Grandfather Shoots Home Invaders Jamar Hawkins & Buddys, There To Gang Rape Granddaughter


On Monday night, in Lumberton, N.C. a homeowner’s worst nightmare came true. According to the Robeson Sheriff’s Office, an innocent knock at the door turned into a gun battle with one dead.

2d82lpwCarolina Live, citing the Roberson Sheriff’s Office, said around 10 p.m. an unknown man knocked on the door of a home along Yedda Road. The man reportedly told the homeowner his car was having mechanical problems, and he needed water.

Just as this was happening, according to Carolina Live, two other men, dressed in black with ski masks and gloves busted through the door and made their way inside. Once the suspects made their way in, it was soon apparent they weren’t just there for money.

According to News 2, after the suspects led the 67-year-old and his wife back to a safe, they also attempted to gang rape the homeowner’s 19-year-old granddaughter.

The grandfather, knowing he was in the fight of his life to save his granddaughter, managed to get one of his own guns and according to News 2 began to fire at the suspects. During an intense gun battle, the grandfather was reportedly hit multiple times – and so were the suspects. The granddaughter managed to escape the clutch of the men.

The gunmen, according to the report, fled in the homeowner’s Cadillac.

Two other suspects showed up later to a local hospital in Dillon after their gunshot wound became too much for them to deal with. The hospital, according to reports, notified the sheriff’s office.

As for the 67-year-old victim, he was airlifted and had to have surgery. News 2 said a relative, Sherri Bridgeman, updated followers on her Facebook page about the victim’s condition saying, “He is out of surgery but is still critical in ICU!! Thanks everyone for all your prayers just keep them coming!!! But the intruders have been caught!!!”

The other two suspects were taken by helicopter to another location where they had to have emergency surgery as well. News 2 said they have been identified as Jamar Hawkins, 17, and Brandon Carver Stephens, 28 (pictured above). According to Major Anthony Thompson, of Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, the two suspects were booked in the Florence County Detention Center as of Thursday night.

Information gathered by investigators led them to the stolen car where they found 20-year-old Jamie Lee Faison. He reportedly died from his injuries.

It’s possible the men have allegedly committed other robberies in the area. If you know anything about these suspects, please contact Robeson Sheriff’s Office.

Police state that man found bound, gagged, and stuffed in a sleeping bag is the worst case of suicide they’ve seen in quite some time


A MAN whose body was found bound and gagged in a sleeping bag in his shed was a simple, happy person who fixed cars and loved life.

143727-f5eda3b6-5e6e-11e4-919b-767a5a42ab7cAn inquest today into the bizarre death of disability pensioner Karl Robert Wright, 43, in July, 2013, has heard he had no worries, helped everyone and was always keen for a cuppa.

Police have ruled the whiz mechanic killed himself – binding his own hands in cable ties, covering his head in a balaclava and wrapping a rag and cling film over his mouth.

His mother Paula Wright found his clothed body on a mattress in a shed on their Sunshine Coast property, with his feet protruding from a zipped sleeping bag.

Karl’s brother Byron told the inquest in Maroochydore he did not think it was possible for Karl to have done that to himself and then wriggled head first into the bag.

Each wrist was cable tied, and a third tie linked the two on his hands into a praying position.

The cling wrap was so tight over his mouth it sunk between his lips, however his nose was uncovered.

“My instincts say he was murdered,” said Byron.

Ms Wright said Karl sometimes passed out at the sight of blood or other frights and she believed that may have contributed to his death.

“I think he was frightened and he was so frightened that he passed out and something has happened to him after that,” she said.

The inquest heard Karl, who had a minor intellectual disability, had no secrets. He was close to his mum who made his bed daily and cleaned his room.

Although he couldn’t read or write, he didn’t mind as he had made a life going to the aid of people with car troubles – even strangers on the roadside.

He had no anxieties about money or relationships, no other stresses and didn’t own a computer.

He had an active social life, visiting neighbours sometimes three times a day, didn’t drink or take drugs, refusing even to use Panadol.

Ms Wright last saw him alive when she bade him goodnight on 28 July, 2013, as he watched one of his favourite English shows in the living room.

“He told me he was going to finish the show and was going to bed,” she said.

“That was the last time I saw him alive.”

The next morning, after feeding the chooks and horses, Mrs Wright tried to rouse Karl but found his bedroom door unusually locked from the inside.

She went outside and saw the bedroom window ajar and the fly screen removed and leaning against the house.

“In a panic I opened the window and climbed in,” she said. There was bark on the floor around the bed and wardrobe but no sign of Karl.

After a quick search outside Ms Wright went to the shed, which also was unusually locked, and made a horrifying discovery.

“There was a mattress on the floor and a green sleeping bag and feet sticking out,” she said.

“I knew it was him by the socks.

“I walked over and touched the sleeping bag. It felt like it was stiff.”

Karl’s aunt Ruth Gould, 56, said the sleeping bag was “very straight”, and did not look like it had been shuffled into.

The inquest heard the gag cloth was a scrap of rag from a collection Karl used during repairs.

The cable ties also appeared to be his own.

Byron told the inquest the mattress bore faeces and urine, and police told him to burn it “because they didn’t need it”.

He found more scraps of material twisted into rope and cable ties and cling wrap in the incinerator.

Ms Gould, 56, said she did not think police had investigated thoroughly enough before concluding suicide.

“I just don’t think they spoke to enough people. I feel that we had to push for them to speak to people,” she said.

“I myself got the impression that there wasn’t a huge investigation.”

Teen With Pre-existing Health Issues Dies Inside Haunted House Attraction


Christian Faith Benge’s love of God and strong faith are what her family says they will remember most about the 16-year-old who died from a medical condition after visiting the Land of Illusion attraction Friday night.

Christian-Faith-BengeBenge, a sophomore at New Miami High School, was transported to Atrium Medical Center after collapsing inside one of the haunted houses at Land of Illusion in Madison Twp., officials said. She died at the hospital from a medical condition, according to the Warren County Coroner’s Office. An autopsy is underway, said Doyle Burke, deputy coroner.

“She got halfway through and just collapsed,” her grandmother Betty Benge said. “She was almost through it.” Christian was at the attraction with about 100 friends and family members, according to her mother, Jean Benge.

Medical officials told the family part of her heart was enlarged four times its size. “They said she was like a time bomb,” Betty Benge said.

Jean Benge told the Journal-News that her daughter was born with congenital diaphragmatic hernia, which prevents the lungs from developing normally.

“The heart had to compensate for the lung … it just stopped,” she said.

Jean said her “mother instinct” kicked in as she performed CPR on her daughter.

“I did CPR until the paramedics arrived. And I trust God. He has the ultimate plan,” she said as she talked to reporters at Full Gospel Church, 2117 Eaton Road. “She’s better off than we are … because of her faith in Christ I know she’s home.”

There was no injury-causing accident that happened at the haunted park, owner Brett Oakley said.

“It was a very unfortunate situation,” Oakley said.

Christian was an active member of Full Gospel Church, where she sang in the choir, according to her family.

“Those memories of her up here singing and pouring out her heart to everyone is the fondest memory I have of her,” said Christian’s aunt Julene Adams.

Grandparents described Christian as a kind, gentle, lovable person.

“You couldn’t find a better kid than she was,” said her grandfather Ernest Benge, pastor at Full Gospel Church for more than 30 years.

“We don’t understand it, but you just survive it,” he said. “She was one of the kids you never have to correct.”

Christian was born with a very low chance of living, according to her grandfather. She sometimes had breathing problems, he said.

“I just wish there were more giving and more loving like she lived her life. She’s always been a kid that never complained, even through all the operations she went through,” he said.

Archaeologists Think They Know Why Mysterious ‘Witch Girl’ Was Given Deviant Burial


Archaeologists in northern Italy have unearthed the skeleton of a teenage girl who lived there hundreds of years ago. The skeleton itself is unremarkable, but its unusualface-down position in the grave has some calling the child a “witch girl.”

The skeleton has yet to be radiocarbon-dated but is believed to be from late antiquity or the early Middle Ages.

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The skeleton — believed to be that of a 13-year-old — was unearthed by a team from the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology near a church built on the site of a burial ground in the town of Albenga. The archaeologists said the prone burial may have been intended to punish the girl, perhaps because she had committed a heinous crime.

“These rare [prone] burials are explained as an act of punishment. What the dead had done was not accepted by the community,” excavation director Stefano Roascio told Discovery News.

Face-down burials could be “a treatment used for murderers and thieves,” Roascio told the Italian newspaper Il Secolo XIX. Another possibility is that the girl was buried that way out of a superstitious belief that it would prevent her from being resurrected, or coming back to haunt the living as a spirit.

Though rare, such “deviant burials” are not unheard of.

In a 2009 study, researchers in Sweden found that shaming the dead by burying them face-down has been customary in many societies around the world, with some examples possibly dating back around 26,000 years.

But the “witch girl” is unique, according to Elena Dellú, an anthropologist on the excavation team.

“It is really a one of a kind finding,” Dellú told Il Secolo XIX. “What is so jaw-dropping is the fact that this person had been buried at the church, a place that is not reserved for those who would be punished.”

Tristen Kurilla, 10, Charged As Adult After Beating Elderly Woman To Death


Tristen-KurillaA 10-year-old boy is being charged as an adult in the beating death of a 90-year-old woman in Wayne County.  Prosecutors say the boy is Tristen Kurilla.

Kurilla was visiting his grandfather, Anthony Virbitsky, who was taking care of 90-year-old Helen Novak in Damascus Township on Saturday.  But the visit took an ugly turn when Novak yelled at Kurilla to leave her room.  According to investigators Kurilla said Novak’s yelling “made him very mad” and he “lost his temper.”

He told police he came up behind Novak, put a cane around her throat and pulled back.  Afterward he punched her in the throat and stomach multiple times.  When police asked Kurilla if he was trying to kill Novak he replied “No, I was only trying to hurt her.”  But a report from the coroner’s office describes Novak’s primary cause of death as “blunt force trauma to the neck.”  The death was ruled a homicide.  Kurilla has been charged as an adult with criminal homicide and aggravated assault.

Quick Clicks The boy’s lawyer says Kurilla may have mental health issues. Kurilla was a fifth grade student at Damascus Elementary School.  For now he is being held at the Wayne County Correctional Facility.  His bail hearing will be held on Wednesday.

Boy Scout Accidentally Hangs Self With Rope Used To Earn Badge For Knot Tying


The family of the 9-year-old who accidentally hanged himself Friday is speaking out about his tragic death.

5137588_GA.J. Underwood died Friday. A.J.’s aunt, Dana Wiesman, says what happened to A.J. was an accident.

“We had been learning how to tie rope, tie knots in ropes in Boy Scouts. He came into the house and had unpacked his Boy Scout bag, and he went in his room and was apparently playing with the rope and slipped and got caught in it,” Wiseman said.

A.J. had been playing on a top bunk bed.

“It’s unreal, it really was, it still is. I still expect to come running out to play with the kids,” Wiseman said.

AJ, a student at Oneonta Elementary School, leaves behind three sisters and his mother.

“He’s mama’s boy. She needs him more than he ever needed her. He took care of things. He was always smiling and happy. He would do anything for anybody. He’s the best kid I’ve ever known,” Wiseman said.

Wiseman said the family isn’t doing well, and that they’re taking each day minute by minute. But that the outpouring of community support is what’s getting them through this difficult time.

“We will never be able to say thank you enough for everything that everybody in this community has done for us. We will never be able to say it enough,” Wiseman said.

“Washington man killed by bus inside a zombie attraction at Idaho corn maze”


A bus carrying paintball players struck and killed a Washington state man inside a zombie attraction at a corn maze in northern Idaho, authorities said Saturday.

1899274Jeremy T. McSpadden Jr., 18, of Spokane Valley, Washington, was a role player in the “Zombie Slayer Paintball Bus” attraction at the Incredible Corn Maze in Hauser on Friday night, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office said. Dressed as a zombie, he emerged from his hiding place and ran toward the modified school bus, but he tripped and fell in front of the rear passenger-side tires, witnesses reported.

He was run over and apparently killed instantly. Because of the uneven terrain of the corn maze, the bus frequently rocks, and the occupants did not immediately notice what had happened, investigators said.

“It was not until the bus had traveled away from the victim’s location and the role players began to reset for the next bus to come along that anyone realized something was wrong,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release.

The attraction is new this season, according to the corn maze’s website. For $15, customers ride the bus, which has paintball guns mounted outside the windows, and shoot at the zombies as the vehicle drives through the corn maze.

The bus was going forward, and neither speed nor alcohol was a factor, Sgt. Ward Crawford said.

“The focus of the attraction is the bus creeps forward so the customers have plenty of opportunity to blast away at the zombies,” Crawford said. “This looks like it was just a horrific confluence of events.”

A recording on the corn maze’s information line Saturday morning said, “We are sad to announce that all of the attractions, including the free drive-in movie, will be canceled for the remainder of the weekend.”

A message left seeking further comment was not immediately returned.

Hauser is near the Washington border east of Spokane.