High school teacher quits after comparing homosexuality to cancer

A teacher accused of writing anti-gay  comments on Facebook has resigned after 21 years in the job.

Jenye ‘Viki’ Knox caused widespread  controversy a year ago when she compared homosexuality to cancer and  said her  school was ‘going to hell in a handbasket’.

Now it has been revealed that she quit her  job over the summer and is claiming a disability pension for ‘psychological’  reasons.

Teacher: Viki Knox has quit after writing anti-gay comments on Facebook

Teacher: Viki Knox has quit after writing anti-gay  comments on Facebook

Ms Knox is a committed Christian who advised  the Bible study group at Union High School in Union Township, New Jersey.

Last September the 51-year-old was  placed on  leave after taking to Facebook to denounce the school’s plans  to celebrate  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month.

‘Why parade your unnatural immoral  behaviors  before the rest of us?’, she wrote, adding that homosexuality  was ‘perverted’  and a ‘sin’ which ‘breeds like cancer’.

The School Board told the Star-Ledger on Tuesday that Ms Knox had submitted her resignation over the summer  and that  settlement talks are currently under way.

Support Viki Knox
Fire Viki Knox

Two sides: Supporters for Ms Knox and critics wanting  her fired each set up a Facebook page to air their views on the  issues

The tenured special education teacher, who  had worked in Union Township  since 2000, had been suspended from her  $72,270-a-year job ever since  the beginning of the Facebook controversy.

She has said in court papers that she plans  to seek a disability pension due to a back injury and on ‘psychological  grounds’.

After a hearing into Ms Knox’s  behaviour was  announced, school board president Francis R. Perkins  explained that social  media sites like Facebook have the potential to  increase contacts between  students and teachers.

‘Every student, no matter what race,  creed,  color or sexual orientation ought to be able to come to school  and feel  comfortable in a learning environment that’s welcoming and  nurturing,’ he  said.

After the controversy broke out a Facebook  page seeking Ms Knox’s firing was  set up, as well as one supporting her right  to free speech.

The ‘Fire Viki Knox’ page argued that her  comments were incompatible with the Union High School’s belief statement.

The school lists ’embracing diversity’ –  including of sexual orientation – as one of its major goals.

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