Milwaukee man accused of having sex with ten-year-old girl, getting her pregnant


guider-300A 39-year-old Milwaukee man is accused of having sex with a ten-year-old girl — and getting her pregnant. The accused is Darrick Guider. He faces a charge of first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 12.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim moved into a relative’s home where Guider lived in June 2014.

The victim told police that “one night, shortly after she moved into this home, she was watching television upstairs in a room. She was lying on the bed when the defendant came in. The defendant told her that ‘this is how [you] make money.’” The complaint then indicates the victim “tried to get her (relative’s) attention by screaming, but the defendant put his hand over her mouth.” Guider then allegedly assaulted the girl.

The complaint says the victim “recalls various instances” where Guider attempted to have sex with her. The complaint also says the victim told her relative in December that Guider had been “messing with her.” But the relative apparently did not believe the victim.

In January, the complaint says the relative took the girl to a pediatrician who then said she should immediately take the girl to Children’s Hospital. The relative did not act on this advice. In March, another relative noticed the girl “appeared pregnant.” A visit to Mt. Sinai Hospital confirmed the girl was indeed pregnant — and due “at the end of May or the beginning of June.”

If convicted, Guider faces up to 60 years in prison.

Yoga instructor flashed, abused kids at bar mitzvah


Scottsdale police have arrested a 32-year-old Yoga instructor on suspicion of multiple sex crimes after officers were told she reportedly performed oral sex on a 15-year-old boy last weekend during a bar mitzvah, according to a department spokesman.

635628860570446961-Lindsey-RadomskiLindsey Ann Radomski told authorities she was intoxicated and does not remember the alleged encounter with the boy, said Sgt. Ben Hoster, a department spokesman.

Police said between 80 and 100 people were at the home near Via Linda and Shea Boulevard at the time of the party and that Radomski, who recently got breast implants, reportedly exposed them to several people at the party, Hoster said.

Guests told Radomski to “sleep it off” after she reportedly flashed adults and children near a backyard pool, Hoster said.

After the other adults had left the party of gone to sleep, police said Radomski invited seven boys into a room and let them touch and fondle her breasts.

The other boys then left the room and investigators said Radomski performed oral sex on a 15-year-old boy.

A mother of one of the boys called Radomski the next day and the yoga instructor said she remembered exposing her breasts at the party, but Radomski said she did not recall anything that took place in the room because she had been drinking, according to court records.

Radomski later told police it was possible that she had engaged in sexual activity with the boys in the room but also said alcohol clouded her memory, according to court documents.

Radomski was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse and sexual conduct with a minor, Hoster said.

She was held on a $10,000 bond and will have to wear an electronic monitoring device if she is released from custody, according to court records.

Ashley Dack Accused Of Sending Pictures Of Herself Sexually Assaulting Baby To Her Boyfriend


Police have arrested Ashley Dack and her boyfriend after they say Dack took pictures of herself sexually assaulting children she was babysitting.

Ashley-DackCourt documents show that 29-year-old Dack and her boyfriend, Patrick Schuneman, were molesting children and would then brag about their actions in text messages to one another.

The couple were busted after Dack allegedly told a friend about her activities. That friend backed up Dack’s text messages after she asked him to charge it for her, then went to police.

A search of the couple’s residences turned up an iPhone with some pretty fucked up messages between the pair, including this following exchange from 2012:

Dack: Oh honey? I never know. There is a little girl at lunch with blonde pig tails, kept dancing around on the floor. Wanted you 2 to be hiding in my car and I could bring her 2 you. Maybe 4 [years of age].

Schuneman: Would love that. Would you join us or leave us alone?

Dack: Join you. We could use the seat belt to hold her down and wrap around her neck so she couldn’t wiggle because it would get tighter and tighter

Schuneman: She’d be so scared

Dack: But no one could hear her if we were in my car

Schuneman: I would hold her neck and head as you pulled her pants off

Even worse, police would find multiple images of Dack molesting children she babysat, including an 11-month-old, that she would send to Schuneman. After sending him a graphic image of the baby, Schuneman replied, “Incredible,” “Best ever seen. Thank you,” and “Thank you so much for my gift. Sweet dreams.”

Dack and Schuneman were charged with sexual performance by a child and super aggravated sexual assault of a child. Dack is being held on a $350,000 bond, while the court declined bond for Schuneman.

If Dack is somehow able to post bail, the judge ordered that she surrender her passport and must wear an ankle monitor.

Father Accused Of Shooting Teen Son In Ass After Orange Juice Ran Out


Eldridge-DukesPolice have arrested 58-year-old Eldridge Dukes after they say he shot his 18-year-old son in the ass during an argument over orange juice.

Dukes and his son got into an argument on Sunday about having no orange juice that led to the teenager breaking a vase.

In response, Dukes grabbed a handgun and chased his son out of the house and down the street, firing several times. His son was hit once in the ass and suffered non-life-threatening injuries, say police.

Dukes was arrested and placed in the parish prison on counts of attempted manslaughter and illegal use of a dangerous weapon.

Burglar leaves ‘genital selfies’ in victim’s phone


A staff member of Royal Melbourne Hospital is believed to be the ‘genital-selfier’ burglar.

woman-410320_640The burglar entered in a locked staffroom and stole about A$80 from a young female employee’s locker as well as her mobile phone.

So far, just another burglary, but the woman’s phone suddenly reappeared in her bag when she finished the night shift.

Once the woman arrived home, whe took a look to her phone and found some rude selfies of, apparently, the burglar’s genitals. However, it has not been learnt if the genitals were from a male or a female.

Melbourne Health chairman Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, has said the “very nasty” incident wasn’t a break-in and authorities believed a staff member is responsible.

The locker room is accessed via swipe card and there are cameras outside. Doyle said they have certain information which has been passed to police and are “absolutely confident” they will get to the bottom of this.

Doyle expressed his support to the victim describing the incident as an “awful, awful incident (..) it just beggars belief that this sort of thing can be done.”

The incident is now being investigated by police.

Dynel Lane Accused Of Cutting Baby Out Of Pregnant Woman’s Womb After Luring Victim With Craigslist Ad


Dynel-LanePolice have arrested 34-year-old Dynel Lane after they say she cut a baby out of a pregnant woman after luring the victim to her home under the pretense of selling baby clothes.

The 26-year-old victim, who was seven months pregnant, went to Lane’s home after responding to a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. Once there, police allege Lane attacked the woman and cut her fetus from her womb.

Police say that Lane’s husband drove her and the baby to the hospital where Lane carried in the victim’s dead baby and told hospital staff that she had suffered a miscarriage.

The victim was able to call 911 from Lane’s home where police would find her beaten and stabbed. She was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

Lane, a mother of two who once had a certified nurse’s aide credential, was arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree assault and child abuse knowingly/reckless resulting in death. Murder charges may or may not be filed against Lane.

“The issues involving an unborn child are complicated under Colorado law,” Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett said. “In most circumstances, if a child was not actually born alive, then homicide charges are not possible.”

No word on if Lane’s husband was at home during the attack, but so far he has not been arrested.

Man Admits Feeding Pregnant Ex-girlfriend Abortion Drug In Smoothie, Causing Her To Miscarry


A 26-year-old man from Norway is facing seven years in jail after feeding his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child, a smoothie laced with an abortion drug.

Antibaby-smoothieThe pair had a short relationship and a child together already, but were no longer together when they met at a party and  decided to scrump. This resulted in the woman getting pregnant with his second child and the man suffering from some serious post bang regret.

“He tried several times to convince me to have an abortion but it was not an option for me,” the woman told the court in Trondheim.

Feeling that he had no way out, the man researched abortive medications and purchased the drugs online. He gave the woman the pills under the guise that they were over-the-counter pain killers. His first attempt was unsuccessful and evident at a pregnancy check-up which showed the baby was still developing. He freaked knowing that if a developing child were exposed to these drugs they could be born with severe deformities.

“I read online that pills could cause deformities if they did not work,” he told the court. “I thought that if it was my fault that the child was born with major malformations, and I would not be able to live with that.”

The dickhole then purchased more abortion drugs and made the girl a delicious smoothie chock full of them. After drinking it she experienced extreme abdominal cramping which resulted in her miscarrying her baby later that evening. The woman then went to her doctor and was found to have high levels of the drugs in her system.

The man was arrested and has since pleaded guilty to both inflicting serious bodily harm and terminating a pregnancy without the mother’s consent. He is facing a 7-year sentence for his crimes and addressed the court showing remorse, “I felt like a total shitbag when it dawned on me what I had done.”