Oh No! The Main Street bridge is crawling with spiders


But this is no Halloween tale. The $60 million bridge that spans the Scioto River and connects Downtown to Franklinton really is infested with thousands of orb weavers spinning intricate webs up and down the hand and guardrails.

If you pay close attention during the day, you can see the sun playing off the silk strands woven round and round on nearly every open span on the steel structure.

But at night, you can really see the webs, snagging thousands of flying insects that live in and around the river. (You can tell how successful the hunters are at night by all the repair work being done during daylight.)

“It’s the night lights there (on the bridge),” said David Shetlar, an Ohio State University professor of urban landscape entomology who toured the site one night this week.

“All the midges, mayflies and caddisflies go up to the lights. Spiders aren’t dumb — they go to where the food sources are.”

One is an arabesque orb-weaver, which is known for its graceful weaving. Another is something out of a arachnophobe’s nightmare — it’s called a long-jawed orb weaver.

“It looks like it has four jaws,” Shetlar said. “They are bizarre-looking things.”

Shetlar estimated that the bridge is currently home to 5,000 to 10,000 spiders.

Jim McCormac, a naturalist with the Ohio Division of Wildlife, toured the bridge as well.

“The guard rails are made perfectly for orb-weaving spiders,” he said. “You see spider webs on bridges, but not to this degree.”

He said the sheer number likely speaks to the health of the river, which has seen a transformation in recent years.

A $35.5 million project narrowed the river to expose an area that is being morphed into a 33-acre park with 800 trees and 75,000 plants.

“There is more insect life,” McCormac said. “And that spawns the spiders. If they don’t have things to eat, they are not going to be there.”

Spiders typically hatch in spring and fall. To get around, tiny spiderlings cast a bit of silk into the air and let the wind take them far and wide. It’s called ballooning.

If there is plenty of food where they land, they’ll stay. If there isn’t, they’ll balloon again.

The Main Street bridge has both mature spiders and spiderlings, which means some showed up in the spring, some are newcomers and some likely lived through this past winter.

“Most adult and larger immature spiders can survive down to 20 to 25 degrees,” Shetlar said. “ Spiderlings, on the other hand, convert some of blood into a type of antifreeze … and will hunker down in cracks and crevices.

“They can withstand temperatures to about 10-below.”

Richard Bradley, an entomologist and professor emeritus at Ohio State, said infestations are not rare in spots where there are a lot flying insects, such as midges and mayflies.

There are areas along Lake Erie where boat docks and houses are covered in spider webs.

“We tend to notice them when they grow to be mature,” said Bradley, who wrote the book on spiders. (He really did — it’s called Common Spiders of North America.) “And that means they are successful.”

“Smelling that smell on us and around us was just totally, totally disgusting.”


It wasn’t exactly how one California couple hoped their Hawaiian vacation would end.

Motion sickness

Motion sickness

On a United Airlines flight home from an anniversary trip with her husband, Janet Masters discovered a vomit-filled motion sickness bag that had been wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in the seat back pocket.

“I’ve seen and dealt with a lot of gross things,”  Masters told CBS Sacramento. “Here’s someone’s bodily fluids that I’m being exposed to.”

To make matters worse, when Masters attempted to hand the repulsive package off to a flight attendant, vomit reportedly spilled onto her and her husband. And despite a seat change, the smell stuck with them for the duration of the flight.

“Smelling that smell on us and around us was just totally, totally disgusting,” Masters said.

A United Airlines representative apologized to the couple, saying “our cleaners apparently failed to clean all of the seatback pockets.” The airline assured the couple that its aircraft are outfitted with appropriate cleaning kits, and gave them a $300 credit toward a future United flight.

But that may not be enough to get the Masters’ on another United plane.

“I’ve lost a lot of faith and trust with the airline,” Masters said.

See the Disgusting Creature This Woman Found Living in Her McDonald’s Sandwich (After She Bit Into It)


mcdonalds-worm-feature-558x279It was a normal day for Joyce Fedd as she pulled into a McDonald’s drive-thru in Jacksonville, Florida, where she ordered two McChicken sandwiches for her children.

But it wasn’t until she bit into one of them that she realized something just wasn’t right. Immediately, she noticed that it tasted strange, and then looked down to realize that there was a creature squirming around inside.

Fedd spoke with WJAX-TV and explained exactly what happened.

I went to the drive-thru and ordered two chicken sandwiches for my kids. When I bit into this one something, I tasted something. Took it out my mouth and a worm in it.

worm1When she went back to the McDonald’s and showed them the sandwich with the worm in it, all they did was give her a refund of $3.

The McDonald’s franchise owner, Jim Van Laere, told Action News Jacksonville that despite their response, health and food safety is a priority.

“Food safety is a top priority and we take incidents such as this very seriously, as it is highly unusual. We quickly reviewed our entire kitchen to ensure this type of occurrence could not happen.”

Fedd believes that she is not the only one this has happened to, and that something must be done to ensure no one else has to go through such a horrifying fast food experience.

If you bit into a sandwich and discovered this, what would you do?

Police Tase And Arrest Man Over His Big Beach Umbrella


The attorneys of a mentally ill homeless man want the FBI to investigate his Venice Beach arrest after cellphone footage shows a different version of events than the police report.

Samuel Calhoun Arrington, 52, is a homeless man who suffers from bipolar disorder. His attorneys say he has been repeatedly brutalized by LAPD officers for over a year now. One of these incidents was caught on video and Arrington’s lawyer, Nazareth Haysbert, said the video differs greatly from the officers’ report of the incident, for which Arrington was jailed for over one month on charges of resisting arrest.

On August 7, 2014, Arrington was sitting in a chair on the Venice boardwalk near Sunset Avenue and Ocean Front Walk, under an umbrella he had tied to a bench, KTLA reports. LAPD officers said in their report that they had told him earlier that he could not solicit donations, which he was doing by placing an open backpack near him where people who passed by could drop money, according to Buzzfeed. At the time of his arrest, officers were attempting to cite him for numerous violations that included his umbrella being the wrong size, “vending outside of a designated space,” and tampering with property that belonged to the City, among other equally small infractions.

When an unarmed Arrington refused to accept the ticket—and also began yelling about God—officers decided to arrest him. The officers are seen surrounding Arrington and taking him to the ground. It’s difficult to see what exactly the officers are doing, but Haysbert said Arrington was hog-tied, punched and tased. You can hear the taser in the video. Onlookers are heard shouting at the officers, including the woman filming who gets pretty heated, screaming, “You do not need to tase him!” One bystander can be heard calling the officers “evil.”

Warning: The video may be graphic for some viewers, and there is profanity in the language.

Haysbert said that the account of events the arresting officers provided in their report is much different from the video. In the report, Arrington is accused of lunging at an officer and grabbing for his belt. The video also shows LAPD Sgt. Skinner recording at least part of the incident on his own cellphone, but Haysbert said the report does not mention this footage as part of the collected evidence.

Haysbert said in his letter to the FBI yesterday that his client was taken to a hospital following the arrest, then booked on charges of felony resisting arrest. Arrest records show Arrington being booked on August 8, then released on September 17.

Haysbert also said that Arrington was beaten by officers on two other instances, one on January 5, 2014 and the other June 27, 2014. Arrington’s family says that his repeated run-ins with officers and police brutality have worsened his illness.

Arrington used to work for the Parks Department as a coach for children, but fell on hard times after his long-time girlfriend kicked him out of the house where they lived with his two children. Arrington’s mental illness became more severe, and he eventually lost his job and driver’s license, ultimately becoming homeless. His sister told Buzzfeed he decided to remain in L.A., despite having no immediate family there, because he enjoyed the beach and the warm weather.

Former LAPD Sergeant Cheryl Dorsey, who used to work on Venice Beach, told Buzzfeed, “What was the urgency? What was the exigent circumstance that caused [the officers] to act right now? There was none. If he don’t want to sign the damn ticket today, really how big of a deal is that? Can we finesse him into cooperating and not just bully him?”

Earlier this week, LAPD Officer Richard Garcia was charged with Battery Under the Color of Authority after the arrest of a 22-year-old South L.A. man was caught by a nearby surveillance camera.

Mother Charged After Blaming Spider Bite For Toddler’s Beating Death



Police have arrested 21-year-old Taylor Fast, and are looking for Fast’s boyfriend, after her 17-month old daughter was found beat to death.

Police say they were called to Fast’s home Sunday morning after the mother called to report her daughter, Layla, had been bitten by a spider the night before and was now unconscious.

When police arrived at the home, they found the girl dead and quickly realized that Fast’s story was complete bullshit. Layla had bruises to her face and neck, bruises all over her body, and had been dead for several hours.

“I’ve been a policeman for 32 years and this is the worst case of child abuse I have ever seen,” Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis said. “Nothing even comes close to this. This child looked like a situation, say if a child was involved in a car accident. It was horrible.”

According to Roche Madden from Fox 2 St, Louis, the little girl’s face had been smashed in.

They also found that Layla’s 3-year-old brother was suffering from a broken leg and cried every time he tried to stand on it. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and police say he was lucky to survive whatever happened inside the home.

Fast was arrested and placed in jail on charges of child endangerment, but police say those charges can change depending on autopsy reports and information they may get from Fast’s boyfriend.

He is not being named, but police have been looking for him for over twenty-four hours. They haven’t named him as a suspect, but say that he is a person of interest. But like Fast’s charges, police say that status can change.

“What got me is when I first saw this child, she looked like one of my great nieces,” said Lewis. “Just a small innocent child maybe 25 pounds. Just a little one year old girl should not have experienced what this child experienced. Her last few seconds of life were a pure hell.”

As usual, a gofundme account has been established for anyone wanting to help with Layla’s funeral costs.

Boy, 8, Tested For STDs After Mistaking Used Condom For Balloon


An 8-year-old boy will be undergoing frequent STD exams after he put a used condom in his mouth while playing in his school’s playground.

condomThe boy was in the playground at Bennett Elementary School when he found the used condom. He thought it was a balloon and put it in his mouth in an attempt to blow it up.

A teacher noticed the poor schmuck walking around with the used condom hanging out of his mouth and removed it. She took took the boy inside and had him wash his hands and mouth, noting the condom “wasn’t fresh, it looked like it had been used.” Le Gag.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the condom was tossed so it could not be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases. This mean the boy will have to undergo STD exams for the next year to make sure he didn’t catch any diseases.

“He’s at risk for HIV, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia,” said the child’s mother.

According to her, these tests will be paid for out of her pocket as the Colorado School Districts Self Insurance Pool denied her claim. If it turns out the boy did catch an STD, then she will be footing the bill for the treatment as well.

The school called the incident “regrettable” but doesn’t feel they are at fault. School superintendent Dennis Veal said they plan on installing surveillance cameras and increasing how often maintenance crews inspect the playgrounds.

Health officials said the risk of infection is low, given that the condom could have been outside for any period of time and void of any herpes-laden vagina juice or Chlamydia tainted semen.

Mom loses 5 kids over sex party with daughter’s friends, where she joined the festivities, which featured booze, pot, sex, a hot tub, and naked Twister


A 35-year-old Georgia mother has lost custody of her five children after being arrested for allegedly hosting a party for her teenage daughter and partaking of booze, pot, sex, a hot tub and naked Twister.

momRachel Lehnardt was charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for the party at her home in Evans, an Augusta suburb. She was arrested Monday after her new Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor alerted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday following a meeting with Lehnardt, according to the investigation report.

The sponsor said Lehnardt, who is divorcing her husband, an Iraq war veteran, told her she had lost custody of the children — ages 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16 — at an emergency hearing April 6 after he learned about the recent party. The sheriff’s report did not indicate when it occurred.

The children were with their father one night when the 16-year-old daughter texted her mother to ask if she and some friends could come over “to party,” according to the sponsor’s account.

“Come on, let’s party,” Lehnardt replied.

The teens drank alcohol and smoked marijuana, Lehnardt said she joined them playing naked Twister, her sponsor told investigators. She then had sex in the bathroom with an 18-year-old boy, the report said.

The sponsor said Lenhardt later recounted waking up at 3:30 a.m. to discover her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend having sex with her.

He is not facing charges because “there is no evidence of rape” because Lehnardt “refuses to discuss the case,” Capt. Steve Morris told the New York Daily News.

Lehnardt, who works in an Augusta bridal shop, had been attending a sexual-addiction workshop at her local Mormon church, the sponsor added.

She was released after posting a $3,200 bond.