Here’s Something You Don’t See Everyday … Man Paints Beaver With World’s Longest Tongue


The man with the world’s longest tongue is doing what he was born to do: Paint a beaver with his tongue.

Nick Stoeberl, 26, currently holds the Guinness World Record for world’s longest tongue — a whopping 3.97 inches from tip to closed lip.

That honor might be enough for some people, but Stoeberl feels a giant tongue is nothing if not used for the betterment of humanity.

“It’s a gift,” he told HuffPost. “I have to use it.”

So Stoeberl has started using his licker as a paint brush, making portraits and art works by dipping his tongue in acrylic paint and then onto canvas.

Stoeberl has done numerous tongue paintings including one of talk show host Steve Harvey, but is proudest of his most recent work: A giant beaver.

“This painting definitely appeals to my taste,” he said. “I’m fascinated by beavers.”

Artist Creates Stunning Body-Paintings That Glow under Black Light


Artist John Poppleton combines his love of painting and his knowledge of photography to create stunning landscapes that glow under black light. But the cynosure of his work isn’t the painting itself, it’s the unusual canvas he paints on – the human body!

Poppleton’s Bodyscapes feature mesmerizing scenes – right from summery African savannas to electric lighting storms – on the soft curves of the human form. The breathtaking images usually span out from the model’s back, branching out on to the arms, legs, neck, and even the head. He mostly uses female models, but some of his paintings are done on men as well.


“Like most artists over the ages I feel the female form is just more pleasing to look at in art,” Poppleton told A Plus. “I could use the excuse that it’s because I’m a man attracted to the opposite sex but even female body painters prefer to paint on women over men.”

The idea came to Poppleton early one morning in 2010, when he happened to be sitting in a hotel bed. He was a professional photographer at the time, “stuck in wedding and portrait photography for more than 20 years,” by his own admission. But that morning his lifelong fascination of black lights, the human body, and the world around him “unexpectedly collided.” The result: Bodyscapes.


Poppleton spends anywhere between 15 minutes and three-and-a-half hours to paint each canvas. “Coming from a photographic background I want my paintings to be as photo realistic as possible,” he told Bored Panda. “In a darkened studio, while painting with UV body paint under the illumination of the black light, I’m literally painting with light. From the artist’s perspective, it becomes a very surreal, even spiritual experience.”


His unique style and the type of scenes that he chooses to paint have earned Poppleton the title ‘Bob Ross of Black Light Body Painting’.

Oh My ….. This Teen Can Touch Her 4-Inch Tongue To Her Eyeball


longtonguelewis570She calls herself “Long Tongue Lewis,” and she isn’t exaggerating.

Adrianne Lewis, 18, can touch her eye with her 4-inch tongue.

OK, so she needs a helping hand. But that’s still pretty amazing. The Muskegon, Michigan, teen can also touch her nose, her chin and her elbow with it.

Lewis says she wants Guinness World Records to measure her tongue. The current record-holder is 24-year-old Californian Nick Stoeberl, whose 3.97-inch tongue appears in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records.

Lewis’ mother, Julianne, told Barcroft TV that she first noticed that her daughter had a big tongue when she was about 10 or 12 years old.

“She would stick her tongue out, touch her nose and touch her elbow. I think she was kind of discovering herself,” Julianne Lewis says in the video above.

Her mom says long tongues run in the family, but Adrianne Lewis suspects her licker may have grown longer with use.

“I think that with time, and with me being the weird kid that I was and always sticking out my tongue, it could have stretched,” Lewis said.
Could there have been a celebrity inspiration behind Lewis’ tongue tricks?

Terminally ill man set to be first to undergo the world’s first full head transplant


AN Italian surgeon is set to become the first in the world to transplant a human head on to a donor body.

The pioneering operation by Dr Sergio Canavero is to be carried out on a 30-year-old computer scientist who is suffering from a fatal muscle wasting disease.

773495-927dcab0-e170-11e4-9fcd-1eb8ac734e9bValery Spiridonov has admitted that the prospect of going through with the operation is terrifying.

“I am afraid, but what people don’t really understand is I don’t really have many choices.

“If I don’t try this out my fate will be very sad. With every year my situation is getting worse.”

The man from Russia, who is battling the rare genetic Werdnig-Hoffman muscle wasting disease, added: “My decision is final and I do not plan to change my mind.”

Dr Canavero said he’s received many emails and letters from people seeking the procedure and he had already decided that the first patient would be someone suffering from a muscle wasting disease.

The procedure has some medical precedent as it was recently reported that Chinese scientists had carried out a head transplant on a mouse.

But most medical experts say a human head transplant is pure fantasy.

Dr Hunt Batjer, president elect of the American Association for Neurological Surgeons, told CNN: “I would not wish this on anyone. I would not allow anyone to do it to me as there are a lot of things worse than death.”

Firstly he would have to cool both the body and head so the cells won’t die when deprived of oxgyen through the process.

Next, the neck of the patient is severed and all the crucial blood vessels are hooked up to tubes while the spinal cord on both the head and the body are severed.

“The recipient’s head is then moved onto the donor body and the two ends of the spinal cord are fused together,” said Thomson.

“To achieve this, Canavero intends to flush the area with a chemical called polyethylene glycol, and follow up with several hours of injections of the same stuff. Just like hot water makes dry spaghetti stick together, polyethylene glycol encourages the fat in cell membranes to mesh.”

Canavero told Thomson the last stage of the lenghy process would be to stitch up the muscles and blood supply.

The patient would then be put into a three or four-week coma to let the body heal itself while embedded electrodes stimulate the spinal cord to strengthen the new nerve connections.

The patient won’t be able to get up and walk around after the surger Dr Canavero said telling the New Scientist that the damage to the spinal cord would take about 12 months to heal fully. The patient would however keep their old voice, he adds.

Only time will tell if the body rejects the new head or not.

Handgun found in man’s ‘butt cheeks’ during jail search


A handgun was found in a Bridgeton man’s “anal cavity” during a strip search at the Cumberland County Jail on Friday, police said in a news release.

17751096-largeWhen officers arrested 21-year-old Darquan R. Lee, of Pamphylia Avenue, on a contempt of court warrant Friday afternoon, they searched him and brought him to the Bridgeton police station, according to Lt. Thomas Speranza, of the Bridgeton Police Department, in the release.

But at the station, suspicion that Lee might be hiding something arose when he asked police to use the bathroom, but then “refused” after officers told him that they would pat him down and search the bathroom “before and after he used it,” police said.

It was at this point officers thought Lee might be hiding “contraband” in his “anal cavity,” according to the news release.

Upon transferring Lee to the Cumberland County Jail, the police officers told jail personnel they thought Lee might be hiding contraband, officials said.

It was during a “strip search” that jail personnel discovered a .25-caliber automatic handgun “shoved in his anal cavity” and “between his butt cheeks,” authorities said.

The handgun was also reported stolen from Alabama, according to police.

Lee was additionally charged with possession of a weapon; unlawful possession of a weapon; certain persons not to have a weapon and receiving stolen property, according to officials.

He is currently being held in the Cumberland County Jail without bail.

Man in China collapses after 14-day online game binge, begs medics to let him keep playing


Online gaming addiction is becoming a serious problem in China, with multiple reported cases of people collapsing and even going a little bit off the deep end after spending days at a time online at internet cafes.

chinaRecently, a man collapsed after spending a shocking 14 days playing an online game – but when an ambulance was called for him, he is reported to have begged the medics to let him keep on playing just a little while longer…

In Hefei, the largest city in the Anhui province of China, a man was reportedly taken to hospital following a 14-day online gaming marathon session. Onlookers reported that the man apparently chain-smoked while gaming, and didn’t seem to eat anything during the 14 days he spent glued to the computer screen in an internet cafe in the city.

On the fourteenth day, the man reportedly rose from his seat at around 7pm and made his way outside, presumably to find food. Concerned staff followed, only to discover him collapsed in the street.

The staff immediately called an ambulance for the man, who is reported to have told the paramedics when they arrived: “Leave me alone. Just put me back in my chair. I want to keep on gaming.”

Obviously, they ignored the man’s request and whisked him off to hospital, where he is said to be recovering, but we wonder why the internet cafe staff allowed him to keep on playing for 14 days in a row despite admitting that they were “concerned” about him.

Japan’s netizens reacted to the story with plenty of scorn, though online gaming addiction is a problem in Japan as well:

“Nothing better to do?”

“Why didn’t he take any food with him? You can’t eat in Chinese net cafes?”

“Wow, that’s dedication. I get sick of games easily.”

“Know when to quit!”

“Don’t go to an internet cafe, it costs money. Just game at home like a smart person.”

Have you ever gotten addicted to a video game? Should staff intervene in clear cases of gaming addiction like this, or is it up to the individual how much time he or she spends playing video games?

Woman Charged With Contaminating Families Milk With Shavings of Dead Skin From Her Feet



Sarah P. Schrock, 56, of Mechanicsville was arrested on on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 by Deputy First Class Jaime Davis of the St. Mary’s sheriff’s Office.

Charging documents allege that Schrock contaminated milk served to family members at her home, with shavings of dead skin from her feet.

Schrock was placed under arrest and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center, where she was charged with poisoning/contaminating of food, 3 counts of assault and failure to comply with a peace order.

The poisoning/contaminating of food charge is a felony punishable by up to 25 years in jail.