Nineteen-year-old accused of child sexual abuse blames ‘bad soda’

A Springfield man has pleaded not guilty after being charged with sexually abusing three children a relative was babysitting.

Bradley Compton, 19, was charged Wednesday with two counts of first degree statutory sodomy, one count of attempted statutory sodomy, and two counts of sexual misconduct.

According to a probable cause statement from police, two girls, both born in 2004, said Compton had exposed himself to them, even after one of the children said no. One of the children said Compton had exposed himself more than once.

One of the children also said Compton had tried to touch her inappropriately. She said she had seen Compton ask another girl, born in 2005, to perform oral sex on him, which she did.

According to the statement, Compton, after being read his Miranda rights, told police why he had exposed himself.

“Compton stated he exposed (himself) because he was dazed, had a headache, and his ‘eyes were closing’ from what he thought was a ‘bad soda’ had consumed just prior to the incident,” the statement says.

Compton also told police he may have exposed himself because he had just awoke from a nap and did not know what he was doing, the statement says. The police statement says Compton also recounted a separate incident he said occured more than two years ago where a child had performed oral sex on him.

The alleged incidents happened at a Springfield address where Compton’s relative was doing the babysitting.

“There are concerns that the defendant’s (relative) is going to continue to babysit children and will continue to allow the defendant to have access to other children,” court information filed by prosecutors says.

Compton pleaded not guilty Thursday and posted a $25,000 bond. The conditions of the bond stipulate Compton must have no contact with the relative and must not live with the relative as long as children under 17 are in the home.

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