Police find part of woman’s ear in man’s pocket …… while booking him into jail

Tulsa police say a man being booked into the county jail had a woman’s ear  in his pocket.

Officers were notified early Friday morning of a woman injured and fleeing  Braden Creek Apartments near 49th and Yale.

The woman told police she was assaulted and held against her will by her  child’s father, Joseph Hall Jr., at his apartment.

According to the arrest report, the woman had visible injuries to her face,  head, torso, arms and legs. She had bite marks on her body and a portion of her  right ear had been torn or cut off.

The woman also had broken ribs and a collapsed lung. She was transported and  treated at a local hospital.

Hall was located in front of his apartment where he was taken into custody.  He later gave police a statement, in which they say he lied about the  whereabouts of his child.

While being booked into the Tulsa County Jail, police found blood stains and  clumps of hair matching the victim’s.

Among the evidence collected was the remaining portion of the woman’s ear,  which officers found in Hall’s pocket, according to the report.

Hall was booked for domestic assault and battery, kidnapping, maiming and  interfering with a police officer.

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