21-year-old ‘stabbed his grandmother 111 times then cut her open and pulled out her organs’

A 21-year-old man allegedly murdered his  grandmother, brutally stabbing her 111 times and dismembering her slain  body.

Zachary Cole Weston told police he then slit  Joyce Dexter’s heart and belly, removing several of her internal  organs.

The 84-year-old’s dying screams were heard by  neighbours, coming from her Salt Lake City home on October 3.

Brutal: Zachary Weston allegedly killed his grandmother, stabbing her 111 times
Brutal: Zachary Weston allegedly killed his grandmother, Joyce Dexter (pictured), stabbing her 111 times

Brutal: Zachary Weston allegedly killed his grandmother,  Joyce Dexter (pictured), stabbing her 111 times

They dialed 911 and officers arrived to find  Weston standing over Dexter’s mauled body, clutching a bloody knife, according  to court records released on Friday.

He is believed to have been living with the  pensioner, in her 310 J Street property.

Weston had blood on his clothing and hands  when police found him and later told investigators he had cut his grandmother’s  jugular, the records said.

‘I stabbed my grandma,’ he told them. A  medical examiner later determined that nine of the 111 stab wounds were to the  heart, the Deseret  News reported.

Weston has been charged with aggravated  murder, a capital offense. Family members told the Salt Lake  Tribune that Weston suffers from  mental illness.

They described his life as a ‘tragedy in slow  motion’, adding that he had bounced about between living with different family  members his whole life.

‘Zach was always a sweetheart, but he started  receding into his mental illness to where he was almost catatonic,’ his uncle,  Charles Kulander said. ‘He was withdrawn, lethargic.’

Kulander described the grandmother, nicknamed  Honey, as ‘a martyr by any definition’.

‘If anybody was closer and loved Zach more  than her, I don’t know how. She was always there for him. The rest of us had  just had it up to here [with Weston], but Honey always kept her door  open.’

He was arrested in 2010 after he was accused  of pushing his mother and striking a police officer. He pleaded guilty to one of  two assault charges and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and  complete any recommended treatment as part of his sentence.

On August 9 he was arrested again and charged  with two counts of assault and interfering with a police officer after slapping  a hospital employee and punching another in the face.

He was also charged with assault for hitting  his father during a September 27 argument.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill  declined to comment Friday on a possible motive in the stabbing, but he praised  police for responding so quickly.

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