Fake dentist ‘performed root canals and dental surgeries on 100’s of illegal immigrants out of his home’

A Chicago man has been charged with illegally  practicing dentistry for at least two years, during which time he did everything  from teeth cleaning to root canals and surgeries, according to police.

Alberto Nunez, 32, was hit with a slew of  charges on Friday, including felony practicing dentistry without a license and  unlawful possession of hypodermic syringes, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office  said.

‘This wasn’t something where the person was  cleaning teeth out of his garage,’ Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart told NBC5, adding that Nunez’s makeshift dental office had all the necessary equipment.

Although the 32-year-old did not have a  dentistry license, police said it did not stop him from setting up a busy  practice at a home in Melrose Park serving about 30 patients a week.

Police received a tip about Nunez and tried  to set up a sting operation, but the pseudo-dentist was so swamped with  clientele that an undercover officer had to wait for a week to get an  appointment.

Once inside, Fox  News reported that the officer found a dental chair, syringes, an X-ray machine and  other tools of the trade, according to authorities.

The fire department was just blown away  because there wasn’t a major fire there because there were so many wires that  were running everywhere, in and out of garages and under sidewalks that clearly  were done by probably someone with fifth-grade electrician background,’ said  Dart.

Police stopped a patient who had just left  the office and were told that Nunez had performed a root canal on him.

Nunez is not registered with the State of  Illinois. He told police that he attended dental school in Mexico City, but  could not provide documentation proving it, police said.

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