Girl, 16, Charged As Adult After Killing Man Selling PlayStation


A 16-year-old girl, who police say shot and killed a man who was trying to sell his PlayStation system over Craigslist, will be charged as an adult.

Nathaniel-VivianOn Tuesday, the Fulton County district attorney’s office released a statement saying it would pursue full charges against the girl, whose name has not yet been release.

“This case has been forwarded to our office for review,” District Attorney Paul L. Howard Jr. said in the statement. “After consulting with the Sandy Springs Police Department, we have determined that the suspects in this matter should be prosecuted together. As such, we have decided to seek prosecution against the 16-year-old minor as an adult.”

Howard’s office said an SB440 hearing, used to determine whether a minor can be prosecuted as an adult, is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. Sept. 23 in the Fulton County Courthouse. The hearing will be in courtroom 8C.

Sandy Springs Police say the 16-year-old — along with her 20-year-old boyfriend Nathaniel Vivian — shot and killed 28-year-old Daniel John Zeitz last Friday as part of a botched robbery. The couple attempted to strong-arm a PS4 gaming system that Zeitz advertised for sale on Craigslist.

Zeitz, an avid gamer, was from Roswell.

According to police, Zeitz met the couple at about 9:30 p.m. last Friday at an apartment complex on Treelodge Parkway.

Sandy Springs police Sgt. Ron Momon said the pair tried to rob Zeitz of the PS4, and Vivian, who was in the driver’s seat of a car, struggled with Zeitz, who was standing outside the car, for the gaming system.

During the struggle, the girl fired a shot from a .25 caliber handgun, and the bullet passed through Vivian’s hand and struck Zeitz in the side of his chest, killing him.

Vivian and the girl were later arrested when they went to Northside Hospital for treatment of Vivian’s gunshot wound to the hand, Momon said.

Momon said Vivian claimed to be a robbery victim, but upon further questioning by detectives, “told them he was shot while he and his girlfriend were at the Legends of Dunwoody Apartments to rob a man of his PS4 video gaming system that was advertised on Craigslist.”

The 16-year-old’s 16-month-old baby was only a few feet away at the time of the robbery and shooting, according to Sandy Springs police Sgt. Ron Momon.

Momon said Vivian did not have an adult criminal record prior to the robbery and shooting. He also said he didn’t know if Vivian was the father of the 16-month-old child, who was turned over to family members after the shooting.

He declined to release any more details about the 16-year-old, but said she is currently being held at the Metro Regional Detention center in Atlanta.

Vivian is being held without bond in the Fulton County Jail.

The gun was recovered from the suspects’ car.

Zeitz was known by the name “Phobos” in online gaming circles, and one of his online gaming teammates set up a GoFundMepage to raise money for Zeitz’s funeral expenses. By Monday afternoon, the page had raised more than $15,000.

A video about Zeitz’s killing posted by a friend Saturday on YouTube has been viewed nearly 20,000 times.

Naked skier left red-cheeked after burning his BUM in painful landing following daredevil jump fail



This is the moment a naked skier suffered serious ice burns on his bottom after a daredevil leap from a 30 metre jump ended badly.

Sam Ruttiman was competing in the Toyota One Hit Wonder event in Thredbo, Australia, wearing only his skis and a helmet.

The event, staged last weekend, involves skiers displaying their best tricks after leaping off a 30 metre jump.

Most of the world’s best competitive freeskiers show up for the annual event, with $7,000 – just short of £4,000 – the top prize.

Before the main event there’s the “game show event” where there are smaller cash prizes for those who display creativity and style.

It prompted Aussie Sam to try a somersault – sans clothes – and his jump looked great until he tried to land.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get his skis down smoothly, causing him to lose his footing and go tumbling over.

He eventually came to a halt – red-faced and red-cheeked after skidding on his backside for several metres.

It’s possible that Sam’s nakedness was actually the cause of his crash.

Jumpers need to carefully manage their speed to make a successful landing and Sam proved more aerodynamic without clothes.

That meant he traveled quicker than expected and came down further along the landing area than usual.

It wasn’t all in vain though. Australian Olympian Anna Segal, who came an fourth in the slopestyle event at the Sochi Olympics, was one of the judges.

She reportedly said she’d mark up any competitor who displayed nudity “but only if have they have a good body”.


Woman Thwarts Thief, Then Gives Birth


Police in Flint, Michigan, say a woman gave birth after she and her family captured a purse snatcher in a grocery store parking lot.

n-MARK-NEWTON-largeThe Flint Police Department says the woman was putting groceries in her car Tuesday on the city’s east side when an unarmed man grabbed her purse. Police say she ran after him, and he pushed her down.

The Flint Journal reports two bystanders stopped the man and retrieved the woman’s purse. The man tried to keep running but the woman’s family held him until police arrived.

They arrested 30-year-old Mark Newton. He was arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery and ordered held on $8,000 bond. It wasn’t immediately available if he has an attorney.

Police say she delivered her baby later that day.

Man Says Stripper Chocolate Chambers Robbed Him Outside Club Boom Boom


crownroyalbag2A South Carolina man told cops that a stripper known as Chocolate Chambers robbed him early yesterday after he refused to buy her an expensive drink inside Club Boom Boom.

Derrick Lashawn Sinclair, 31, told police that he was attacked by Chambers late Monday night when he exited the Spartanburg nightspot. The woman, Sinclair said, pounced and “next thing I know I’m on the floor, she knocked me down and took my money.”

Sinclair said that his cash was inside a “crown bag,” an apparent reference to the velvet bag in which Crown Royal whiskey is packaged.

Police noted that Sinclair smelled of booze and “spoke with a slurred speech” when reporting the attack by Chambers, whom he described as a black female. Sinclair acknowledged that he was still “timpsy” from the prior night’s revelry.

Investigators noted that Sinclair had a large cut over his right eye, and there appeared to be blood on his shirt.

The whereabouts of Chocolate Chambers is unknown.

Blundering IT worker who put his porn stash on city centre big screen is jailed


A blundering IT worker accidentally put his personal porn stash on a city centre big screen while taking his lunch break.

Porn-displayed-on-LED-screenFamilies were left horrified when an image search showing full female nudity was magnified outside Maryland Stadium in Langzhou.

Luckily, security guards spotted the gaffe after 12 seconds and pulled the plug – but several onlookers had their camera phones out and the damage was already done.

Because of China’s strict laws on pornography, the red-faced engineer, who has not been named to spare his blushes, was promptly arrested and marched off the premises.

Pictures were uploaded to social networking website Weibo and they soon went viral.

The screen operator’s hard day at the office was made worse, as he was subsequently jailed for 15 days and was ordered to pay a fine of ¥3,000 (approximately £300).

Naked, Stick-Wielding Carjacker Gets Hogtied By Highway Drivers


What a bad ass.

n-CARJACKER-large300A naked man wielding a stick allegedly smashed windows and tried to steal three cars before he was hogtied by his angry victims on an Australian highway.

Facebook user Frankie Ferraro, a witness to the chaos on Brookton Highway in Western Australia Friday, posted this (nsfw) photo of the 26-year-old suspect after he was taken down. The man allegedly started his crime spree by walking onto the highway –fully clothed at the time — and smashing the windshield of a moving truck with a stick, the New York Daily News reports. That driver lost control and flipped on its side.

Another driver who stopped to help was attacked by the unnamed suspect, who then tried to carjack another woman who pulled up to the scene.

That’s when the man took off his clothes and allegedly tried to steal more cars. Ferraro’s father, Phil, told 9News that the suspect was “going crazy” before the victims got fed up.

“He tried to drag the girl out of her car and carjack her, ripping at her clothes and hair,” Phil Ferraro said.

Witnesses grabbed a rope and tackled the suspect.

“[Someone] hit him and tied the naked guy’s arms and legs behind his head and left him in the dirt for the police and ambulance,” Frankie Ferraro said on her Facebook page.

The bloodied and bruised man was taken to Armadale Hospital for treatment. He was later charged with endangering a life, and he has a scheduled court date later this month.

Driver Makes U-Turn To Shoot Pedestrian He Almost Hit


A close call between a driver and pedestrian ended in critical injuries for the latter — but the harm was caused by a suspect wielding a gun, not a vehicle.

goldengatebroderickAccording to SFPD spokesperson Officer Gordon Shyy, SFPD responded to the typically-quiet intersection of Golden Gate Avenue and Broderick Street on reports of a shooting at 2:15 p.m. Sunday.

NBC Bay Area reports that a “near-miss” between a motorist and pedestrian at the intersection ignited an argument that ended with the driver shooting the pedestrian.

Witnesses who spoke with Hoodline said that the driver, “a man in his 20s or 30s driving a gray Honda sedan,” fired two shots at the pedestrian, described only as male, as he stood at the southeast corner of the intersection.

There is a four-way stop, complete with crosswalks, at the intersection at which the shooting occurred. According to a witness who spoke with NBC Bay Area, the pedestrian was not in any of the crosswalks as he crossed Golden Gate.

That’s when witnesses say, the pedestrian was approached by a driver traveling at “a high rate of speed,” and had to jump out of the way to avoid being struck. “What are you trying to do, kill me?” the victim reportedly shouted at the driver, who then, witnesses told NBC, made a u-turn and returned to shoot the victim.

After the gunshots, witnesses heard the victim cry “please help, I’ve been shot,” Hoodline reports. Witnesses aided the victim, who was struck in the chest and abdomen, until he was transported to San Francisco General Hospital in critical condition, Shyy says.

The suspect, who police do not believe knew the victim prior to the shooting, fled the scene and remains at large, Shyy says.

As always, SFPD urges anyone who knows there whereabouts of the driver, or who has any information on this case, to call their anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or send an anonymous text to TIP411 with “SFPD” in the subject line.