Bad Idea: ‘grabbing and twisting a police officer’s testicles during arrest’

A teenager made an eye-watering attempt to  escape arrest by squeezing and twisting a police officer’s testicles during a  scuffle outside a nightclub, it has been alleged.

Cory Weddington III was thrown out of the  Havana Lounge in Dallas, Texas, at around 4am for underage drinking, according  to police reports.

But he refused to leave the outside area  until he had retrieved his credit card, which he thought was still in the  bar.

Officers say they gave him ‘several  opportunities to leave with his friends’, but he wouldn’t listen.

When police arrived, he became aggressive, so  an officer used an arm lock to force the 19-year-old to the floor.

It was then that Weddington reached up with  his right hand and grabbed the officer’s privates.

According to, the police  report said: ‘The officer put pressure behind his ear and told him to let go,  but he squeezed harder.

‘The officer then punched him in the face,  but Weddington only squeezed more and began to twist his hand, causing the  officer “extreme pain”.’

Weddington only relinquished his hold after  the officer punched him multiple times in the face, it was claimed.

Weddington was later charged with resisting  arrest, assault of a public servant and public intoxication.

While searching his pockets, officers found  he had his credit card all along.

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