Texan, 23, Headed To State Prison For Urinating On The Alamo


A Texas man was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in state prison for urinating on the Alamo.

Daniel Athens, a 23-year-old El Paso resident, pleaded guilty earlier this year to a criminal mischief charge in connection with danielathensthe April 2012 incident at the Texas shrine. While Athens could have faced a maximum of two years in custody, a plea deal saved him up to six months in custody.

Athens was also ordered to pay $4000 in restitution by District Judge Ray Olivarri. Since Athens is not eligible for parole, he will have to serve the entirety of his 18-month sentence.

As detailed in a San Antonio Police Department report, an Alamo Ranger spotted the tipsy Athens standing in a “chained off area not open to the public” making “the motions of putting his penis back in his pants.” Upon investigation, the cop discovered that there was “a puddle on the original mortar of the Shrine.”

Urinating on the 250-year-old “Shrine of Texas Liberty” can cause damage to the landmark since the Alamo’s “limestone absorbs the salt and then pushes the salt out. When the salt gets pushed out so does the face of the limestone and through this process the urine contributes to the eroding of the limestone,” police reported.

Accused Cocaine Trafficker Is A Really, Really Big Fan Of “Scarface”


A California man jailed on federal cocaine trafficking charges can, of course, be seen proudly posing in front of a “Scarface” cesaranguianoposter in a photo uploaded to his Facebook page.

On March 25, federal agents arrested Cesar Anguiano, 35, for allegedly transporting about 15 kilos of cocaine to Ohio, where the drug was intended for customer Mark Walker (whose rap sheet includes a narcotics trafficking conviction).

In addition to seizing the 15 bricks of cocaine from a car driven by his brother, agents recovered more than $275,000 from a Chrysler being driven by Anguiano (who is locked up without bail).

As detailed in an April 14 U.S. District Court filing, investigators want Facebook to preserve information from Cesar Anguiano’s account so that it can be reviewed for evidence of any contact with Walker, who has also been charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

As seen above, Anguiano’s Facebook page includes a photo of him posing in front of a “Scarface” poster, which appears to hang on a wall in his Ontario, California home. The artwork, which shows Tony Montana firing a machine gun, includes the quote “Say hello to my little friend.” The 1983 film is listed twice among movies that Anguiano “likes.”

Doing reps in a gym is expected … just not one handed reps


hc-farmington-gym-masterbator-0417-20140416-001A 68-year-old man accused of masturbating at an LA Fitness on Southeast Road has been charged with public indecency and second-degree breach of peace.

Vitor Pina, of Newington, turned himself in to police Tuesday, police said. He is scheduled to appear April 23 at Superior Court in Hartford.

There are at least two instances when Pina was seen masturbating in the gym’s sauna and the men’s locker room, police said.

Managers at the gym had received several complaints about Pina, who is no longer allowed at the gym, police said. Manager reported the incidents to police in March.

Here’s Japan’s latest trend: ‘Zentai’



They meet on clandestine Internet forums. Or in clubs. Or sometimes at barbecue parties, where as many as 10 adherents gather every month to eat meat and frolic in an outfit that falls somewhere between a Power Ranger’s tunic and Spider-Man’s digs.

This picture taken on February 7, 2014 shows Hokkyku Nigo posing before a mirror at a bar in Tokyo. She dresses in a skin-tight, all-in-one Spandex body suit that covers everything -- including her eyes -- and sits in bars, alone but liberated, she believes, from the judgement of others. Hokkyoku Nigo is part of a small subset in Japan with a fetish for wearing outfits called "zentai" -- an abbreviation of "zenshintaitsu", which means "full body suit" -- who say they are seeking liberation through the complete sublimation of the physical self. (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s called “zentai.” And in Japan, it can mean a lot of things. To 20-year-old Hokkyoku Nigo, it means liberation from the judgment and opinions of others. To a 22-year-old named Hanaka, it represents her lifelong fascination with superheroes. Then to a 36-year-old teacher named Nezumiko, it elicits something sexual. “I like to touch and stroke others and to be touched and stroked like this,” she told the AFP’s Harumi Ozawa.

But to most outsiders, zentai means exactly what it looks like: spandex body suits.

Where did this phenomenon come from and what does it mean? In a culture of unique displays — from men turning trucks into glowing light shows to women wearing Victoria-era clothing — zentai appears to be yet another oddity in a country well accustomed to it.

The trend can take on elements of prurience, however, and groups called things like “zentai addict” and “zentai fetish” teem on Facebook. There are zentai ninjas. There are zentai Pokemon. There are zentai British flags and zentai American flags.

An organization called the Zentai Project, based in England, explains it as “a tight, colorful suit that transforms a normal person into amusement for all who see them . … The locals don’t know what to make of us, but the tourists love us and we get onto lots of tourist snaps — sometimes we can hardly walk 3 steps down the street before being stopped to pose for another picture.”

Though the trend is now apparently global, it was once just a group of Japanese climbing into skintight latex for unknown reasons.

This picture taken on January 25, 2014 shows a member of Tokyo Zentai Club fastening a zipper of another person at a park in Tokyo. Some meet through Internet forums and through gatherings like the Tokyo Zentai Club, whose ten members get together every other month, just like any other group, to hold barbecues or parties. Unlike any other group, they are covered head-to-toe in skintight Lycra.They are part of a small subset in Japan with a fetish for wearing outfits called "zentai" -- an abbreviation of "zenshintaitsu", which means "full body suit" -- who say they are seeking liberation through the complete sublimation of the physical self. (YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

“With my face covered, I cannot eat or drink like other customers,” Hokkyoku Nigo says in the AFP story. “I have led my life always worrying about what other people think of me. They say I look cute, gentle, childish or naive. I have always felt suffocated by that. But wearing this, I am just a person in a full body suit.”

Ikuo Daibo, a professor at Tokyo Mirai University, says wearing full body suits may reflect a sense of societal abandonment. People are acting out to define their individuality.

“In Japan,” he said, ”many people feel lost; they feel unable to find their role in society. They have too many role models and cannot choose which one to follow.”

So what has that caused them to wear neon-red body suits and prance in the streets?

“In a way, they are trying to expose their deeper self by hiding their own identity,” said Daibo. “I find it a very interesting way of communication.”

Well look at this … a restaurant with a penis with a moustache logo


Penis-deli-600x400Yelp reviewers and out-of-town passersby alike see the same thing when they look at the sign for Market Place & Cafe in Ballston: a phallus.

But despite giggles from around the internet and outside the doors, the store at 901 N. Glebe Road has kept the logo plastered on its windows for at least 5 years. And there’s no indication that it will be changing any time soon.

The restaurant’s owner declined requests for comment, demanding that an ARLnow.com employee leave the store after identifying himself as a reporter — but before even getting a chance to ask about the sign.

It’s unclear why the store has stuck with the logo — which seems intended to be a mustachioed figure with an prodigiously tall chef’s hat — for all these blush-inducing years. Commentary about the sign on Yelp dates back to 2009.

“My coworkers refer to the place as CnB Deli,” Steve L. wrote in 2009. “If you look at the picture I’ve attached you’ll see why: the logo for this place is of a huge c— and balls.”

“Welcome to Dong Deli,” Steve T. wrote in 2011. “Despite the ridic [sic] logo, the food isn’t that bad.”

The most recent review on the Yelp page was written last year by Matt R., who gave the deli five stars. Matt wrote: “I have never eaten here but their logo is a PENIS WITH A MOUSTACHE. 5 stars.”

Brandon Kline, visiting the area from his home on Long Island, N.Y., said he didn’t notice the sign at first, until he was walking from the Ballston Metro to the Holiday Inn a block away from Market Place Cafe and saw that a crowd had gathered to take photos.

“It was soon apparent why the crowd was taking pictures,” Kline told ARLnow.com. Kline said it reminded him of the phallic sign for the Austin Motel in Austin, Texas, “but even that isn’t as bad” as Market Place’s.

“They definitely knew it was a [penis] sign when they made it,” Kline’s girlfriend, Abby Koppa, said. “There’s no way it was unintentional.”

First-grader accused of bringing knife on bus, threatening female student


knifeA first-grade student from Bullskin Township Elementary School was suspended for three days after bringing a knife onto a school bus last week, according to the district superintendent.

Authorities told Channel 11’s Jodine Costanzo that the student slashed his seat and the seat in front of him while riding home on April 7.

Investigators said the boy is also accused of threatening a girl who was sitting in the seat in front of him.

“He held the weapon up to the girl and maybe said something to her and she felt threatened,” said Dr. Dan Lujetic, the Connellsville Schools superintendent.

Other students on the bus alerted the driver of what had happened, and the driver confiscated the knife.

“That’s very scary.  Just wow at that age.  A first grader?” said parent Karen Hollis.

The superintendent said the boy was suspended for three days and is now in an alternative school for the rest of the year.

No one has experienced the full joy and spiritual meaning of Easter until they’ve had the Bacon Easter egg


97530Dad-of-two Mike Gurman has created the savoury snack out of TWO DOZEN rashers of streaky bacon weaved together – and the inside even contains a sausage and black pudding treat.

The 47-year-old upon the idea of making the savoury Easter egg after people at work discussed giving up chocolate for Lent and what could possibly replace the traditional Easter feast.

Mike, from Botley, Hampshire, revealed: “The internet has an obsession with bacon and in my brain I wondered if someone had already made an Easter egg out of bacon.

“There was far too much bacon for one person but it was delicious and completely crispy”

Mike Gurman

“I couldn’t really find anything that was anyway similar to what I had in mind.”

Using an oval-shaped pie-dish, Mike weaved the bacon into separate halves and bunged them in the oven.

97529The icing on the cake was putting the extras inside, and Mike said of his finished work: “The egg conceals a couple of nice Cumberland sausages and some fried slices of black pudding – also on the plate; fried tomato, mushroom, potato slices, fried bread, baked beans and a fried egg (cooked to perfection with a liquid yolk) – and a nice mug of tea on the side.”

Mike said that he only managed to get through one half and saved the rest for some sarnies later on.

He added: “There was far too much bacon for one person but it was delicious and completely crispy.”

The Heston Blumenthal fan began cooking as a young lad and he sticks his kookiest creations on his Atomic Shrimp website.

Other meals include grasshopper, Mac N Chocolate, savoury Christmas pudding and a bacon waffle.

Mike said of his experimental cooking: “I had a kind of mid-life crisis when I hit 40 and realised I did not have to have someone telling me what to do.

“I am a grown up. I can make a mess, I can use whatever ingredients in my cooking.”

We’re very open to him becoming our own personal chef…