Couple Having Sex In Car Too ‘Caught Up’ In Moment To Notice Traffic Jam They Caused: Cops


The incident occurred in a vehicle that was parked outside Springfield, Oregon city jail on Sunday night. Police say the couple, Kelli M. Knutson, 24, and Logan P. Jackson, 33, had attended a nearby strip club, then retreated to their car to have sex.


Passing motorists reportedly slowed down to watch the shameless couple in action. Police said so many people stopped to watch that it caused a traffic jam.

That’s when officers were called to the scene. Cops say they found the couple “actively engaged” in the car, which was rocking back and forth.

“It ended soon after [officers] knocked on the window,” Springfield Police Sergeant Rich Charboneau told KVAL. “They were very cooperative.”

According to the station:

The couple told officers they were too “caught up in the moment” to realize their activity had caused a line of traffic outside the Springfield Jail.

The couple were arrested on charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. Charboneau said normally they’d have just been told to move along, but police were forced to act because someone complained about the traffic.

Jackson was removed from the car and escorted to the very jail he was parked outside. His companion was transported to Lane County Jail.

Students walk in on headmaster giving oral to math teacher – which about sums it up (Not safe for work)


A headmaster who appeared to be caught giving oral sex to a female maths teacher during school threatened students with legal action after a video of the clip went viral.

ad_152373483Drago Kamenik, 41, was apparently found by students between the legs of 45-year-old brunette Manja Mertelj after they heard moans of pleasure coming from a classroom they believed to be empty.

And the embarrassed headteacher first threatened to sue students who uploaded a clip of the pair onto social media and then denied it was real after the clip went viral.

‘We heard the noises and knew someone was having sex in there,’ said one 19-year-old student at the high school in Maribor, Slovenia.

‘But we thought it would be other students. We couldn’t believe it when we saw our maths teacher and headmaster.’

Married father-of-two Mr Kamenik still claims the video is fake, and says he has reported the clip to police, according to Slovenske Novice.

‘The man in the video is not me, it has been photoshopped,’ he said.

‘I also spoke to my wife. Can these fools even begin to imagine what damage they have caused by doing this?!

‘As for the maths teacher, she is a very good teacher and has had many positive things said about her.’

Students dismissed his threats, however, adding that they are willing to put up the rest of the footage – which they say shows clearly who is involved – if necessary.

‘We can put up more to prove it but I don’t think anyone really doubts us,’ said one student on social media.

Apparently there might be some sex in the Champagne Room


A woman arrested in connection with a prostitution ring has been sentenced to probation.

PMargaret-Pahssener a plea agreement, Judge Dean Fink sentenced Margaret Pahssen, 36, to nine months of supervised probation for facilitation to commit illegal control of an enterprise.

Pahssen and others were arrested in January 2013 after Phoenix police served search warrants at the Champagne Room near 40th Street and Interstate 10 and a home in Surprise.

Although billed as a 24-hour strip club, police said the business was a house of prostitution where customers would enter, be taken to a back room and be given a “menu” to select from a list of services.

Police began a two-year investigation after receiving complaints from nearby business owners. Police said the investigation took such a long time because the owners of the Champagne Room took precautions to avoid allowing undercover agents to enter their establishment.

Police arrested several other people on charges including control of an illegal enterprise, money laundering, prostitution, receiving earnings of prostitution and pandering.

One Eyed Willy might be real


5884545_GA man who was trying out his newly-purchased metal detector on the Oregon coast stumbled upon what might be a historical artifact.

Seaside resident Ben Hidy said he was just hoping to find some coins when he ventured out to the dunes to try out his new metal detector.

However, Hidy said he picked up a reading for “solid iron” and started digging.

He and a friend found about 20 feet of wood with metal pieces attached to it buried under the sand.

He and an archaeologist who examined it think the wood could be the keel of an old ship.

Hidy said his research shows the area where he found the wood was once the tide line in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

“I’m still kind of in shock about it, like it really hasn’t set in,” Hidy said. “There is still a lot more to learn about it. We’re gradually learning more every day about it. I really don’t know what to think yet. I want to be excited, but cautious. I don’t want to get too far into it.”

Hidy said the archaeologist who examined the discovery will have more specific information soon, including how old the wood may be.

If it’s more than 75 years old, the state will claim it as an historical artifact.

You had me at ‘Sex Mountain’


IT’S an ancient tradition with thousands of pilgrims taking part each year.

Participants range from married men to housewives, government officials to prostitutes, all indulging in a mass ritual of adultery and sex.

367379-0f7fb008-6ebe-11e4-ae84-798920b22a79And all of this takes place in a small corner of the world’s largest Muslim majority country.

Welcome to Indonesia’s Sex Mountain.

SBS Dateline journalist Patrick Abboud was granted rare access to visit the ancient mountain and its religious sexual rituals.

Abboud told that thousands of Indonesian pilgrims travel across the archipelago to the Gunung Kemukus to take part in a religious ritual on an mountain top, believing sex out of wedlock at this holy site will bring them good luck and fortune.

Abboud said that the ancient ritual dates back to the 16th century, which in many ways goes against the law of Islam, especially sex out of wedlock, adding people were often reluctant to talk about it.

“It’s unique to Java — it’s an ancient Islamic Javanese tradition that happens every 35 days,” he said.

Legend has it that the ritual started when a young Indonesian Prince, Pangeran Samodro, had an affair with his stepmother.

They ran away and hid on Gunung Kemukus, but were caught and killed during sex and buried on top of the mountain in what is now an Islamic shrine.

Pilgrims believe having sex at the site will not only bring them good fortune but also wealth.

But Abboud reveals there is a catch.

For the magic to work and the wealth to take place, it’s believed the sex partner for the ritual should not be a spouse.

He also said pilgrims must also copulate on the mountain every 35 days, seven consecutive times.

“The majority are poor farmers and workers who believe visiting the site and having sex will bring them more success,” he said.

Abboud said many were also devout Muslims and the pilgrimage wasn’t just about sex.

First they visit a shrine to pray, then are washed in a sacred spring before prayers are held.

“It was really emotional watching lots of people praying,” he said.

“Once that’s over, pilgrims find a partner.”

But if you think it’s all married couples, think again, some men travel without their wives, helping spawn a burgeoning prostitution ring which the government turns a blind eye to because of the fee it charges pilgrims to visit the site.

Abboud said thousands of sex workers were at the site, and sexual health doctors he spoke to said diseases were rampart as many of the men didn’t want to wear condoms.

“It’s such a paradox, and it’s hard to make sense out of,” he said.

“It’s a strange snapshot of an Islamic ritual which really asks how it’s possible to exist given they are devout Muslims.”

Abboud added this ritual doesn’t take place anywhere else in Indonesia or the rest of the Muslim world and is a very Javanese blend of religious ideals — with Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist influences.

New study confirms marijuana kills brain cancer. Far out, man


The active molecules in cannabis kill brain cancer — another study has revealed.

glioma-by-flickr-griselda-ramirez-306x331Scientists using an extract of whole-plant marijuana rich in pot’s main psychoactive ingredient THC as well as cannabidiol (CBD) showed “dramatic reductions in tumor volumes” of a type of brain cancer.

“High-grade glioma is one of the most aggressive cancers in adult humans and long-term survival rates are very low as standard treatments for glioma remain largely unsuccessful,” according to researchers Katherine A. Scott, Angus G. Dalgleish, and Wai M. Liu from the Oncology Department at St. George’s University of London.

Writing in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics this month, the team recounts how they decided to build on existing research that shows “cannabinoids have been shown to specifically inhibit glioma growth as well as neutralize oncogenic processes such as angiogenesis.”

The researchers wanted to boost the success of cannabinoids, so they investigated using THC and CBD both alone and in combination with radiation in a number of glioma cell lines.

Marijuana kills cancer cells in proportion to its dose and duration of treatment, researchers found, and whole plant cannabis rich in THC was more efficacious than pure, lab-grade THC alone.

Moreover, pre-treating cells with THC and CBD for four hours prior to irradiation increased the cancer-killing effects of radiation.

Scientists think THC and CBD prime cancer cells to commit suicide when exposed to radiation — a process called apoptosis.

Tumors treated this way in mouse models for glioma showed “dramatic” results, with pot-treated tumors shrinking to nearly one-tenth the size of tumors in the control group.

“Taken together, our data highlight the possibility that these cannabinoids can prime glioma cells to respond better to ionizing radiation, and suggest a potential clinical benefit for glioma patients by using these two treatment modalities.”

The federal government states cannabis is a schedule one drug with no medical benefits and a high potential for abuse. However, 23 states have medical marijuana laws, and untold thousands of patients with untreatable gliomas are turning to cannabis not only for palliative treatment of chemo nausea and pain, but as an adjunctive therapy for treating the cancer itself.

Patients who want to learn more about cannabis’ palliative uses can check out the new textbookIntegrative Oncology, written by the head of San Francisco General Hospital’s Oncology and Hematology Department — Dr. Donald Abrams.

Patients who want to use cannabis to cure their cancer are entering uncharted territory with few guides. Dr. Abrams said most doctors do not know about or understand the body’s endocannabinoid system, which was discovered in the ’90s. Americans and their doctors have been “terribly and systematically misled” about pot for decades, Dr. Sanjay Gupta stated this year.