Kevin Matthews Accused Of Molesting 3-Year-Old Boy During Delta Air Lines Flight


Kevin Matthew has been accused of sexually abusing a 3-year-old boy sitting beside him during a Delta Air Lines flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City.

Kevin-MatthewsAccording to FBI agent Dustin Grant, the boy was on the plane with his parents but they were unable to sit together because they were flying standby.

The 3-year-old was placed beside 48-year-old Matthews while his mother was seated on the same row, but across the center aisle. She was initially concerned, but relaxed a little when she saw that Matthews was being helpful and friendly to her son.

The mother says she was unable to see what may have gone on between Matthews and her son, but two women sitting behind had their hinky meters going off because of some of the things they were seeing.

During the flight, Matthews let the boy play with his iPad and iPhone, according to witnesses. The boy’s mother told Grant she “couldn’t really see what was going on the entire time” because of where she was sitting.

A woman sitting behind Matthews told investigators that Matthews “appeared to be drunk and was extremely friendly and handsy with the boy,” Grant wrote in his report.

Matthews was constantly giving the boy high fives and asked the boy if he could hold his hand. The women felt this behavior was an odd and inappropriate way for an adult male to act with a young boy he didn’t know, so they kept an eye on things.

Near the end of the flight, one of the women became concerned when she noticed that Matthews kept looking over at the boy’s mother. When she stood up to get a better look at what was going on, she told the agent that Matthews had his open hand on the sleeping boy’s groin.

When she confronted Matthews, he denied doing anything wrong and moved his hand to the boy’s leg. The woman called for a flight attendant told the boy’s mother what she witnessed.

When interviewed, he admitted he drank wine during the flight, but that he was not drunk. He admitted that he did ask the boy to hold his hand and said that if he did touch the boy, it was by accident.

Matthews was charged with abusive sexual contact and had his bail set at $10,000. He was ordered to have no contact with minors without permission, is barred from traveling without permission, and must submit to electronic monitoring.

Mother forces her daughter to eat braised mice for breakfast (to give her a nutritious boost before work)


A woman from south-east China has caused a heated online debate after posting a picture of her breakfast of braised mice, served up by her mother.

Mum Says Mice Good For Healthy HaiA resident of Fuzhou in Fujian Province, the woman, who is simply known as Miss Chen, said her mother insisted on her finishing a bowl of mice that morning before she rushed to work.

She said her mother believed she was looking jaded and the dish would help as it was ‘highly nutritious’, reported the People’s Daily Online.

Miss Chen said at first she thought they were braised rabbits. After realising they were mice, she refused to eat, but her mum pressured her to eat them all.

‘My mum said it was a great effort to pluck out all the hair from these mice,’ said Miss Chen. ‘She said it’s hard work.’

She ate all mice reluctantly with her eyes shut, and she said she felt sick all morning.

Man Caught Watching Children, Fondling Himself In A McDonald’s


An Oklahoma City man is facing three counts of Lewd Acts to a Child after being caught fondling himself near a play area at a fast food restaurant on the south side of the metro over the weekend.

7245159_GAccording to a report, officers were called out to the McDonald’s restaurant located in the 4500 block of SE 29th St. around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. Witnesses reported that a man was sitting in a booth near the play area, looking at a laptop computer and watching children play while he masturbated.

The witnesses told police that when the suspect, now identified as 36-year-old Casey Ferguson, saw a police car pull into the parking lot he quickly packed up his things and fled. The officers made a quick search in the vicinity of the McDonald’s when they located a man matching the suspect’s description.

When police made contact with Ferguson they noted that the zipper was down on his pants, he was not wearing any underwear and was carrying a laptop.

Several witnesses, some even young children and teenagers, also reported seeing Ferguson rubbing and squeezing his genitals through his pants as he watched children in the play area.

Ferguson was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for the counts of Lewd Acts to a Child. His bond was set at $45,000.

Chinese restaurant bans African customers. BTW, The Restaurant is in Kenya


Kenyan officials have arrested the owner of a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi — after it stopped most Africans from entering after 5 p.m.

Even journalists from Kenya’s biggest newspaper, The Daily Nation, were turned away. “Only taxi drivers or Africans accompanied by Chinese, European or Indian patrons are allowed into the compound,” the article said.

The paper quoted restaurant manager Esther Zhao, saying that the “no Africans” policy was based on security concerns. “We don’t admit Africans that we don’t know because you never know who is Al-Shabaab and who isn’t,” she said in reference to the militant group that’s been active in Kenya and neighboring Somalia.

The issue sparked swift outrage in the Twittersphere under the hashtags #noblacksallowed and #racistrestaurant. Hours later, the restaurant’s owner was arrested for operating without a license.

Whatever ends up happening with this particular Chinese business in Kenya, the controversy highlights simmering tensions created by region’s growing economic interdependence with China. Keep in mind that between 1 million and 2 million Chinese people have moved to Africa in about the last 15 years.

“These are people from all walks of life, but mostly people from working classes to the lower middle classes of China,” says Howard French, author of the book, “China’s Second Continent.”

For the most part, French says these newcomers are, “people who have very little previous knowledge of, and certainly no previous experience of, Africa. And they come to Africa bringing a lot of … baggage of prejudice and stereotypes about the African continent.”

Chinese people living and working in Africa have a whole range of attitudes about the people and place, French points out. But there is also a sense of entitlement among many Chinese business people who have come to Africa.

“There’s a special irony here,” French says. China’s sense of its own history has placed great emphasis on the impact of Western imperialism on the Chinese motherland. It may be apocryphal, French says, but there is a well-known image from the era of high European colonial influence in China that began in the mid-19th century and lasted roughly a century. The image that has been played up in Chinese propaganda is that of a sign reading, ‘No Chinese or dogs allowed.’

“So, now you have the Chinese arriving in an African setting replicating to some extent the same sort of behavior, the same sort of attitudes,” French says.

For many Chinese business people, French says the allure of Africa is still strong. “There’s a whole lore in China, where Africa has attained this image of this El Dorado: a place [that] with very little experience and little capital, you can start up your own companies, you can attain land, you can engage very profitably in trade, you can strike it rich quickly.”

Milwaukee man accused of having sex with ten-year-old girl, getting her pregnant


guider-300A 39-year-old Milwaukee man is accused of having sex with a ten-year-old girl — and getting her pregnant. The accused is Darrick Guider. He faces a charge of first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 12.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim moved into a relative’s home where Guider lived in June 2014.

The victim told police that “one night, shortly after she moved into this home, she was watching television upstairs in a room. She was lying on the bed when the defendant came in. The defendant told her that ‘this is how [you] make money.’” The complaint then indicates the victim “tried to get her (relative’s) attention by screaming, but the defendant put his hand over her mouth.” Guider then allegedly assaulted the girl.

The complaint says the victim “recalls various instances” where Guider attempted to have sex with her. The complaint also says the victim told her relative in December that Guider had been “messing with her.” But the relative apparently did not believe the victim.

In January, the complaint says the relative took the girl to a pediatrician who then said she should immediately take the girl to Children’s Hospital. The relative did not act on this advice. In March, another relative noticed the girl “appeared pregnant.” A visit to Mt. Sinai Hospital confirmed the girl was indeed pregnant — and due “at the end of May or the beginning of June.”

If convicted, Guider faces up to 60 years in prison.

Yoga instructor flashed, abused kids at bar mitzvah


Scottsdale police have arrested a 32-year-old Yoga instructor on suspicion of multiple sex crimes after officers were told she reportedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old boy last weekend during a bar mitzvah, according to a department spokesman.

635628860570446961-Lindsey-RadomskiLindsey Ann Radomski told authorities she was intoxicated and does not remember the alleged encounter with the boy, said Sgt. Ben Hoster, a department spokesman.

Police said between 80 and 100 people were at the home near Via Linda and Shea Boulevard at the time of the party and that Radomski, who recently got breast implants, reportedly exposed them to several people at the party, Hoster said.

Guests told Radomski to “sleep it off” after she reportedly flashed adults and children near a backyard pool, Hoster said.

After the other adults had left the party of gone to sleep, police said Radomski invited seven boys into a room and let them touch and fondle her breasts.

The other boys then left the room and investigators said Radomski performed oral sex on a 15-year-old boy.

A mother of one of the boys called Radomski the next day and the yoga instructor said she remembered exposing her breasts at the party, but Radomski said she did not recall anything that took place in the room because she had been drinking, according to court records.

Radomski later told police it was possible that she had engaged in sexual activity with the boys in the room but also said alcohol clouded her memory, according to court documents.

Radomski was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse and sexual conduct with a minor, Hoster said.

She was held on a $10,000 bond and will have to wear an electronic monitoring device if she is released from custody, according to court records.

Ashley Dack Accused Of Sending Pictures Of Herself Sexually Assaulting Baby To Her Boyfriend


Police have arrested Ashley Dack and her boyfriend after they say Dack took pictures of herself sexually assaulting children she was babysitting.

Ashley-DackCourt documents show that 29-year-old Dack and her boyfriend, Patrick Schuneman, were molesting children and would then brag about their actions in text messages to one another.

The couple were busted after Dack allegedly told a friend about her activities. That friend backed up Dack’s text messages after she asked him to charge it for her, then went to police.

A search of the couple’s residences turned up an iPhone with some pretty fucked up messages between the pair, including this following exchange from 2012:

Dack: Oh honey? I never know. There is a little girl at lunch with blonde pig tails, kept dancing around on the floor. Wanted you 2 to be hiding in my car and I could bring her 2 you. Maybe 4 [years of age].

Schuneman: Would love that. Would you join us or leave us alone?

Dack: Join you. We could use the seat belt to hold her down and wrap around her neck so she couldn’t wiggle because it would get tighter and tighter

Schuneman: She’d be so scared

Dack: But no one could hear her if we were in my car

Schuneman: I would hold her neck and head as you pulled her pants off

Even worse, police would find multiple images of Dack molesting children she babysat, including an 11-month-old, that she would send to Schuneman. After sending him a graphic image of the baby, Schuneman replied, “Incredible,” “Best ever seen. Thank you,” and “Thank you so much for my gift. Sweet dreams.”

Dack and Schuneman were charged with sexual performance by a child and super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Dack is being held on a $350,000 bond, while the court declined bond for Schuneman.

If Dack is somehow able to post bail, the judge ordered that she surrender her passport and must wear an ankle monitor.