Secrets of the Japanese swimsuit modeling world: Fake breasts and lots of pee




So breasts seem to be popular these days. As a matter of fact, walk into any Japanese bookshop or convenience store and you’ll find magazine racks full of photo collections of gurabia, the country’s term for sexy but not-quite-naked models. Almost always busty, the sight of gurabia posing suggestively, often while relaxing in a pool or frolicking in the surf of an island paradise, has helped generations of men in Japan through a lonely winter’s night.

But while the men who run their eyes (or whatever other body parts) over their photos are obviously enjoying an escapist fantasy, one gurabia recently revealed some things fans might rather not have known about the industry. Her claim about the prevalence of surgically enhanced breasts gels with many people’s preexisting assumptions, but what’s shocking is what she claims is the true reason for some of those sweetly seductive smiles.

In case it wasn’t clear, we’ll be talking about/showing pictures of gurabia up ahead, so unless you’re employed as a swimwear designer, this probably isn’t safe for work.

Spilling the beans was 25-year-old Mai Nishida. The Kyoto native, who’s been at the gurabia game since 2006, appeared on broadcaster TV Asahi’s late-night talk show Masahiro Nakai’s Me ni Naru Toshokan last Tuesday, where she gave an insider’s perspective on some of the goings-on in her field.

▼ Presumably while wearing more than she does on a normal day at work



Nishida, who, yes, has appeared in DVDs and Blu-rays with titles like Mai Life, Mai BabyMai Time, and Mai Honey, claims that the vast majority of her fellow gurabia have had breast-enhancement surgery, pegging the portion with fake breasts at an overwhelming 90 percent. Not that she was present in the operating room, of course, but she says she can tell.

“Almost all gurabia perform the leopardess pose,” she explained, referring to a stance where the model is stretched out on her hands and knees like a cat. “That’s when you can tell if her breasts are real or fake.”

▼ Mai demonstration from the cover of Mai Baby



According to Nishida, who asserts her own chest is natural, in this posture there should be a gap between natural breasts. On the other hand, if the breasts still appear full to bursting and unwilling to go their separate ways, then they’re fake.

Being lonely and horny doesn’t necessarily mean you’re naive, though, and odds are a lot of people already assumed many, if not most, gurabia were benefitting from cosmetic surgery. As a matter of fact, many of them might even say it’s a moot point, given the entirely visual nature of their relationship with the models. But even if the supposed prevalence of fake breasts didn’t burst their bubble, it’s likely Nishida’s other piece of gurabia trivia blew their minds.

“During photo shoots in the ocean or pool, a lot of girls pee themselves.”

Looking good makes or breaks a gurabia’s career, and for outdoor sessions, the photographer or film crew is racing to get all the desired shots before the sun goes down, taking with it the light they need for the model to look her best.

Swimming pools are heated, that still doesn’t mean they’re warm, and obviously there’s nothing you can do to change the ocean’s temperature. Being submerged in chilly water for long stretches of time puts a strain on the bladder, but many gurabia don’t feel it would be right to make everyone wait while they hop out of the water and run to the little girls with big breasts’ room.

Once again, Nishida was clear that she wasn’t talking about herself, of course. She insists that she resists the urge, even when it feels like her bladder is about to become inflamed from the strain. Not everyone has this fortitude, though, and she claims that many others, with the lower half of their bodies obscured by the water, engage in a little bit of multi-tasking.

“That moment of release puts a smile on their face,” Nishida says.

Wait…you mean all those gurabia aren’t smiling just for us?

Kendra Sunderland, Coed Fined For Library Masturbation Film, To Pose For Penthouse


Two weeks ago, Kendra Sunderland was accused of masturbating on film in the Oregon State University library.

o-KENDRA-SUNDERLAND-CUPCAKE-570Things have been touchy for Sunderland since then, but she now believes that the scandal surrounding her solo sex scene was worth it. She just got the deal of the century, even after getting caught with her pants down.

“A couple of times, I had a breakdown,” she told HuffPost. “I was upset about my roommate leaving me, but now I’m going to have a happy ending — no pun intended.”

Sunderland is doing a four-page photo spread with Penthouse magazine that is being shot in San Francisco today. She is also partnering with the mag’s parent company, FriendFinder Networks, to, a website devoted strictly to her own cam shows.


o-KENDRA-SUNDERLAND-570It’s a stroke of good fortune for Sunderland, who could make six figures from the deal, according to FriendFinder Networks CEO Ken Hawk.

Unlike Sunderland’s previous cam work, which was done in public places, Sunderland’s solo sex shows will be done in private, but in a variety of exotic settings.

The challenge to make a career as a full-time masturbator is daunting, she admits.

“I have to take it more seriously. Before, I used to stop camming once I got paid. Now if I want to build a following, I have to be on more regularly,” she said.

Sunderland also is trying to find ways to stick out in the crowded cam girl community.

“I blow bubbles,” she said. “One guy sends me huge packs of gum so he can watch me blow bubbles on camera. I think it’s sexy and cute.”

Sunderland has signed a deal with a Canadian company to front a dating website called Date Broke College Girls, the Daily Mail reports.

Sunderland’s cam girl career is still touch-and-go. She is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday, and could be facing a $6,250 fine or a year in jail.

“There’s a rumor that some of the fraternities will be picketing the courthouse on her behalf, which we think is great,” Hawk told HuffPost.

The potential sentence might be a problem to Sunderland’s solo sex career, but the fine is already covered. A Canadian website, Bang You Later, has offered to cover financial penalties handed down by the court.

Regardless of what happens, Sunderland said she is sure of one thing: “College is not for me.”

Looking to bulk up? Breast milk is the latest trend in weightlifting


You’ve heard breast milk is best for babies. Now, some bodybuilders believe it also has benefits for adults when it comes to adding muscle.

milk_2920038b“You hear everything: testosterone, gorilla hormones. People are willing to go overboard on just trying to be bigger and be better,” Crossfitter Austin Mariglia told ABC affiliate WZZM-TV.

“I would never in my wildest dreams think somebody would be drinking breast milk for performance,” Crossfitter Jake Platt told ABC affiliate KOMO-TV.

There are many others, however, who are convinced milk from a human is better for your muscles than milk from a cow. An online search uncovered dozens of online forums and articles that spotlight this growing trend. Many of those sites are filled with classified ads for “men buying breast milk.”

But don’t expect to hear these guys talk about drinking breast milk while pumping iron. Women who sell their milk say most of their male buyers perfer to stay anonymous.

“They usually first ask if there’s anymore milk available,” breast milk seller Jennifer Rose told KOMO-TV. “I just find that they’re very secretive. Even when they call me their numbers are blocked. They just don’t want to be seen or known.”

Some online breast milk banks are paying women up to $1,200 a month for selling extra breast milk, WZZM-TV reports. It’s a trend that worries pediatricians.

“I would discourage anyone from purchasing breast milk from those untrusted sources,” said Dr. Lana Gagin. “The way this milk is stored and processed is not always safe.”

Gagin also doesn’t believe all the hype surrounding breast milk and bigger muscles.

“There is nothing in breast milk that can be of benefit to a healthy adult or there is nothing in breast milk that would enhance your physical performance,” said Dr. Gagin.

Registered nurse Emily Pease agrees. She tells KOMO-TV that that breast milk isn’t “harmful” to adults, but “there is no evidence that (she’s) aware of that demonstrates the benefits of adults consuming human milk.”

WZZM-TV crunched the numbers:


  • In one cup of breast milk:


    • 2.5 grams of protein
    • 10.8 grams of fat
    • 17 grams of carbs
    • 172 calories

  • One cup of cow’s milk:


  • 7.9 grams of protein
  • 7.9 grams of fat
  • 11 grams of carbs
  • 146 calories

Breast milk does have nutritional benefits for babies and can even help fight against diseases.

A check of online sites shows breast milk currently sells for anywhere from $2 to $5 an ounce.

‘Hot’ English teachers use sex appeal to lure students



A group of young and attractive female English teachers are tapping into the “adult market” in Korea.

Red English, an online education company in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, says its five “hot and sexy” English teachers have begun to offer “adult only lessons” catered to Ajeossi, a Korean word referring to middle-aged men.

Capture2-300x199“Men find visual stimuli more arousing than women,” Red English says on its website, noting that their teachers’ sex appeal will make male students more engaged and motivated to take English classes.

The website claims that its five teaching staff include a racing girl, a fashion model and a beauty pageant contestant. has also begun to offer “adults only” English video lessons on its website. Though it does not offer “adult content,” another online English teaching company
Goddess of English has also been drawing a great deal of attention for launching a team of “exceptionally attractive” female teachers.