Mom Nabs Sex- Romping Math Teacher Andrew Welsh Hiding Under Her Daughter’s Bed


15fna14A shocked mom discovered her daughter was having sex with her married math teacher after she caught him hiding under the teenager’s bed.

Andrew Welsh was cowering in a tiny storage door under the bed when he was discovered by the mother who had returned home early.

The 36-year-old had been “kissing and cuddling” the teenager.

The mother had already spotted the teacher’s boots next to the bed.

Confronted, the daughter said: “It’s Andy.”

Welsh was later arrested at school.

The incident happened in Bolton, north west England.

Married to a doctor, Welsh has received a suspended 14 months jail sentence as well as being ordered to do community work after being convicted on six counts of activity with a child being a person in a position of trust, reported the Manchester Evening News.

Welsh and the girl, who cannot be named, had consensual sex twice. He also sent her sexually explicit text messages.

He claimed that she had just finished attending the school, he did not think their relationship was illegal.

His wife has vowed to stand by him.

Dad Hits Teacher With Bat After Finding Inappropriate Texts With Daughter


baseball-batInappropriate messages between a teacher and a student lead to an incident in Baltimore County.

The mother of a 15-year-old Perry Hall High School student first contacted police about a suspicious condition early Thursday morning.

When police arrived, they found numerous text messages sent back and forth between the girl and one of her teachers.

Officers say the texts described an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student.

Several hours later, police returned to the girl’s home in the 4600-block of Vicky Road for a report of a disturbance.

The girl’s father told police the 42-year-old teacher showed up at the home without permission, saying he wanted to talk.

The girl’s father told the teacher to leave, but he refused. The girl’s father then struck the teacher with a baseball bat.

The teacher sustained minor injuries but said he does not wish to pursue charges.

The name of the teacher will not be released because he has not been charged with a crime.

Gym Teacher Joy Morsi Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With Two Students


A high school teacher in Queens is under arrest and facing charges, accused of having a sexual relationship with a student that started when he was 16 years old.

Joy-MorsiJoy Morsi, a 39-year-old gym teacher at Grover Cleveland High School in Ridgewood, is charged with third-degree rape and third-degree criminal sex act.

Police say Morsi had sex with the student both inside and outside the school, and also sent explicit texts, pictures and videos. The relationship allegedly began in June of 2013 and continued for quite some time.

The boy, a member of the wrestling team, did not come forward, with authorities apparently being tipped off after one of the student’s female friends told her parents.

That girl’s mother, who also works in the school system, informed another education department employee.

The Deptartment of Education immediately removed Morsi from the classroom, officials said, and they were looking into her interactions with other students.

Morsi’s husband also works at the school.

The DOE says she has no prior investigations against her, and has been a gym teacher at the school since 1999.

In a written statement, the DOE said “The Department immediately removed Joy Morsi from the classroom upon learning the allegations. We find these claims disturbing and reprehensible and she will remain reassigned – far from any student and the school – pending a criminal investigation. We will work closely with the school to ensure they are given any needed support.”

Morsi, who has four children, had nothing to say as she left court Tuesday.

In June of 2013, she allegedly asked the student if he needed help losing weight, brought him into a closet in the gym and showed him her breasts.

Officials say she then began a sexual relationship with the teen, that the pair met between 20 and 30 times in the basement of the school and other locations.

In court Tuesday, the assistant district attorney pointed out the illicit affair continued even after the student turned 17, saying it all came to an end two weeks ago after the boy asked a female student to the prom.

Teacher In Trouble After Making Elementary Students ‘Pay To Potty’


untitledA third-grade teacher in Vancouver, Washington is being investigated by school district officials after parents complained that she made students pay to use the restroom.

The objectionable policy came to light after two girls in the class wet themselves

KATU reports that one of the class’s two unnamed teachers introduced fake money as a classroom currency. The station says:

Several third graders at Mill Plain Elementary said their third grade teachers require them to earn $50 of Monopoly money to buy toys, popcorn or pizza or use it to go to the bathroom.

“What kid is going to spend money to go to the bathroom?” [parent Merchon Ortega] said. “No child should have to pay to use the restroom. Are you kidding me? That’s absolutely insane.”

The mother of the other girl who wet herself said her daughter used her money to buy popcorn because that’s what her friends did and she didn’t want to be left out. The girl held her bladder until it hurt and she wet herself.

District spokeswoman Gail Spolar told KOIN that “pay to potty” is not a district policy, but rather a way in which the teachers kept track of when the students left the classroom.

A substitute teacher has replaced the teacher being investigated.

If you’re a substitute teacher, don’t ask fourth graders for booty call advice


The Department of Education fired a substitute teacher who had reportedly turned to her fourth-grade students for dating advice.

SubstituteCassandre Fiering was filling in for a class of five fourth-graders at P.S. 189 on June 13.

“It was an all-day situation and I was in the room for seven hours without a lesson plan,” Fiering said of the school day. The 45-year-old teacher, who also acts in commercials and has had small roles in movies and on TV, said she decided to discuss relationships with students – her relationships.

At the time, she was dating two men. Although she later noted that “it was all theoretical,” she sought out her young class’s opinions on the two men.

Fiering reportedly acted out her scenarios with her students, in which she acted as the boyfriends and students took turns pretending to be her. She allegedly hugged one student, tapped another’s shoulder, and touched two students’ thighs.

The case was investigated by the office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation for New York City Schools. The investigation began when Fiering’s students told school officials that they had counseled Fiering on her romantic life.

The students added that Fiering had called them her “munchkins,” and had asked them to toilet paper one of the boyfriend’s houses.

Fiering has maintained that she did not touch any student inappropriately, and that she could not remember if she had hugged one of them.

“The kids were saying, ‘Oh, we’re your counselor,’” Fiering recalled of the day’s activities, which she insists were harmless and done in fun. “They were excited to have me listen to their advice.”

“They were saying all kinds of things, trying to help me because this guy was being a jerk to me,” Fiering added.

She added that the conversations was “G-rated,” and that they had not been “talking about sex or anything.”

Fiering had only been working for the Department of Education for a few months – she started in March 2013 – at the time of the June 2013 incident. She noted, however, that she had worked as an educator for decades, during which she had never been accused of impropriety.

Although she admits that she crossed a line in bringing her personal life into the classroom, Fiering questions whether the poor judgment call merits her termination: she is currently appealing her firing.

If Fiering’s judgment in asking the class for such advice was skewed, the children’s opinions certainly were not: according to investigators, the students told her to break up with the younger of the two boyfriends because he had not returned her phone calls.

She has since ended her relationship with both men.

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Drunk and disorderly is no way to go through your work day, Mrs. Elementary School Librarian


The Otto-Eldred Elementary School librarian was arraigned Thursday on charges alleging she was so intoxicated that she was staggering down the hall and slurring her speech while in school.

HamsterTarantDenise M. Whiteman, 50, of Whitetail Road, Eldred, is charged with endangering the welfare of a children, a third-degree felony; recklessly endangering another person, a first-degree misdemeanor; disorderly conduct, a third-degree misdemeanor; and public drunkenness, a summary offense.

According to court records, on March 31, elementary school personnel contacted Otto-Eldred Regional Police to talk about a problem with a teacher. On April 1, police Chief Craig Switzer went to the school and spoke to Superintendent Matt Splain and Principal Terry Stanley, who explained Whiteman had been acting “odd or funny during the day.” Several teachers had noticed her strange behavior, according to a police criminal complaint.

At about 3 p.m. March 31, during a conversation with Mr. Stanley, Whiteman’s speech was allegedly “very slow and slurred,” and she looked very pale. According to court records, she would sit and look out the window, was slow to answer Mr. Stanley’s questions and may have smelled of alcohol.

Whiteman was taken to Cole Memorial Hospital in Coudersport to be checked out, court records read.

Police said she was intoxicated, displayed drunkenness while walking through the halls and in her classroom, was on the school’s surveillance video staggering in the halls and was talking incoherently to her students and other teachers.

Throughout the course of March 31, she had been in contact with more than 100 students, court records indicate.

She was arraigned before District Judge Bill Todd and released on $5,000 unsecured bail. She waived her preliminary hearing at that time.

Teacher Accused In Killing, Grilling Disabled Daughter On Barbecue


A teacher in southern Africa allegedly used a barbecue grill to burn the dismembered remains of her disabled daughter, according to regional media outlets.

Investigators say the suspect is a 49-year-old teacher from Ongwediva, a town in the Oshana Region. Authorities have not released the woman’s name, but her daughter has been identified as 26-year-old Magdalena Nunyango Amunyoko, The Namibian reported.

n-NAMIBIAN-TEACHER-2-large570The grisly slaying was discovered Saturday, when Amunyoko’s brother, a student at the University of Namibia, went to check on her. According to The Namibian, Amunyoko was born with a rare condition that restricted her body functions, left her bedridden and with slurred speech.

Amunyoko’s mother reportedly refused to tell her son where his sister was, so he searched the home for her. It was outside, on a barbecue grill stand, that he found the gruesome remains of his sister, New Era reported.

When authorities arrived on the scene, Amunyoko’s mother allegedly refused to let them inside her home. Investigators reportedly broke down the front door to gain entry.

“We found a dustbin with ashes and other burned items and when it was lifted up, we found a human body, which was identified to be that of the late 27-year-old woman,” Oshana Regional Police Commander Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa told The Namibian Sun.

Inside the home, investigators reportedly found handwritten letters on a table with the words “burn the enemy” written on them.

“She told the police that there are devils in the house and that she was seeing devils,” said Kashihakumwa.

In addition to the victim, police found the remnants of a television, a satellite dish and Amunyoko’s wheelchair.

Neighbors told local reporters they saw items burning in the suspect’s backyard Friday, but were unaware Amunyoko’s body was among them.

“We just thought [Amunyoko’s mom] was moving out of the house or something… We saw her burning things and we still just thought she was cleaning up her yard,” a unidentified neighbor told The Namibian.

The preliminary police investigation indicates the victim was hacked to death with a machete Friday, before she was burnt on the barbecue grill.

Authorities have not provided local media outlets with any more details about how they believe Amunyoko’s death occurred, but did reportedly say many of her body parts were reduced to ashes.

Police are also investigating Foursquare Gospel Church. The suspect was an attendee and investigators are concerned about the church’s alleged doctrine in dealing with demons and evil spirits.

“We are suspecting the church to have had a hand in the death based on what the suspect was saying and complaints from other people in the region that some churches contribute to confusing people,” Kashihakumwa told The Namibian Sun.

Foursquare Gospel Church did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post on Monday. Speaking with The Namibian Sun, Pastor Festus Negumbo said the suspect had not been active in the church for about a year.

“We do not teach people about demons and devils, which will confuse them, but we teach people about morality,” Negumbo said. “She has not been coming to church for over a year now and we tried to reach out to her, but she isolated herself. She never said anything about demons in her house to the church.”

The suspect is being held in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital, pending her Monday arraignment in the Oshakati Magistrates’ Court.