Man sentenced for ejaculating on unsuspecting sunbathers in parks

A 30-year-old Fredericton man who snuck up on unsuspecting female sunbathers this summer and ejaculated in their hair is going to jail.
Daniel Kelly Gould of 1108 Woodstock Rd., pleaded guilty in August to May 5 and July 17 counts of indictable sexual assault.
Judge Mary Jane Richards sentenced Gould Wednesday to a total of 10 months in jail on the two offences.
The court was told the sexual assaults occurred at Odell Park and Wilmot Park.
In the Odell incident, the victim was tanning and had her eyes closed only to have someone ejaculate in her hair and on her shoulder. The suspect, later determined to be Gould, ran off, but was subsequently arrested by police.
The second incident happened as a woman was sitting in a chair sunbathing at Wilmot Park. The victim suddenly became aware that someone was standing behind her and masturbating.
Gould was later identified through semen recovered from the victim’s hair. It was matched to an earlier DNA sample taken from Gould.
Crown prosecutor Hillary Drain said going to a public park and ejaculating on women minding their own business isn’t acceptable.

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