Mom Helped Boyfriend Bury Her Daughter After He Stomped Toddler To Death


Arlington police have arrested the mother of a 19-month-old girl in connection with her death.

Alexis-BotelloBotello told police she and her 20-year-old boyfriend, Joshua Markus Beard, bought shovels and gloves and buried her daughter, Tylea Moore, in Parker County, according to police documents. She said Beard severely beat and stomped on the toddler on Friday or Saturday in their Arlington home.Alexis Botello, 17, faces charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and injury to a child.

Botello originally told police she hadn’t seen her child for two days but eventually admitted Tylea had been killed and said Beard “didn’t mean to do it,” according to police records. She told police she tried to stop Beard, but said he started hitting her.

Botello’s bail has been set at $125,000. Beard, 20, faces a capital murder charge. His bail has been set at $1 million.

Original item July 7 at 4:45 p.m.: Arlington police have a suspect in custody in the slaying of a 19-month-old girl on Friday or Saturday.

Police say Joshua Markus Beard, 20, hit his girlfriend’s child and stomped on her in a house in the 2200 block of Polo Club Court that they lived in together, according to the evidentiary search warrant.

On Sunday, Beard’s aunt called police to report a missing child. She had gone to an Arlington hotel in the 1900 block of West Pleasant Ridge Road near Interstate 20 to check on Beard’s girlfriend, Alexis Botello. Beard, who was booked into the Arlington jail on Saturday on unrelated charges, said he had been unable to reach Botello.

beard-240x300From the onset, police believed that the child was not missing and suspected foul play, said Arlington police Sgt. Jeff Houston.

When police arrived, Botello, 17, said she hadn’t seen Tylea for two days, but eventually told police that Beard “didn’t mean to do it,” and said he told her not to say a word, according to police documents.

When police spoke with Botello she said she and Beard were fighting because Beard was pushing and yelling at Tylea. She told him to stop, saying that Tylea was just a baby and didn’t understand. Eventually, Beard went to sleep and Botello put Tylea to bed, but she told police when she went to check on the toddler in the morning, Tylea “looked awful” and had bruises on her ribs, chest, arms, legs and tops of her feet, according to police documents.Botello said she couldn’t believe her child, Tylea Moore, was gone.

Tylea also had bite marks all over her and two cuts on her mouth, Botello said. She described Beard hitting the toddler over and over again and said he threw Tylea on the bed so hard that she bounced off and landed on the ground at which point he began stomping on her stomach until she started throwing up green stuff, according to police documents. She said they both tried CPR on the toddler but she wouldn’t breathe.

Botello told police they put the toddler in the trunk of the car, picked up gloves and shovels from Wal-Mart, and buried her in a hole they dug near a bridge in Springtown, Parker County.

“This is an unfortunate, just tragic, tragic case,” said Lt. Christopher Cook with Arlington police. “Number one, we thought we were dealing with a missing child. That already is unnerving for a community. But then, when foul play is suspected early on, it is just very traumatic for all of our officers, detectives and also all our crime scene personnel working the case.”

Beard is currently being held in Arlington jail on a capital murder charge. He also has charges for marijuana possession and speeding.

Investigators found human remains in Parker County on Monday, but police have not confirmed whether the remains belong to Tylea.

Drugged-Up Couple Arrested After Forgetting Infant Was In Backseat Of Car


A Denham Springs man, and a St. Amant woman were arrested Friday night by Walker Police on child cruelty and drug charges.


Police arrested Billy Arthur Henry, Jr., 35, and Lana Wallace Henry, 32.

According to a report, Walker officers responded to a report of an infant locked in a car in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

When police arrived, they noticed a baby crying in the backseat. Officers made the decision to force entry into the vehicle to rescue the child due to high summer temperatures.

Police checked the child for injuries and called the Office of Child Services.

Officers searched the car in an effort to identify the owner of the vehicle. At that time, Billy and Lana Henry were seen walking toward the vehicle.

When officers questioned them, they admitted to owning the vehicle and being the parents of the infant inside. Police learned that the baby had been locked in the car for nearly an hour.

Both parents were then arrested for child cruelty.

Based on their behavior, condition, and statements to officers, Walker police determined that both the father and mother were impaired.

One officer reported that the suspects “were unsteady on their feet and had slurred speech.”

Police then questioned the mother and father separately. Both of them seemed shocked when asked about the infant. Neither of them remembered bringing the child along with them to Wal-Mart.

Both subjects later admitted to taking Oxycodone. After searching the vehicle, officers also found marijuana, Adderall, oxymorphone (Opana), and a syringe in the wife’s purse.

Police suspected that the parents might have other children. The parents were initially uncooperative, but eventually told police that their three other children were with family at a house with a blue door, near a tire shop on Florida Boulevard.

Police located the house and found the other three children with a member of the Henry family. One of the children was a twin of the baby found in car at Wal-Mart. The other two children, both girls, were 10 and 11-years-old.

OCS placed all of the children into state custody.

The couple was transported to the Walker Police Department for processing.

When they arrived, officers found Xanax on the floor of the police vehicle in which the couple was transported. Lana Henry admitted to dropping the drugs on the floor.

Billy Arthur Henry, Jr., was booked with Cruelty to Juveniles; Possession of Schedule I CDS (Synthetic Marijuana); and Disturbing the Peace. He is currently being held in the Livingston Parish Detention Center with bail set at $26,000.00.

Lana Wallace Henry was booked on charges of Cruelty to Juveniles; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of Schedule I CDS (Synthetic Marijuana); Two Counts of Possession of Schedule II CDS (Oxymorphone & Adderall); Possession of Schedule IV CDS (Xanax); Possession of a Legend Drug without a Prescription; and Disturbing the Peace. Lana Henry’s bail was set at $56,500.

After the booking process, a Adderall was found hidden on Lana Henry’s person, resulting in additional charges of Possession of Schedule II CDS (Adderall) and Introduction of Contraband into a Penal Institution. Bail on those charges has been set at $45,000.00. She remains in the Livingston Parish Detention Center in lieu of bail.

Samantha Unger Admitted To Poisoning Toddler With Visine


Samantha-UngerPennsylvania State Police have arrested a former Adams County woman, who is accused of poisoning her two children with Visine.  Samantha Elizabeth Unger, 22, now of Thurmont, Md. is charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of children.

Stacey Unger says she felt helpless watching her 3-year old grandson suffer from unexplained illness. “It was terrifying, it was so terrifying,” said Stacey. “This whole ordeal has just been very traumatic, very rough for us.”

Stacey soon learned the why her grandson was sick.

According to police documents the 3-year old was hospitalized with life threatening symptoms several times. The boy was finally flown by helicopter to Penn State Hershey Medical Center in March. “It was reported to us that a 3-year old child was experiencing medical problems, he was at Hershey Medical Center, and it looked like it could possibly be poisoning,” said Lt. Frederick Hess, Station Commander with Gettysburg State Police. After several tests with different medical experts State Police got involved. “There were poisonous amounts of Tetrahydrozoline in the boy’s system,” said Lt. Hess.

During an interview, State Police Investigators say the boy’s mother, Samantha Unger, confessed to poisoning him with Visine. “She was secretly putting the Visine in his water bottle and his juice bottle,” said Lt. Hess.

When used in your eyes, Visine is harmless. Ingesting the eye drop can cause life threatening symptoms, such as rapid heart rate, convulsions, and it can even put a person into a mild coma.

Police said Unger also admitted that her 1-year old son became ill after he accidentally consumed the poisoned drinks she had made for his brother. According to police documents Unger told police that she did not know how much Visine she had used, but she admitted to using more than one bottle.

Lt. Hess said Unger did give a motive, but he would not elaborate because of the ongoing investigation.

Unger, formerly of Orrtanna, was arrested on June 19 after a two to three month investigation and taken to Adams County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail. She posted bail on June 20th and was released. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 24.

Mom Arrested For Tossing Baby From Moving Car Just To Get A Reaction From Child’s Father

 A woman is being charged with attempted murder after deputies say she flung her baby out of a moving car.
The Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to Franklin Medical Center in Winnsboro around 1:30 a.m. Sunday, June 22, to investigate the incident. They were called to the ER when staff noticed a 20-month-old child suffered injuries that were reported as severe in nature.
On arriving, deputies with the Sheriff’s Office began interviewing the child’s mother and quickly became alarmed about the facts of the case.
Lasasha-AllenThe mother of the child, who has been identified as 23-year-old Lasasha Allen of Winnsboro, was brought to the Sheriff’s Office where further investigation revealed the true intent of the injuries.
“It was finally determined that this was more than an accident. This was an intentional act,” said Franklin Parish Sheriff, Kevin Cobb.
According to Sheriff’s investigators, Allen had made contact with the father of the child on Saturday, June 21, and had told the father that the child had fallen out of a car window while riding in the Monroe area and had been injured. The intent, according to Sheriff Cobb, was to get a reaction from the father.
“The next day when she got no repsonse, she made the determination to make this come true,” he said.
Cobb stated that when that attempt failed, on the following day, Sunday, June 22, Allen staged an event in which she placed the 20-month old in the passenger seat, accompanied by another 7-year-old child who was placed in the back seat, and drove to a rural location with an extremely curved roadway.
According to the investigation, Allen then drove at a speed of up to 45 miles an hour, reached over and opened the door and intentionally causing the younger child to be shoved out.
According to the report, Allen stated that her intent was to inflict minor damage so that she would not be caught in a lie with the child’s father. She then waited for a period of time and took the injured child to the Medical Center.
“She was having stories that just weren’t adding up and did not make sense,” Cobb said. “She arranged it, bascially staging this event to where it would look like an accident.”
Cobb said that the injuries suffered by the child were very serious and the child was airlifted to a Shreveport medical facility for treatment. He stated that according to information received today from the medical facility the child is in stable condition pending surgery.
“One thing is certain,” Cobb said. “The child is in a safer place today than in the hands of the mother. Justice can’t move quickly enough in this.”
Allen has been charged with attempted second degree murder and is in custody at the Franklin Parish Detention Center. Bond has been set at $750,000.
“My hope is once this is admitted to the district attorney, that justice moves quickly,” said Cobb.
In addition to the injured child, Cobb said she has five other children who have been placed in the custody of Child Services.
“This was a horrendous act, one that is beyond explanation, Sheriff Cobb said. “I hope that everyone will pray for that child and its siblings through this ordeal.”


Jennifer Vargas Gets Jail For Using Super Glue On Son’s Ripped Scrotum


Jennifer-Marie-VargasMilitary wife Jennifer Marie Vargas, who is accused of partially tearing her 6-year-old son’s genitals and supergluing them, opted Monday to remain in jail pending trial.

The boy’s father, who spoke with the San Antonio Express-News on the condition that neither his name nor his children’s names be used (in order protect their privacy), said Monday that his son spent three days in the hospital. He also has another child with Vargas, to whom he has been married for 11 years.

“He’s fine,” the Army soldier said of the boy. “He’ll be OK. … They just want to get back to some normalcy after the past (few) weeks.”

Vargas, whose maiden name is Hackney and still uses her last name from a previous marriage, waived hearings Monday for probable cause and bail in federal court in San Antonio.

That means she did not contest that the Army and the FBI had probable cause to arrest her on a preliminary federal charge of assault with bodily injury, and she opted not to seek bail. The charge carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

She was persuaded to waive the hearings by her lawyer, assistant federal public defenderAlfredo Villarreal, in part because of the massive, international media attention Vargas’ case has garnered since the Express-News first reported it last week. The hearings would have meant the release of more details about the case.

Villarreal left through a rear door of the courtroom and was unavailable for comment after the hearing.

622x350Court records said that on Sept. 27, the father discovered the boy crying in his room when the father returned to the family’s residence at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, where the father is stationed.

The boy had blood in his underwear, and the father took him to San Antonio Military Medical Center, where he underwent surgery to repair a 1.5-inch tear to his scrotum. The boy also had bruising to his penis.

Vargas, who turns 34 in December, later admitted to investigators she was angry and pulled the boy’s genitals hard, causing the tear.

She also told agents that rather than seek medical attention, she cleaned the injury with alcohol, put superglue on it until it stopped bleeding, stuffed paper towels in his underwear and sent him to bed, court records said.

The father said he had some idea why Vargas is accused of injuring the boy, but he declined to elaborate. Also, a friend stepped in and requested the boy’s father not be asked to discuss the incident because it is too difficult.

The boy’s father said there had been no previous issues with Vargas.

Vargas, wearing a jail jumpsuit and shackled and cuffed, looked briefly toward her husband while he looked straight ahead during the hearing.

The father said he is divorcing Vargas. While appreciative of the outpouring of support from strangers for his child, he asked for privacy.

“It’s a terrible case, and it’s almost unbelievable anyone could hurt a child the way she (allegedly) hurt this little boy,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Sarah Wannarka. “I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen anyone act with such a rage and hurt their child this way.”

Federal authorities are involved because it happened on federal land, and Vargas is a civilian.

Last week, the Express-News reported that Vargas got deferred adjudication probation and paid a fine for assaulting an ex-husband in 1999 in Georgetown, north of Austin.

The case involving the child now proceeds to a grand jury for possible indictment, or formal charges.

Mom Accused Of Abandoning Toddler In Field Days After Winning Custody


A mother is in custody after her toddler was found alone in a tipped-over stroller.

Stacey-NikkelSheriff’s deputies out of Tehachapi were dispatched to an incident involving a 2-year-old child who was found alone.

A person passing by in the area found the 2-year-old child stuck in a stroller that was tipped over and left unattended, deputies said.

The child was found in a vacant field, near the north side of the roadway of Cherry Lane, near Sage Lane. It is believed the child was alone in the stroller from about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday until found at about 9 a.m. the next day, deputies said.

The child was physically unharmed and was taken into protective custody then transported the Jamison Center.

Deputies located and arrested the child’s mother, 34-year-old Stacey Nikkel, who is a resident in the Tehachapi area.

Just before the incident, a couple had been trying to adopt the girl and had her in their custody. Nikkel and the couple had been locked in a custody battle. The judge at the hearing said that CPS dropped the ball, and awarded custody back to Nikkel on June 9, a family member told 23ABC.

Nikkel was subsequently arrested on charges of Child Endangerment, Child Abandonment, and Being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance. She was booked on the charges at the Central Receiving Jail in Bakersfield. Her bail was set at $20,000.

Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Finds Her Naked With Three Very Young Boys


A 30-year old Sioux Falls woman has been charged with rape, sexual contact with a child, and sexual exploitation of a minor after her boyfriend discovered her naked in their apartment Wednesday night with at least three boys between age 7 and 10.

Anne-DoublerSioux Falls police spokesman Sam Clemens said Anne Elizabeth Doubler’s boyfriend returned home with the couple’s 4-year-old son and caught her with the boys. The incident took place in their apartment in the 600 block of North Lewis Avenue.

“They walked in to the apartment and ended up seeing her completely naked,” Clemens said.

The boyfriend told police that Doubler admitted to having sexual contact with the boys, Clemens said. He then called police as the other boys scattered, he said.

Police later interviewed the boys, who confirmed that they had had sexual contact with Double, Clemens said.

The boys were not related to her and lived in the surrounding apartments, police said. Two of the three victims were brothers.

Police are still working to identify all potential victims and find out how long it may have been going on.

“This is something we don’t see very often,” Clemens said. “When we’re talking about multiple victims, especially at one time, that’s unusual.”

Doubler could spend the rest of her life in prison, if convicted of five counts each of first-degree rape, sexual contact with a child under 16 and sexual exploitation of a minor.

In court Thursday, Judge John Schlimgen granted the prosecution’s request to hold Doubler on a $50,000 cash-only bond.

She will be allowed to have supervised contact with her son.

Couple Abused Adopted Daughters, Made Oldest Live In Backyard Naked


A Peoria couple are accused of abusing the children they adopted.


Police said over the last five years, the four girls, ages 7 to 13, had been fostered and then adopted by Johann and Kimery Jorg.

When Peoria police went to the home last week, they said they found a list of the punishments used on the two older girls, which allegedly included making the 13-year-old live in the backyard off and on since Christmas naked without even a bathroom.

The teen and an 11-year-old were extremely malnourished and emaciated.

“There’s no words,” neighbor Brittany Balog said. “I’m just sick right now.”

Balog was stunned when she found out what Peoria police said her neighbors allegedly have been doing to their two oldest adopted daughters.

“The 13-year-old daughter was put in the backyard in what they call ‘deep prison,’” Peoria police spokeswoman Amanda Jacinto said. “She would live in the backyard. She would be forced to wear a diaper or sometimes not even a diaper. They would have bathroom facilities out there that involved a bucket. She would live out of a tent.”

Jacinto said other punishments included running for an hour or more barefoot in the heat and getting swatted on the buttocks with a wooden paddle. The couple allegedly had shaved the 13-year-old’s head as a punishment, telling her she didn’t deserve to have her hair.

Jacinto said the punishments were mainly for stealing and lying. The 13-year-old acknowledged she had been caught stealing food because she was hungry.

“That’s horrible,” neighbor Tim Brackett said. “I just can’t imagine anybody treating their children or even anybody else’s children like that.”

Police said the Jorgs came to the attention of Child Protective Services when they went to a behavioral health facility for help with their 11- and 13-year-old daughters. When the parents told workers how they had been disciplining the girls, the facility called CPS, who then called police.

Kimery Jorg reportedly told police that the girls have so many punishments, she often can’t get through them all so she writes notes to remind herself of the remaining punishments the girls “owe” her, according to court records. Police said they found dozens of Post-it notes in the kitchen.

“When we brought them in, they again stood by the fact that this was in the best interest of the girls,” Jacinto said.

Police said the two youngest adopted daughters, ages 7 and 8, were not subjected to the same type of punishments.

All four girls are in the protective custody of CPS. The 13-year-old is still in the hospital due to severe malnutrition. Police say at nearly 5 feet tall she weighed only 61 pounds.

The Jorgs were arrested Thursday and are each facing four counts of child abuse. Each is being held on $100,000 bond.

Married mom, 38, ‘had sex with her daughter’s friend, 15, and was only discovered after he was caught showing off the naked selfies she had sent him’


A married mother-of-two has been charged with multiple counts of rape after admitting to having a sexual relationship with one of her teenage daughter’s male friends.

article-2650709-1E86BCA700000578-363_634x471Heather Salines, 38, has entered a not guilty plea to the six counts of aggravated rape after she admitted to having sex with a 15-year-old boy.

She also sent the boy, whose name has not been revealed because of the nature of the crimes, nude selfies which ended up leading to her arrest.

The investigation into the case began when a student at Belmonte Middle School in Saugus, Massachusetts reported that the boy was showing off the naked pictures that Salines had sent him.

The Boston Herald reports that the boy told police he had previously had sex with Salines and they had exchanged naked photos.

She was later questioned by authorities and admitted that they had sex on a number of occasions but the exact number of sexual encounters has not been revealed.

Salines said she had met the boy two months before they became intimate, and he had told her about the personal turmoil he went through after ‘he lost his mother at a young age’.

‘When I looked at him, he did not act like a 15-year-old… he acted like a grown man,’ she said.

At one point early in the illegal relationship, he was alone at her house and they ‘were kissing and that she was touching him over his clothing’.

‘Things spiraled out of control,’ Salem News reports, citing the charging documents.

They first had sex in a car in the parking lot of a Saugus-area park on March 17.

The Boston Herald reports that she pointed the finger at the boy for taking the trysts to the next level, saying that he was the one to suggest they get a hotel room since there was always the threat that her daughter could walk in on them when they were at the house.

The boy was friends with Salines’ teenage daughter but the age and sex of her other child are unknown.

Salines and the boy booked a room at the local DoubleTree hotel on March 19, two days after their coupling.

‘She said they became close, and she developed feelings that she was not proud of,’ the police report states, according to the Salem News.

‘She said she tried to renege but that one thing led to another.’

Salines now faces six counts of aggravated rape and abuse of a child, one charge of child enticement and one charge of disseminating obscene material to a minor.

The aggravated rape charges are by far the most serious, as the mandatory minimum for each count carries a 10 year prison sentence, meaning that she could face 60 years behind bars if she is found guilty.

She has been indicted by a grand jury and appeared in court on Thursday in Salem to enter her not guilty plea.

Salines was accompanied by her lawyer and a man that would only identify himself as a family member.

That relative told the Salem News that she ‘has the full support of her family’.

Drunk Texas Mother Mugged For Camera After Bust For Endangering Her Newborn Daughter’s Life


sandragrohmannMeet Sandra Luann Grohmann.

The 29-year-old Texan was sentenced yesterday to six months in jail after pleading guilty to endangering the safety of her newborn baby daughter.

According to police, Grohmann drunkenly toppled over while she was pushing the unsecured child in a stroller. As a result, the baby fell to the ground. As seen in the mug shot, Grohmann appeared unconcerned following her collar last month.

Grohmann was named in an April 22 criminal complaint charging her with endangerment of a child (a grand jury last week indicted her on that same felony count). Grohmann pleaded guilty yesterday during a District Court hearing.

Court records show that Grohmann’s rap sheet includes prior arrests for drunk driving and theft.