Latisha Fisher Accused Of Murdering Her Toddler Inside Restaurant Bathroom


Latisha-FisherPolice have arrested 35-year-old Latisha Fisher after they say she murdered her 20-month-old son inside a midtown Manhattan restaurant.

According to reports, a woman walked into the bathroom pf 5 Boro Burger and saw Fisher holding her hand over the mouth of her son, Gavriel Ortiz-Fisher.

“I put my hand over his mouth to put him to sleep,” Fisher allegedly told the woman.

After the woman walked out, Fisher locked herself and her son inside the bathroom, prompting restaurant staff to force their way inside and find the toddler unconscious and foaming at the mouth.

When the staff tried to perform CPR on the toddler, Fisher allegedly swatted them away. By time the boy was taken to the hospital, he was already dead. Sources say that Fisher would later blame one of the world’s biggest scapegoats.

“The devil made me do it,” she reportedly told authorities.

Police arrested Fisher and have charged her with second-degree murder. Friends, family and neighbors describe Fisher as a doting mother to her son, but also said she had a violent streak and a 12-year-old son that does not live with her.

Fisher’s Facebook page has a lot of inspirational posts and photos of her and her son, but a post on Facebook recent post states, “How did everything change on me. I went to sleep feeling well.”

Stephen Woytack Killed By Falling Headstone While Decorating Family Grave


Police say Stephen Woytack, 74, was killed by a falling headstone as he and his wife were decorating a family gravesite for Easter.

headstoneAccording to a caretaker at St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Woytack and his wife travel from Scranton every year to decorate his mother-in law’s gravesite for Easter.

“They tie a cross to it every year,” said Ed Kubilus. “And after they’re done tying the cross, they stand there and say prayers and they leave.”

But this recent visit would be Stephen’s last. Throop police say that Woytack’s wife was tying a string to the headstone when it fell, landing on Woytack as he was kneeling on the other side.

Kubilus says the headstone probably fell because when the ground begins to thaw in the spring, some of the bases tilt and the stones on top can topple off.

Bishop Joseph Bambera of the Diocese of Scranton released this statement, seemingly surprised that anything tragic could happen around a holiday in which people celebrate a zombie crawling out of a tomb after dying nailed to a tree:

“It is unimaginable to think that a visit of a faithful couple to the grave of loved ones in anticipation of the celebration of Easter could have ended in such a tragic manner. Our thoughts and prayers are with the deceased and his family.”

Woytack will be buried in the same cemetery he was killed, in a plot directly in front of the headstone that killed him.

Pregnant Mother Killed In Driveway When She’s Crushed By Gravel Truck


Lindsey-CombsLindsey Combs, 32, was killed in her driveway Monday afternoon when a truck carrying gravel tipped over onto her car, crushing her to death in front of her 4-year-old daughter.

A construction crew working on the road had asked Combs to pull her car up further into her driveway to make room for a gravel truck.

As Combs was moving her car, 20 tons of gravel inside the truck’s trailer shifted, causing the trailer to flip on top of Combs’ car as her 4-year-old daughter watched.

Members of the construction crew attempted to help Combs, but having 20 tons of anything land on top of you isn’t something you walk away from.

“Myself and the guys that were working on the side of the road were trying to dig her out,” Travis Hagerty said. “A guy with a backhoe came around and ripped the door off the car with the backhoe after he picked the trailer up. That’s when I looked in the car and saw she was smashed and dead.”

Cal/OSHA is now investigating the incident. They say the San Mateo-based construction company has been in operation for five years and has a pretty clean record, only having one citation for a minor violation in 2010.

Combs’ fiance, who was inside the home at the time of the accident, says Combs was two months pregnant and that her death was totally avoidable.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created by Combs’ brother to help raise the money needed to bring her father and uncle from Montana for her funeral.

Bodies Of Two Children Found Inside Freezer In Detroit Apartment


Police in Detroit have a woman in custody after the dead bodies of her two children were found frozen inside a freezer.

On Tuesday morning, police were called to an apartment at the Martin Luther King Apartments after a court officer went there to serve an eviction notice.

Instead of finding the woman they were looking for, they found a deep freezer containing the frozen bodies of a 14-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl. Police said the bodies had been there for “some time.”

The mother of the two children was found with her two other children at a separate residence in the housing complex after receiving a tip. She was taken into custody and are calling her a “person of interest”.

The names of the children and their mother have not been released at this time, and the cause of death is still being determined. The other two children, ages 11 and 17, have been taken into protective custody.

Caleb Barnes Accused Of Stabbing His 14-Year-Old Girlfriend’s Mother To Death


Police have arrested 20-year-old Caleb Barnes and his 14-year-old girlfriend after authorities say Barnes stabbed the girl’s mother to death before the pair buried the woman’s body in a shallow grave.

Caleb-Gregory-BarnesOn Friday night, Cheryl Silvonek took her daughter and Barnes to an Eric Church concert. Later that night, the three got into an argument while sitting in a car in Silvonek’s driveway.

No word on what the argument was about, but news reports are alluding to Silvonek not being too happy about her young daughter dating a 20-year-old Army specialist out of Fort Meademan.

Whatever the argument was about, Silvonek lost when Barnes allegedly used a knife to stab her repeatedly in the neck as they sat in the car. Afterwards, Barnes and Silvonek’s daughter drove another car to Walmart where they bought items to clean up the crime scene.

The pair then drove Silvonek’s car with her body inside to a rural road where they buried Silvonek in a shallow grave. While they were sticking the woman in the ground, a neighbor saw the car and went to investigate. He called police after peering inside the car and seeing the interior splattered with blood.

“I grabbed a spotlight and I could see down across the road was a vehicle facing the wrong way,” the man said. “I seen all the blood in it. It was smeared on the passenger-side window like there was a fight, like there was a struggle. It was drops all on the dash … and all over the seat.”

By time police arrived five minutes later, the car was gone. They would notice Silvonek’s shallow grave nearby and discover her body. Investigators say that aside from the stab wounds to her neck, Silvonek also had defensive wounds all over her hands.

They would also find the car shortly after, partially submerged in a nearby pond. This would lead police to the home of Silvonek where they would discover Barnes and Silvonek’s daughter, as well as Silvonek’s sleeping husband who wasn’t even aware Barnes was in his home.

Barnes was arrested and charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse and statutory sexual assault. Silvonek’s daughter was placed in a juvenile detention facility on charges of abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and hindering apprehension. It has not been decided if she will be charged as an adult, but her family has decided to let her stay there as the investigation continues.

A friend of Barnes’ who does not want to be identified told reporters that Barnes had some issues and that the 14-year-old may have been his first girlfriend.

“Anytime he was around me, he was very sweet and polite, but one day he would be the nicest person you’ve ever met and the next day he would be dark and gloomy and depressed,” she said. “He wanted to be loved so badly, he was made fun of a lot.”

Well he may get his wish in prison. With those ridiculous black wing tattoos he’s sporting, he may find comfort in the arms of a fellow inmate who dreams of butt-fucking an angel on a nightly basis.

Student downs 25 shots of vodka in 60 seconds at university drinking competition. Wins his prize posthumously


A STUDENT has died after downing 25 shots of vodka in 60 seconds during a drinking competition at a drunken university party.

159057-4e2c3170-cc36-11e4-a716-dcac481e1bbeHumberto Moura Fonseca, 23, had been partying at the university of Julio de Mesquita in the city of Bauru, in southwest Brazil, when organisers suggested the drinking game to see who could drink 25 shots in less than 60 seconds.

After downing the alcohol, the 23-year-old told friends he felt ill before suddenly collapsing.

“We were all having a great time and someone came up with the idea of the drinking competition,” friend Pal Rodrigo Pancetti said.

“I knew I’d already had too much and there was no way I was going to be able to drink five, let alone 25, but Humberto and the others were really up for it.”

He was rushed to hospital but died on the way.

Six other students also collapsed with alcohol poisoning with three now being treated in intensive care.

“They all had alcohol poisoning and are in a critical state, with three still in intensive care,” a hospital spokesman said.

It’s believed police may lay charges.

“Two fourth year students at the university have been arrested for organising the event without a licence and for potentially causing the death of the student,” they said in a statement.

The university have also responded.

“We very much regret the death of this young man and our condolences go out to his family and friends.

“We would like to remind students that drinking alcohol in the university is banned.”

Cassie Townsend Charged After Toddler Dies From Drinking Soda Spiked With Methadone


Cassie-TownsendBessemer police have charged Cassie Townsend after the two-year-old she was caring for died from drinking a grape soda spiked with the woman’s methadone.

Police say that around 1 a.m. Saturday morning, Townsend rushed Demonie Hendon to the hospital after realizing the grape soda she spiked with methadone was missing and Hendon was acting sick.

For those of you unaware, methadone is a medication that reduces withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin or other narcotic drugs. It allows the addict to get high without the associated drug addiction. Methadone is normally not supposed to leave the clinic from where it is dispensed.

By time Hendon was admitted to the hospital, he was unresponsive and placed on life support. Townsend, who is the boy’s aunt or godmother, bonded out of jail after initially being charged with chemical endangerment of a child that morning.

However, Hendon was taken off of life support on Monday, and Townsend was arrested again, charged with chemical endangerment resulting in death. Townsend is currently in the Jefferson County Jail on a $60,000 bond.