Tina Durant Accused Of Allowing Man To Get Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Pregnant


A Newton mother is charged with child endangerment after it was discovered her 12-year-old daughter became preganant as the result of alleged sexual abuse.

Tina-DurantTina M. Durant, 37, was charged Friday following an investigation in which police determined the victim was sleeping in the same bed as Jacob White, 24 of Newton, and was suspected of engaging in sexual behavior between April and May.

During a doctor’s visit the victim was heard telling Durant “I tried to tell you several times,” according to a police report.

Multiple witnesses indicated they had addressed the matter with Durant, but she refused to take any action, according to a police report. After a witness explicitatly told Durant that she had seen the victim engaging in sexual behavior, Durant still failed to protect the victim by notifiying law enforcement, the Department of Human Services or taking any action herself, according to the police report.

White was charged July 17 with third-degree sexual abuse, according to police records. In White’s arrest report it says the victim’s parents reported the alleged abuse after reading her Faceboook conversations with White.

Durant was cited and released. Her initial court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 9.

White is not in custody, but has a no contact order with the victim. A court appearance has not been scheduled for his case.

Parents turn 13-year-old daughter in to police for texting nude photos of herself to classmates


The parents became aware of what their 13-year-old was doing, when their other child heard voices in her bedroom around 4 a.m.

The parents then confiscated the electronics. 

sexting“Looking through the phone and the tablet we did find sexual pictures, conversations that were very inappropriate for her age,” she said.

While none of the nude photo’s showed their daughter with anyone else, there were pictures being sent back and forth with other boys.

“Everybody wanted to be her friend, because according to these people, she was cool now,” she said.

But they also made a startling discovery involving whom they believe is an area high school senior.

“We believe them to be 17-18ish… Definitely older than her. Did request that they have sex.”

The parents said that they called in the sheriff’s office to protect their daughter even though she could face criminal charges.

“We did this now to protect her for now and in the future, because this could get worse. She could be taken,” she said.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Lisa Caruso said there are other options for the teen, not necessarily going through the court system.

“What’s called diversion in the juvenile justice system. That’s a 12 week program and it would be group classes. The parents would get involved [and] there would be some counseling,” Caruso said.

However, the older teens could face felony charges depending on their ages.

The mother said while some may criticize their decision to go to sheriff’s investigators, they did so out of fear. They did not want someone to see the pictures and try to find their daughter.

“What she’s facing may be harsh, but we feel it’s for her own protection,” the mother said.

And the mother has important advice for other parents to keep their children from accessing dangerous apps.

“Please put parental controls on everything. I was informed that if you take it to the store… wherever store you buy it from, they can put all kinds of locks and controls in place, so that they can’t access these apps,” she said.

Short on money? Why not start claiming your child has terminal cancer?


leatha-kaye-slausonLeatha Kaye Slauson, 30, of Atlantic Iowa is facing charges linked to an allegation that she solicited money and widespread attention by claiming her 5-year-old daughter had terminal cancer. The child is not sick.

Slauson is currently charged with Felony Child Endangerment and Distribution of Drugs to a Child Under 18. That latter is a Class B felony.

The community had rallied behind efforts to help Riley Slauson enjoy what everyone believed was a life shortened by cancer. Fund-raising events helped pay for a trip to Disney World and to ease the family’s financial burden. The donations included more than $1,000 to an online donation site.

County Attorney Dan Feistner said Friday the child’s mother had admitted, “It was all, in essence, a ruse if you will on her part.”

The alleged scam began to take shape in October, 2013. Atlantic Police Chief Steve Green said, “She brought forth the story that the child was declining in health,” and a flood of support followed.

That story escalated through an elaborate web that drew in donations by word of mouth and Internet outreach.

Feistner said, “The community of Cass County, city of Atlantic commenced a flow-blown support of this individual.”

How much money was involved in this is uncertain. Feistner said, “It’s difficult to determine at this time,” but the donations involved checks, cash and payment for goods and services.

The story began to unravel as Riley was preparing to enter kindergarten. The school was looking into setting up a program for Riley and authorities say the medical contacts involved in that process turned up irregularities.

That triggered a rapidly unfolding investigation that resulted in charges within 24 hours.

Riley and four siblings are now in their father’s custody. Investigators say Leatha Slauson is the only person who appears to have been involved in any allegedly illegal activity.

She is currently being held in the county jail. Bond was initially withheld. A magistrate will review the case with the addition of the drug charge that was added Friday after the original Child Endangerment charge was filed.

The drug involved was Cannabis oil and Riley tested positive for that.

Feistner said, “There was a presence of THC in the child. That’s correct.”

The investigation is ongoing. The prosecutor said it’s possible that other legal action could follow. “Fraud, theft, I think there are possible other charges,” he said but that’s speculative at this point in the case.

Both Feistner and Chief Green said that while all of this appears to have been a con, what was genuine was the response of the community to the plight of an ostensibly ill child.

Chief Green said, “This isn’t the first time this community has stepped up for people. We do it for everybody.”

The chief himself donated to the cause.

“I did,” he said. “As a matter of fact my wife had cancer last year so we’re pretty invested in the situation.”

Feistner said communities near and far have contributed thousands of dollars. The money that’s been accounted for is currently frozen. Feistner says it’s not yet clear what will become of the funds.

Mom From TLC Reality Show Nobody Remembers Jailed For Raping Boy, 13


cum-pigAndrea Clevenger, the 34-year-old mother with a penchant for young boy ejaculate in her mouth, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping a 13-year-old boy.

We reported on Clevenger earlier this year after her sexual relationship with the boy was discovered by the kid’s mom. The boy went on to describe the great time he had with Clevenger, including coming in her mouth after sex, and morning car blows.

Text messages and pictures sent between the two seemed to confirm what the kid was saying, and police would issue two felony warrants for rape and engaging children in sexually explicit conduct for use in a visual or print medium.

Last Thursday, Clevenger pleaded guilty to sexual assault and engaging in sexually explicit conduct with a minor. In return, she was sentenced to 10 years behind bars and will have to register as a sex offender.

Clevenger and her daughter were featured in two seasons of TLC’s “Cheer Perfection,” a forgettable reality show about a team of cheerleaders at Cheer Time Revolution in Sherwood. TLC never renewed the program, nor do they air repeats.

Newborn Alive After Mom Put Him In Trash With Tampon Applicator In His Mouth


Police have arrested a woman they say abandoned her newborn in a building’s bathroom.

Briana-Holland22-year-old Briana Holland of Indianapolis was arrested around 5AM Saturday morning on Neglect of a Dependent charges. Detectives believe Holland gave birth in the building’s bathroom and left the baby behind. The male child is in good condition at Riley Hospital and in the custody of DCS case workers.

Holland was taken to the Arrestee Processing Center for processing and is awaiting official charges from the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Couple Jailed For Keeping Two Girls In Nasty Trailer For Years While They Played World Of Warcraft


128951Lester Huffmire and his wife, Petra Huffmire, have been accused of keeping two young female relatives malnourished and locked inside a nasty trailer for years while they played World of Warcraft all day.

It is being alleged that between May 21, 2010, and May 20, 2013, the couple lived in a mobile home at the Satellite Mobile Homes Estate and prevented the two girls, ages 5 and 10, from leaving the trailer for any reason, including attending school.

Police got involved after multiple calls from concerned neighbors. Grace McKee said she called officials more than once to report something weird was going on with her neighbors, the last time was 12 days ago. “I wish I had forced the issue years ago. They sorta said, ‘If you don’t see much, why should we come out?’ That sort of thing,” she said. “I wish I would have really, really insisted.”

Witness McKayla Smith said she briefly saw one of the girls as she stared at her through a window. “She had a really crazed look on her face. She had huge eyes. She looked sick. She stared at me for a moment and the curtain closed and somebody said, ‘Get away from that window,’” she said.

After another neighbor called on May 20th, a police officer arrived at the couple’s trailer to make a welfare check. What he found inside was a trailer unfit to live in. The trailer was littered with stacks of trash, debris, mold, and feces. There were a pile of used condoms found under a stuffed teddy bear, the kitchen appliances were covered in mold and cobwebs, and the toilets did not work.

As for the two girls, they echoed the surroundings they were living in.  Dirt was crusted on their feet, their hair was matted and their teeth were damaged beyond repair. “They looked small. Very pale, malnourished, not clean,” said OC Deputy District Attorney Lori Smith.

Lester Huffmire and Petra Huffmire, both 41 and reportedly unemployed, were arrested and charged with two felony counts of child abuse, two misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment and a sentencing enhancement for great bodily injury. Both are being held on $100,000 bail and, if convicted, could each face up to seven years in prison.

Couple Accused Of Keeping 7-Year-Old Locked In Outdoor Cage For Weeks


A preliminary hearing is set for Thursday in Circuit Court for a man charged with child abuse and felonious restraint after he — and an Albany County woman — allegedly kept a 7-year-old child in an outdoor cage.

Jena-HarmanJena Harman, the child’s mother, and Alexander Smith are charged with one count each of child abuse and three counts each of felonious restraint, according to District Court felony information documents.

If guilty of all four counts, Harman and Smith each face up to 20 years imprisonment.

They were arrested July 24 after Albany County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a residence on Fox Creek Road and allegedly found the child in a cage.

Harman’s case was bound over to District Court. Her arraignment hasn’t been scheduled yet.

The Public Defender’s Office is representing Harman.

Tom Fleener, attorney with Fleener and Vang, is representing Smith, and Josh Merseal, Deputy County and Prosecuting Attorney, is prosecuting.

Smith’s hearing, scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Thursday in Circuit Court, will determine whether his case is bound over to District Court.

Before the arrests, the Sheriff’s Office began receiving complaints of child abuse and requests for welfare checks dating back to August.

Deputies responded to the property after receiving a tip July 23 that the child was being kept in a cage there.

After arriving, deputies discovered the cage was about six feet square, five feet tall and constructed of cattle paneling and wooden snow fence. Plywood covered half of the top opening. Inside the cage, deputies discovered a cot, clothing, books, a toothbrush, toothpaste and a five-gallon bucket, according to court documents.

A metal chain and “dog-leash-style latch” were allegedly used to keep the child locked in the cage.

The child told deputies he/she had been in the cage on and off for three weeks, using the restroom from the cage, taking meals in the cage and sleeping overnight in the cage — even during rainstorms.

Harman allegedly referred to the cage as the child’s playpen and kept the child in the cage because he/she was misbehaving, according to District Court documents.

Smith told deputies he disliked the child but kept the child in the cage to ensure his/her safety, according to the affidavit.

Both Harman and Smith remain incarcerated at the Albany County Detention Center on $100,000 cash bonds.