Rashad Deihim Is Wanted After He And His Girlfriend Kailyn Bonia Record A Rape On Snapchat


A dangerous Massachusetts teen deviant is on the run after police said he drugged, beat and raped a 16-year-old girl, then snapped a video of the bruised and naked victim, and sent it to her friend.

bjftyqCops are hunting for Rashad Deihim, 19, after the disturbing Sept. 3 incident, which allegedly took place at a popular teen hangout in the woods behind a Saugus, Mass., elementary school.

Authorities have already charged the man’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Kailyn Bonia, with assault to rape, indecent assault and battery on a person 14 or over, posing or exhibiting a child in a sexual act and kidnapping.

She pleaded not guilty Sept. 12 in Lynn District Court and is held in custody without bail. A third teen, a 17-year-old boy, faces the same charges, plus a count of dissemination of child pornography.

The brutal crime was filmed and sent to other teens on the Snapchat phone app. The popular picture and video application automatically deletes images seconds after they are received.

The implications of the sickening crime will last much longer than that.

The girl was barely breathing when she was found, fully nude, in some bushes behind the Douglas Waybright School in Saugus, the victim’s mom told WHDH-TV.

“What they did was disgusting it was sick, I almost lost my daughter,” the mother told the news station. “She was barely breathing, she was found with nothing on. If she wasn’t found when she was found … she wouldn’t be here right now.”

Cops were first notified of the incident after the girl’s friend received a Snapchat showing the naked victim.

1j9mxfThe Snapchat images show Bonia groping the girl, while a second shows her trying to force the victim to give oral sex to one of the other teens, the Daily Item of Lynn, Mass. reported

The friend told her father, who called police. Authorities found the victim badly impaired and had to pull her out of the woods on a backboard before rushing her to the hospital.

“She had fingerprints, at least two hands held down by her throat,” the mom told the Boston NBC affiliate. “Top to bottom bruised, her breasts were bruised, her whole body was ripped, shredded, broken toes.”

The hospital confirmed the sexual assault, and a nurse told WHDH that the girl was slipped an odorless, liquid drug — enough of it to reportedly take down two horses, the TV station reported.

She lost consciousness and was revived by two doses of Narcan, a drug used to reverse heroin and opiate overdoses, according to The Item.

Described as 5-foot, 8-inches tall with a skinny build, light skin and brown hair, Deihim weighs approximately 180 or 185 pounds and should be considered dangerous, police said. He faces the same charges as Bonia, and police fear he may try to flee the state.

Restaurant Owner Laced Noodles with Opium to Make Customers Addicted to Them


In a bid to get customers addicted to his food, a scheming restaurant owner in China resorted to unethical means – he laced his noodles with parts of a poppy plant from which opium is made. When questioned by the local police, he admitted to spending 600 yuan (about $100) on two kilograms of poppy shells to secretly add to the food.

chinese-noodles-550x412The diabolical deception came to light when Liu Juyou, a 26-year-old customer, tested positive for opiates during a routine urine test at an anti-drunk-driving program. Liu was stupefied by the result and swore that he never touched any illegal substances. But the police didn’t pay attention to his pleas and detained him for 15 days.

The utterly bewildered Liu slowly gathered his wits and started to think about what went wrong. As he searched his mind for possibilities, he wondered if the restaurant he frequented could be responsible. So he dispatched his family members to test the theory by eating noodles at the same place and testing their urine later.

Needless to say, they tested positive as well, and immediately informed the police of their discovery. An investigation was launched – the restaurant owner was apprehended and detained for 10 days, during which he confessed to the crime. An anti-narcotics police agent later admitted that chemicals from poppy could build up in the body, causing a positive test result. If ingested for a long time, he said it could certainly have an addictive effect.

Sadly, despite the restaurant owner’s confession, Liu was not let off the hook. His appeal against his detention was dismissed by the police who said their priority was to detect drugs and punish drug users. In China, the consumption of opium, along with heroin, morphine and marijuana, is a punishable offence.

While the law makes sense, I do believe they might be punishing the wrong guy here. What do you think?

Man fires bullet into neighbor’s house because that’s the only way he knew to unload a gun


If a gunshot is fired into a neighbors house, it is more likely that it’s an accident than anything else. However, a man in Pennsylvania is accused of shooting a bullet that broke a neighbor’s window because it was the only way he knew how to unload it, according to reports.

george-byrd-ivMiddletown Detective Patrick Nicastro said 31-year-old George Byrd IV of Penndel at first denied being behind the shooting but then acknowledged during his arraignment that he fired the weapon to clear the chamber because he was unfamiliar with guns, according to Bucks County Courier Times.

Authorities say Byrd allegedly fired the gun at about 12:30 p.m. Friday in the suburban Philadelphia community. There were no injuries, but the neighbor reported the incident.

He faces charges including persons not to possess firearms and discharging a firearm into an occupied structure, the Courier Times reported.

Police allegedly found several rounds of handgun ammunition on the basement floor during a sweep of Byrd’s residence, the Courier Times said.

Byrd is being held in the Bucks County jail unable to post $20,000 bond. No attorney is listed on court papers.

‘An Airplane Shit On Us,’ New Zealand Woman Claims


The skies were looking pretty unfriendly for one New Zealand woman earlier this week.

n-AIRPLANE-LANDING-largeKaren Bass said she went out into her yard Sept. 28 and something smelled terrible.She said there was waste splattered all over her yard, her house, and her car.

“The first thing when I walked out of my door this morning and I saw it, I thought an airplane shit on us. You open the door and it smells like shit,” she told the Herald on Sunday. “I’m absolutely disgusted at the moment. The amount of crap everywhere is horrendous.”

Bass’ home lies directly along an Auckland International Airport flight path. She’s convinced that the excrement isn’t from birds or other animals, and has sent a sample of the mess to be independently tested.

Other residents told the newspaper that they’d been dumped on in the past as well, but the government’s Civil Aviation Authority denied it, blaming migrating ducks.

“I fought it hard, we got tests done that proved it was human matter and even at that point the CAA still kicked their heels in, they wouldn’t have a bar of it,” a dumping victim, who did not want to be named, told the paper.

Airplane waste has caused serious problems before. Last year, a British woman said a frozen chunk of mess crashed through the roof of her home and put a hole in the floor. Experts told SWNS that the frozen waste was likely caused by a leak on the plane.

The U.S.’s Federal Aviation Administration has its own term for frozen airplane waste. They call it “blue ice,” after the chemical that’s added to toilet water to help deodorize and break down waste.

While the agency acknowledges that leaks can occur, the official FAA stance is that the material most often dissipates before it hits the ground. Although the FAA investigates purported incidents of waste dumped from planes, they maintain that the culprit is usually migrating birds.

Driver Arrested For Groping Female Passenger Told Cops Victim Was Asking For It By Wearing Revealing Tank Top


An Uber driver was arrested yesterday and charged with battery for allegedly placing his hands down the shirt of a 25-year-old female customer.

botros09The victim told police that she was en route last Friday night to meet her boyfriend at his Orlando residence when driver Ramy Botros “began driving in an odd pattern and back tracking several times.” The 28-year-old Botros, she added, made “comments to her about how ‘Attractive’ and ‘Pretty’ she was,” according to an arrest report.

At one point, the woman told cops, Botros stopped his Honda Civic and placed his hand down the front of her tank top and “touched her breasts in an aggressive manner.” The victim, police added, “was not wearing an undershirt or bra, so his hand touched her directly on her breast.”

“Do not touch my boobs or I will hit you in your face!,” the woman recalled telling Botros, an Egyptian immigrant. The passenger told investigators that while she was afraid of Botros, she “tried to play off his actions as harmless,” and even asked for his business card when she arrived at her destination.

During the ride, the woman used her phone to record part of her interaction with Botros, since “she had read several things about the ‘Uber’ drivers sexually battering women.”

After the woman yesterday picked Botros from a photo lineup, cops summoned him to police headquarters, where he agreed to an interview.

Botros, pictured above, told a cop that the victim was “wearing a revealing shirt with no bra.” He added that, in Egypt, if a “girl like her” dressed like the victim, “it means she asking for that.”

Despite that shaky rationale, Botros was arrested on the misdemeanor charge and booked into the county jail (from which he was released today after posting $500 bond).

In response to Botros’s arrest, Uber has suspended his driver’s account, according to a statement from the car service company.

Police officer tells black man to get his license, then shoots him for getting his license


An S.C. trooper who stopped a man for a seat belt violation outside Columbia and then shot him – apparently without provocation – was arrested Wednesday and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

Sean Groubert, 31, a lance corporal who was fired from the Highway Patrol after the shooting incident, now faces 20 years in prison if convicted of wrongfully shooting the driver, Levar Jones.

Groubert was booked Wednesday evening at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. He was fired from the patrol last Friday.

Wednesday night, in a hearing at the jail, Magistrate Ethel Brewer set Groubert’s bond at $75,000.

A video of the Sept. 4 shooting incident was played at Groubert’s bond hearing.

The video shows Groubert firing repeatedly at Jones, who was not armed and who was not behaving aggressively. Jones was struck at least once, in the hip. He spent time in the hospital and is now out of the hospital recuperating.

Arrested woman gnaws through seat of patrol car


A North Idaho woman arrested on several felony charges chewed through the seat of a sheriff’s patrol vehicle while en route to the Bonner County Jail.

Seat-chewer-pictureAccording to court records, Spence was arrested Thursday morning at her home after she pepper sprayed a couple as they slept in their van. When deputies arrived at Spence’s home, she was immediately combative. Court records show she kicked at the two deputies, striking one of them in the groin.

Deputies finally got Spence under control and in handcuffs and put her on her stomach in the back of of the deputy’s 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe. According to court records, “while en route to the Bonner County Jail, Spence, using her mouth and teeth, tore through the back seat cover and into the seat foam, removing large chunks of seat foam and spitting them onto the floor to the car.” Sheriff’s deputies estimate the damage at $2,137.

Spence was booked into the jail on charges of malicious injury to property, assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

This isn’t the first bizarre incident involving Spence in a patrol car. In a previous arrest this summer, Spence managed to sneak a beer into a patrol car and drank it while she was on her way to jail.