Grandfather Shoots Home Invaders Jamar Hawkins & Buddys, There To Gang Rape Granddaughter


On Monday night, in Lumberton, N.C. a homeowner’s worst nightmare came true. According to the Robeson Sheriff’s Office, an innocent knock at the door turned into a gun battle with one dead.

2d82lpwCarolina Live, citing the Roberson Sheriff’s Office, said around 10 p.m. an unknown man knocked on the door of a home along Yedda Road. The man reportedly told the homeowner his car was having mechanical problems, and he needed water.

Just as this was happening, according to Carolina Live, two other men, dressed in black with ski masks and gloves busted through the door and made their way inside. Once the suspects made their way in, it was soon apparent they weren’t just there for money.

According to News 2, after the suspects led the 67-year-old and his wife back to a safe, they also attempted to gang rape the homeowner’s 19-year-old granddaughter.

The grandfather, knowing he was in the fight of his life to save his granddaughter, managed to get one of his own guns and according to News 2 began to fire at the suspects. During an intense gun battle, the grandfather was reportedly hit multiple times – and so were the suspects. The granddaughter managed to escape the clutch of the men.

The gunmen, according to the report, fled in the homeowner’s Cadillac.

Two other suspects showed up later to a local hospital in Dillon after their gunshot wound became too much for them to deal with. The hospital, according to reports, notified the sheriff’s office.

As for the 67-year-old victim, he was airlifted and had to have surgery. News 2 said a relative, Sherri Bridgeman, updated followers on her Facebook page about the victim’s condition saying, “He is out of surgery but is still critical in ICU!! Thanks everyone for all your prayers just keep them coming!!! But the intruders have been caught!!!”

The other two suspects were taken by helicopter to another location where they had to have emergency surgery as well. News 2 said they have been identified as Jamar Hawkins, 17, and Brandon Carver Stephens, 28 (pictured above). According to Major Anthony Thompson, of Robeson County Sheriff’s Office, the two suspects were booked in the Florence County Detention Center as of Thursday night.

Information gathered by investigators led them to the stolen car where they found 20-year-old Jamie Lee Faison. He reportedly died from his injuries.

It’s possible the men have allegedly committed other robberies in the area. If you know anything about these suspects, please contact Robeson Sheriff’s Office.

Woman Charged With Bestiality After Police Find Videos Of Her Having Sex With A Dog


A woman who has been charged with bestiality after police found footage on her mobile phone of her allegedly having sex with a dog has returned to her Queensland home.

Jenna Louise Driscoll has been charged with three counts of bestiality, along with charges of trafficking and possession of a dangerous drug, the Courier Mail reports.

1414654697112_wps_4_Jenna_Louise_Driscoll_25_The 25-year-old arrived home and exited the black sedan, clutching a red bull can and dressed in a black singlet, pink shorts and black thongs.

The dog, believed to be a pitbull terrier, climbed the stairs to Driscoll’s cream coloured residence, where neighbours say she has lived for some time.

Driscoll entered her house and remained for a very short amount of time, before leaving with the man in the sedan.

Police were carrying out checks on Driscoll’s phone for suspected drug trafficking when they discovered the three videos, and appeared at Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

‘This isn’t something you’d normally expect, it’s quite unusual. The last case I can recall was a few years ago, it certainly isn’t something we hear reported often,’ said Mark Townend, CEO of RSPCA Queensland.

‘Under the Animal Care Protection Act bestiality isn’t included. To take action and remove the dog we would have to prove actions there were cruel or that it was tormented.’

‘The RSPCA would ideally like to get a dog out of the situation if bestiality was happening, but to operate under the act we would have to prove those two things.’

‘We’d try to do everything we can to help the dog if that is the case.’

Driscoll was also charged with two counts of possession of an item used in the commission of a crime and three counts of supplying.

She was granted bail but will have to report to police once a week and live at an apartment at Enoggera, south-west of Brisbane.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Scott Pearson said Driscoll had allegedly been dealing cannabis to friends.

Text messages showed that Driscoll had arranged for 113 grams of the drug to be sold for $1,150 and on another occasion 85 grams for $900, according to Sgt Pearson.

It was when police were investigating the text messages they located the videos of Driscoll allegedly having sex with the dog.

She will reappear in court in December.

The eel in the ass that has to be surgically removed is a NOPE



A man was forced to have surgery after a long fish got stuck in his anus.

Graphic footage has emerged of the procedure which shows medical professionals pulling the Lungfish from a Brazilian man’s backside.

The eel-like fish had venture so far up that it had become lodged in the patient’s bowels.

People can be heard laughing and gasping in amazement as the operation nears an end.

A number of people have phone cameras out at the ready to capture the moment the creature is pulled free.

Fetish Model Kelly Lee Dekay Has A 16-inch Waist


It’s no stretch to say that fetish model Kelly Lee Dekay went to extreme lengths to get an hourglass figure

Continued use of a corset slimmed Dekay’s waist down to a tiny 16 inches. That’s just one inch shy of Cathie Jung, who holds the current Guinness World Record for smallest waist.


Dekay, 27, says she was a tomboy growing up, but accentuated her curves as a way to emulate her favorite female comic book characters, like Storm.

“Growing up I just loved the exaggeration of styles and the beautiful costumes that comic book characters would wear and that led to the aesthetic that led to tight-lacing,” she said according to Barcroft TV. “I like that they wore their personalities externally.

“I do understand their measurements can’t ever possibly be achieved because they would break.”

As striking as Dekay’s figure is, there are many risks involved.

There is not much room for the internal organs, so they are forced to move as the rib cage tightens, the Mirror reports. In addition, breathing can be difficult since the lungs are not able to expand to their full capacity.

Dekay admits wearing a corset makes it difficult for her climb stairs or lift heavy objects, but she has worn it during other physical activities.

“I actually did hiking in my corset and that’s very dangerous. I also played soft ball in a corset once, that was an interesting feeling, but I don’t go to the gym in a corset — that’s really dangerous because I do weight lifting,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “But if I do want to do something extreme, I don’t limit myself. If I have to be out of my corset, then I’m out of it.”

Thief armed only with her own breasts squirts milk at pharmacy workers, makes off with $127


German police said a suspect armed only with her own breasts allegedly squirted milk at pharmacy workers and made off with $127.

Police said workers at the pharmacy in Darmstadt reported the woman came in about 4:25 p.m. Monday and acted like she was planning to buy a breast pump.

The woman handed over a €200 note (about $255) for the $25 item and she then exposed a breast and used her fingers to make it squirt milk at a pharmacist.

Workers told police the woman repeatedly sprayed her milk while going through a counter display and approaching a second cash register.

The woman left the breast pump behind and workers later discovered their register was $127 short. Police said the milk spraying was likely a distraction for the woman’s theft.

The suspect was described as having a “robust” figure and was speaking an unknown language during the incident, police said.