Lawnmower Shoots 3.5-Inch Metal Wire Into Louisiana Man’s Skull


When Bill Parker cut his grass last Sunday, he was the one who got sliced and diced.

Parker, 34, was mowing in front of his home in Gulfport, Mississippi, when the lawnmower shot a 3.5-inch piece of metal straight into his left nostril.

“At first I thought a rock had flew out and hit me and struck me in the face,” Parker, 34, told “It threw me back a little bit and it hurt real bad. I felt my face but I didn’t feel any disfiguring or anything. I saw blood, so I knew I got a bloody nose.”

At first, Parker thought he had a broken cheekbone, but decided to have it checked out at a local hospital.

A CT scan revealed the thick wire had embedded itself in Parker’s sinus cavity beneath his eye socket and next to his jaw hinge.


“The metal had somehow made its way through a tangle of really important nerves and arteries and finally rested about a millimeter from both carotid artery and my jugular vein,” Parker said, according to CBS News. “Guess it just wasn’t my time yet.”

The wire was removed in about 20 minutes, and Parker was back at work as a restaurant chef by Wednesday, a little bruised and on antibiotics, ClarionLedger.comreports.

Under normal circumstances, Parker enjoys mowing his lawn. This Sunday, he plans to relax and find someone else to do the dirty work, according to the Associated Press.

Revenge Served Lukewarm: Cheating Boyfriend Gets All Dozen Of His Apple Products Throw In Bathtub



This is the aftermath of a Japanese man cheating on his girlfriend. She decided to exact revenge by dumping all his dozen plus Apple products into the bathtub. For reference, that is entirely too many Apple products. Plus girlfriends. Hopefully the sex was worth it, bro. When reached for comment, the man could not be reached because all his phones and computers were soaking in the tub.

Young Family Crushed To Death After Concrete Falls Off Overpass


A mother, father and their infant son were crushed to death when a concrete wall fell from a state Route 410 overpass under renovation and landed on the family’s truck.

Bonney-Lake-Bridge-125x188East Pierce Fire & Rescue officials said the accident happened before 11 a.m. Monday when concrete and other materials fell off the overpass and landed on the family’s pickup as they drove down Angeline Road East.

It took crews almost eight hours to remove the debris from the truck and realize that there were three people dead inside. Their names have not been released, but police say they were a couple in their 20s and their 6-month-old baby.

No word on how the “very heavy” concrete structure fell, but a construction crew had been working on a project to replace and extend a sidewalk on that overpass. The part that fell was part of the original overpass, which was built in 1992.

“The type of work that was going on shouldn’t have resulted in anything falling,” said Bonney Lake Public Works Director Dan Grigsby.

The work started about a month ago and is being completed by the contractor WHH Nisqually, a small business owned by the Nisqually Indian Tribe. Angeline Road is closed to traffic while crews clear the debris and authorities conduct their investigation.

Look at that picture. I mean what are the fucking odds? Not just a portion of an overpass falling on a passing vehicle, but for it to fall directly on the cab like that. If there’s any consolation, they probably died instantly. Probably.

Kentucky Man Arrested For Drunk Driving (He Was Riding A Horse At The Time)


A Kentucky man is facing criminal charges for allegedly drunkenly “driving” a horse.

michaelkimmelAccording to the Kentucky State Police, troopers received a call Tuesday reporting that an intoxicated man was riding a horse in the town of Betsy Layne (pop. 688).

Investigators subsequently made contact with suspect Michael Kimmel, but he fled on foot (apparently leaving behind his four-legged ride).  Kimmel, 40, was eventually corralled and charged with DUI and fleeing or evading police.

Seen above, Kimmel posed for his booking photo through a plexiglass window.

Kimmel, who has used the alias “Mike Bicycle,” is currently on probation for burglary. He is locked up in the Floyd County jail on $5000 cash bond.

Twin Toddlers Drown In Canal After Mother Lets Go Of Stroller To Swat Bee


Well here’s a story to start off your day. Two 18-month-old twins drowned in a canal after their mother let go of their stroller to fend off a bee.

Alexis-KeslarAlexis Keslar was pushing her twin sons, Silas and Eli Keslar, along a canal Friday when she let go of the stroller’s handle to swat at a bee. This caused the stroller to roll away from her and into the canal.

Keslar immediately jumped in to try and save her sons, who were both belted into the stroller, but the strong current washed the stroller away from her. She managed to climb back out an called for help.

Even after the canal’s water level was lowered and the flow reduced, it still took emergency workers an hour to find the boys. They were flown to the hospital where they were both pronounced dead.

According to Lt. Don Willits, the incident has been determined to be an accident and no charges are expected to be filed.

Yuma police said the paths along the canal are popular with joggers and bicyclists, adding that people often underestimate the speed of the canal’s current and how deep the water can be.

If you want to help out the family, a GoFundMe account has been created that has already raised over $25,000 to help with memorial\medical costs.

Man who had sex with dog on film accidentally sent video to his girlfriend


Rhodesian-RidgebackA MAN who had sex with his dog on film and accidentally sent the video to his girlfriend has been ordered to sign the sex offenders register by a court.

David Buchanan filmed himself having sex with his Rhodesian Ridgeback pet on a tablet computer as he watched porn at home while his partner was at work.

However, his depraved act was uncovered after a video clip of the act was unwittingly sent to his horrified girlfriend’s mobile phone.

The woman immediately called the police and Buchanan, 34, was arrested and charged with sexual assault on March 7.

He admitted the offence and was ordered to register as a sex offender for seven years.

Keith Ballinger, for the prosecution, told magistrates in Swindon, Wiltshire: “This comes to light because it is reported by his then partner.

“She was at work on this day and received on her mobile phone a 29-second video clip from a tablet computer.

“That video showed him having sex with their 10-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback.”

He added: “It appears her mobile phone and the tablet are linked by the cloud, and it is that way the video was sent to her.

“When arrested he said he knew he had done wrong and it was stupid.

“He had been at home watching pornography and wondered what it would be like to have sex with the dog.”

Ellen McAnaw, for the defence, said: “There is a great deal of embarrassment and shame about what happened.

“He spends most of his time at home drawing or playing XBox, and he doesn’t seem to have any friends outside the previous relationship.”

Buchanan, of Royal Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire, was made to register as a sex offender for seven years, given a 12-week suspended sentence for two years, 50 days of rehabilitation, £85 costs and £80 victim surcharge.


Authorities say an underground electrical fire is blamed for an explosion that sent a manhole cover flying more than 200 feet above a Buffalo street in a blast that was captured by a television news photographer.

WGRZ-TV reports that the fire began around 11:30 a.m. Sunday on Tupper Street in downtown Buffalo.

Police evacuated two buildings as smoke poured out of manholes. A Buffalo Fire Department official says the second of three explosions sent one of the manhole covers 200 to 300 feet into the air.

A WGRZ photojournalist was interviewing a man on the street when the second blast occurred about a half-block behind him. The video shows the cover flying high into the air as the man yells “Heads-up!” several times.

The cover landed near a firefighter and a utility truck. No one was injured.