500 MPH Ping Pong Ball Destroys Diet Coke Can


Normally a ping pong ball can’t do much damage, no matter how hard it is hit.

But with scientific know-how you can turn the ball into one insanely swift projectile.

Watch Zeke Kossover of San Francisco’s Exploratorium blast a ping ping ball through a vacuum cannon. Then watch watch the ball punch a hole in a Diet Coke can at about 500 miles per hour.

Without air resistance even the lightweight ping pong ball can reach jet-like velocity, Kossover explains to the guys at Tested in a “Simple Feats of Science!” episode.

But if all you want to is drink the Diet Coke, just pop the top.

Giant Spider Found Kickin’ It Inside Pre-Packaged Salad Mix


Waiter! There’s a giant spider living in my salad!

Someone found more than they bargained for, after discovering a HUGE SPIDER LIVING INSIDE a pre-packaged bag of salad.

The salad, with a sell by date of Feb. 7, appears to be the Australian-based brand Woolsworths, but spiders do not seem to be apart of Woolworths’ Italian Style Salad pre-packaged ingredients.

The YouTube video was posted by James Perry, on Feb. 4, the same day the Woolworths brand reported a missive recall on lettuce.

In the video, someone refers to the spider as a, “huntsman,” and they appear to be correct.

Even though it’s pretty creepy, hopefully, no spiders were harmed.

Has Indian bus driver become first ever person to be killed by a meteorite strike?


0D781E8400000578-3436445-image-a-4_1454888099208An Indian bus driver has become the first man in recorded history to be killed after he was struck by a meteorite, sensational local reports have claimed.

The space rock crashed near an engineering college in Vellore, in Tamil Nadu state, where the 40-year-old man was standing, said local minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram, who has awarded 100,000 rupees ($1,470) in compensation to his family.

‘A meteorite fell within the college premises,’ Jayalalithaa said. The man ‘sustained serious injuries and died while on the way to the hospital’.

The space rock crashed near an engineering college in Vellore, in Tamil Nadu state, where the 40-year-old man was standing, said local minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram. Here, workers examine the site.

Jayalalithaa, a former film star, left tight-lipped local officials struggling to explain the mystery blast at the engineering college that left a small crater and broke windows.

The bus driver was standing on a patch of grass near the college cafeteria when he was killed, while two gardeners and a student were injured, officials said. A dark blue stone resembling a diamond was found at the scene.

Government officials at first suspected the blast was caused by explosives accidentally left after building work.

However, investigations found no evidence of explosive material at the site.

‘When no evidence of explosive material was found, we moved to the theory that it might be a meteorite,’ said a district official who asked not be named.

‘It is not confirmed yet as samples need to be analysed.’

A team from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics was expected to visit on Tuesday to collect samples.

G. Baskar, the principal of the college in Vellore district, was working in his cabin when he heard an explosion.

‘It was a sound like nothing I’ve ever heard before,’ he said.

‘There was no smell at all, no fire, nothing.’

The last reported death from a meteorite strike was in 1825, according to a list kept by International Comet Quarterly, a scientific journal.

Simon Goodwin, an astrophysics expert from Britain’s University of Sheffield, said meteorite deaths were rare because the rocks usually burn up when passing through the Earth’s atmosphere or land in the ocean or hit remote areas.

‘When you look at the fraction of the Earth’s surface that is heavily populated, it’s not very much,’ he said.

In 2013, a meteorite exploded over central Russia, raining fireballs over a vast area and causing a shock wave that smashed windows, damaged buildings and injured 1,200 people.

Indian authorities inspect the site of a suspected meteorite landing on February 7, 2016 in an impact that killed a bus driver and injured three others on February 6. If proven, it would be the first such death in recorded history. The impact of the object left a large crater in the ground and shattered window panes in a nearby building, killing the driver who was walking past.

Witnesses told the New Indian Express how the driver was rushed to the hospital after being hit by ‘splinters’ of the so called meteorite, but died on the way.

The impact, which injured three, shattered the windows of nearby buses and buildings, NDTV reported.

After hearing the ‘deafening’ bang outside, students rushed from their classrooms to discover a small crater in the field outside.

Witnesses have told of seeing a glowing, mysterious object falling from the sky – and an explosion when it hit the ground.

But local police have dismissed these reports as rumours, saying the blast was used by ‘gelatine sticks’ which were abandoned in the ground when the college was being built, New Indian Express reported.

Meteor detection website ATLAS says it has ‘no experience with asteroid fatalities’ and ‘death by asteroid’ is extremely low risk.

The 40-year-old man was struck and killed by the splinters of the space rock which fell to ground near an engineering college in Vellore, in Tamil Nadu state (graphic image of an asteroid)

They claimed two of the college’s gardeners were burning rubbish when they ‘inadvertently set off the unused gelatine sticks’.

Images in local media showed a blueish rock, which Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram described as a ‘meteorite’ – although scientists say this has not yet been proved.

S. P. Rajaguru, assistant professor at the Indian Astrophysics Institute in Bangalore, said the rock could be a meteorite but further tests were needed.

If proven it would be the first meteorite death of a human in recorded history, he said.

‘Most of the meteors never reach the earth surface as they completely vaporise in the atmosphere,’ he told AFP by phone.

‘Hitting the Earth surface is very rare and there have been no deaths in recorded history.’

The object weighed only 11 grammes, the newspaper added, about as heavy as a AAA battery.

Rajaguru said the missile could be debris from a rocket or a space shuttle.

Meteors are particles of dust and rock that usually burn up as they pass through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Those that do not burn up completely, surviving the fall to Earth, are known as meteorites.

Strange foam-like clouds with candy floss texture fall from sky – conspiracy theorists have a field day


Conspiracy theorists and sky-watchers are debating the cause of bizarre foam ‘clouds’ that have been filmed falling from the sky in Morrocco.

A video showing a strange white substance settling across the coastal region of Doukkala has quickly gone viral , amassing thousands of views.

So far, explanations have included everything from alien intervention to Government weather manipulation and naturally occurring sea foam.

The clip shows a man wandering through the spooky formations, which up close looks similar to candy floss.

Walking around in audible wonder, he grabs a handful of the stuff, which clings to his arm like a spider’s web.

At one point a huge bubble is blown upright by the wind, and rolls across the road.

Paranormal blog UFO Sightings Hotspot speculated that the phenomenon was liked to a noise heard in various parts of the world , including Morrocco, in January.

“Clouds cannot plunge off the sky and settle on the ground,” the blog says.

“Are these ‘clouds’ another proof of geoengineering and weather manipulation [sic]?”

Another viewer jokingly claimed it was the Terrigen Mists, a mutagen from the Marvel Comics universe .

Some viewers suggested it was in fact sea foam – while another said it was a result of untreated sewage, and that the man was best advised not to touch the stuff.

Vida Guerra Nude Pics You Should See


vida-guerra-nudeThis woman right here is famous for her big ole butt. Yes, like J-Lo and Kim K, Vida Guerra is all about that booty. But other parts of her are pretty damn fine as well. Me gusta.


In case you don’t know much about this fine piece of meat, Vida Guerra is a Cuban-born glamour model who grew up in New Jersey. She did a lot of photo shoots for magazines like FHM and was a hip hop music video girl for a while. She’s got a great hardbody that’s built in the gym and lots of natural god-given curves. And she’s a vegetarian as well so it’s not about the food!











Uber Driver Pulled Gun On Passenger Who Warned That He Might Vomit In Car


An Uber driver leveled a handgun at a passenger during a dispute Friday evening that began when the driver, fearing that his customer was going to throw up in the Lexus, attempted to yank him from the vehicle, Florida cops report.

patrickmcdonald16According to investigators, Patrick McDonald, 67, was driving Shane Fabry and other passengers home around 8 PM when Fabry asked McDonald to pull the car over “in the event that he began to vomit.”

After McDonald (seen at right) stopped the auto, Fabry, 27, advised that he was “feeling better and no longer felt like he was going to be sick.” McDonald, however, apparently did not want to take any chances. The driver “told the victim that he needed to get out the car and he was not to throw up” in the $75,000 ride.

Upon opening the rear passenger door, McDonald “attempted to pull the victim out of the car by grabbing his left arm,” a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputy alleged. During the argument that ensued, McDonald first took an “aggressive fighting stance” and then reached into the car and “produced a black semi-automatic handgun,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

Fabry–a licensed private investigator who also holds a Florida firearms license–and a witness said that McDonald pointed the guy directly at Fabry, who is pictured at left.

When questioned by cops, McDonald admitted “grabbing the gun out of the car,” but denied pointing it at Fabry. McDonald said he retrieved the weapon “because he was in fear for his life.” Asked why he was scared, McDonald replied that his passengers were talking about “sticking dicks in his ear.”

McDonald was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, a felony, and misdemeanor battery. He was released from custody Saturday after posting $2500 bond, and is scheduled for a February 26 court appearance.

Earlier today, Fabry placed a link on his Facebook page to a Bradenton Herald story about McDonald’s collar. In response, one of Fabry’s friends remarked, “Nice… You should have puked in that shit!!” Another pal declared, “You shoulda shit too. LOL.”