Japanese Robo-Fish Looks and Acts Like the Real Thing, Needs No Maintenance

Fish are regarded as the most low maintenance of pets, but even they need a  minimum degree of care, like making sure they’re fed every day and cleaning  their tank from time to time. But the Robo-Fish invented by Japanese  company Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. makes having a pet fish a carefree job.

Robo-Fish are not only meant to look like real exotic fish, but they also act  like them when powered on. They scour the bottom of their tank as if they’re  looking for food, and rise to the surface looking for floating bits of food. The  only thing that gives them away as robotic fish is a small gap between their  tail and the rest of the body, but other than that they look and move like the  real deal. People too busy to even throw their live fish some food every once in  a while need only go to Amazon and spend $37 for one Robo-Fish. The worst that  can happen is the robotic fish runs out of battery, but that’s easily  fixable.

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