Surgeons Reattach Woman’s Ear with Help of Blood-Sucking Leeches



If you have a weak stomach this story may not be the easiest to get through as it involves blood, a detached body part and creepy crawlies, but it’s remarkable none-the-less.

After a pit bull mauled a 19-year-old and left her with a small laceration on her arm and completely ripped off her left ear, surgeons had to turn to some pretty unconventional methods to reattach the body part.

Dr. Stephen Sullivan and his team operated on the young woman at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence and found the uneven tear made surgery challenging. According to Live Science, the doctors found a tiny artery only 0.3 millimeters in diameter, which allowed them to reattach the vessel to the patient’s blood supply. However, they couldn’t find a vein to drain the blood back to the body.

That’s when they turned to a FDA-approved technique and brought in the leeches. These blood-sucking worms “act as temporary drainage for the ear while the ear makes its own new veins” said Sullivan after explaining, “The body is very efficient at making new arteries and veins, so the leeches are temporary […] Nature has worked for a long, long time to make a leech, and we do not have something we’ve invented as scientists, engineers or doctors that has done better than what nature has done.”

It took over two weeks for the patient to recover with the leeches, but over time she was fully weaned off the worms. Today the scar is barely visible and the woman didn’t suffer any hearing loss as the attack only affected her outer ear.

The unusual case, one of only about 50 ever performed using leeches, is reported in the April 17th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

A man celebrating his birthday pees on a van. Then things go really wrong


A Marysville man has been arrested for investigation of assault and possessing a stolen firearm after an early morning shooting Monday.

The suspect had been celebrating his 22nd birthday Monday when he allegedly was spotted urinating on a van in the 5800 block of 60th Drive NE.

A woman who lived in the van with another person confronted him and got his license plate number, court papers said.

The man allegedly fired four shots into the van. The woman was struck by shrapnel and had non life-threatening injuries, according to court papers.

The man allegedly told police that he made a bad choice and he had not felt threatened.

Unfortunately named town of ‘Kill Jews’ to vote on name change


ee3052356ee55f5bee9f19d9d6926067a001b31aIt is a name that locals admit is not really fit for the modern age.

And now the mayor of the small Spanish town of Castrillo Matajudios — which means Castrillo Kill Jews in English — has said residents will get the opportunity to vote on a name change.

The 56 residents of the town, which lies near the northern city of Burgos, will vote May 25 on whether to change the name and instead celebrate the location’s Jewish heritage, mayor Lorenzo Rodriguez said Monday.

If they agree to the change, locals will be able to choose between the rather less offensive Mota Judios and Mota de Judios, which both mean Mound of the Jews.

“Those of us who have lived all our lives in Castrillo Matajudios don’t give it a second thought. But the moment you go elsewhere it sounds bad,” the mayor told AFP in an interview.

“Nowadays when people hear Castrillo Matajudios they go, ‘What a village. They kill Jews there. You have killed Jews’,” he said.

“There are some villagers, business people who travel to Israel, and they try not to show their identity card. It is a name that we know today is not very correct,” the mayor explained.

Rodriguez said the town hall wanted to change the name as long as it could convince the residents.

He said the town was born in 1035 when Jews who had been stripped of their possessions and exiled from their homes decided to settled on a mound, or mota, in the area.

They remained there until 1492 when the Catholic Monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, expelled the Jews from Spain, allowing only those who converted to the Roman Catholic faith to remain.

Now the town hall wants to commission an archaeological study and excavations to unearth the Jewish history of the site and even to attract visitors to the area, Rodriguez said.

Archaeologist Angel Palomino said an initial study of historical documents carried out for the town revealed that the first mention of the name Castrillo Matajudios appeared in 1623.

“The documents show that there were several killings of Jews by outsiders as happened in many other Jewish settlements in Spain and other parts of Europe,” Palomino said, although he said he suspects the name had a different origin.

Descendants of Jews who had converted to Roman Catholicism likely decided to change the town’s name during the Counter-Reformation to prove the purity of their faith, he said.

The archaeologist said there were likely 300 to 400 households, or up to 1,500 people, living in the Jewish settlement at one time.

Although estimates vary, historians believe at least 200,000 Jews lived in Spain before the 1492 expulsion. Many who refused to convert or leave were burned at the stake.

Spain now offers citizenship to Sephardic Jews descended from those who were expelled — who can prove their heritage.

In February, the government approved a draft citizenship law that would make it easier for such Jews to gain Spanish nationality, notably by allowing them to keep their existing citizenship as well.

FYI; Molesting children is still illegal even if you’re a magical warlock


Police say a Bluefield man claiming to be a “warlock” used a promise of magical spells to lure children into committing sexual acts with him.

g0002580000000000001951a9a81c3f67d769a76701b72f53f5097c0d00James “Jim” Irvin, 57, of Bluefield, was arraigned Monday before Mercer County Magistrate Susan Honaker on five counts of sexual assault and 10 counts of sexual abuse involving juveniles. The victims in the case were 3, 9 and 13 years of age at the time of the alleged abuse, according to Detective K.L. Adams of the Bluefield Police Department.

Honaker set bond for Irvin at $100,000. Irvin told the court he had no money, and couldn’t afford an attorney. The man avoided eye contact with the news media as he was escorted in and out of the courtroom.

“I can’t come up with $100, not much less $100,000,” Irvin told Honaker.

The man was remanded to the custody of the Southern Regional Jail in Beaver following his arraignment on the charges. Honaker told Irvin that, if convicted, he faces a sentence of 15 to 35 years in prison on each of the sexual assault charges and five to 25 years in prison on each of the sexual abuse charges.

Adams said the investigation began on April 1 following a complaint by Child Protect of Mercer County. The investigation revealed that Irwin was a practicing pagan and wiccan. Adams said the man used his religion to allegedly get close to the children and ultimately sexually abuse them.

Adams said Irvin allegedly told two of the children, who were living with him at the time along with their mother and Irvin’s son, that he would perform magical acts on their mother, who was sick at the time, if they would participate in the sexual abuse.

According to the complaint, Adams began the investigation after watching forensic interviews conducted by Child Protect in February of 2013 on two of the three victims. Adams said the report showed the abuse occurred on Giles Street in Bluefield on or about January of 2007. The two victims, at the time, were ages 3 and 9.

Adams said the stepfather of the children was Irvin’s son. The Child Protect investigation alleged that Irvin inappropriately touched one of the children. In another instance, Irvin and the mother of the juvenile allegedly took her into a room and had her undress, the report said. Irvin allegedly told the juvenile she had to undress in order for her mother to get well and the magic to work. The report then alleges that Irvin undressed the girl and  ordered her to get into a bed where he proceeded once again to inappropriately touch her. The report alleges Irvin also forced the girl to touch his private areas during the encounter. The victim was 3 years old at the time of the alleged offense.

The interview with the second juvenile alleged that the mother, who has not been charged and is cooperating with police in the investigation, believed Irvin was a “magical warlock” as part of his practicing wiccan religion. The report alleged the mother told the juvenile she had to go upstairs and do something with Irvin involving magic to keep her well. Adams said the mother was sick at the time.

After that day, the report alleges that Irvin had the juvenile go upstairs with him everyday after school for at least two weeks, and the mother was no longer present during those times. The report alleges that Irvin ordered the juvenile to remove her clothes and would then inappropriately touch her with his hands. The report alleges Irvin then had sexual intercourse with the juvenile each day during the second week of the alleged abuse. The report alleges that Irvin told the juvenile this had to happen to keep her mother well or the magic would not work.

During an interview with the mother of the two juveniles, the woman said Irvin was attempting to convert her to the pagan/wiccan religion. The woman said Irvin believed in magic, and claimed the “sex tantric magic” was the most powerful of all. However, the woman said Irvin alleged this type of magic would not work unless you had a virgin to perform sex acts on. The woman alleged that on two occasions she performed a ritual with Irvin along with her daughter where all would undress and hold hands around a offering of cheese and crackers.

Adams said he contacted another woman, who is the ex-wife of Irvin, on April 3. The woman is currently living in Texas, and was married to Irvin 20 years ago. After informing the woman of the investigation, she stated that 20 years ago Irvin had allegedly sexually assaulted her daughter, who was 13 at the time. Adams said in the report that Texas authorities were contacted, and an investigation was launched, but Irvin left Texas for West Virginia before the investigation was completed.

Adams said in the report that Child Protect Services in Texas did confirm an investigation was launched in 1994. Adams said he interviewed the third victim on April 3, who alleged she was sexually abused by Irvin from the time she was 5 years old to age 13. The victim is now an adult.

In an interview conducted on April 9, Adams said another victim voluntarily reported to the Bluefield Police Department to give a statement concerning her time at Irvin’s residence in Bluefield. The victim was 11 years old at the time, and alleged that Irvin told her he could perform magic and make her recently deceased father come back to life if she would perform sexual acts with him.

Adams said no additional charges are expected at this time, adding that the mother of the two children is fully cooperating with police. However, the investigation into the alleged crimes continues.

Adams said he is also seeking to interview any other individuals who may have been a victim in the case. Adams can be reached at the Bluefield Police Department at 304-327-6101.

Counterfeit morning-after pills could lead to big problems .. in about 9 months


2358714636_70209e6a35_o_0_standard_1280_0Recently, a team of Georgia Tech chemists analyzed the contents of 25 different types of emergency contraceptive pills (often called the morning-after pill and marketed as Plan B) bought in Lima, Peru.

28 percent of the pills were counterfeit or ineffective

What they found is pretty concerning. Seven of them, or 28 percent, were either counterfeit or of such poor quality that they probably wouldn’t work in preventing pregnancy.

Six of the samples had insufficient levels of the artificial hormone that prevents the release of an egg from the ovary (levonorgestrel) or were formulated incorrectly, so the hormone wouldn’t be released properly as the pill dissolves in the body.

One type of pill simply contained an antibiotic that can cause rashes and even life-threatening skin conditions in people who are allergic to it, but does nothing to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

News that contraceptives sold in South America are substandard or counterfeit might not seem like a big deal to US readers, but this is an global problem. The pills had been manufactured in a range of countries (Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, Hungary, India, Pakistan, Peru and Uruguay), and because of the international nature of the pharmaceutical trade, counterfeit drugs have been increasingly showing up in the US market.

Internationally, it’s estimated that counterfeit drugs are now a $75 billion dollar industry that accounts for one to ten percent of all drugs sold.

counterfeit drugs are now a $75 billion industry worldwide

In the US, most counterfeits are lifestyle drugs sold on the black market — counterfeited Viagara is the most common — but all sorts of pharmaceuticals have been found to be fake. In 2012, during widespread shortages of Adderall, counterfeit versions began popping up for sale on the internet. In some instances, fakes have made their way into the legal supply chain — like in 2012, when a fake version of the cancer drug Altuzan that contained no active ingredient was distributed by a Tennessee company.

Counterfeit pills are an especially big problem in Africa, where an estimated 35 percent of anti-Malaria drugs are either fake or of substandard quality. Last June, customs officials in Angola discovered 1.4 million packets containing fake Coartem — an anti-malaria drug — in one of the biggest seizures of counterfeit pharmaceuticals in history.

The current technological standard for spotting fake pills in the field, the GPHF MiniLab, is essentially a scientific laboratory in a suitcase, and needs to be operated by trained scientists. But a number of compact and easy to use systems are currently in development, including the FDA’s new CD-3 — currently in use at a few international mail screening facilities in the US — that shines infrared light onto a pill, allowing a user to compare the resulting image to one of a pill known to be genuine.

Pat Robertson: Jesus said an asteroid could destroy Earth next week — SO BUY MY BOOK TODAY


cbn_700club_asteroids_140421c-615x345Televangelist Pat Robertson warned on Monday that Jesus had said that an asteroid would destroy the Earth — and it could happen as soon as next week.

On Tuesday, three former NASA astronauts are expected to present their findings that the Earth had experienced far more impacts from large asteroids than previously thought.

For Robertson, the news was just the latest reason to hype his book, The End of the Age, which asserts that the End Times predicted in Revelation will be brought on by a meteor.

“I wrote a book!” Robertson advised viewers. “It deals with an asteroid hitting the Earth. I don’t see anything else that fulfills the prophetic words of Jesus Christ other than an asteroid strike.”

“There isn’t anything that will cause the seas to roil, that will, you know, cause the skies to darken, the moon and the sun not to give their light, the nations terrified on Earth of what’s happening. There isn’t anything that’s going to do that.”

He continued: “We’re big enough to draw some of them in. And as somebody said, it’s ‘blind luck.’ Well, it’s the mercy of the Lord. But if that mercy ever got lifted, whew.”

Robertson advised his viewers to “read what Jesus said” about “nobody living on the face of the Earth.”

“That’s what Jesus himself said!” he advised. “So, hey, just get ready. Get right. And stay right with the Lord.”

“It could be next week, it could be 1,000 years from now. But nevertheless, we want to be ready whenever the Lord says, ‘I’m wrapping it up, and it’s time to come home.’”

Big Brother Bites Off Ear Of Sisters Bf Jonathan Rios Who Impregnated Underage Girl Twice


A Chicago man bit off part of the ear of a 21-year-old man who twice impregnated his teenage sister, authorities said.

untitledProsecutors announced the bizarre payback as Jonathan Rios, 21, appeared in court Friday on charges of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Rios admitted to police he twice impregnated a girl who he began his relationship with two years ago when she was 14, the newspaper reported. The couple have a child together and the victim is now 5-months pregnant, authorities said.

But when the child’s brother came home Thursday he found the two naked in bed. They got into a fight that ended with Rios fleeing outside and running into police, the newspaper reported.

During the fight the brother bit off part of Rios’ left ear, the newspaper reported. He appeared in court Friday with a large bandage over it.

Rios declined to press charged against his child’s uncle, the newspaper reported.

He is in jail on $900,000 bail.

Arkansas ex-cop killed while trying to set anti-corruption blogger’s hot dog cart on fire


AR-blogger-Ean-Bordeaux-via-screencap-615x345A former police officer died while trying to set ablaze a food cart belonging to a blogger who exposed crooked cops and other corrupt city officials. reported Friday that former Little Rock Police Officer Todd Payne died when blogger Ean Bordeaux (pictured above) tackled him as Payne tried to flee the scene of the attempted arson.

Bordeaux is the proprietor of the Corruption Sucks blog, a webpage dedicated to exposing corruption in the Little Rock local government and in the state government of Arkansas. At about 4:30 a.m. on Friday, he awoke to find the hot dog cart he operates for a living in flames.

“I looked outside and my hot dog cart’s on fire,” he told KARK. The cart operated on propane tanks, which, Bordeaux said, “could have blown up the house.”

He called 911, then ran outside in a bathrobe to put out the blaze. That was when he noticed a heavyset man in a mask running away.

Bordeaux was too busy trying to put out the flames then, he said, but about 15 minutes later, the man in the mask came back. The blogger watched from inside his house as the masked man tried to restart the fire.

Running outside again, Bordeaux said, he tackled the man as he tried to flee, hoping to hold him until police arrived.

Payne hit the pavement face-first, however, and died from his injuries. Bordeaux said his only desire had been to immobilize the perpetrator and hand him over to authorities.

He quickly realized, however, that the dead man was former LRPD officer Todd “Creepy Todd” Payne, who was fired from the force in 2010 for multiple violations, including a DUI crash in which Payne attempted to leave the scene, incidences of witness intimidation, lying to superiors and dereliction of duty.

Bordeaux had written extensively about Payne at Corruption Sucks, and believes that the former cop was attempting to strike back at him for exposing his crimes.

Naked man in Walmart said he was crazy on drugs


A man opened up to Eyewitness News about what led him to walk inside a local Walmart  naked.

HughesKevin Hughes, 36, said he was not only embarrassed, but felt as if he was out of his mind when he walked inside a Tega Cay Walmart in the middle of the night, wearing nothing but black shoes.

Tega Cay police said they were called to the store, located on StoneCrest Boulevard, just before midnight last night after store employees spotted Hughes walking in the Health and Beauty section naked.

When police arrived, they said they found Hughes in the electronics section of the store.

They quickly escorted him out.

Hughes said the last thing he remembers is going to sleep at his sister’s house Thursday night and the next thing he knew, he woke up naked in his truck at Walmart.  He hopped out and walked into the store.

“I’ve had a problem with drugs in the past. I still like to do Ecstasy once in a while,” Hughes said. “I accidentally got methamphetamine instead and it really made me crazy.”

He added, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was an accident. It wasn’t something I intended to do.”

Hughes was arrested for disorderly conduct.  He’s out of jail on bond after spending the night behind bars.

Cockroaches rain down onto diners from ceiling of celebrity-favorite NYC sushi restaurant


article-2606944-1D29A9DA00000578-706_634x376Diners at a Manhattan sushi destination known for its famous clientel discovered a roach infestation in the worst possible way: it fell right on top of them.

Blue Ribbon Sushi in Soho was hit with an indoor rain storm of roaches Wednesday as several of the creepy-crawlies fell from the ceiling and onto a table and even patrons’ legs.

Luckily there have been no reports that high-profile fans of the posh Japanese joint like Gwyneth Paltrow, Faith Hill and Taylor Swift were around to see it.

According to the New York Observer, a male diner was lunching at Blue Ribbon when a critter tumbled down onto his table.

Four more roaches followed suit, with one evening landing on his leg.

‘These weren’t small cockroaches,’ he told the Observer. ‘A person from the restaurant said, “Maybe it’s about to rain, this hasn’t happened before.”’

While none of the bugs fell directly onto food, another diner reportedly had one crawl right onto his leg.

A customer said that five roaches rained down from the ceiling on Monday at the hip eatery

The Observer source said proprietors only comped half the patrons’ food bills.

Eric Bromberg, who co-owns the restaunt and several others carrying the Blue Ribbon name, says the issue has been resolved.

‘Once we knew we had an issue, we scheduled our exterminator to come that day, as soon as possible, and we waged war.

‘After many hours we found the source — located next door — and rectified the issue. The entire restaurant has been thoroughly searched and cleaned and we are moving ahead with service as usual.’