South Korea Erects Giant X’mas Tree on North Korea Border


South Korea is all set to erect a 30-foot Christmas tree on its border with North Korea, apparently to pray for peace in the region.


Starting December 23rd, the tree will stay in place for a fortnight, after which it will be dismantled.

While there is no news of any reaction from Pyongyang, there is little doubt that the atheist state will not look too kindly upon this move by its southern neighbor.


UntitledThe two Koreas have been in a state of war since armistice was declared in 1953 to bring the hostilities of the Korean War to a halt.

And for the North Korean regime, this move is sure to bring back memories of the 65-foot tower that the South Koreans had set up in 1971 and later converted into a Christmas tree. The north had claimed that the tower was a “provocative display of psychological warfare.”

Practicing religion is not without its risks in the north, and celebrating Christmas can land one in jail, or worse.

And the last thing that a North Korean wants is to get caught with leaflets containing Biblical verses, which the south airdrops every now and then, or to be caught admiring a giant Christmas tree on the other side of the border.

Man Posed As Victoria’s Secret Rep To Get Underwear Photos


A man in Iowa City, Iowa, is accused of posing as a Victoria’s Secret representative in order to get women to send him underwear photos.

slide_374110_4501830_compressedPolice said Sean Boies, 29, used a phishing scheme to get IDs and passwords of University of Iowa students

He then used that information to create a profile on Qualtrics, a web-based survey platform that he used to create surveys he would send to female students, the Iowa Press-Citizen reports.

In one survey sent last January, Boies claimed to represent the Victoria’s Secret lingerie company and allegedly asked interested women to upload pictures of themselves in their bras and panties in hopes of being flown to Miami for a photo shoot.

slide_374110_4501832_compressedTwo women submitted photos, the Associated Press reports.

Police said Boies admitted that he created the survey specifically to receive pictures of women.

He also admitted sending a second survey in March promising a $25 Victoria’s Secret gift card in return for information, according to

Boies allegedly admitted to police he never sent those promised cards.

Boies is charged with two counts of identity theft under $1,000 and unauthorized computer access, reports. He was booked and released Thursday morning at the Johnson County Jail.

Mystery woman struts in bare legs in the city where most women wear full-body burqas


A woman shocked onlookers in the Afghan capital after walking through the ultra-conservative Muslim city with her bare legs on full show.

23F80DD400000578-2869915-image-m-16_1418300428410The woman, who has not been identified, was pictured striding confidently through the streets of Kabul without the traditional burqa which normally covers the body.

Journalist Hayat Ensafi, who took the pictures, said he was stunned by the woman’s actions.

‘The whole city of Kabul is shocked': A mystery woman Kabul strides through the Afghan capital while baring her legs in apparent defiance of strict religious customs which requires females to cover their bodies

He told BBC Trending: ‘I know I had to catch this special moment because I never saw a woman here walking down the streets like this. The whole city of Kabul is shocked.’

He said he tried to approach her, but she walked ‘very fast and didn’t talk to me at all.’

Actress Maitland Ward covers up her naked body with strategically placed festive tinsel


It looks as though American actress Maitland Ward lost herself a little when she was putting the Christmas decorations up earlier this week.

The funny lady must have had a couple of pieces of tinsel and a string of fairy lights left over, so naturally she stripped off and covered her naked body with it.

Wearing nothing but a pair of red lacy pants, the lovely lady, who is perhaps best known for her role on Boy Meets World, lit up the room with her outfit of lights and glitter.


She then turned her back to the camera, as she gave her baubles a little tweak as she got back to work on her Christmas tree.