Drunk father caught on CCTV having SEX with a Land Rover

article-2417332-1BC0AD2C000005DC-900_306x423A father who was caught having sex with a  Land Rover while on a night out has been banned from going out at the  weekend.

A court heard how drunken Daniel Cooper, 24,  stripped off while out with friends.

The father of three was  seen urinating in the street before walking down the High Street in Holywell,  Wales, with his trousers round his ankles  and his t-shirt pulled above his head.

He then shocked fellow revellers by  walking into a kebab shop and simulating  sex with the counter of the takeaway.

Married Cooper, described as being a ‘caring  family man’, then  dropped to the floor and began doing the same.

He then left the shop and gyrated against a  Land Rover Discovery that was parked nearby

Cooper says he was so drunk he could not  remember what happened – until he was shown the CCTV pictures of his  actions.

Police arrested jobless Cooper in Holywell  town centre on the night of the August 18 following his shocking  actions.

He told officers he was not used to drinking  and had gone out with only £13 in his pocket.

Cooper, of Springfields, Holywell, admitted  indecent exposure when he appeared at Flintshire Magistrates Court sitting at  Mold.

He was given a three-month community order  which bans him from going  outdoors between 7pm and 7am on Friday, Saturday and  Sunday nights for  the next three months.

He was also ordered to pay £85  costs.

Speaking in court, prosecutor John Wylde  said: ‘First of all he was seen to be urinating.

‘He was then seen to go down the High Street  with his trousers around his ankles and his T-shirt pulled up over his  head.

‘Cooper was waving at cars and then took off  his shirt completely.

‘He was seen to enter a kebab shop where he was simulating the sex act against the corner of the counter. At one stage he lay on the ground and simulated the sex act.

‘Then he did the same to a Land Rover  Discovery vehicle which was parked nearby.’

Gary Harvey, defending, said: ‘My client is  mortified and totally ashamed. He cannot recall what had occurred.

‘He is a responsible family man who looks  after the children while his wife went out to work.’

The registration number of the LandRover  Discovery was not released to the court.

Cooper has changed his name to ‘Daniel  Hotc**k Cooper’ on his Facebook page since being  arrested.

His sex act with the counter of the kebab  shop was filmed by some of Cooper’s friends but was later deleted.

One of his pals said: ‘Daniel will never live  this down – everyone is saying he was tyred and exhausted  afterwards.

‘He is not a pretty sight when naked. We all  felt sorry for the LandRover and hope it wasn’t offended.’

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