Driver Arrested For Groping Female Passenger Told Cops Victim Was Asking For It By Wearing Revealing Tank Top


An Uber driver was arrested yesterday and charged with battery for allegedly placing his hands down the shirt of a 25-year-old female customer.

botros09The victim told police that she was en route last Friday night to meet her boyfriend at his Orlando residence when driver Ramy Botros “began driving in an odd pattern and back tracking several times.” The 28-year-old Botros, she added, made “comments to her about how ‘Attractive’ and ‘Pretty’ she was,” according to an arrest report.

At one point, the woman told cops, Botros stopped his Honda Civic and placed his hand down the front of her tank top and “touched her breasts in an aggressive manner.” The victim, police added, “was not wearing an undershirt or bra, so his hand touched her directly on her breast.”

“Do not touch my boobs or I will hit you in your face!,” the woman recalled telling Botros, an Egyptian immigrant. The passenger told investigators that while she was afraid of Botros, she “tried to play off his actions as harmless,” and even asked for his business card when she arrived at her destination.

During the ride, the woman used her phone to record part of her interaction with Botros, since “she had read several things about the ‘Uber’ drivers sexually battering women.”

After the woman yesterday picked Botros from a photo lineup, cops summoned him to police headquarters, where he agreed to an interview.

Botros, pictured above, told a cop that the victim was “wearing a revealing shirt with no bra.” He added that, in Egypt, if a “girl like her” dressed like the victim, “it means she asking for that.”

Despite that shaky rationale, Botros was arrested on the misdemeanor charge and booked into the county jail (from which he was released today after posting $500 bond).

In response to Botros’s arrest, Uber has suspended his driver’s account, according to a statement from the car service company.

51 turtles found in man’s pants at U.S.-Canada border


Fifty-one turtles found in a man’s sweat pants may have a brighter future after he was caught trying to cross from Detroit into Canada, authorities said.

imagesKai Xu was charged with federal smuggling crimes for trying to return to Windsor with the live reptiles tucked in baggies around his legs, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

Before he was stopped Aug. 5, investigators with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service report watching Xu pick up a box labeled “live fish keep cool” from the UPS Customer Center on Hoover Street near 8 Mile Road, according to the complaint filed Tuesday and later unsealed. The box was from Alabama, which experts say is a popular area for turtle breeders.

Asked why anyone would smuggle turtles out of the United States, Gavin Shire with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which investigated the case against Xu, said it has to do with demand for turtles in Asia. And not necessarily for pets.

“There’s now a burgeoning Asian market,” he said, adding that there’s “a lot of both illegal and unregulated turtle consumption.”

The criminal complaint against Xu doesn’t indicate whether he gave a reason for taking the turtles.

It indicates that while he was at UPS, he went to his car and opened the box. Moments later, he was seen carrying a pair of scissors and a plastic grocery bag that appeared “weighted” with baggies and tape to an area between two UPS semi-trailers, according to the complaint.

Ten minutes later, he returned to his car with the scissors but no bag. Bulges were seen on his legs beneath his pants, the complaint reports.

“Xu returned to the back of his (Ford) Escape and wiped his hands with a paper towel, which he discarded on the ground,” according to the complaint.

He left UPS at about 5:30 p.m., and they followed him to the Windsor tunnel. Moments later, he was stopped trying to enter Windsor, and the turtles — pet-type breeds of eastern box turtles, red-eared sliders and diamondback terrapins — were found during a search, according to the complaint.

Xu faces three charges, including smuggling goods from the United States, trading in specimens illegally, and exporting fish or wildlife illegally, according to the complaint.

Donnie Cook, owner of Lou’s Pet Shop in Grosse Pointe Woods, said the pet-reptile industry is well aware of the demand for turtles abroad.

“A lot of the turtle-breeding farms here in the United States ship most of their turtles overseas for food,” he said. “They make food out of them.”

Cook said it takes five to 10 years for a turtle to reach adulthood, which could explain the Asian shortage. He’s never had someone ask to buy a turtle to eat; but if he was, he would refuse to sell.

“We’re definitely sensitive to it, and it’s not only from a business standpoint, like it’s frustrating sometimes because we can’t get turtles,” he said. “And the emotional aspect kind of causes a little distress. It’s less invasive than having dog and cat on the menu over in Asia, but it’s similar.”

Mom Beat Neighbor Busted For Child Porn


A mother of two children was arrested after she entered the apartment of a neighbor and punched him in the face because she was incensed that he returned to the Massachusetts residence after being arrested for possession of child pornography.

pelletier092512Nicole Pelletier, a Navy veteran, was busted Monday evening after allegedly attacking Gary Spring, 61, inside his condominium in Danvers, a town 20 miles north of Boston. Pelletier, a licensed clinical social worker, was charged with assault and battery and breaking and entering.

According to a court filing, the 41-year-old Pelletier entered Spring’s apartment through the unlocked front door around midnight and confronted him as he was getting out of bed. “Before he could react she struck him in the face with her hand,” police noted. Spring, a former Merrimack College professor, lives directly below Pelletier and her children, a 13-year-old girl and 11-year-old boy.

Upon arriving at the condo complex, a cop spotted Pelletier walking down the stairs “crying and visibly upset.” She had blood on her hands and right arm. “I went into his apartment and hit him,” Pelletier reportedly confessed. Spring, who suffered a bloody nose, declined medical treatment.

Pelletier, pictured above, herself called 911 to report the assault, telling a police operator that she wanted to kill Spring, cops reported.

Pelletier confronted Spring hours after he was released on $30,000 bond from federal custody. Spring was arrested by FBI agents following a two-month probe that began after Merrimack College officials detected child porn images on a laptop provided to Spring.

A law enforcement review of the computer yielded more than 300 illicit images stored on the machine. During subsequent interviews with agents, Spring admitted to possessing large amounts of child pornography and said that he “freaked out” and began destroying evidence after first being contacted by a detective. Spring’s apartment and office were searched by FBI agents on September 19, the day of his arrest (which received local media coverage).

“Spring stated that he took two thumb drives, totaling 6 gigabytes, which were full of child pornography and threw them in the trash at his home,” according to an FBI affidavit, which noted that Spring (seen at left) “admitted being sexually aroused by child pornography, and masturbating to images of child pornography.”

spring092514After spending last weekend in jail, Spring posted bond Monday and was released from custody that night. Federal prosecutors in Boston sought Spring’s pretrial detention, but his release was ordered by a magistrate judge.

As a condition of his release, Spring was placed on home detention, which allowed him to only leave his Danvers condo for court appearances, medical or legal appointments, religious services, and “job search as approved by Pretrial Services.” His travel was restricted to New England and Skidmore College (court records do not detail Spring’s connection to the New York school). Spring was recently fired from Merrimack College.

While Judge David Hennessy additionally ordered Spring to have “no contact with children under the age of 18 unless accompanied and supervised by an adult,”the defendant is allowed to live in the same condo complex where children reside. He is also barred from coming within 100 feet of parks, schools, playgrounds, arcades, and other places where minors congregate.

Police officer tells black man to get his license, then shoots him for getting his license


An S.C. trooper who stopped a man for a seat belt violation outside Columbia and then shot him – apparently without provocation – was arrested Wednesday and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature.

Sean Groubert, 31, a lance corporal who was fired from the Highway Patrol after the shooting incident, now faces 20 years in prison if convicted of wrongfully shooting the driver, Levar Jones.

Groubert was booked Wednesday evening at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. He was fired from the patrol last Friday.

Wednesday night, in a hearing at the jail, Magistrate Ethel Brewer set Groubert’s bond at $75,000.

A video of the Sept. 4 shooting incident was played at Groubert’s bond hearing.

The video shows Groubert firing repeatedly at Jones, who was not armed and who was not behaving aggressively. Jones was struck at least once, in the hip. He spent time in the hospital and is now out of the hospital recuperating.

Man charged with rape cleared due to sexsomnia


A Swedish court has acquitted a man who sexually assaulted a woman while he was asleep because he was unaware of what he was doing.

CourtroomMikael Halvarsson was charged earlier this year with rape after having sex with a woman sleeping beside him.

The 26-year-old was charged with rape and sentenced to two years in prison, but appealed the sentence teliing Sweden’s Sundsvall Appeal Court he was completely asleep during the attack and had no intention of having sex.

In it’s judgement, the court found Halvarsson “was in a state of sleepiness, unconcious of what was happening.”

Halvarrson’s ex girlfriend also told the court Halvarsson had previously attempted to have sex with her while asleep.

A doctor specialising in sleep disorders said Halvarsson could suffer from sexsomnia, a condition that allows a person to have sex while completely asleep and unaware.

The condition is highly controversial among psychiatrists and the legal profession, and has not been heavily researched, but was described by the doctor in court as being similar to sleepwalking.

Sexsomnia as a defence against rape has been accepted in a small number of cases.

In 2007, a 38-year-old man was acquitted of rape charges after claiming he was asleep and did not know what he was doing, and in 2011 when a second man was freed from similar charges, despite having a previous conviction.

NC man confesses to 1997 murder after receiving texts from Walmart


A Watauga County man says texts from Walmart caused him to become paranoid about a murder he says he committed 17 years ago in Arizona.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Matthew Gibson was living in a small settlement near Boone when he felt he needed to divulge his secret.

630-18trrq-aust-138Gibson, 55, drove to Arizona and met with Detective Alicia Marquez of Winslow Police Department and said he wanted to talk about a crime he committed more than a decade ago.

Gibson told the detective that he met a woman in Bullhead City, Ariz. in 1997 and they went back to his trailer. She became loud and obnoxious, so he told her to leave. When she wouldn’t leave, he says he bludgeoned her to death with a Maglite flashlight and dumped her body by the Colorado River.

Gibson said he would have kept quiet about the incident, but he started getting text messages from Walmart that caused him to be paranoid.

He says the texts messages and voice mails from Walmart informed him that a prescription for Anita Townshed was ready. Gibson also later received an envelope with a Walmart advertisement in it but no return name or address.

Gibson, a former cocaine and methamphetamine addict, decided that Townshed must have been the woman he killed and he felt someone might have put “a contract on his head.”

So, he drove to Arizona to confess his secret.

Gibson says he didn’t know the name of the 38-year-old woman he’d killed in Bullhead City in 1997. Detectives said the story checked out, but the woman murdered wasn’t Anita Townshed.

It was a woman named Barbara Brown Agnew.

Detectives say that without Gibson’s confession, police would never have had a case against him.

Gibson wanted to plead guilty to manslaughter and begin his 10-year sentence without delay.

Man Charged With DUI After Flagging Down Officer to Say “Hello”


A Chicago man who flagged down a police officer to say “hello” while driving in west suburban Riverside was later charged with DUI.

freddie+levisonRiverside police said 57-year-old Freddie Levison was driving a 2012 Chevy utility vehicle early Saturday morning when he waved down a police officer in a marked squad car in the 3400 block of Harlem Avenue.

Levison told the officer he just wanted to say “hello,” then continued driving southbound on Harlem Avenue, a release from Riverside police said.

The officer reported that Levison began driving erratically and could not maintain lane usage. Police said the car “weaved from lane to lane and straddled the center lane marker numerous times.”

Police stopped the vehicle in the 3800 block of Harlem Avenue and an officer reported smelling a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the driver’s mouth.

“When asked for his driver’s license, the individual dropped the items he was holding numerous times and seemed very disoriented,” according to a release from Riverside police. “The driver informed the officer that he was paraplegic and was unable to perform any standardized field sobriety tests. However, he wanted the officer to know that he had been arrested for DUI previously and his driver’s license was currently suspended for a DUI.”

Levison was evaluated by paramedics and eventually transported to the Riverside Police Department. Police said he had a blood alcohol level .210, nearly three times the legal limit in Illinois.

Levison, of the 7500 block of South Dorchester Avenue, was charged with two counts of DUI, driving with a suspended license and illegal lane usage.