Anime-Faced Chinese Model Will Freak You Out

Meet Tina Leopard, a Chinese blogger and model who earlier  this year sparked controversy among Internet users after photos showing her  extremely sharp chin and large anime-like eyes went viral on Sina Weibo, China’s  version of Twitter.

Apparently, there’s a new fashion trend sweeping across China – the anime  look. The country’s most popular social media sites  are practically flooded with tons of photos of young people clearly  going out of their way to look as much like an anime character as possible. The  trend took off last summer, when a girl going by the name of KOKO uploaded photos and videos  showing her thin body, pointy chin and disproportionately large eyes. It turned  out she used all kinds of makeup tricks to achieve her anime look, and her  photos were apparently also altered in Photoshop, but that didn’t seem to matter  much to people who wanted to look like the characters in popular Japanese  cartoons. And while some of them actually look pretty cool, others are just  plain freaky. Case in point, Tina Leopard, a young Chinese model whose extreme  facial features have often been compared to those of an alien.

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