Kids change a lot when they go away to college. Some decide that it’s time to murder mom for the inheritance

Those who live in the neighborhood where Nicole Boover grew up are stunned after her arrest for allegedly plotting to kill her own mother.

“It was unbelievable. It’s just such a shame that something like that would happen,” said Eric Rogers, who lives next door to Boover’s childhood home in Metairie. “They’ve always been friendly, taken care of their house. Real good neighbors and everything, no problems.”

Boover’s parents have lived apart since they divorced several years ago; her father still lives in Metairie. Neighbors said they haven’t seen Boover as much since the divorce, but saw her over the summer when she visited her father, who helped her with her first college courses.

According to police, Boover, 19, fired three shots into her mother’s door at The Esplanade apartment complex near City Park early Monday morning. Police believe Boover was working with an accomplice, Nathan Yuhas, 18. Both were captured at LSU, where they are freshman.

That’s an earmark of teen crime, said psychologist Paul Frick, Ph. D.

“One of the interesting things about adolescent crime in general is it often, more often than not, happens in a group,” said Frick, chair of the psychology department at UNO. “There usually is a group process where peers will encourage each other to do things that maybe they wouldn’t do alone.”

But what could drive someone to try to kill their own mother? Frick said the bizarre crime can stem from a combination of factors.

“There are certain things that make adolescents more susceptible to this. They’re very impulsive. They often don’t think through what they’re doing,” said Frick.

Meanwhile, neighbors in Metairie said the crime hits close to home.

“I can say I’m praying for ’em because I believe that helps,” said Rogers.

Boover’s bond is set at $500,000. Police said Boover has not been cooperating, invoking her right to remain silent.

But they said Yuhas confessed he was promised a $50,000 cut of inheritance money for helping Boover.

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