Man Walks Into Daycare To Find Ian Moore Raping His 5-year-old Daughter


Police have arrested Ian Moore after a man walking into his daughter’s daycare said he caught Moore raping his 5-year-old daughter inside on of the daycare’s classrooms.

Kids-CountryAccording to the Normandy Park Police Department, the man walked into a classroom at Kid’s Country childcare on June 5 and found Moore, a 31-year-old teacher at the center, crouched behind a bookshelf with his daughter. Moore allegedly told the father he was just having a “tickle fight” with the girl.

However, once outside of the school, the girl allegedly told her father that the Moore had touched her inappropriately. The father immediately called Child Protective Services who interviewed the girl. When interviewed by investigators, she would tell them she was raped by Moore.

When police interviewed Moore, he allegedly admitted that he touched the girl beneath her underwear but that it was accidental. I’m willing to give people the benefit of the doubt in cases like this, but I it’s hard for me believe anyone would find themselves accidentally knuckle-deep inside a 5-year-old girl.

Moore was arrested and booked into King County Jail. He was immediately put on leave at the daycare and is expected to be charged with first-degree child rape. Police are still investigating the rape allegation, and officials say they are looking into whether there may be more victims.

Administrators at the day care say the state does an extensive criminal background check on all their employees, including Moore.

Couple Accused Of Attacking Neighbor With Rake For Complaining About Their Loud Sex


Johnny Richards, 33, and Erin Lawson, 32, like to fight, screw each other loudly and stab neighbors for calling the police to complain.


The neighbor unfortunate enough to live next door to this lovely couple, called police to report what he thought was a domestic disturbance of some kind. It turned out the couple were just having sex loud enough that it sounded like they were killing each other.

The neighbor called police once more when the couple started at it again, but this time they were actually fighting. When the police left, the couple went to the neighbor to confront him with a rake. When he opened the door, Richards beat the shit out of him with it, breaking the handle. He then used the broken handle to stab the man in the arm.

A report from responding officer HCSO Cpl. Kenneth Ferguson confirms the neighbor’s story matches his injuries.

“I did observe several lacerations on (the neighbor) consistent with how he stated he was injured. There was blood on the end of the rake handle that was recovered at the scene. (The neighbor) stated the Mr. Richards hit him with a 2-by-2 stick, and it was recovered at the scene.”

Richards has a lengthy criminal record that includes 45 arrests since 2001 for burglary, theft, domestic violence, assault, public intoxication, contempt of court and a slew of driving offenses. Lawson has a lengthy criminal record that includes 31 arrests for drug trafficking, theft, domestic assault, stalking, failure to appear and public intoxication.

Both Lawson and Richards have been charged with aggravated assault for that attack on their neighbor. Lawson was given an additional aggravated assault charge for allegedly hitting Richards with the same broken rake handle he beat the neighbor with.

David Rossman Was Crushed To Death Inside Industrial Cardboard Compactor


Crushed-CardboardAccording to reports, 43-year-old David Rossman met a horrific end after he fell into a cardboard compactor while trying to clear a jam, and was subsequently crushed to death by the machine.

On Monday, Rossman was working at a Robert Wallick Associates, a recycling facility, when a machine that compacts cardboard became jammed. As Rossman tried to clear the jam, he fell in the machine and “got compacted in a stack of cardboard.”

The machine is 12 feet tall and you need to climb a ladder needed to reach the top. Several other employees were working at the time of the accident but none of them saw Rossman fall in. The machine was still running when his body was discovered.

Fire crews were called and were able to get Rossman out of the machine about 15 minutes later. According to Winter Garden police Lt. Scott Allen, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now investigating and will determine if the business was following the appropriate safety measures.

According to OSHA, there have only been six baler-related deaths or injuries at a recycling or waste management facility nationwide since 2000. That number is a hell of a lot lower than I would have ever imagined.

‘Penis shapes’ left on road by council workers stun residents


Residents in a Tamworth street were left stunned when council workers appeared to have left ‘penis-shapes’ in the road after trying to cover old markings with the wrong paint.


Staffordshire County Council said the preventative treatment used to maintain the road reacted with the painted white lines and causing the ‘mis-shapes’ at the junction of Emberton Way and Padstow.

But locals said they were ‘disgusted’ by the ‘mess’ left by the workers and said many of the shapes looked ‘obscene.’

JS68976566One angry resident, Graham Wood, who has lived in his detached home for about 11 years, was away when the work started in June but returned to the ‘complete mess’.

He told the Mail Online: “There are some very bizarre, obscene shapes. One of them looks like someone’s giving someone the finger sign.

“They’ve scraped off the old road markings and painted over it, but the stuff they used reacted with the white lines.

“The paint melted the white lines underneath it so, as vehicles drove over the road,it went all over the placeIt’s a huge mistake and it has left the road in a right state.

“The road looks a complete mess, but they decided to paint the white line markings over the top when they’ve not even sorted the mess they had originally made.

“We often joke that we have several penises on our road. They do look like penis shapes.”

The father-of-one added: “The work took place four to five weeks ago and we’re already seeing cracks in the pavement, weeds growing out of the road surface and tyre markings across the pavements from where the vehicles have driven across the paint without warning.

“You can already see the red tarmac surface on one road because the paint has been dragged off. It is terrible frankly.’

Annette Bullick, 50, also told the Mail Online: “I was shocked when I first saw them. We found the shapes amusing but the state the whole estate has been left in is disgusting really.”

Father-of-two Steven Rowlands, 43, said: “It is terrible. The road looks ridiculous now, it is in a right mess.

“I can’t see how they can make such a mistake but it’s awful. I know a lot of residents who have complained to the council. They are obscene.

“I understand the council have told them they can’t do much about it. It is really starting to bother a lot of people round here though.”

Bar manager, Darryl Birch, 32, added: ‘I think it is a disgrace really. I am ashamed.

“I can’t imagine what it is doing to house prices around here because the road looks very unpleasant and would probably put buyers off.”

Councillor Mark Deaville, cabinet support member for highways and transport at Staffordshire County Council, said: ‘This preventative treatment is used to preserve and extend the life of roads that are already in good condition which means they last longer and do not require as much maintenance in the future.

“When the work was carried out the material caused a reaction with the painted white lines on the road which caused them to miss-shape. The effect was purely cosmetic and the material has now settled.

“Our highways team are now working with the contractor to resolve the aesthetic issues on site.”

Man beaten with vacuum cleaner ….. girlfriend arrested


A Napa woman faces felony assault and domestic violence allegations after attacking her boyfriend Saturday morning, according to police.

At about 2 a.m., Brenda Maria Rodriguez, 22, was arguing with boyfriend at her home in the 200 block of Hartle Court when she bit his arm, then beat him repeatedly about the head and chest with part of a Bissell vacuum cleaner, Sgt. Chase Haag said.

The man waited several hours before reporting the incident to police, who detained Rodriguez at 11:08 a.m. He was treated at Queen of the Valley Medical Center and later released, according to Haag.

Rodriguez was booked into the Napa County jail for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and inflicting corporal injury on a cohabitant.

Imani Brown Hit Cop In The Eye With Her Bloody Tampon


Imani Brown, 22, did not appreciate police officers interrupting her van sexy-time so she protested by nun-chucking one in the eye with a bloody tampon.


Police responded to multiple complaints regarding a couple having sex in plain view in the front seat of a parked van. According to police, the ground beside the van was littered with bloody used condoms and a soiled tampon. They would find Brown and Mackenzie Bruno, 27, naked, saucing the hot dog.

Brown, who I will now call “Get Down Brown”…was not happy with the police assisted coitus interruptus and exited the vehicle cursing and yelling at the officers. As a cop approached her, Brown leaned down, picked up the bloody tampon and then smashed it into the cop’s eye.  The officer is currently being treated for exposure.

Let’s get real for a second. The thought of having a bloody tampon anywhere near your face is heinous alone. Add in the chance of exposure to STD’s, HIV, or the possibility that the tampon rested on a comfy asphalt bed of MRSA; I would be tempted to scoop out my eyeball with a spoon right then and there.

Brown has been charged with assaulting an officer, interfering with police and public indecency and is being held on a $100,000 bail. Bruno has been charged with public indecency and disturbing the peace. He has since be released on a $1,000 bail.