Cups of wine: Bra lets you boost cleavage by filling it with booze

WOMEN can boost their cup size – by filling a bra  with WINE.


The Wine Rack allows the wearer to fill the special cups with their chosen  drink and sip it while also having bigger-looking assets.

The wacky creation is the brainchild of Brooks Lambert, whose first concept  was “The Beerbelly” for men.

US-based Cooler Fun LLC — which has bought the rights to both “stealth  beverage systems” — says some customers are even combining both products to  appear PREGNANT.

Sales manager Annelise Knirr said: “I have worn it out to a concert and it  was  the funniest thing I have ever done.

Wacky creation … bra comes with tube to suck on
Cooler Fun / Barcroft Media


“I couldn’t stop grinning and, to be honest, I was the life of the party.

“You have to see it in action to understand the scope of its hilarity.”

The WineRack, which fits sizes 32A to 38C, can hold 750ml — the equivalent of  a wine bottle — and boost cups by up to two sizes.

Inside … pockets filled with wine
Cooler Fun / Barcroft Media


And once the liquid is finished you can blow into the valve to fill them back  up.

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