Your mother was right all along! Study looking at effects of sex before marriage finds it is better not to

Couples who leap into bed together on the  first date are less likely to have long and happy relationships.

A study looking at the effects of sex before  marriage has found it is better not to, with early sexual satisfaction stunting  the development of key ingredients of a healthy relationship, including caring  and understanding.

Researchers from Cornell University in New  York say it is better to abstain early on in a courtship or build up a gradual  sexual relationship.

 Sex life: Researchers say couples are happier when they abstain in the bedroom

Sex life: Researchers say couples are happier when they  abstain in the bedroom

The research, reported in The Independent On  Sunday, is the first of its kind, and concluded: ‘Precocious, premarital sexual  activities may have lasting effects on relationship quality.

‘Courtship is a time for exploration and  decision-making about the relationship, when partners assess compatibility, make  commitments and building on emotional and physical intimacy.

‘The postponement of sexual involvement is  associated with higher levels of relationship quality.’

The study asked 600 couples, all with woman  under the age of 45, to score areas of their relationships, including  commitment, intimacy, sexual satisfaction, communication and  conflict.

The results were much higher for women when  sex was delayed for one month, while scores for the men followed a similar trend  but the differences were not as great.

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