the top of one of her shins.”

During a subsequent interview at his parents’s house, Campbell “acknowledged that they had an argument because she didn’t wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day.’” He denied, however, striking Blocker or causing damage to the motel room. Campbell, who is nicknamed “Jolly” and has the word “Loyalty” tattooed on his neck, has been previously arrested for a variety of crimes, including grand larceny, fraud, loitering, auto theft, burglary, and narcotics possession.

Yesterday’s incident, however, did not add to his lengthy rap sheet. When presented with details of the reported Father’s Day assault, a judge decided not to pursue a misdemeanor charge against Campbell (apparently due to the he-said, she-said nature of the incident).