Mark Powell’s Hellish Dioramas Will Freak You Out #bizarreworld

Looking at his nightmarish dioramas, you’d think Melbourne-based artist Mark  Powell has been to hell and back. Bizarre, sinister and disgusting are just some  of the words usually used to describe his art, but that’s most likely the  reactions he was going for when he created these scenes.

Powell’s creepy dioramas are populated with monstrous characters going about  their business, eating, dissecting things and even playing music  in dark and disturbing basements. They remind me a little of scenes from Pan’s Labyrinth,  only they’re way more troubling. The Australian artist models every one of his  gory dioramas from silicone, which gives all the veiny monsters and pieces of  flesh a disturbing organic look. Even though they might kill your appetite, you  have to admit the level of detail in these bizarre artworks is pretty  impressive. If you’ve ever imagined what hell might look like, I think Mark  Powell’s masterpieces will give you a pretty good idea.

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