Report finds that in-between bouts of feeling you up and stealing your stuff, TSA screeners are slacking off.

Transportation Security Administration  screeners routinely failed to check bags for explosives at Honolulu  International Airport, a government report said.

The report, issued by the inspector general of the Department of Homeland  Security, found “a lack of effective and consistent supervision of TSA screeners  by their managers, as well as inconsistent adherence to operating  procedures.”

ABC News said screeners routinely opened bags and inserted TSA luggage  screening notifications without actually looking through the bags, and then  allowed them to be loaded onto flights carrying hundreds of passengers to  destinations all over Asia and the Americas.

ABC noted the instances in which luggage screeners stole items from  passengers’ bags. Pythias Brown, a former TSA screener who was sentenced to  three years in prison, estimated he’d stolen $800,000 in cash and other items  while employed as a luggage screener before he was caught.

Brown said the practice was commonplace.

“It was very convenient to steal,” he told ABC. “[TSA agents] didn’t think it  was OK, but they did it and said, ‘I don’t care. They ain’t paying me. They’re  treating me wrong.’ But when people started seeing they could profit off of it,  then it became massive.”

TSA refuted Brown’s claim, saying fewer than .05 percent of its screeners  have been caught stealing and criminally charged. The agency said it took  “personnel action” against screeners accused of mishandling luggage  inspections.

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