Pre-kindergarten teacher sends note home with kids saying they stink and she doesn’t want to touch them


A New York teacher could be in hot water after sending a note home with her pre-kindergarten students saying some of them were showing up to school so dirty she didn’t want to touch them.

Parents say the handwritten note was sent home by a teacher at the Buffalo School District’s BUILD Academy. The Nov. 14 letter says several of the 3- and 4-year-old children “also give off unpleasant smells.”

The letter also requests the signatures of parent and child to confirm it was received.

The Buffalo News reports the school board concluded the teacher should face disciplinary action.

Kimberly Wells says she was shocked by the letter her granddaughter brought home. She says it made the girl ask if her teacher thinks she stinks.

Special Ed Teacher Gives Student A Vibrator / Cheryl Bremble 40, Arrested


Montgomery County authorities on Friday arrested an Upper Dublin High School teacher who allegedly exchanged sexually explicit text messages with a special-education student, and gave her a vibrator at the school and urged her to masturbate with it.

Cheryl Bremble, a 40-year-old special-education teacher, “encouraged the juvenile to use the device on numerous occasions during text-message conversations,”


Ferman called the crime “particularly repulsive when you consider the fact you’re dealing with a vulnerable child in the special-education program.”

Bremble, a divorced mother of two who lives in Hatboro, was charged with child endangerment, corruption of a minor, and unlawful contact with a minor. She could not be reached for comment

They say Bremble and the girl had sexually explicit conversations “in person and via text messages.” She also allegedly gave the girl the sex device on the high school campus during school hours and encouraged her to use it “on numerous occasions during text-message conversations.”

Bremble had been a reading teacher in the high school’s learning-support program for 11 years, according to a resumé she posted online. Before that, she worked briefly in the Centennial School District.

On the website, one anonymous student rated her in March as average. “Acts like a teenager,” the comment said.

She was arraigned Friday before District Judge Patricia Zaffarano in Ambler and released on $25,000 bail

Her divorce was finalized only in recent weeks, according to her former father-in-law, Thomas Bremble Sr. He said his son, Thomas, and former daughter-in-law share custody of two children, ages 12 and 5.

Thomas Bremble Sr. appeared stunned by the news Friday.

“It shocks the bejesus out of me,” he said.

Dance teacher charged for putting his middle leg in and shaking it all about


A SYDNEY dance teacher accused of child pornography and sex abuse  offences has had 16 more charges laid against him.    

Grant Davies, 39, ran a dance studio in Sydney’s inner west with his sister,  and trained performers for hit productions including Billy Elliot.

He was charged in May with a string of child sex and pornography offences,  and has been in custody ever since.

Those charges related to students at the dance studio who were aged between  nine and 14 at the time of the alleged offences, police have said  previously.

In July, 36 new charges were filed against him and on Monday Burwood Local  Court was told 16 fresh charges had been laid.

In the brief hearing, a lawyer for the crown said there was a “significant  amount” of material in the 800-page evidence brief, including three volumes of  text messages.

Davies, who appeared via audio visual link, was formally refused bail.

Wearing a plain green t-shirt and sporting shoulder-length blond hair, Davies  showed little emotion during the mention.

He is due back before the same court on November 4.

Davies now faces a total of 63 charges.

The most recent charges include allegations of aggravated indecent assault,  aggravated sexual assault and procuring a child for pornographic purposes,  according to papers filed at court.

Female Teacher, 31, Uses Social Media, Weed to Lure Boys to Home



Among the messages posted by Stevie Glasspool included one line that said, “you will be graded on performance.”
Subtle, very subtle.

The new school year of Female Teacher Sex Scandals is off to a fast start.

High school teacher Stevie Glasspool lived life out loud on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and MySpace. She even created a website dedicated to a wedding that never took place. On Thursday, Glasspool’s brazen use of social media got her arrested. She faces solicitation charges for asking students on Facebook to have sex with her, Broward Sheriff’s investigators say. The former social studies teacher sent students — ranging from 15 to 17 years old — inappropriate messages on Facebook. One said: “I don’t want you to fall in love with me but I also don’t want you to hit it and quit it either,” according to sheriff’s investigators. In other messages, she said, “your body is amazing,” “I have marijuana for us to smoke,” and “you will be graded on performance,” according to the Sun Sentinel. Her Facebook account has since been removed. Glasspool, a teacher at Pompano Beach’s Mavericks Charter High School, invited teenagers to sleep over at her Boca Raton home, offering them marijuana as an incentive, authorities said.

Female Sex-Ed Teacher, 27, Accused of Sex With Boy, 14


Former charter school teacher Rachelle Gendron’s lawyer claims her client is innocent, but cops say they have sexy pictures she sent in “various stages of undress” to her young lover.


A sex education teacher has been accused of raping a 14-year-old student from her school. Rachelle Gendron is also alleged to have sent the teen photos of herself naked and topless during their affair. Prosecutors said the 27 year old sent dozens of text messages during the course of the affair which began last October.

Charged: Former sex-ed teacher Rachelle Gendron, 27, was arraigned in court Friday on charges that she raped a 14-year-old student Gendron looked visibly shaken and close to tears as she was arraigned on five rape charges aggravated by the age difference. She later openly wept in the courtroom watched by her mother as she was granted bail. Gendron was also charged with enticement of a child under the age of 16.

Prosecutors told Worcester Superior Court they have strong evidence to support the charges. ‘We have in our possession a number of text messages, as well of photos of Ms. Gendron in various states of undress with genitals and breasts exposed from the victim’s cellphone, that support the allegations against her,’ said Assistant District Attorney Cheryl Riddle.

Gendron worked as a health and sex education teacher at North Central Charter Essential School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. She was fired from her job after being arrested on the sex crime charges.

Former Senior High teacher gets 30 days for rape of student


A Yellowstone County district judge Monday ordered a former Senior High teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old female student who later committed suicide to spend 30 days in jail.

Judge G. Todd Baugh sentenced Stacey Dean Rambold to 15 years in prison, with all but 31 days suspended, for sexual intercourse without consent.


Rambold, 54, will be given credit for one day already served. He was handcuffed and led to jail at the close of the hearing.

The judge’s sentence was not received well by the girl’s mother, who repeatedly screamed “You people suck!” and stormed out of the courtroom.

Auliea Hanlon testified earlier at the hearing that her daughter’s relationship with Rambold was a “major factor” in her suicide, and she begged the judge to order Rambold to prison.

“Please put him behind bars,” the woman said.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Rod Souza had asked the judge to order Rambold to serve 20 years in prison, with 10 years suspended.

Souza said Rambold targeted a troubled young girl and violated his position of trust as a teacher by engaging in a sexual relationship with a student.

In October 2008, prosecutors charged Rambold with three counts of sexual intercourse without consent, alleging that the then-49-year-old man had an ongoing sexual relationship with Morales, who was 14 at the time.

While the case was pending, and a few weeks before her 17th birthday, Morales took her own life.

The girl’s death caused problems for the prosecution, and in July 2010 Rambold entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Yellowstone County Attorney’s Office.

The agreement called for prosecutors to put the case on hold for three years. The charges would be dismissed, the agreement stated, if Rambold completed a sex offender treatment program and complied with other conditions.

Rambold also admitted to one of the rape charges, and he agreed that his admission could be used against him.

The case was revived last December, when prosecutors learned that Rambold had been terminated from the sex offender treatment program.

On Monday, the treatment provider, Michael Sullivan, testified that Rambold was terminated from the program last November after completing two of the three treatment phases.

Problems arose last August, Sullivan said, when Rambold began missing meetings. After meeting with Rambold, Sullivan said, the man appeared to be back on track with his treatment.

But he was terminated from the program in November, when it was learned that he had been having unsupervised visits with minors and had not informed his counselors that he had been having sexual relations with a woman.

The violations were serious enough when taken together to kick Rambold out of the program, although it was learned that the minors Rambold was visiting were family members.

Rambold’s attorney, Jay Lansing, argued Monday for the suspended sentence. He said Rambold lost his career, his marriage and his home and has suffered a “scarlet letter of the Internet” as a result of publicity about the case.

Teacher takes student to get his penis pierced ….. school officials have a problem with that


The Basic Education Department on Friday declined to comment on reports that a Pretoria teacher who allegedly took a student to have his penis pierced could face criminal charges.

The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools said the school’s management could take steps against the teacher, which could include a charge of assault.

The department’s spokesman Gershwin Chuenyane recently confirmed the incident and said the teacher has been suspended pending a disciplinary process.

He however refused to be drawn on claims that the matter could be referred for criminal prosecution.

“Can’t get involved where it’s the police, we cannot comment on that. But we can confirm the allegations and he is suspended. The Student Governing Body is dealing with the matter.”

The department said it has a low tolerance for sexual offences involving minors and is viewing this in a very serious light.

No further details about the incident are available and it’s unclear whether the teenager had parental consent or what the nature of the relationship is between the pupil and the teacher.

High school teacher accused of having sex with student in classroom


A teacher at Chicago Vocational Career Academy was ordered held on $150,000 bail after being charged with having sex with one of her students, prosecutors said.


Bridgette Miller, 39, got the 17-year-old boy’s cell phone number from another student and the two began texting each other, prosecutors said.

They met for the first time on March 17 and had sex behind a Walgreen’s near 87th and Cregier Avenue, prosecutors said. Then on March 22, the boy and the teacher had sex in the teacher’s classroom, prosecutors said.

Police found text messages that mentioned sex between the two, prosecutors said.

Miller, of the 1100 block of North Hamlin Avenue, is charged with criminal sexual assault, prosecutors said.

According to the school’s website, Miller is a medical technology teacher at the school, 2100 E. 87th St. The boy was in her class.

Chicago Public School officials said Miller resigned from the district on June 1. Officials were unable to provide any additional details.

Police Follow Trail Of Blood To Murder Weapon, Hiding Hubby


Temple police have arrested a man after his wife was found stabbed to death in an apartment early Tuesday morning.

Royce Reeve was taken into custody without incident after police found him hiding inside a tunnel in a drainage area.


Temple police were called out to The Kensington Apartment just after midnight, Tuesday morning. Officers arrived in the 400 block of Fryers Creek Drive and saw Autumn Alaine Reeves, a 35-year-old Temple woman, lying in the front room of her apartment.

Officers forced their way into the apartment and tried to resuscitate Reeves by giving her first aid and CPR. The officer’s revival attempts were unsuccessful and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The body was sent to the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas for an autopsy.

The initial investigation shows that Alaine Reeve and her husband were involved in a domestic disturbance when the stabbing took place.

Officers searched the area and found several items with blood on them, including a knife that is believed to be the murder weapon. Officers searched a drainage ditch near the apartment complex and found the victim’s husband, 56-year-old Royce Reeve, hiding inside a tunnel.

Authorities are still investigating this homicide.

Teacher Arrested On Wedding Day, Charged With Raping Student


An upstate New York math teacher was supposed to be  getting married on Friday — but instead was charged with raping a 16-year-old  female student.

John-M_-AzabacheThe Journal News reports that Ossining High School  teacher John Azabache was arrested when the girl contacted police. She said they  had sexual relations twice between March and July, not on school property. It’s  not clear whether she was his student.

The attorney for the 31-year-old teacher says his  client was not charged with any forcible compulsion. He says the alleged  incident involves a minor who is “just under 17.”

Azabache pleaded not guilty to third-degree rape and  posted $50,000 bail.

Defense lawyer Tony Castro said Azabache’s wedding to  Amanda Rae DeLuccia of White Plains, originally scheduled for Friday, was  canceled some time ago. He would not say whether the cancellation was related to  the charges.

Ossining School District Superintendent Raymond  Sanchez said officials were “disturbed and appalled” by the charges. Counseling  is being offered to students next week.

Sanchez said Azabache was hired in 2008 and had no  prior criminal record. He has been “administratively reassigned” and barred from  school grounds, the superintendent said.

Many guests were told Thursday night that the wedding  was off.

“It all just came out at the last minute,” said the  bride’s 92-year-old grandmother, Josephine DeLuccia. “He always seemed like a  nice guy. I don’t know what happened. I hope they send him to jail forever.”

She spoke with her granddaughter Friday morning and  said she was told, “Nanny, don’t worry about me. I’m strong; I’ll survive.”  Amanda DeLuccia told her that she was going to hang out with friends and see a  movie on what would have been her wedding night.