In a rare twist, woman who threatened to kill cops is not shot to death

A woman who police suspect of stealing from her grandmother was shot with beanbags in front of the Cypress police station Wednesday after threatening officers and holding a knife against her own neck, authorities said.

Hours after reporting a petty theft, a woman brought her granddaughter to the Cypress police station in the 5200 block of Orange Avenue shortly before 1:45 p.m., believing the 21-year-old had taken her property, Sgt. Dean Pinvidic said.

Article Tab: Kelsie Ezra.

The grandmother had called to tell police that she was driving to the station, Pinvidic said, and officers were waiting in front of the police building. The granddaughter, who police later identified as Kelsie Ezra, got out of her grandmother’s vehicle with a “large knife” in her hand and began walking toward officers, Pinvidic said.

Police say Ezra ignored commands to drop the knife, instead placing it against her own neck and yelling at officers to shoot her. She then yelled at the officers that she had a gun and was going to kill them and began making “exaggerated furtive movements with her free hand down the front of her waistband,” Pinvidic said.

The officers, who Pinvidic said were concerned that Ezra was going to hurt herself or others, fired two beanbags, striking the woman in the chest. Ezra dropped the knife, fell to the ground and was taken into custody, Pinvidic said.

Authorities say the confrontation between Ezra and the officers lasted less than a minute.

Ezra was taken to a hospital, where she is under police custody while being treated. After her release from the hospital, police expect to book Ezra on suspicion of threatening to kill a police officer, possession of a dagger, petty theft, brandishing a weapon and an outstanding $15,000 arrest warrant.

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