‘I just wanted some erotic role-play’

An undertaker has sued a prostitute who  specialises in dominatrix role-play  – saying he did not wish to be whipped  or have hot wax dripped on to his body.

The 49-year-old, who has not been named, told  a Cologne district court that the prostitute – a mother-of-three – became  aggressive after ingesting cocaine, and ended up keeping him tied on his bed  beyond their agreed two-hour session.

She allegedly held a knife to his throat – while he was tied up – and demanded his PIN details.

However the prostitute denies his story – and  because of the amount of cocaine in both people’s systems, the court said it was  possible one or both of them were hallucinating details, making it difficult to  ascertain the truth.

According to TheLocal.de, the  undertaker said: I just wanted some erotic role-play, not to be  dominated.

He claimed he was forced to swallow cocaine,  and that the dominatrix stole €980 from his bank account.

However the dominatrix said her client asked  her to stay after his first two hours, and also asked if she could find a  transsexual to join in.

She said she took his card details to ensure  she was paid and said: ‘My clients pay me to hurt them.’

She added: ‘I do this so often, I’ve had bad  experiences.’

The alleged victim has to travell from a  psychiatric institute to give his testimony, TheLocal reported, and he was  accompanied by a psychiatrist.

The court ruled that both of them may have  been hallucinating – and therefore it was impossible to know what really  happened.

The court ordered the dominatrix to pay €200  to an aid organisation that helps victims of crime.

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