Woman Cut Off Three-Year-Old Nephew’s Penis Because He Wanted To Use Her Phone


A woman cut off her three-year-old nephew’s penis after flying into a rage because he walked in on her using the toilet.

ad_152072645-e1416311800403Xue Paan, 37, now faces jail time following her sadistic punishment of her nephew Qiang Qiang, who she was looking after while his mother visited a neighbour in the Henan Province in central China.

Xue was reportedly using her phone on the toilet when the toddler walked in and asked if he could play a game on the device.

She was so angered by this that she took a blunt kitchen knife and cut his penis off with it, then fled the house before her sister, Qiang’s mother, returned.

Mother Cai Tuan, 27, immediately ran back to the house after hearing her child scream.

‘Qiang Qiang had fainted and was lying in a pool of blood. Next to him was a knife and his penis. It was simply horrific,’ she said.

The boy’s parents rushed him to a hospital where surgeons were able to reattach the appendage, before transporting him to a specialist clinic in Beijing.

A hospital spokesman said the knife was ‘quite blunt and the cut wasn’t clean so although we reattached the boy’s penis, it wasn’t ideal and he had to have further treatment’.

Following three surgeries in total, hospital workers are now confident the young boy’s penis will work properly and he should suffer only minor side effects from the attack.

His aunt was tracked down and arrested, and police say she now faces five years in prison for the horrific attack.

Couple takes their seven-month-old baby along during burglary spree


A Georgia couple busted for burglary have confessed to taking their 7-month-old tot along with them on the raids.

burglary15n-1-webKeith Sylvester Evans, 35, and his live-in girlfriend Johnna Lee Rayman, 26, now face additional child cruelty charges, reports AccessNorthGA.

The Gainesville duo were detained on suspicion of robbing at least four homes in south Hall County. During police questioning they revealed that they had brought their unsuspecting baby along with them on the alleged crimes.

Evans was charged with burglary, child cruelty, possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, police said. He is also accused of violating a state probation warrant.

Rayman, meanwhile, faces one count of burglary and second-degree child cruelty charges.

The infant is now in the care of the state’s Department of Family and Children Services, reports AccessNorthGA.

Evans and Rayman are in custody without a bond.

Hall County Sheriff Deputy Nicole Bailes told the Gainesville Times that “the two were taking mostly electronics” and were suspected of other burglaries.

There’s drunk, and then there’s “passed out at an intersection with three kids in the car” drunk


A Lufkin Police officer arrested a 23-year-old woman after she allegedly drove drunk with three small children and passed out behind the wheel at the intersection of West Frank Avenue and Gaslight Boulevard early Sunday morning.

5540563_GBrenda Mabel Velasquez, of Lufkin, is still being held in the Angelina County jail on a state-jail felony charge of driving while intoxicated with a child under the age of 15 in the car and two misdemeanor traffic charges. Collectively, bail was set at $1,000 for the two misdemeanor charges. No bail has been set for the DWI with a child charge.

According to the narrative of a of the police report, an LPD officer was patrolling the area of West Frank Avenue and Gaslight Boulevard at approximately 4:30 a.m. Sunday morning when he noticed a black Nissan Xterra sitting in the turn lane at the intersection of West Frank Avenue and Gaslight Boulevard.

About 10 to 15 minutes later the officer came back through the area, and saw the same car with its brake lights on sitting in the intersection.

When the officer approached the vehicle, he observed that the driver, who was later identified as Velasquez was passed out behind the wheel, the police report stated. He also noticed vomit on the ground and down the side of the driver’s side door.

Another officer in the area came to the scene to assist, and parked his patrol unit in front of the Xterra with its grill guard ready to stop Velasquez if she woke up and panicked. The report said that the SUV was still running and in drive gear. The only thing that kept the Xterra from moving was the fact that Velasquez had her foot on the brake pedal.

Three small children were asleep in the back seat, according to the police report.

“There was an open Bud Light beer bottle in the driver cup holder,” the police report stated. “The driver was covered in vomit.”

After opening the passenger’s side door, the first LPD officer on the scene managed to put the SUV in park. The second officer reached through the driver’s side door and removed the keys from the Xterra’s ignition.

According to the police report, Velasquez still hadn’t woken up at that point. One of the officers shouted at Velasquez in an effort to wake her up, but she didn’t start to wake up until he shook her.

The police report stated that Velasquez was so intoxicated that she had trouble releasing the lap and shoulder straps of her safety belt. Velasquez allegedly failed several field sobriety tests.

The police report stated that Velasquez vomited again in the back of the of the patrol unit.

Mom, 18, Arrested For Photo Of Toddler On Hook


An 18-year-old mother has been charged with child abuse after a photo surfaced showing her crying toddler hanging by his shirt from a hook inside a Virginia residence.

alexisbreeden11Alexis Breeden was arrested yesterday on the felony charge after the disturbing image (seen at right) came to the attention of the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office.

The photo of Breeden’s 14-month-old son, which was apparently snapped last month, shows the child dangling from a planter hook above a door frame. The boy’s pajama top is pulled up around his neck.

The photo was posted to Facebook in retaliation by the child’s father, Anthony Welch, following an argument with Breeden. “Everybody think that alexis is a good mom this is what she sent me,” Welch, 18, wrote in a caption. “tell me wat the fuk yall think.”

Welch, who does not live with Breeden and the child, has not been charged in connection with the image of the boy (who was not injured during the stunt).

alexisbreedenmugBreeden did not adopt a contrite tone in a Facebook post about the image. Noting that police had been to her home to check on the child, she wrote, “They think this was immature and dumb of me but saw I was playing and no one needs to know everything going on because some of you aren’t parents and no one knows the full story.”

The young mother–who yesterday was released from jail on $2500 bond–added, “Mind your own fucking business.”

Woman abandoned kids in car so she could perform oral sex on boyfriend


Two Louisiana women were arrested in separate incidents on the same day for abandoning their children in cars — so they could partake in the joys of shopping and fellatio.

princess-marksPrincess Marks, 25, of Lake Charles, left her two young children, ages 5 and 7, in an SUV so she could perform oral sex on her boyfriend about 12:40 a.m. Friday, authorities said.

“Both of them were crying hysterically,” Officer Kim Myers the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office told the Daily News. “While the deputies were trying to calm the children down, Princess walked up about 15 minutes later.”

At that point, she admitted she was on the other side of the parking lot in her boyfriend’s car performing oral sex, authorities said.

Marks was arrested, charged with child desertion and released on a $5,000 bond.

Deputies from Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office learned of the incident when a concerned citizen walked by the car and called the police. The SUV’s windows were down.

The children were placed in the care of family members.

Later that day, about 2:30 p.m., Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a similar call — only this time, the car was hot.

1“A woman left three babies in a car at the Prien Lake Mall. When we did a test of the temperature, it reached 130 degrees in the car,” Myers said.

Faith D. LaFleur, 26, also from Lake Charles, allegedly admitted she abandoned her three children — an 11-month-old, a 5-year-old and 2-year-old — so she could go shopping.

Two of the children were strapped in child seats while the other played with the keys in the ignition.

An ambulance was called on scene and the children were found to be sweaty, dirty and hungry.

LaFleur was arrested and charged with three counts of cruelty to a juvenile. Her bond was set at $100,000.

These incidents follow several other high-profile cases of parents abandoning their children in cars — sometimes with fatal consequences.

Mom Gave Kid Away To Heroin User To Live Life Of Normal Teenager


A suburban St. Louis teen mom desperate to live the life of a normal young adult gave away her toddler to a known heroin user, then claimed the woman kidnapped the tot, cops say.

Desiree-CozzoniDesiree Ann-Marie Cozzoni, 18, could only smile as she sat for her mugshot while being booked on several misdemeanor charges.

But court papers paint a sinister plot of a young woman more concerned with partying than caring for her 16-month-old son.

Earlier this month, Cozzoni drew up non-legal papers granting a heroin user, who’d lost custody of her own kids, rights to care for her child so Cozzoni could live the life of “a normal teenager,” court documents obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch read.

Cozzoni even changed her phone number to prevent the woman, described as unemployed, homeless and living in motels, from contacting her.

The woman bought heroin daily and frequently used it in front of Cozzoni and the boy, both of whom crashed with the woman often, the newspaper reported.

Eventually, Cozzoni called St. Charles cops to report the woman had kidnapped her son.

Police say the report was bogus and charged Cozzoni with making a false report, endangering the welfare of a child and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Cops found a pipe with marijuana residue in the teen’s purse when they booked her into jail, the Post-Dispatch reported.

Cozzoni posted $2,500 jail on Tuesday and was released. It’s unclear who now has custody of the boy, but Cozzoni, a frequent Facebook user, wrote that her first supervised visit with the child was scheduled for Thursday.

“I just wish I weren’t a bad mom,” she wrote Tuesday evening. “I wish none of this happened. I just want my baby back.”

Mother Accused Of Separating Young Daughter’s Scalp From Her Skull


A Beaver County woman is facing charges after allegedly pulling her 6-year-old daughter’s hair so hard that she caused internal bleeding.

Brittany-RuckAccording to police, Brittany Ruck, 25, of Conway, is charged in the Aug. 31 incident.

The criminal complaint states the girl’s scalp was separated from her skull as a result of Ruck pulling on her hair.

“The head injury was described in medical terms as traction,” said Michael Priolo, of the Conway Police Department. “It is a separation between the scalp and skull which creates a void that fills with blood. The blood ended up pulling around the eyes, giving her raccoon eyes.”

Children’s Hospital alerted police while treating the girl.

According to the criminal complaint, the child told police Ruck had, “pulled her out of a chair by her hair for her inability to count to 12.”

“The female was having a difficult time counting to 12. She could count to 10 because she had 10 fingers,” said Priolo.

The child also said Ruck pulled her into a corner by her hair the next day.

The child spent several days at Children’s Hospital. She’s since been released and is staying with a relative.

Ruck has since admitted to pulling the girl’s hair on multiple occasions.

Police say she thought she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“Her mother had assaulted her when she was younger, and she was going back to that, saying, ‘This is what happened to me and I’m still here,’” said Priolo.

Ruck has two other kids as well, ages 4 and 1. Neighbors say she just moved into her Catherine Drive home in the spring with the children and her fiancé. KDKA’s Amy Wadas knocked on the door, but no one was home.

Police believe Ruck’s fiancé wasn’t around during the abuse and probably won’t be charged.

Ruck is being held in the Beaver County Jail on $50,000 bond. She is charged with aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of children, simple assault and recklessly endangering another person.