Mother Outraged Over ‘Satanic’ Lights On School Bus


A Tennessee parent is upset after she says she saw a “satanic” pentagram on a school bus.

The mom told WMC she snapped a photo of the brake light on a Durham School Services bus in Cordova.


“Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged,” said the mother, who was not identified because she is reportedly receiving death threats after sharing the photo on social media.

The mother says it’s appalling the brake lights are shaped like a pentagram.

“If you can’t put a cross on there, you can’t put a pentagram on it,” she said.

The woman pointed to Walgreen’s decision last year to remove wrapping paper from its shelves because images on the paper appeared to be those of swastikas.

“Would we allow a swastika, for instance, to be on the back of the bus?” said the mother.

One woman, who identified herself as a practicing Wiccan, looked at the photo and said it did look like a pentagram. But she says the symbol is the same for her faith as the cross is for Christians.

“Wiccans… we believe in God, we believe in Jesus, but we don’t call him God,” said Jo Applewhite. “Find out what it really means before you start getting riled up and all worked up about something.”

Applewhite says people may be making a fuss over nothing.

“Go find out if it was intentional,” she said.

School district officials have not publicly commented on the school bus lights.

Seen on the Fashion Runway: Giant, Dangling Butt Plugs


1Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck tends to make political statements in his runway shows: Last year, he showed feathered headdresses that said “Stop Racism,” and his most recent collection — which debuted yesterday in Paris — offered a response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks and a commentary on artistic censorship. But it also featured a surprisingly effective statement-making accessory: an enormous butt-plug lapel pin.

2The pink, white, orange, and yellow butt plugs were fashioned into necklaces and lapel pins, and served as a sly defense of Paul McCarthy’s controversial giant butt-plug sculpture that was vandalized in Paris last year — a political statement and the must-have accessory for that Beirendonck-a-donk.

Frenchman creates Valentine’s Day fart pills


653d62a5c46d7900ba480add1fe2dfaf32679c4ae518996ac6b73ee1ed5caba8Christian Poincheval, 65,  from north-western France has added a special Valentine’s Day product to his array of scented flatulence pills designed to make wind less odious.

His new ginger-scented pills, mean loved-up couples don’t have to worry about committing any faux-pas on the most romantic day of the year.

He chose ginger because of its fabled aphrodisiac qualities.

“Say it with love, flavour your farts with ginger,” reads the advert for the pills.

Poincheval, who has been involved in homeopathy, claims the all-natural herbal medicine not only facilitates intestinal transit, but also neutralizes the odour of the gas let out.

According to the website that sells the pills, which also come in rose and violet scents, the herb mixture also helps reduce bloating.

The idea for the pills came to him six years ago after a rather disagreeable dinner with friends.

“We had just come back from Switzerland and we were eating a lot with our friends and the smell from the flatulence was really terrible. We couldn’t breathe so me and a friend decided something had to be done,” Poincheval told The Local previously.

“When we were vegetarian we noticed that our gas smelt like vegetables, like the odour from a cow pat, but when we started eating meat, the smell of the flatulence became much more disagreeable,” he said.

“We needed to invent something that made them smell nicer.”

At that point Poincheval went to see a scientist in a lab to look at ways of inventing a natural remedy for the everyday problem.

A packet of his pills will set you back €19.99 for a packet of 60 and according to the inventor they have been approved by French health authorities.

“We’re not quite ready to be floated on the stock exchange, but we sell a few hundred jars every month. Everyone needs these kind of pills,” he said.

Cash with that? Woman gets bag of money instead of food at New Hampshire Burger King


A New Hampshire woman got a surprise at a Burger King drive-thru: a bag full of cash instead of food.

burger-king.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoJanelle Jones says she discovered on the way home that the bag did not contain the sweet tea and junior spicy chicken sandwich that she had ordered Friday at the Rochester fast-food restaurant.

Foster’s Daily Democrat reports that Jones called her husband and they decided to return the $2,631, which was a Burger King bank deposit.

Matthew Jones says the couple briefly considered keeping the money, which they certainly could have used. But he says he and his wife are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and that “Jehovah sees everything.”

The newspaper reports that the restaurant confirmed the couple’s account but had no comment on it.

Texas Cops Jail Woman For ‘Walking Without A License’


Charges for driving without license and registration… while walking.

A woman in Hamlin, Texas is fighting charges of driving without a license and expired registration after she was arrested and jailed by cops while WALKING home with groceries.

Hamlin-TX_smallWendy Robins is appealing for help with her case as she fears the police department is pursuing a vendetta against her by refusing to drop the charges.

The charges stem from the incident which took place in November. Ms Robins says she was minding her own business walking home from the local store when she was physically accosted by an officer.


“I was approached by Officer Chad Boyett a block and a half away from my home, which I own.” Robins wrote in a submission to police watchdog website Copblock.

“Officer Boyett passed me and did a U-turn at the intersection in front of me and then pulled up beside me. I continued walking as he asked me where my auto was. I told him it didn’t matter because I was walking and that I didn’t have time for this, so I was going home.” Robins added.

“He got out of his auto and ran around to me, approximately 3 feet from his auto, forcefully gripped my arm and drug me to the front of his auto. He kept asking where my auto was and stated he knew I had been driving without a license. I informed him he can’t do this and to call the Chief of Police, Bobby Evans. He said he didn’t have to call him and that he was writing me citations for driving without a license and expired registration.” she notes in the statement.

After refusing to sign the citations, Robins claims that the officer squeezed her arm so tightly that it resulted in bruising, and then cuffed her forcefully, leaving red marks. The cop also claimed that Robins was “being hostile” and that meant she was going to jail.

Robins said she yelled out to a passing driver for help. The driver stopped and became a witness to the scene, later corroborating that Robins was not in a car or anywhere near a vehicle.

“This was humiliating simply because I do not break the law, nor go to jail.” Robins writes, also noting that she did not consent to be searched by the officer.

“I told him I had a two pack lighter in my back pocket and my credit card in my front pocket, which I attempted to get for him when he slapped my hand back and said he’d get it. I stated as he slid his hand in my pocket that I’m not comfortable with him doing that and he stated I didn’t have a choice. I informed him I could say he touched my hoo hoo.” she writes.

Robins says that at no point during her arrest or transportation to jail was she told what she was being charged with. She also claims that upon her arrival at Jones County Jail, officers made jokes about the arresting officer and his tactics, with regards to the incident.

Robins was kept in jail overnight, still without being informed of the charges against her, and only found out when a judge told her.

“The judge only told me I was being charged with driving without a license and expired registration and that my bond was $500 on each charge.” she writes.

Robins filed a formal complaint and requested that audio and video of the incident be reviewed to verify she was not driving.

“I called a meeting with Chief Evans where he stated he knew I was NOT driving and I submitted my request for audio and video. The officer NEVER turned on his lights, so I knew there was no video.” Robins states. She notes that the judge informed her a few days later that he was refusing to view any video of the incident.

Robins also notes that she produced a valid license and registration for the judge, proving that even if she was driving, she had the relevant credentials.

STILL the charges were not dropped, and the case continues. The arresting officer has not been disciplined in any fashion.

“My attorney is a civil rights lawyer from Houston and is currently investigating my case. I do worry they can get to him. HELP ME GET JUSTICE.” Robins writes.

Man may be jailed for not paying child support for son who isn’t his


A Michigan man could go to jail for failing to pay child support. But the child he’s accused of not paying for isn’t even his, according to WXYZ in Detroit.

Carnell Alexander walked into the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice Friday, knowing in moments he could lose his freedom. Though DNA tests have proven the child isn’t his, Alexander still owes more than $30,000 to the state because the child’s mother used his name as the father to get welfare benefits.

Under Michigan law, that means Alexander owes child support. But an attorney who saw Alexander’s story on the news wanted to help.

“I’m just trying to help him with his future,” said attorney Cherika Harris.

“I’m almost homeless. I’m almost in jail. I am out of work,” said Alexander. “My money is being threatened to be taken.”

Alexander says the law needs to be changed, so when this happens — as it often does — other men don’t become dad by default.

“We can be defaulted into being a father of a child that is not ours,” he said. “I don’t understand that law, but it is the law in place.”

At court on Friday, Alexander wasn’t sent to jail. But his case does remain open.

Matthew Fischer, 16, Disemboweled Classmate After Victim Sent Snapchat To His Girlfriend


A Wando High School student fatally stabbed another student after he sent his girlfriend a Snapchat message on her iPod, according to Mount Pleasant police.

Matthew-FischerMatthew Joseph Fischer, 16, a junior at the school, was visiting his girlfriend Sunday night on Baltusrol Lane in Park West when Lucas Bennett Cavanaugh, 17, of Sullivan’s Island sent the girl a message, according to the arrest affidavit. Fischer grabbed the iPod and messaged Cavanaugh, “Come over” and “I’ll kill you, man,” according to the affidavit.

Cavanaugh drove over to the house in a silver VW Jetta. He and Fischer started fighting. Fischer pulled a knife from his right front pocket, fatally stabbed Cavanaugh in the torso and fled the scene, according to police.

Fischer called his mother from his cellphone not far from the house. She brought him back to the scene, and he told police what happened, according to the affidavit.

Both families were in court for a bond hearing Monday morning. Cavanaugh’s father cried as he stood between a detective and victim advocate. Neither family spoke.

Fischer’s attorney, Peter David Brown of Mount Pleasant, spoke on behalf of his client.

“This is just a tragedy for the entire Wando community and the families involved,” Brown said.

According to his obituary, Cavanaugh was a junior at Wando High School and aspired to attend The University of Cincinnati to study automotive engineering and design. One of his main passions was restoring his ’81 Corvette.

When Brown was asked after the hearing if he would argue self-defense, he said he was waiting to learn all the facts of what happened.

A magistrate can’t set bail on a murder charge, so Fischer remained in jail. His bail on a charge of possession of a knife during the commission of a violent crime was set at $100,000.



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