Meet the first woman to eat …. The Stellanator

Molly Schuyler became a member of a very exclusive Bellevue club on Aug. 30. Even more so, some could argue she’s in a group all of her own.

The Bellevue resident became the first woman ever to eat the creation consisting of six hamburger patties, six eggs, six pieces of cheese and six pieces of bacon topped off with fried onions, a mound of jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, two buns, mayonnaise and nearly a jar of peanut butter that Stella’s Bar and Grill has dubbed “The Stellanator.”

“It’s a beast,” Schuyler said.

“Actually, it wasn’t that bad,” she then added in victorious laughter.

Schuyler joined the wall of fame as the ninth person to overcome the challenge – putting to shame the more than 200 who couldn’t live up to the task before them – with the second fastest time of 15 minutes, being beat out only by a professional eating competitor.

“She didn’t even look miserable at all,” said Stella’s Owner Stephanie Francois.

Francois said she has been wanting a woman to finish the challenge and was there cheering her on. The restaurant broke its own rule by preparing the challenge early – Schuyler had called ahead and requested a late morning creation of the Stellanator.

Francois said Schuyler seemed confident the whole time.

“(Schuyler) said ‘I’m 115 pounds of wonderful; I’m going to destroy this thing,’” Francois said.

Not only did Schuyler destroy it, but she finished off her two kids’ dishes as well.

Schuyler credited her ability to eat to drinking a lot of liquids as a kid, saying her and her friends would have soda and water chugging contests all the time.

“I used to drink a 2-liter bottle of soda in 17 seconds or less,” she claimed.

She said she is proud to be the first woman to complete the task and that it was a very cool time at the restaurant.

“I have a feeling I’ll be the only girl for a while, too,” she said. “It’s a lot of food, I won’t deny that.”

So what’s next in the culinary conquest for Schuyler? She said she may go back and top her time at Stella’s or pursue an 8-pound food-eating competition in Syracuse, Neb.

“It’s really fun, a really good challenge,” she said.

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