Woman falls off cliff to her death after proposal from boyfriend


So ecstatic was one Bulgarian woman at receiving a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, that she stumbled, fell from a cliff and died in Ibiza.

1422601202705Dimitrina Dimitrova accepted the proposal on Tuesday, before jumping with excitement and tragically losing her balance, police say.

The 29-year-old sustained injuries from the 20-metre fall and then suffered a heart attack.

The incident occurred in the small, picturesque resort of Cala Tarida.

Paramedics rushed to the scene, but Ms Dimitrova died shortly after they arrived.

“Everything is pointing towards the death being the result of a tragic freak accident,” said local Civil Guard spokesman, according to The Daily Mail.

A source reportedly told The Daily Mail: “Her boyfriend lived and worked on Ibiza. She had arrived two days earlier to visit him and look for work.

“She fell seconds after her partner surprised her by proposing to her as she jumped up and down with emotion.”

Woman Desperate to Kill a Cockroach Manages to Blow Up a Toilet


The incident occurred in Taiwan, reports say the woman did not suffer any major injuries when the toilet went kaboom

Earlier this month, a woman in Taiwan somehow managed to blow up a toilet while desperately trying to kill a seriously nasty cockroach. No, really, check out the photo below to get a better idea of just how bad things turned out.


Apparently, cockroaches in Taiwan are so strong and powerful that, when it comes to killing them, simply stepping on them or hitting them over the head with a newspaper just doesn’t cut it. Steroids, perhaps? Could be.

The toilet was collateral damage

Reports say that the woman involved in this incident chanced to come across the creepy-crawler that ended up turning her life around while cleaning an office building in the municipality of Taoyuan City in northwestern Taiwan.

As soon as she laid eyes on the creature, the woman, identified only as an employee of a local clean-up firm, decided that she absolutely had to smite it. To this end, she first squashed the cockroach with her shoe. She then wrapped it in tissue paper and crushed it some more.

Just in case the creepy-crawler was the long-lost love child of the Hulk and Atom Ant, she then set the tissue paper the insect was wrapped in on fire and threw it into the toilet. Since the toilet had just been cleaned and was drowning in detergents, an explosion occurred.

The toilet didn’t stand a chance

The explosion that took place when the flaming tissue paper hit the cocktail of detergents turned out to be powerful enough to literally rip the toilet apart.

Whatever pieces of bug DNA might have remained intact after the cockroach had repeatedly been squashed were probably destroyed as well.

The good news is that neither the woman responsible for this catastrophe nor any the people who were at that time at work were injured when the toilet went kaboom, Metro informs.

One can only hope that, the next time she comes face to face with a roach, this lady will ask for help and let others send it to the underworld.

Diver gets encased in whale feces while swimming off coast of Dominica


Think you had a bad day at work?

whale26n-1-webA diver has told how he ended up being encased in whale feces while swimming off the coast of Dominica, reports the BBC.

Keri Wilk said he and three other divers were surrounded by the gigantic bowel movement when the whale answered a call of nature.

“At first it seemed like a regular bowel movement. But rather than continuing its dive down, it remained at the surface and continued to defecate for a startling length of time,” said Wilk.

He said the “poonado” spread through the water for about 30 metres/100 feet.

Unfortunately for Wilk, he dives with just goggles and a snorkel as scuba equipment can disturb the whales, meaning some of the waste ended up in his mouth.

“I had poop in my eyes, mouth, wetsuit, everywhere and I was soaked in it from head to toe. But, after leaving the cloud, it quickly washed away, and didn’t leave a smell on us.

“I did take an extra long shower once I returned to shore later that day, just in case,” he admitted.

Police Arrest Man For Possession Of “New England Patriots Drug Pipe”


A South Carolina man is facing narcotics charges after police last night found him in possession of a bag of marijuana and drugparaphernalia, specifically a “New England Patriots drug pipe.”

bakerscmugMyrtle Beach Police Department officers stopped John James Baker, 47, because he matched the description of an armed robbery suspect. Baker, who was unsteady on his feet and had “glossy eyes,” was arrested for public intoxication.

During a subsequent search of Baker, cops discovered a bag of pot “along with drug paraphernalia (New England Patriots drug pipe).” Cops seized the pipe, which is not further described in a police report. The item does not appear to be officially licensed NFL merchandise.

Baker, seen above, was charged with pot possession, public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia, and drinking in public.

Joel Lemasters Arrested After Throwing Peach Pie At Woman Who Refused To Give Him Cigarette


Police arrested a man Friday near a Clackamas-area restaurant, accusing him of throwing a pie at a woman who refused to give him a cigarette.

The woman was not injured, but had to clean peach pie filling off her car.

LemastersSgt. Dan Kraus, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, said a man approached a woman at Southeast 82nd Avenue and King Road around 8 a.m. and asked her for a cigarette. When she refused, the man became agitated.

“He got really mad and started yelling,” Kraus said. “Then he wound up and threw a pie at her.”

After receiving a 911 call, deputies arrived quickly.

“And while police were there, he tried to assault her again,” Kraus said.

“He charged at her – right in front of the deputies.”

A deputy intercepted the man, threw him to the ground using a hip roll, then handcuffed him.

Joel David Lemasters, 26, who gave no permanent address, was booked into the Clackamas County Jail on suspicion of harassment, criminal mischief and violating parole from a previous conviction. He is being held without bail and is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Clackamas County Circuit Court.

Man nearly goes blind from eyeball tattoo


tattooeyeDerick Walters, is a Jamaican music artist who figured it would be a good idea to get a tattoo on his eyeballs. Of course he’s not completely insane and had it done but actual doctors instead of the usual method of getting wasted at a bar with your friends and stumbling into the nearest tattoo shop.

However, Mr. Walters’ efforts to be “safe” may have been in vain becuase after he woke up from the operation his vision was blurry and his eyes were burning.

Perhaps it was because the doctors had not numbed his eyes enough before the operation or perhaps it’s because he got fucking tattoo on his eyeball! We’ll never know for sure. The artists claims the experience was frightening, he checked into the hospital and was put on medication.

This process is normally reserved for people who are blind in one eye where the eyeball is completely white. But apparently Derick Walters was just copying another artist who got had recently gotten his eyes tattooed. Who knows, maybe this will start a new trend and eye tattoos will be the next big thing … then again, probably not.

photo is not actually of Derick Walters