Jenea Mungia Used Garden Tool To Stab Son In Driveway, Mutilate His Genitals


A 4-year-old child is in critical condition after his mother viciously attacked him with a garden tool and mutilated his sexual organs.

Jenea-MungiaA call to 911 by a passing FedEx driver alerted police to a woman who appeared to be giving a child CPR in the driveway of a home. The FedEx driver, Netha Preston, soon realized that woman was not trying to save the child when she witnessed the woman slamming the boy’s head onto the edge of the driveway.

“I thought she was giving him CPR, but then she started slamming his head on the edge of the concrete driveway. I turned so I could see, and she raised the knife and started stabbing the baby. She had to be sick, or on drugs,” said Preston. “It’s no way somebody could do their blood like that. There’s no way.”

When deputies arrived they found 23-year-old Jenea Mungia flipping her shit armed with a garden tool, naked from the waist up on top of her 4-year-old boy. Mungia ignored requests to move away from the child forcing police to tackle her and cuff her. Blood found in the home indicated that she started assaulting the boy inside, dragging him out to the driveway where it continued. Her bloody shirt would be found in the driveway.

According to friends of Mungia, she suffered post-partum psychosis after the birth of her child which she was hospitalized, treated and released for. She recently moved home with her parents after a break-up with a boyfriend. No word on if that boyfriend is the boy’s father. A CPS official said they had no prior history with the family and no other children lived in the home.

The boy, who has not been named, suffered multiple stabs wounds to his body including his genitals being mutilated. He was transferred by helicopter to Memorial Hermann Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery for his injuries. He is currently listed in critical condition.

Mungia is being held at the Harris County Jail and charges are pending bearing the results of a mental health evaluation.

Woman kept in a shed for six years after parents locked her up because they hated her boyfriend


CRUEL parents who kept their daughter locked up in a ramshackle old house for six years are being investigated by police.

452717-c71387c6-bc84-11e4-a005-b478f5906d65Zhang Qi, 24, was forced into the filthy, dilapidated building after her parents made her dump her boyfriend in 2009 because they didn’t approve of him.

But despite being told the relationship was over, Zhang tried several times to run away before her parents told everybody that she was mentally ill, and locked up for her own protection in the remote property in the village of Jingang in central China’s Hubei province.

“Her parents are powerful people here and everyone was told not to interfere,” villager Chow Jen said.

“Everyone knew about the girl in the house.”

452797-cb965bc0-bc84-11e4-a005-b478f5906d65“I moved away and only come back to visit occasionally so I don’t care about their threats, and that’s why I was happy to expose these pictures online after the local authorities refused to do anything.”

He said they had claimed she was mentally unstable and locking her up was for her own good.

Chow said: “Every time I came back for Chinese New Year I went to visit her secretly.

“On my latest visit though I saw her lying on a pile of straw with a couple of blankets and some food around her and I just decided enough was enough.

“Whether what they say about her having mental problems is true or not, she is being treated like an animal here and I’m sick of it so I contacted the police, and then posted the images online.”

So far neither police or officials have made any comment on the case.

Parents Let Infant Starve To Death While Mother Made Breast Milk Porn


Amanda-HancockStephen Williams Jr., 26, and Amanda Hancock, 21, have been charged with starving their 7-week-old son to death while Hancock was busy self-lactating online for paying customers.

Last month, and ambulance was called to the couple’s home to treat an infant who’d stopped breathing. Data Hancock would die later, despite best efforts to revive him. The couple was arrested on murder charges on Tuesday after an autopsy revealed the infant had starved to death.

According to the charging documents, the couple showed “extreme indifference” to human life by failing to provide Data Hancock adequate food and medical care. The couple admitted that they never took Data to any doctor appointments and didn’t participate in any prenatal care before Data was born.

Williams told investigators the baby was fed milk a few times a day, but he did notice the baby was losing weight. He didn’t call the doctor “because that was Amanda’s responsibility.”

One reason why the infant may have went hungry was because Hancock’s breast milk was being sprayed out of her nips for the enjoyment of paying customers. According to a probable-cause affidavit, the couple told investigators they did pornography that involved Hancock self-lactating while others paid to watch online.

The two have been charged with murder by abuse and ordered held without bail. The couple have a two-year-old son who was taken into protective custody.

Mum ‘kills son, 10, to save him from embarrassment because his ears were too big


A MUM who throttled her 10-year-old son to death because she thought his big ears were ruining his life is facing murder charges in Turkey.

Nuray Sacan, 37, had paid for the boy to have cosmetic surgery in Gazi Hospital in the capital Ankara, but when she turned up to see the results she told surgeons she was unhappy with the way it turned out.

332544-cdc84342-b629-11e4-89a7-658c9eaa89c0So she took the youngster to the women’s toilet in the early hours of the morning and choked him to death with her own scarf.

She was caught when she fled the hospital in her car but hit another vehicle and confessed to the killing while she was being taken back to hospital in an ambulance.

“Both his ears had become even bigger after the surgery.

“He became very ugly. He would have felt even more ashamed in front of his friends. I did it to save him such embarrassment,” Sacan said.

She claimed she had paid for the surgery because her son had suffered years of bullying and teasing because of his sticking out ears.

“I was trying to protect him from a lifetime of pain.”

But surgeon Dr Metin Yilmaz, who carried out the operation said: “I am astonished she would think that. The operation was a simple one and it was a complete success. There were no post-operative issues and he was due to go home.”

Gazi Hospital chief surgeon Dr Kadri Altok added: “We can’t understand it. The boy’s mother did not seem to have any psychological problems and the operation went perfectly.”

Police spokesman Alper Tore confirmed: “A 37-year-old woman is in custody over the death of her son.”

Couple Left Newborn Baby Alone In Car While They Shopped At Adult Novelty Store


A Connecticut woman left her two-week-old baby unattended in a car yesterday as she shopped with a male acquaintance at an adult novelty store, according to cops who arrested the duo on felony charges.

viparrestsAccording to police, Lindsay Hoffmann, 26, and Marquette Riggsbee, 54, sought to enter the VIP shop with the newborn Wednesday morning. But when employees told the pair that children were not allowed in the store, Hoffmann and Riggsbee departed.

However, they soon returned without the baby. “Employees became concerned and went out to check on the infant,”according to a Southington Department of Police statement. After a worker found the child alone inside a 1997 Nissan Sentra, police were called.

Responding officers noted that the “vehicle was not running and temperatures were below freezing” outside. Cops determined that Hoffmann and Riggsbee had been inside the store for more than 20 minutes.

The baby’s core temperature was “found to be adequate but it did have cold extremities.” The child, who had been in a car seat, was transported to a hospital for evaluation. Cops noted that they contacted child welfare officials, who have launched their own investigation.

Pictured in the above mug shots, Hoffmann and Riggsbee were each charged with risk of injury to a minor and leaving a child unsupervised. They are jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond.

Thoiro Mbow Burned Three Children Alive, Called Their Father To Let Him Hear Their Screams



This is the first picture of the three daughters who were victims of an alleged arson attack by their own mother have been pictured.

Omy, two, Abbygail, four, and six-year-old Madyson perished in the blaze at the family home in Lennik, a small town near Brussels.

Daderes-MbowTheir mother allegedly locked her three daughters in a shed and burned them alivewhile her husband was forced to listen at the end of a phone.

It is understood the couple had been involved in a custody battle over the children.

Thioro Mbow, 35, has been arrested on suspicion of murder, it has been reported by German media.

It’s claimed Mbow phoned her husband, Hellmut Ulin, 55, on his mobile and said: “Listen to their screams…” as his three precious children were burned alive in the flames.

The girls’ father found their charred and lifeless bodies with their mother standing nearby.

The only survivor was an elder daughter, nine-year-old Dyarra – a child from the mother’s previous relationship – who was at school.

The 35-year-old had earlier received a legal letter from her husband’s lawyer demanding custody of the children.

A post mortem examination was due to take place today on three children, to determine their cause of death.

Angela Alexie Accused Of Giving Birth To Baby She Let Starve To Death Inside Garage


The 24-year-old mother took her seat in the jury box of an Eastpointe courtroom and immediately bowed her head to her knees. Her long reddish-brown hair covered her face from dozens of media, a bail bondwoman and sister staring in her direction.

Angela-AlexiaAngela M. Alexie, 24, a homeless woman who temporarily resided at a home on Gascony in Eastpointe, confessed to giving birth to a baby boy about 1 p.m.on Dec. 22, Roseville Police Detective Brad McKenzie told District Judge Carl F. Gerds III during the woman’s arraignment Wednesday.

Alexie is now charged with first-degree murder and first-degree child abuse, both crimes punishable by life in prison.

A not-guilty plea was entered by the court on her behalf.

McKenzie said the baby remained alive in an unheated garage for several days before succumbing to the elements.

“She left the house and then back out to the garage to check on the baby every few hours,” he said. “Then the baby finally passed away on the 24th of December.”

The child was placed in a recycling can by “some unknown person” weeks later, McKenzie said.

Alexie told the court she lived a homeless vagabond, moving often. She’s never had a job, Alexie told the judge, who then asked, “How do you pay your bills?”

“I don’t know,” Alexie said, “I don’t really pay my bills.”

The judge said a court-appointed attorney would be assigned.

The home where the child died is a white bungalow on Gascony. There was a white, snow-covered sedan in the driveway and a wooden table on the porch Wednesday.

No one answered the door.

Representatives in the Eastpointe assessing office said the house is registered in the names of Justin, Richard and Michael Gumola, who keep an address in Shelby Township.

The men purchased the house for $40,750 on July 30, 2014.

Gerds set Alexie’s bond at $1 million dollars and scheduled a probable cause hearing for 8 a.m. Feb. 4 and a preliminary exam on Feb. 18.

A woman who identified herself as Alexie’s sister attended the hearing and took notes but declined comment.

Roseville police began investigating the case when Alexie’s baby was found on a soting conveyor at a Roseville recycling center Jan. 14.

Police, after receiving tips, placed Alexie under surveillance at the Eastpointe and spotted her leaving the address Monday about 12:30 p.m., at which time Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said she was arrested without incident.

The baby has since been unofficially named Henry Alexander Macomb, rather than John Doe, by employees of the Macomb County Medical Examiner’s Office. The name pays homage to Macomb County’s namesake, Gen. Alexander Macomb.

Other community members have pitched in to provide the child a burial complete with casket and gravestone. The arrangements are pending.