85-Year-Old Vietnamese Man Hasn’t Cut His Hair in 70 Years

85-year-old Nguyen Van Chien, from Vietnam’s southern  province of Tien Giang, hasn’t had a haircut since he was in the 12th grade, 70  years ago. As a result, his hair now 4-meters-long and weight 2 kilograms.

Even as a young boy, Nguyen Van Chien liked to let his hair grow long. He  would braided it into a bun on top of his head to keep it from interfering with  his daily activities, but one day, while he was in the 12th grade, his teachers  advised him to cut his hair. He took their advice, but as soon as he got a  haircut, he started experiencing a strange pain that not even painkillers could  make go away. Before he cut his hair the man had had no health problems, not  even a common flu, so he decided to let his hair grow, and never cut it again.  It’s been 70 years since he made the decision, and now his “dragon tail”, as he  calls his hair measured around 4 meters long and weighs over 2 kilograms.

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