Man Named Wank Busted At Love’s Truck Stop For Public Lewdness


clavinwankA man named Calvin Wank was arrested Saturday morning at an upstate New York truck stop after several drivers reported seeing him “committing sexually lewd acts while in the parking lot,” according to police.

Seen at right, Wank is a 56-year-old resident of Deposit, a town about 35 miles from the Love’s Truck Stop where he was busted around 10:15 AM. Witnesses reported that Wank was “committing sexually lewd acts while in the parking lot and field next to the truck stop.”

State troopers responding to a suspicious person report arrested Wank for public lewdness, a misdemeanor. He is scheduled for an October 7 court appearance.

Cobra Exacts Revenge on Chef


In what seems to be an absurd act of vengeance for decapitation, the head of an Indochinese spitting cobra attacked chef Pen Fan after being cut off in preparation of a special dish.


UntitledDiced snake soup is a delicacy in China and a highly sought-after dish in top-tier restaurants. The chef, who was from the Guangdong province, in southern China, was disposing of the severed head when the incident happened.

“We did not know what was happening but could hear screams coming from the kitchen,” said restaurant guest Lin Sun, 44. “There were calls for a doctor in the restaurant, but unfortunately by the time medical assistance arrived, the man had already died.”

“There was nothing that could be done to save the man. Only the anti-venom could have helped, but this was not given in time. It was just a tragic accident,” a police spokesman said.

The cobra head had been severed for 20 minutes when it bit Pen Fan. According to Hong-Chang Yang, a snake expert who has studied cobras for 40 years, all reptiles can function for up to an hour after being cut off from their bodies. Because their metabolism is slower, their internal organs remain functional for a longer period.

Man Decapitated After Falling Headfirst Into Wood Chipper


091814-wood-chipper-death2A man has died after somehow getting caught in a wood chipper, according to the Chandler Police Department.

Police responded to Freeway Chevrolet near Ray Road and Priest Drive at about 10:15 a.m. Thursday and began an investigation.

The man was part of a small landscaping crew using an industrial-sized wood chipper. The Chandler Fire Department confirmed he was decapitated.

Phoenix Trim-a-Tree, LLC., confirmed the man was one of their workers. His identity has not been released.

Man charged with rape cleared due to sexsomnia


A Swedish court has acquitted a man who sexually assaulted a woman while he was asleep because he was unaware of what he was doing.

CourtroomMikael Halvarsson was charged earlier this year with rape after having sex with a woman sleeping beside him.

The 26-year-old was charged with rape and sentenced to two years in prison, but appealed the sentence teliing Sweden’s Sundsvall Appeal Court he was completely asleep during the attack and had no intention of having sex.

In it’s judgement, the court found Halvarsson “was in a state of sleepiness, unconcious of what was happening.”

Halvarrson’s ex girlfriend also told the court Halvarsson had previously attempted to have sex with her while asleep.

A doctor specialising in sleep disorders said Halvarsson could suffer from sexsomnia, a condition that allows a person to have sex while completely asleep and unaware.

The condition is highly controversial among psychiatrists and the legal profession, and has not been heavily researched, but was described by the doctor in court as being similar to sleepwalking.

Sexsomnia as a defence against rape has been accepted in a small number of cases.

In 2007, a 38-year-old man was acquitted of rape charges after claiming he was asleep and did not know what he was doing, and in 2011 when a second man was freed from similar charges, despite having a previous conviction.

Man plagued by 100 orgasms a day


Having 100 orgasms every day has ruined the life of Wisconsin man Dale Decker, who’s been left physically drained and isolated.

Decker’s bout with persistent genital arousal syndrome came about two years ago when he slipped a disc in his back falling from a chair.

While heading to the hospital he had five orgasms and they just keep coming, as many as 100 a day, according to the website UKNW.

None of which the married father of two boys enjoys.

“I was in line at the grocery store once and as I got to the front I dropped to my knees and had an orgasm,” UKNW quotes the former telecom company office manager.

“I was yelping. It was horrendous. When it was over I looked around and about 150 people all stood looking at me in disgust.”

Decker is pretty much confined to his Two Rivers home so he doesn’t experience one of his ongoing and “disgusting” orgasmic episodes in public.

“Imagine being at your father’s funeral, beside his casket, and you have nine orgasms,” he said. “There’s nothing pleasurable in it. You’re disgusted by it.”

UKNW reports Decker has no idea how he can get help so his rare syndome comes to a happy ending and he’s free from the humiliation.

NC man confesses to 1997 murder after receiving texts from Walmart


A Watauga County man says texts from Walmart caused him to become paranoid about a murder he says he committed 17 years ago in Arizona.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Matthew Gibson was living in a small settlement near Boone when he felt he needed to divulge his secret.

630-18trrq-aust-138Gibson, 55, drove to Arizona and met with Detective Alicia Marquez of Winslow Police Department and said he wanted to talk about a crime he committed more than a decade ago.

Gibson told the detective that he met a woman in Bullhead City, Ariz. in 1997 and they went back to his trailer. She became loud and obnoxious, so he told her to leave. When she wouldn’t leave, he says he bludgeoned her to death with a Maglite flashlight and dumped her body by the Colorado River.

Gibson said he would have kept quiet about the incident, but he started getting text messages from Walmart that caused him to be paranoid.

He says the texts messages and voice mails from Walmart informed him that a prescription for Anita Townshed was ready. Gibson also later received an envelope with a Walmart advertisement in it but no return name or address.

Gibson, a former cocaine and methamphetamine addict, decided that Townshed must have been the woman he killed and he felt someone might have put “a contract on his head.”

So, he drove to Arizona to confess his secret.

Gibson says he didn’t know the name of the 38-year-old woman he’d killed in Bullhead City in 1997. Detectives said the story checked out, but the woman murdered wasn’t Anita Townshed.

It was a woman named Barbara Brown Agnew.

Detectives say that without Gibson’s confession, police would never have had a case against him.

Gibson wanted to plead guilty to manslaughter and begin his 10-year sentence without delay.