These Guys Will Carve Your Face on a Pumpkin

Oh look, it’s almost Halloween again.

Lovely little holiday. Lot of planning involved, though.

But hey, maybe you’re all set.

Maybe you already have a lifetime supply of fun-size Almond Joys and cheesy vodka punch recipes and professional muralists willing to carve your face in meticulous detail on the side of a pumpkin and ship it to your door.

Right. That last one…

You’ll want to outsource that to the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, a duo of professional artists (and evidently maniacs) who want nothing more than to carve a masterpiece of your choosing on a pumpkin and deliver it to you, now accepting custom orders for the first time ever.

This is the kind of Halloween magic that can only happen when you put a professional muralist, a commercial artist and a bunch of orange fruit in a room and tell them to play nice together.

So start by shooting them an email and telling them what you’re looking for—a corporate logo. A witch. The jack-o’-lantern version of your winking face. Saying “Boo.” While giving the double-thumbs-up. With another you coming out of each thumb.

Where were we…

Oh yeah, then just give them a few days, and they’ll ship your commissioned pumpkin art within 24 hours of carving it.

And then someone will smash it, but oh well.

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