Mom loses 5 kids over sex party with daughter’s friends, where she joined the festivities, which featured booze, pot, sex, a hot tub, and naked Twister


A 35-year-old Georgia mother has lost custody of her five children after being arrested for allegedly hosting a party for her teenage daughter and partaking of booze, pot, sex, a hot tub and naked Twister.

momRachel Lehnardt was charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for the party at her home in Evans, an Augusta suburb. She was arrested Monday after her new Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor alerted the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday following a meeting with Lehnardt, according to the investigation report.

The sponsor said Lehnardt, who is divorcing her husband, an Iraq war veteran, told her she had lost custody of the children — ages 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16 — at an emergency hearing April 6 after he learned about the recent party. The sheriff’s report did not indicate when it occurred.

The children were with their father one night when the 16-year-old daughter texted her mother to ask if she and some friends could come over “to party,” according to the sponsor’s account.

“Come on, let’s party,” Lehnardt replied.

The teens drank alcohol and smoked marijuana, Lehnardt said she joined them playing naked Twister, her sponsor told investigators. She then had sex in the bathroom with an 18-year-old boy, the report said.

The sponsor said Lenhardt later recounted waking up at 3:30 a.m. to discover her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend having sex with her.

He is not facing charges because “there is no evidence of rape” because Lehnardt “refuses to discuss the case,” Capt. Steve Morris told the New York Daily News.

Lehnardt, who works in an Augusta bridal shop, had been attending a sexual-addiction workshop at her local Mormon church, the sponsor added.

She was released after posting a $3,200 bond.

Woman On Welfare Wants Taxpayers To Pay For $15,000 Wedding, Being A Bride Is A ‘Basic Human Right’


Anna Broom has been on welfare since she was 19-years-old since she was deemed too overweight to work. In total, she has collected over $149,000 in benefits but says that simply isn’t enough as she now wants taxpayers to pay for a dream wedding costing $15,000. Broom claims that being a bride is a “basic human right” and that she is entitled to a “‘traditional English wedding and party in a castle.”

weddingThe Daily Mail reports that Broom, from Kent in Southeast England, is requesting that her “dream wedding” be paid for as a “basic human right.” However, Broom isn’t requesting just any old wedding. Instead, the blushing bride says she wants a traditional English wedding complete with a party in a castle. Her request includes funds for the church ceremony, a designer dress, champagne and even a horse and carriage. In addition to the elaborate wedding, Broom also wants an extra $3,000 to cover a honeymoon in Mexico.

Broom says she is too overweight to work, but that she has a basic human right to be a bride and that means a large traditional wedding. Broom goes on to say that being a bride will increase the prospect of getting a job as it will boost her confidence.

“I deserve a fairy-tale church wedding and a party in a castle – but there’s no way I could afford it on benefits and I can’t work because I’m overweight. I’m stuck in a rut at the moment and can’t find the motivation to lose weight, but if I was getting married I know I’d slim down because all eyes would be on me.”

Anna says that she once held a job in a nursery when she was 16-years-old. However, she was overlooked for a secretarial spot by a “skinny blonde” so she left the position. She claims to have applied for a number of other jobs to no avail. At this point, instead of continuing her job search, Broom began binge-eating on sweets and became too overweight to find work. Since that point she has lived off of government assistance and has not looked for employment. However, she says that could all change if she were to get the dream wedding she desires. She would then have motivation to slim down and could then find a job.

However, many people across the web are not buying into Anna’s assumption that a wedding is a “basic human right” or that she will find motivation to work following the wedding.

What do you think of Anna Broom’s assumption that being a bride is a “basic human right”? Should the government foot the bill for her elaborate wedding in hopes of boosting the woman’s confidence which could lead to her landing a job? Or should Broom use her desire for the elaborate ceremonies as motivation to lose weight in order to find a job to pay for the traditional English wedding of her dreams?

Roommates stab each other with beer bottles in iPhone vs. Android dispute


12587-6622-7487271_G-lKTUL reported that a woman found one of the men stumbling around Evergreen Apartments around 1 a.m., covered in blood. Police were called, and subsequent investigation discovered that the men had been drinking.

When the phone argument turned violent, the pair broke their beer bottles and stabbed each other. At one point during the fracas, one of the men smashed their bottle over the other’s head.

The seriousness of the injuries hasn’t been made public, nor is it yet clear whether police or either of the victims are planning to press charges.

The iPhone versus Android debate is a common trope in American culture. iPhone owners will often claim features such as a smoother interface, better-integrated features and higher build quality, while Android owners will point to things like cheaper prices, a more flexible operating system, and/or technical superiority in some models.

Android devices generally enjoy a larger marketshare, since the operating system is used by a wide range of phone makers. The iPhone however is frequently the most popular individual brand, particularly in countries like China and the U.S.

Vermont lawmakers: Make pot legal or we ban booze


635648658901902651-041715PNI-MarijuanaTwo Vermont lawmakers fed up with delays to legalize marijuana in the state introduced a headline-grabbing measure this week designed to move things along: one that would outlaw alcohol. Legislators Chris Pearson and Jean O’Sullivan admit they have no interest in reinstating Prohibition, but they want to make a larger point, reports Vermont Public Radio.

In their eyes, marijuana is safer than alcohol, so why ban that drug and leave the other untouched?

“The object was to basically embarrass leadership to say that we have [marijuana legalization bills] in front of us, and they’re going absolutely nowhere,” O’Sullivan tells the Huffington Post.

Their bill would make those found in possession of small amounts of alcohol subject to fines of up to $500, and anyone caught selling or distributing it faces 30 years in prison and $1 million in fines.

Female Politician strips off for controversial video in protest against soaring government taxes

TEASER-Ester-KaplankovaA politician had a saucy way of campaigning against high government taxes – by stripping off for the cameras.

In a promotional video for the Party of Free Citizens in the Czech Republic, brunette Ester Kaplankova, 37, cavorts in just her bra and knickers.

And then, just to ram the message home, she flicks her bra off, covering her boobs with a newspaper before draping herself in the party’s flag.

Her controversial advert about how much taxes are deducted from wages has certainly drawn attention to the cause, but caused huge embarrassment to the movement.

The video of Kaplankova, who is vice-chairman of the party’s office in the Czech capital Prague, was posted on her Facebook profile and on YouTube causing it to go viral.

But Petr Mach, 39, leader of the party, claimed the video was too much.

He revealed: “We asked Mrs Kaplankova to delete the video or to publish it without our official graphics and logo. Somebody could say it was too much.”

Eventually she changed it, claiming it was not an official party video but a private one and confirming it was made by her without authorisation.

The Party of Free Citizens is a non-parliament liberal eurosceptic political party in the Czech Republic.

It was founded in 2009 by MEP Petr Mach, 39, an economist and university professor of macroeconomics.

Ester is no stranger to controversy and previously hit the headlines when she wrote an article entitled, “Ester Kaplankova: 15 reasons to be a female member of Free”.

The article caused controversy in Czech Republic, because several of the reasons were related to men, sex and money.

Man Charged With Beating His Wife To Death Inside Dunkin Donuts


Bhadreshkumar-Chetanbhai-PatelPolice are looking for 24-year-old Bhadreshkumar Patel after they say he beat his wife to death inside a Dunkin Donuts where they both worked.

Police were called to the all-night Dunkin Donuts on Arundel Mills Boulevard after a customer walked in at around 11 p.m. Sunday and found that there were no employees.

When police arrived, they found 21-year-old Palak Patel lying dead in the kitchen. Evidence collected at the scene linked the murder to Patel’s husband, who also worked with her at the store. Police say he hit his wife multiple times with an object and then fled on foot.

An arrest warrant was issued for Patel, who has been charged with first- and second-degree murder, assault and other charges. Police are still looking for him and are warning the public that he is dangerous.

“Don’t harbor him, don’t assist him in any way, shape or form,” said police spokesperson Justin Mulcahy, who added the couple had at least one prior contact with police for a domestic incident in December.

“Apparently somebody, a neighbor, had heard some loud noises or banging, report of a possible domestic incident,” Mulcahy said.

Police are asking anyone with information about the case or Patel’s wherabouts to call Anne Arundel County police homicide Detective Kelly Harding at 410-222-4743, or call the tip line at 410-222-4700.

Dunkin’ Donuts released a statement, saying: “We are aware of the tragic incident that occurred at the Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin-Robbins combination restaurant on Arundel Mills Boulevard in Hanover, Maryland. All of us at Dunkin’ Brands are saddened to learn of the death of crew member Palak Bhadreskumar Patel, and our thoughts go out to her family and friends. The franchise owner is cooperating fully with the local authorities in their investigation. As this is a pending police matter, it is inappropriate for us to comment further.”