Attractive female politician in Spain masturbates on video. Now looking for work

A Spanish councillor has quit her job after a home-made porn movie she made went viral on social networks across the country.

The graphic footage showed Olvido Hormigos Carpio naked and pleasuring herself alone on a bed.

The clip quickly spread around the town of 6,500 people before it was posted on YouTube, the Daily Mail reported.

According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Carpio branded the leak “an attack on her privacy.”

The footage was taken off YouTube after she complained to the California-based site.

She claimed she was handing in her notice “out of respect for her family and to her party, the PSOE.”

The mother-of-two is one of six Socialist politicians in the Toledo town of Los Yebenes, 80 miles south of capital Madrid.

The town council is expected to accept the primary school teacher’s resignation.

She has also reported the “distribution” of the film to Spain’s Civil Guard police.

Town Mayor Pedro Acevedo, of the opposing Popular Party, confirmed to El Mundo that Hormigos has resigned due to a “thorny issue.”

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