Talk About Bad News … Couple’s New Home Burns To Ground As Deed Is Signed


red flame fire texture backgrounds

A western Pennsylvania couple who bought a neighboring vacant house because they feared it was a fire hazard was right: It caught fire while they were at the county courthouse signing the deed.

The (Somerset) Daily American reports that Bradley and Penny Mason bought the house in Meyersdale intending to tear it down. It’s located just feet from their home about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

A neighbor called 911 to report the fire at about 3 p.m. Wednesday, and fire officials have determined the origin was suspicious. The fire marshal is still investigating the cause.

Penny Mason tells the newspaper the home has “been sitting empty for a couple years. We didn’t even know about the fire until the fire department was called.”

The first-floor fire was quickly extinguished.

Woman Sues Porn Company After Accidentally “Performing” With Her Own Brother


woman-sues-porn-company-after-accidently-performing-with-her-own-brother-image-3For today in “can’t un-know this” we go deep into Los Angeles, California where a porn actress known as Madeline Madison is suing an adult film production company who she alleges tricked her into “performing” with her own brother. The incestuous scene happened on the set of Milk Maids 2 where Madison says she unknowingly gave her brother, another porn actor known as “Chuck Tang,” a glory hole blow job. And you thought your family reunions were awkward.

It would be weird enough to book the same porn shoot with your sibling but allegedly that is what happened to the two who went to work for Come-And-Go Productions. Madison says that at the time there was no concern that they would even see each other in the same scene, but things were a little weird leading up to the anonymous fellatio. She says;

“The producers wouldn’t let me meet the man I was sucking off beforehand, which I found odd, because normally we always meet and greet our scene partner.”

So why would the company want to trick her into doing something so heinous that obviously would have real world consequences? She says:

“The company doesn’t show real incest with past titles, but with me and my little brother being known, they’ve now caught real incest on camera which will make them billions in Japan. The Japanese loveincest.”

Uh-huh.. so allegedly Madison is seeking $3.2 million dollars from Come and Go Productions for her emotional pain and distress. Now I know what you are thinking: if she gets the money, was it all worth it?

OK, this story is definitely of questionable authenticity, but has been making the rounds today and is quickly going viral around the interwebs. Break’s team of investigative journalists has tried to track down previous adult films by both Chuck Tang and Madeline Madison. After hours of “research” behind closed doors, thus far this is what they have come up with from a Google image search for both alleged porn actors:

People are spending $14 to send message-bearing potatoes


Looking for a new way to wish someone a happy birthday or congratulate a colleague? Try a potato.

MW-DS910_Potato_20150824124032_MGAs more and more avenues for digital communication emerge, some websites are going back to snail mail, allowing you to send your message in an unconventional way.

“I wanted to create a brand new way of sending a message outside of apps and technology by allowing anyone to send an anonymous message…on a potato,” Alex Craig, founder of Potato Parcel, writes in an email to MarketWatch.
Based in Dallas, Potato Parcel was launched in May, and has since received 3,500 orders for potatoes. The potatoes come packaged, giving the recipient an initial feeling of “surprise and delight” only to be “confused when they open it to find a potato with an anonymous message,” Craig says. You can choose to add your name in the message, but it counts as part of the word limit.

For $7.99, you can send a medium-size potato with a message of up to 100 characters. For a $2 upgrade, you can send a large-size potato with a 140-character limit. Craig says the limits are due to space on the potato, but he landed on 140 characters because it is already familiar to customers as the Twitter character limit. Shipping costs about $4. Craig says it takes about seven days for potatoes to reach their destination.

Craig, who works full time at a mobile app agency, says he is planning on expanding Potato Parcel globally, with a franchise in the United Kingdom and plans for Australia and Canada.

Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, says these websites are initially successful because of their novelty.

“When they start, they are very unique,” Berger says. “No one has been mailed a potato or a banana before with their name on it…it’s interesting to talk about and receive.”

However, the honeymoon period ends when other companies enter the space and consumer excitement fades.

For a $2 upgrade, you can send a large-size potato with a 140-character limit.

The best way for these websites to survive, Berger says, is to maintain a low profile, or create a service that differentiates it from the competition.

“It all depends on whether someone has heard about it or not,” Berger says. “The first time it’s really exciting, after two or three times the novelty wears off.”

Man May Lose Hand After Attempting To Take Selfie With Rattlesnake


A Lake Elsinore man was bitten by a rattlesnake Monday as he picked it up and attempted to take a selfie.

rattlesnake_dfgAlex Gomez, 36, spotted the four-foot rattler in a field by his family’s ranch on Cielito Drive, shortly before he made the potentially deadly mistake.

“I’m shocked that he would have that things around his neck,” Alex’s mother Deborah said. “It could’ve bit his neck, and that would have been it. That’s just being a fool.”

Alex’s nephew, Ronnie, was with him when the snake was discovered, and says the reptile gave plenty of warning.

“It was really think and had ten rattles on it, it was rattling,” Ronnie said. “It was pretty mad.”

Upon being bitten, Gomez, who is a father a three, was experiencing excruciating pain as he was taken to a local hospital. His hand swelled up and his body started to tingle. His neighbor, Byron Bonilla, called 9-1-1 immediately.

While Gomez is being treated with anti-venom, his mother says he may lose his hand.

“His skin is already rotting away,” Deborah described.

While Gomez’ family says the mistake was his decision to go near the snake, the issue of rattlesnakes has been immense in 2015, due to the drought and the heat.

California Poison Control reports handling 800 rattlesnake bites per year, and one-to-two end up being fatal. Alex was bitten during peak rattlesnake bite season, which runs from April to October.

Gomez’ mother, meanwhile, says sharing his “embarrassing” story is the best way to teach her son a lesson she thought he already knew.

“I told him the news people had been calling, and he said ‘Mom, you better not’, and I said ‘I’m going to’. I’m going to teach him a real good lesson when he gets home. No mercy for him.”

60-year-old Buddhist priest arrested for panty theft, would’ve got away if not for his high heels


heelsIt stands to reason that, upon reaching the age of 60 years, a man will find himself in possession of knowledge that he wants to share with younger generations. As a matter of fact, he may even feel compelled to do so, especially if his vocation is one that involves the dissemination of important lessons.

That might have been a factor in the decisions made by Shoden Yamazaki, former head priest of the Choshoji Buddhist temple in Akita Prefecture. And, truth be told, the lesson he claims he wanted to spread, “If you’re not careful, people might steal your lingerie,” is a valuable one.

However, being a good teacher is as much about how you deliver the message as it is the message itself. While it drives the point home, warning people about underwear security by dressing up in a skirt and high heels, then stealing their bras and panties, probably isn’t the best, or even really legal, methodology, which is why Yamazaki now finds himself on trial for lingerie theft.

This isn’t the 60-year-old Yamazaki’s first time to end up on the wrong side of anti-underwear theft legislation. During the investigation, it came to light that he began stealing underwear, upper elementary school girls’ in particular, at the age of 19. He continued his activities even after getting married (unlike their Catholic counterparts, Buddhist priests in Japan are allowed to wed), although when he was caught stealing underwear at the age of 29, he took a five-year break from his criminal activities.

He started up again at the age of 34, though, but was apparently able to keep his perversions well enough on the down low that in 2006 he assumed the position of head priest at Choshoji Temple. You’d think the added responsibilities would leave him less time for grabbing strangers’ panties hanging on their balconies to dry, but according to the prosecution, Yamazaki instead added a new wrinkle, and since four years ago has been dressing as a woman while on lingerie-stealing excursions.

The prosecutors claim that on June 16 Yamazaki set out from his home in Yurihonjo City by car, stopping in Kitagami City to change into a skirt and high heels. He then proceeded to Akita City, the prefectural capital, and found an adult woman’s bra and panties drying outside a first-floor apartment at around 11:30 p.m.

Seizing the opportunity, prosecutors say Yamazaki helped himself to the woman’s underwear. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling high heels. From inside the apartment, the husband of the lingerie’s owner heard the clack of the footwear on the pavement. Spotting Yamazaki’s suspicious figure, the husband called out “Hey!”, to which Yamazaki cleverly retorted “This aint got a damn thing to do with me!” His ruse would probably have been more effective if, being dressed in women’s clothing, he’d refrained from using ore, the Japanese word for “me” that’s used almost exclusively by males, but everyone cracks under pressure sometimes.

Seeing through the disguise, the couple called the police. Yamazaki was subsequently arrested, after which he resigned from his position as head priest of Choshoji.

Yamazaki’s trial opened on August 24, during which he asserted that:

“It is dangerous to hang your underwear to dry outside in the middle of the night, so I stole the victim’s underwear to teach her that.”

The prosecutor responded with the obvious question “Isn’t that an unusual way of thinking?” because when the defendant himself is already using words like “stole” and “victim” to describe the incident, well, your job is pretty much being done for you.

Yamazaki’s wife also took the stand, stating:

“I knew my husband was into that sort of thing when he was younger, but I did not think he was still interested in it. I think stress was one of the causes.”

The prosecution is seeking one year in prison for Yamazaki, while the defense is asking for a suspended sentence, based on the fact that the defendant has been undergoing psychological treatment as a sex offender.