Mother ‘burned six-year-old son’s hands on electric stove as punishment for touching an iPad’

A mother has been accused of scorching her  six-year-old son’s hands on a stove and pouring salt on the burns as punishment  for touching an iPad.

Karina Torrescano Hernandez, 27, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault of  a child after the boy’s wounds were  spotted by a school counsellor.

Doctors found four separate burn marks which  ‘indicated multiple contacts, not one’ and scars on his head, neck, shoulder and  buttocks, according to a statement from the hospital.

Accused: Karina Torrescano Hernandez (pictured) allegedly burned her young son's hands on a stove as a punishment for touching an iPad

Accused: Karina Torrescano Hernandez (pictured)  allegedly burned her young son’s hands on a stove as a punishment for touching  an iPad.

Teachers from his elementary school in  Lynnwood, Washington, were first alerted to the youngster’s injuries by another  student last month.

At first, the boy said he hurt himself on  monkey bars in the playground, but later broke down in tears and claimed his  mother had done it.

Officials found red marks on his palms that  looked like they ‘could have been caused by an electric stove element or  something similar’, according to the statement of probable cause cited on

The boy told investigators his mother wanted  to teach him a lesson ‘because I touched an iPad’ so she held his hands over a  spiral stove, then cupped his palms together and poured salt over the  burns.

He and his three-year-old brother told police  their mother often hit them with a spoon, a shoe or a ‘witches  broom’.

The boy’s babysitter also claims Hernandez  deliberately hurt her son ‘because he had misbehaved’.

Hernandez, who was questioned with the help  of an interpreter, said she believed her son had burnt his hand while trying to  toast marshmallows.

She said it probably happened when she was  having a nap during the day, something she often does because she works night  shifts.

She claims her son hid the injuries from  her  for two days and says she did not get medical treatment because she  was afraid  the state might take him away from her.

Friend and neighbour Lisa Infante says she  believes the alleged incident is the result of a big  misunderstanding.

‘None of us here that live here could even  imagine her doing something like that to her child. She really takes really good  care of her kids,’ she told

Hernandez has been booked into jail on one  count of domestic violence and second-degree assault of a child, it was reported  on Her bail  has been set at $25,000.

The boy’s hands have now healed and the two  youngsters are staying with a relative.

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